Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

Here is another great lesbian love affair by Jen. This is one of her longest to date but it's worth the read, trust me. :) Most stories about a secluded cabin in the mountains is usually a hot read no matter the subject matter.

Cabin Fever
by Jen

Jennifer was in a sticky situation, and not the kind she liked. Her sweetheart, Kimberly, recently expressed to her that she was feeling neglected. That she thinks Jennifer is losing interest in her and she feels that Jen doesn't treat her the way she used to. This really upset Jennifer. She hated the fact that she made Kimberly feel like this and she was determined to find a way...any show Kimberly how much she cared for her and how much she meant to her. After a couple of days of mulling over ideas, Jen finally had the perfect plan.

It was Thursday morning, and Kimberly was about to jump in the shower when she heard her phone ring. She smiled as she saw Jen's pic flash on her caller I.D. Kimberly answered the phone.

"Hey baby."

Jen had to grin as she heard the smile in Kimberly's voice. Damn it felt good to know that she still made her smile.

"Hey sweetheart. Do you have a few minutes to talk? I wanna run something by you."

"Yeah sure. I was about to step in the shower, but it can wait."

"Hmmm...the shower huh? How about you wait a little longer so I can come over and help you with that?"

"No babe. You're still on restriction." Kimberly said with a giggle.

"Grrr babyyy. I understand I'm still on restriction, but don't ya know you're restricting yourself too? You know how turned on you get when I do the things I do. Seems like a shame to punish yourself like that."

"Uh huh. Okay smart-ass you're getting off the subject. What did you want to tell me? My water is getting cold."

"Ohhhhhh cold water equals hard nipples!! Baby, take a picture!"

Sunset Ride

This is a sweet story written by my friend Jen, who has written a couple stories that are here presently. She writes lesbian romances mostly, which is something I love to read from others who love to write as I do on that subject. I think you will enjoy this very much.

Sunset Ride 
by Jen

Kimberly awakens to the ringing of her phone. She stretches and answers in her cute sleepy voice.


"Good morning, sweetheart," says an equally sleepy voice on the other end.

Kimberly recognizes it immediately and her mouth turns up in a big smile.

"Good morning, Jennifer. How did you sleep?"

"Well, after I finally tuned out your loud snoring, I slept like a baby." Jennifer teasingly answers.

"Ohhh better straighten up."

They both laugh and give each other quick little kisses through the phone. They talk a little bit about their plans for the day. Kimberly is working and Jen is going to hang out at the nail place, making herself seen as she slowly build her massage clientele.

"Well I hope you don't have any plans tonight, because I have a date planned for you," Jen says.

"Is that so?" Kimberly questions playfully..."I'll make sure I clear my social calendar then."

"You better...I'll pick you up at seven."

"Okay, see you then."

The two exchanged goodbyes and reluctantly hung up.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Stud - Chapter 4

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. Relationship and work problems have kept me away from my normal routine and that is all behind me now, both working themselves out in a positive way. Now back to writing...

This is part 4 of my continuing series with the two luscious and kinky college girls, Marie and Lacey. This particular chapter is more about Lacey and a stud she finds on campus. You get to find out just how kinky she can get when Marie is not around like she usually is.

College Coed Series:
The Stud - Chapter 4
By Silky

Classes were long and boring today for both Marie and Lacey. Both were still exhausted from the night before, getting hardly enough sleep, way too much to drink, and were just plain tired from all the activities. Marie had to keep nudging Lacey in the two classes they shared, as she kept falling asleep. Marie leans over to Lacey, “wake up honey. You are going to get in trouble if you keep nodding.” Lacey just nods her head, her eyes still closed. “You want me to rub your pussy baby?” Lacey smiles as Marie teases her. “You want sexy lil Marie to finger fuck you awake baby?” Lacey spreads her legs slowly allowing Marie access, which only makes Lacey close her eyes as Marie inserts her fingers in her moist pussy.

Classes end finally and the two vixens head down the hallway to their lockers only to see the most awesome looking man coming down the hall toward them. He is not like most of the boys here on campus, no, he is a man that grabs a girls attention immediately. Dark hair, tanned skin, muscular, all the right features any woman on the planet would want. Lacey looks over at Marie, “who is he?” Marie is just staring at him, “I don’t know, but I know I want him.” They both have that look in their eyes, that look that tells a man they want you. Yes, that one. Neither are panting, but they are damn close to it. They both decide to follow him, being he didn’t even look at them when he passed by. “Do you think he saw us,” Lacey asks Marie as they follow him? “I’m sure he did. He must have something else on his mind not to see us.” From what they were both wearing, no man or woman could resist them. Mini-skirts just a half inch below their charms, tight tops that showed off their erect nipples, and enough makeup on you would think they were headed to a glamour shoot of some kind.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Linda and Me

This was written by a good friend of mine who asked if I would maybe post her story here. How could I say no? lol

It's short, and ohh so sweet...all lez too, just my cup of tea. hehe

Linda and Me
By Sara

She was beautiful, and every time I saw her, she simply grew more so. Long, dark hair... brown, shined with every move down her back. Big, bright green eyes, and plump pink lips that would make anyone tremble at the thought of kissing. She moved with a grace that was as natural to her as stumbling was to me.

I never knew, until that day, that a woman, especially one as beautiful as Linda, would ever even look at me sideways, let alone fall in love with me. I was, kind of still am, chubby. People say "More to love", but really, I'm not that fat. It just all seems to settle in the wrong places, my stomach mostly. From behind, I look like a regular chick with a nice butt. From the front, nice face, short hair, dark blue eyes with flecks of silver. People says my eyes and lips are the best parts of me... oh, and my boobs, which happen to be rather large. I, personally, have never seen much in the mirror to recommend me to anyone, but somehow, she found something beautiful in me, and brought it out.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Kitten Club, Part 2

The Kitten Club - Part 2
By Silky

With all the lust and power Lisa had over all the other kittens, she wanted more from them. She wanted more of Karen too, as Karen would repeat what Lisa desires from all her kittens. A commitment to being a lesbian her entire life, even if Lisa had to make Karen accept her new life by force. 22 of the previous 24 kittens had repeated and told Lisa the special desire she requires from them. The two that did not say what Lisa wanted them to say - no one knows where they are - except for Lisa. Making her mad was not something to take lightly. Crossing her was not wise, as she had great power within the college and within the staff, to do as she pleased to anyone, making their lives a living hell if she chose for that to happen.

(3 hours later)

Lisa stood and lifted Karen’s sleeping body into her arms and carried her into and onto her custom king size bondage bed. As the door closed - the silk sheets turned down - Karen laid out on the bed - Lisa began her night of fun, strapping all four limbs of Karen to the straps on the bed, then attaching her special toy - a 12” realistic dong with inner ticklers for herself, the dong twitching between her legs as she inserted the ticklers into her dripping wet pussy. Lisa was ready for some serious action. Her special dong so a lot of action - exploring every inch of every kitten, in every opening too. This was not a crime, but a ritual. Karen would either emerge as a new tamed kitten or another missing person. The choice was all hers after the nights events with Lisa.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Kitten Club, Part 1

The Kitten Club - Part 1
By Silky

Karen had just graduated high school three months earlier, her now sitting and looking around her new home inside the Great Room at Brentwood College, feeling the many eyes gaze upon her as she sat and waiting for the orientation of newbie’s. She was very shy, never saying a whole lot when spoken too, she was quiet and reserved most of the time. She wasn’t the nerdy kid you might think of, but she was brainy, smart, and extremely sexy. She had just turned the legal age of 18 a month earlier and having been released from the grasp of her strict parents for the last eighteen years, Karen was ready for new adventures she had read about. She had read about wild college parties and she wanted that for herself, and if she had known ahead of time how her new life would be turned around, she may have never come to the college in the first place. Karen was going to be changed like she could never even imagined, pussy being her way of life very soon.

Lisa on the other hand was 100% opposite of Karen, a wild girl like Karen had never met before. A dominant lesbian is what Lisa was and she was proud of it too. Both had been assigned a room together, most of the credit going to Lisa on getting Karen as her new roomie. Lisa had seen a small pic of Karen when assignments were being issued, and for a special favor to one of her female teachers, she got Karen instantly.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

House Guest - Chapter 3

This is the third chapter of the College Coed series and it gets very heated in this chapter. Some very intense three way lesbian action in this one. It had me oozing from start to finish!

College Coed Series:
House Guest - Chapter 3
By Silky

Alicia was a very special friend to both girls, as she got them this house they were staying in, helped them get to know the area, and even hooked them up on a few dates as well, one being with Alicia herself. Alicia was a purebred lesbian, and loved getting it on with hot new girls to the college, her paying special close attention to Lacey and Marie, her two favorite college girls ever.

“Hurry up and get ready Lacey, she will be here soon,” Marie said to her roomie. “I’m going as fast as I can hon, as I want to look special for her tonight. She means a lot to me or should I say us, and I want to look super hot for her.” Marie just shook her head, “You don’t need to do anything special to look hot Lacey. You are always hot to me.” That got a kiss from Lacey as she walked over to Marie and gave her a big juicy kiss. “You are so sweet to me Marie. I hope we stay friends forever, as I would hate to lose you as my friend.” Both hugged and kissed deeply, paying no attention to the door bell ringing for the third time. Marie ended the kiss and spoke into Lacey’s ear, “I think our friend wants in.” She laughed as she turned from Lacey’s grasp, walked over to the door and opened it for Alicia.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teachers Pet - Chapter 2

This is the second installment of my new College Coed series. The first chapter was my last story I posted, "Surprise Visit", about two lovely and sexy girls named Marie and Lacey, about their kinky adventures through their college life. This series came about from a friend who wanted a story written for him and it gave me the idea to start a series of some kind with each of them in the different stories. This is a change of pace for this blog of mine and a much needed change might I add. I will still write my normal stories, so don't think I have given up on them.

College Coed Series:
Teacher's Pet - Chapter 2
By Silky

Marie and Lacey had become a very popular pair within the neighborhood, both roommates sharing a house together in a very expensive neighborhood while they went to college together, studying in the field of nursing. Most within the neighborhood would say they were much more than just friends, and most were right about them too, as they lived a very open lifestyle, which included wild sex parties with most of their neighbors and college buddies on a nightly basis.

Marie was a stunning brunette with an incredible looking body. Her breast were her best feature, along with her shapely legs and firm ass. Lacey was another stunning girl with long blonde hair down to her waist, a very firm ass, and walked liked she was the sexiest female on the planet, and too many, she was just that. Both of their faces were angelic in their own ways, and sex is what they did best, either together or with partners. They lacked nothing and desired the most heated parties with wild kinky sex. They were a twosome every man and woman wanted to be apart of, even the swinging couples of the neighborhood wanted to be with them both. No dirty deed went untested or untried. Kinky was their middle name.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Surprise Visit - Chapter 1

This is a long one and it was written for a friend, at his request, who has a certain fantasy about two luscious girls with just him, him being much older than them. Every mans fantasy, right? I can't blame you one bit either. I wrote this as me speaking for my friend, in what he sees, so this is much different than my normal stories, but know this - I enjoyed writing this and it wont be the last one like it either. Three way stories I love to write, but I'm usually in them, but not this one. Maybe the next one. hehe

I'm going to make this the first chapter in a series of stories about these two college coeds.   


College Coed Series:
Surprise Visit - Chapter 1
By Silky

It had been three months since my first marvelous encounter with my neighbor Marie. I figured it was a one time thing. You know, just being in the right place at the right time with the right circumstances. I was much older than them both, more like twenty years or more. Needless to say, I was plenty happy and surprised when Marie and her roommate Lacey showed up on my door step one hot summer day just recently.

"Hi Doug. What's up?" Marie asked in her usual bubbly girlish manner.

"Marie," I exclaimed, "How have you been?” I rose from my porch swing and gave her a gentle hug and a peck on the forehead.

"I've been good. Just glad to be taking a break from school. You remember my roommate Lacey?"

"Yes, yes, Lacey how are you?" I reached over and shook her hand. "So college is getting to you Marie?"

"Yeah. Nursing school is really tough. I plan to really hang loose during the summer break."

My eyes never turned away from these two beautiful girls before me. "So, to what do I owe such a pleasurable visit from my two lovely neighbors?"

"Our air conditioner broke and we were going down to get some ice cream to cool off when I saw you and decided to come and say what's up.?

"Well, thank you. Would you girls like to come in for some lemonade or something?"

Marie looks at Lacey, who gives her a wink, and they both smile and follow me into my home.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Layover Lust

I love to fly and travel around from city to city while on business trips and the best part is watching the cute and sometimes downright sexy stewardesses prance back and forth, twitching their cute buns as they walk by. If they only knew what they did to me when they did that. They know they are hot and I'm sure they do it on purpose too...hell, I would. hehe I have never known a stewardess personally, but have often had fantasies of being with one. I decided to write a story about a fantasy I had just recently on my way back from a trip.


Layover Lust
By Silky

If I'd known how wonderful it felt to kiss another girl, I would have tried it a long time ago. I've always been attracted to other women and have even fantasized about making love to them, but I never thought I would actually do it.

I became painfully aware of my girl lust while in college, and that was due mainly to my roommate, Ingrid. I had flirted with and daydreamed about girls in high school, but none of that compared with the all-out lust I felt for Ingrid. It started the minute she walked into our dorm -- tall and blonde, with long athletic legs and a devious little smile.

My heart fluttered as I stood to greet her, wondering why my clit was suddenly throbbing. I lay back on my bed, making small talk while she unpacked her things. Her mini skirt gave a generous view of her golden thighs, and I yearned for a glimpse of her panties.

All of this was very confusing for a girl with such a healthy appetite for the opposite sex. I didn't get around in high school by any stretch, but I liked guys almost as much as they liked me.

That first night in college, I played with myself quietly in my bed while dreaming of Ingrid's long, silky legs entwined with mine -- our pussies brushing together as we kissed each other passionately on the lips. I couldn't wait to see her perky breasts bare.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Horny 'lil Virgin 2

The best part of writing lesbian or even bisexual stories, is sharing them with your partner. If you have a very understanding relationship like I do, sharing stories or even writing them together, makes for some very exciting moments afterwards.

Click here for Part 1.


Horny 'lil Virgin (Part 2)
By Silky

When Sara came home, I was waiting for her on the couch, wearing one of her favorite silk nightie. I had lit some candles and opened a bottle of wine, smuggled into our dorm over the holidays. I was massaging my clit again and was on the brink of cumming when I heard Sara at the door. I quickly crossed my legs and reached for my wine glass.

“You bitch,” Sara growled when she saw me. “You’re wearing my clothes!”

Tossing her purse onto a chair, Sara settled onto the couch beside me, swinging her legs across my lap and lying back against the arm rest.

“How did it go,” I asked, desperate for details. I poured Sara a glass of wine while admiring her silk-covered knees. As I handed her the glass, I noticed a tear near the top of one of her stockings. She took a sip of her wine, parting her legs and allowing my hungry eyes to meander along her thighs and under the hem of her dress. My heart pounded when I saw the tiny blood stains on her white, cotton panties.

“You did it,” I said. “You little slut. What was it like? Did it hurt? Did he cum in you? Tell me everything.”

Horny 'lil Virgin 1

I decided to get back to my normal style of writing, that being lesbian erotica. I love to write about it more than anything else as it gives me pleasures like nothing else too, and I hope it does to you as well.

This will be in two parts.


Horny 'lil Virgin (Part 1)
By Silky

It wasn’t easy being a horny little virgin in an all-girl high school. That was a confusing time for me. I was certainly boy crazy and had plenty of opportunities to explore the opposite sex, but I just didn’t want to waste my first time on anyone who wasn’t worthy.

I guess you could say I was a stuck-up little princess. I wasn’t about to let just anyone plunder my perfect body. And so my senior year rolled around and my cherry was still firmly intact. Which is not to say my high-school years were void of sex. There was never a shortage of young studs trying to get up my skirt, and while I enjoyed their attempts, none proved worthy of getting beyond third base. Perhaps it was their pathetic groping that pushed me closer to the fairer sex.

I spent four years immersed in feminine beauty. Everywhere I turned I was surrounded by snotty little rich girls in sexy uniforms. It’s no wonder my heterosexual fantasies were interrupted by dreams of girls kissing and licking each other’s naked pussies and breasts.

By my senior year, I was starting to worry about myself. I was becoming obsessed with my roommate, Sara, who seemed to be taunting me with her incredible body. Sara was probably the only other virgin in our class. Like me, she had plenty of suitors, but she was determined to hold out until she turned eighteen.

She was a few months younger than me, and I often wished I were a guy so I could nail her myself. She was so gorgeous — from her honey-blonde hair to her long, slender legs. I wondered what she would think if she knew how I yearned to suck her pink nipples and lick her tight little ass.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Warehouse Slut

I have been writing some different stories and just basically mixing things up a bit from my normal routine of lesbian erotica. This one has an interracial flavor to it and after changing the ending three times, I think this version is the best. The only real problem I had was finding a pic to match the story, that being a white girl, 2 black guys, and a white guy. It was harder than I thought it would be to find.


Warehouse Slut
By Silky

My name is Lori and my best friend is Megan. We have been friends for many years and grew up together mostly, but one thing she never knew about me was my affection for her dad. For the past year him and I have been having hot sex. He is special to me as he busted my cherry and has been the light of my life since turning eighteen last year. We fuck whenever we can, without anyone ever knowing about it, even his own wife. I am his special girl.

“Hi Megan, is your dad home, cause I need a huge favor of him?” I looked around her house as she spoke.

“Yes, he is in his shop. You can go in and ask him.” That I did too, walking faster with each step. I looked in the door of his shop and there he was, my special man sitting there working on some tool. I sneaked in behind him as slowly as I could.

“Guess who?” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind.

He jumped a little, “Oh, hey Lori, you surprised me. What are you doing here today?” His eyes worked over my body as I sat next to him on his left side.

“I came to ask you a favor.” My right hand crept over his big cock in his shorts and I gave it a good squeeze.

He looked at me with lust, “what might your favor be babe?” I kept my hand working on his cock, wanting it to get bigger.

“Well, for starters,” looking behind me to make sure no one was watching, “I want to suck your big tool and get you off in my eager mouth.” I looked up into his big green eyes, “Then I want you to fuck me hard and make me beg baby.”

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daddy's 'lil Slut 2

Daddy's 'lil Slut 2
By David

Part 2

I stood up and followed him out of his study, his right hand grasping mine as he lead me down the hallway. I never felt a bit of shame or felt scared in any way either. It wasn’t curiosity that drove me either. I didn’t know what it was at the time, as I just went into my room and sat on the bed, him closing the door and sitting beside me. Maybe it was lust or just that I was so damn horny. I don’t know, but the morning and afternoon got so much more interesting.

He leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “stand up and strip for me babe.” He kissed my earlobes and then my neck, as I slowly stood up before him. I slid my skirt off, then my shirt, unhooked my bra, then slid my panties down. I was completely naked in front of him. My nipples were rock hard too, which he took notice too right away.

“Very nice Ann. Come sit next to me.” I sat down next to him and he moved in closer to me, his hands reaching up to my perky nipples, “oh yes, these are heavenly Ann.” He squeezed my breast in his hands then began sucking on my nipples. He was like a hungry animal, sucking, licking, and even biting them. I had to admit, it felt good having him do this to me, as no one had turned me on like this before.

He moved upwards on my bed, “Under the covers Ann.” I slid under the covers with him, his warm body now pressed close to me. He pulled the sheet and bedspread up close, then cuddled up close to me. My head was resting on his chest when I felt his left hand start massaging my ass-cheeks. Deep down, I knew what was going to happen next, and just the same, I wanted it to happen. I was so horny, and I think he knew it too.

The next minute or so was spent with not much happening, then I just slid my hand down and started stroking his cock. His cock was huge. The more I stroked it, the bigger it got. I moved down and started sucking on his huge knob, licking and sucking it like a girl possessed. I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted his cock badly. As I spun around to get his cock in more, he moved between my legs and started lapping his tongue wildly in my pink slit. That alone sent me over the edge, as I gulped down his cock and sucked it like a porn star in a movie.

Daddy's 'lil Slut 1

This one is a hot! It's about a dad and his hot daughter. He is married and has two daughters, but only has a relationship with one of the daughters. Her keeping it a secret is her problem though. Girls will be girls. hehe

This will be in 2 parts.

Daddy's 'lil Slut 1
By David

Part 1

I was cuddled in my bed when my sister Amy came into the room. She walked over to the bed and climbed in as she always did and noticed I was cuddled up with my pillow.

“Are you okay Ann? You seem a little distant tonight.”

I looked over the blankets covering my head, “Can you keep a secret Amy?”

She got close to me and said, “Sure. You know I can. What’s your secret?”

I swallowed hard not really wanting to tell her, but some reason I felt I needed too. “Well, um, you will think I’m lying, but here goes. I, um, I sucked off a man tonight.” I said it swiftly as I could.

She just looked at me, “You what? You sucked off a man? Who?”

Again I wasn’t sure how to put it, so I just said it, “I sucked off , um, well, um..”

“Say it Ann, I won’t tell anyone. You know me well enough to not saying anything to anyone. Who was it?”

I looked right at her, “I sucked off…Dad.”

She moved back fast. “You sucked off our dad? You sucked his cock?”

I just nodded at her. “Yes I did. I sucked him off and he came in my mouth.”

She was stunned. “What possessed you to do that Ann? Our own father?”

“I don’t know, it just happened. I was in his room and he called me over to the bed, and next thing I knew his cock was in my mouth and I was sucking it. We played around for awhile, then he shot his cum in my mouth.”

Amy gave me a look of total surprise, but with eagerness. “Did he make you do it? Did he rape you?”

I shook my head no, “no, I sucked him off willingly. I even swallowed his cum.” I looked down shamelessly after saying that.

“You swallowed his cum? You swallowed his yucky sperm? Ann, what has gotten into you? What made you swallow that stuff?”

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lynns Neighbor

We all have fantasies about babysitters right? At least I do anyways. Sweet young innocent girls trying to find there way in life. This story is how I envision these sweet lesbians to be. hehe

Lynn’s Neighbor
By Silky

I can't wait to see you tonight Lynn," my girlfriend Gina said to me over the phone.

"Me too," I sighed. I had been pressing my pussy against the kitchen counter the whole time that she had been talking to me.

"Did you get a babysitter for Annie lined up?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said, "The girl across the street."

"How old is she?" Gina giggled.

"She turned eighteen last month!" I said. "Besides, its so handy to have her so close and not to have to worry about using someone I don't know."

"Yeah… but is she cute?" Gina continued to kid me.

"She's very pretty," I said. At first I had been taken aback by Gina's teasing, but as I answered I suddenly had a vision of my short-haired butch girlfriend fucking the little college freshman girl next door with a strap-on. Just then there was a knock on the door and Becky entered the front door.

"Gina, she's here. I gotta go," I said as I quickly leaned away from the counter and straightened my dress.

"Okay, baby. I'll see you when you get here. Love ya."

"Okay see you, sweetie." I said and hung up the phone. I was just turning to say hello to Becky when all at once she burst into tears. Surprised, I stopped in mid sentence and went over to hold the now sobbing teenager.

With my arm around her shoulder, I led Becky over to the large sofa and asked her what was wrong. "Everything," she cried, "My boyfriend wants to dump me because I won't let him---you know, let him....."

"You mean go all the way," I asked, still kind of thinking about what I had pictured Gina doing to her.

Becky only nodded and cried even harder. "Boys can be such pigs," she said.

As I held Becky close, I could feel her cheek up against my chest. I was wearing a thin silk dress, and the feel of the her face against my firm breasts was starting to make my nipples hard.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blades Of Grass

I love rain. I woke up this morning to the sound of it and it's still raining as I type this. The rain makes me write romantic stories, so that is what I have for you today. As soon as I opened my window this morning, this story idea popped into my head. It's short, sweet, and sensual. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Blades Of Grass
By Silky

The sun is burning down. Such a summer so as to bake the earth into hard mud with cracks like that of a broken mirror.

Desperate to escape the heat I go into the forest. As I walk along the path, I can feel the breeze ripple through the lofty branches of the trees above. I take off my shoes as I walk between the trees, feeling the hard earth beneath the soft green moss. No sound disturbs me but the soft padding of my feet upon the soil. I find myself in a small glade of trees where the sunlight gently trickles down to the ground like time passing through the years. As I lay down to feel the softness of the moss, I glimpse something passing through the trees but I pay it no heed. Places as perfect as this much have fawns and fairytale things in them and I wish I had someone there to share it with.

The warm sun caresses my body like a lover. So gently. Softly. It warms my skin through the cotton dress I am wearing and penetrates to the warm skin beneath. I feel a presence, but do not open my eyes as I lie there upon the moss, with the blades of grass poking through.

I feel strong fingers caress my feet so gently that it could almost be mistaken for the breeze. It was something that I had not expected. But as with all things in fate, I made no attempt at stopping it. The hands trace every bone in my feet as if trying to memorize them for another day. The hands begin to move up my calves, stroking the skin softly, and beginning to massage my thighs. With each firm stroke my body relaxes deeper. Harder and harder still my woodland vision presses into my flesh. The fingers have reached my belly now and slowly circle around my abdomen. I can feel a body beside me now as well as the artful fingers. This dream is prefect for the glade I am laying in.

I am not asleep, and this is no dream. I open my eyes to see such a creature as I had never seen. The deep grey eyes ringed with gold question my awakened face. No earthly creature can hold such beauty. The sun glints in his hair highlighting the gold hidden there. I can feel the warmth of his body pressing into mine as he lowers his lips to touch mine. A gentle kiss. Like that of the summer rains. His body is pressed to mine as with my mouth I show that I crave more of his kisses. This is the lover I have so wished for.

Surely this was a dream. The creature presses into me with his body and I feel his sex pressing into me. His kisses move down my body and I can still taste his sweetness on my lips.. He was like honey. A soft moan of pleasure escapes my lips as he fastens his to mine once more. I wanted to suck all of his sweetness from him. My tongue probes him, and I teased him, played with him. He begins to rock back and forth atop my body. And as I look up to him I find him with his head back gazing into my face... His hands firmly grasping my breasts, his fingers rolling the nipples between them. As we kissed, I rub my hands against his semi-erect member, bringing it to full hardness. Stroking it firmly.

I felt his urgency as with his eyes he begged me to let me take him in. I kissed him hard as a reply and as I did so I reached between us, searching for him, and once finding it, placed the head at my opening. I raise myself up, allowing him to enter. And I could feel his hardened penis sliding smoothly into me, engulfing him in my tightness, wetness, and warmness. His rhythm began slowly, undulating his hips against mine, grinding into me. He leaned forward. He fastened his lips onto my nipples, first one, then the other. I moan with pleasure, running my fingers through the lush hair on his head and across his chest. He rode me like this for some time, gently until finally, I felt the shudder of an orgasm race through my body. My body tingled with the pleasure of the moment, and I clung to him, feeling his dark eyes smiling.

He could not help himself from thrusting into me. I feel my muscles pull each time he moves, demanding him deeper inside of me. I placed my hands against his body feeling the warm skin beneath, and make love to this man, this stranger who had seduced me. Our passion rose. The undulating of his hips increases, and this dance of copulation that we perform increases its tempo. He was raising himself off me and then slamming down onto me. I met him each time he came down, pushing deep into me. Each time i moan. I feel him pushing harder and faster into me. Finally, my body went rigid as he thrust one last time, pushing deep into me and pumping his semen into my body. As his body collapsed upon my own.

I cradled him against me. He kisses me tenderly and I whisper, "Many nights I have wanted you, and each time my heart went out to you as I wished for that which only you could provide." As we lie here entwined I wish the moment for an eternity, but am content with his body against mine as I feel the soft warmth of the sun caressing our intertwined bodies, the blades of grass reminding me that this was real, not a dream.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Office Girl

I wrote this one this morning as I've been wanting to write something like this for awhile now. It has a small flavor of dominance in it, but nothing overboard, as that is not something I like that much in my stories. This one is short and to the point. Just my kind of hottness!


Office Girl
By Silky

The office was buzzing with activity today, employees scattering by the handful as I entered and rounded the corner, most moving swiftly so not to get punished or disciplined for not being in their cubicles on time. It was the one thing I expected of each employee, be on time or be suspended for the day with no pay, and in these days with a bad economy, a day with no pay was a stab in the heart for most of them. I ran a very tight ship at my company, one of only a few positions held by a woman of my character, a woman who worked her way up through the ranks and landed on the top above many more experienced men along the way. I didn’t sleep my way to the top like many before me, no, I did it the old fashioned way by signing clients no others would ever sign. They have made this company what it is today, a stable company of top executives, just with a dominant forty year old woman in the top chair.

My private life was my business and none of my fellow workers knew about that lifestyle. I wanted to keep it that way for as long as I could, as it would spell disaster if anyone ever found out about it. I was not the typical business woman. I was dominant for a reason. That’s the only thing about me that overflowed into my work life, dominance over the men and women of the company, mostly the women.

The one thing that set this company apart from all others was the hiring method I adopted a few years back. I never hired from within and I never had potential employees come to the office building either. My method was simple and quite frankly, it has turned out to be the best way to hire for any position needed at the company. Those wanting a job had to meet me at my house. Just them with me and no one else. Male or female, it didn’t matter, they met with me in private to go over their resume, their previous experience, and last but not least, how they fucked. That’s right, to get into my company you had to satisfy me. Was this considered sleeping my way to the top? Actually no, as this was done before employment and only then.

Sleeping Seduction 2

This is the second part to my roommates story. She writes very very well and I hope you think so too. Leave a comment if you liked it or not.......please. :)


Sleeping Seduction (Part 2)
By Carlie

Without truly realizing what I was doing, I leaned forward, so my breasts were right up close to her lovely face. All the while she sucked my finger. And the sound was wet and sloppy. I was on all fours, looming above her. Squatting above her belly. My breast jiggled with each nervous inhalation. They were hanging down just inches above her face. My middle finger in her mouth. She kept here eyes on me for perhaps a minute, maybe longer, then she slipped back into her place of submissive sleep. I wasn't really thinking - I was just letting myself go... "Lisa - can you hear me?"

She replied with a passionate, "Mmmmm..."

I cautiously pulled my finger out of Lisa's wet mouth. And she immediately made that compulsive sucking motion to the empty air. "Lisa, I feel so full of love right now..." I carefully inched my hard nipple toward her open mouth. I couldn't help myself. I held my nipple just barely above her hungry little mouth. I couldn't stop, I leaned in and my soft breast met her wet lips, and immediately she was swallowing my big hard nipple. And she sucked deep and intensely - Oh god, I was shocked! I mean I was just thunderstruck. It was so urgent and primal.

Instantly - I was awash in an overpowering sexual excitement - Oh my god, I was so turned-on - I had NEVER felt anything like it before. It was like some crazy switch had been thrown in my head. I felt beautiful and obscene - I felt like an angel and a pervert - all at the same time. I let her suck, I desperately loved it. I moaned out a passionate whisper, "Lisa - oh god Lisa." She was drooling and sloppy. My breasts were getting wet and slippery. I couldn't help any of this - it just felt too wonderful. I was loosing all control. I was naked, and Lisa was still fully dressed. It was so beautiful.

Sleeping Seduction 1

This story was written by my roommate, Carlie, who is my best of friends. I told her she needs to start her own blog because she writes very well, as you will soon see. I don't mind sharing this blog as I've done so in the past, I was just saying it as we all like our own space at times and each of us have ideas others wouldn't and so on. She said she just wants me to post a couple of her stories and see how it goes before she gets her own blog. That sounded good to me.

This will be a two part story, as it's rather long like my last one was. It's spicy hot too!


Sleeping Seduction
By Carlie

Lisa was driving down from the high country, she was a college student and the campus was up in the mountains. It was supposedly a beautiful place. I have wanted to visit her, but it just never seems to work out.

I was waiting for her. I was excited and eager to see her, it had been almost a year. She was away at school, and I was still here - in this lonely little town. My parents were away, and the house was quiet and lonesome. When we talked, just before she started the drive, she sounded thrilled to have a break from school. And the drive was long, so it would be late before she arrived. She did mention that she was nervous about traveling here. She could get such bad allergies during the spring. It was never a problem where she was, but this was a bad time of the year around here. There are lots of beautiful flowers in the rolling hills nearby, but those same flowers can make life totally miserable for Lisa.

So - I didn't really know when she would arrive, and she didn't have a cell phone. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, it was a shallow and restless kind of sleep.

And then I awoke to the sound of a car in the driveway. Oh my god, she was finally here! I jumped up to greet her. I ran out into the dark and we hugged, hard and strong. I missed her so much, and it was wonderful to actually really and truly see her. When Lisa walked into the house she looked really unhealthy. I mean, something was wrong.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Oh God, it's my allergies - it's really bad this time of year, and I haven't felt like this since last summer - and this is worse."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

Lisa's eyes were red and puffy, and he nose was running and she was sniffing constantly. She said, "Oh - I'll be fine, I have some prescription medication, and it usually works great. I need to get it out of my duffle." She reached into her big canvas duffle bag and found what she wanted. She held up the little bottle of pills and said, "I took two of these, and I should feel better soon."

Friday, March 26, 2010

Skinny Dipping Desires 3

Sorry I left you hanging on part 2. That was just cruel wasn't it? hehe I promise I won't do that again.


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 3)
By Silky

She held her loosened teddy to her chest, then slowly pushed it down, revealing her beautiful firm tits, pink little nipples hard and erect. She slid it down her sides, and began running her hands down her from her chest to her waist, then back up, caressing her tits with her palms. Then, placing her hands on her waist, palms in, she began to push her jeans lower. Slowly, she turned as she lowered them past her firm ass, as she pressed it toward the camera. Then, turning back to face me, she bent over, pulling her jeans down to her ankles.

She slowly stood up, her hands running up her legs as she did, her almost-bald pussy visible under her see-through teddy as her hands continued up to her breasts, squeezing them gently. She stepped out of the jeans, her long legs slightly spread as she posed with the teddy only covering the lower half of her beautiful body. Then, reaching one hand down the front to her crotch and the other behind her, she grasped and unsnapped the teddy at the crotch, slowly pulling the two ends up and away, showing me her nice young pussy as she stood, looking directly at me and the camera. The teddy was still wrapped around her waist, and I snapped away at the sexy young girl as she posed, knowing that she was getting me hotter with every move. She posed for some more shots, then stepped out of the teddy, and started posing completely naked, leaning against the end of a wall, taking shots as I steamed up the lens.

Skinny Dipping Desires 2

How did you like the first part? The second part is much juicier as most second parts are. hehe


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 2)
By Silky

Slowly, I leaned forward to kiss the tops of her thighs, working my way between her legs. I lifted one up and kissed the inside of her knee, working slowly up with my lips as I placed the leg on my shoulder. I touched the other leg, and she immediately placed that one up on my other shoulder as she leaned her head back, waiting for the inevitable.

I continued slowly kissing up her leg, stopping at her crotch as I kissed her smooth belly. I could feel just the hint of pubic hair on my chin as I slowly worked lower, feeling the wetness of her slit on my chin. I touched her pussy lips with my open mouth, and Susan shivered noticeably, a soft moan escaping from her young lips. She opened her legs even more. I let my tongue slip out, gently licking her soaking slit from the top down, then up again slowly. I could feel her young clit stiffen as I passed over it with my soft tongue. She slowly began to gyrate her hips, pushing her cunt gently into my flickering tongue.

Then I placed my mouth over her pussy, my top lip on her clit, as I slowly explored around her hole with my tongue. The juices were flowing quickly, and I swallowed, enjoying the youngster's taste. I gently pushed my tongue into her entrance, and she grabbed my head, pulling herself closer to me. I slipped it into her as far as I could, as my hands wandered up her body to her heaving breasts. I pulled and fondled her hard, stiff nipples, as I continued working my tongue in and out of her gushing pussy.

She was beginning to twitch, lifting her hips off the edge a little, then pulling my head into her wetness. I gently slipped my middle finger into her slit, letting her juices lubricate it well. Slowly, I began pushing it into her flowing cunt, slipping it all the way in as I continued to tongue her clit. She was tight, but took it easily, moaning softly as I moved it in and out of her hot pussy. Her moans became louder, and I started sucking harder on her stiffness, my mouth covering her snatch. I knew what was happening now, as I felt the buildup of her clit as her cunt exploded it's nectar into my face, She pulled me even tighter, as she moaned louder and louder, bucking her hips wildly as I tried to keep my finger inside her, my tongue on her spasming clit.

Skinny Dipping Desires 1

This new story is long. Tell you what I'm going to do; I'm going to break it up into three parts. I don't usually do this but if I don't, the story will take up the whole front page of this blog.

I read part of this to my roomie and she was squirming in her seat most of the time. hehe She came up with the title too.


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 1)
By Silky

Susan was swimming alone in the pool as I walked into the hotel pool area. It was after 2am and I was a little surprised that anyone was there at all. She looked up at me and smiled as she continued her backstroke laps. Susan was about 18, I thought, with a very athletic body. She wore a pink one-piece suit with high thigh-cut which clung tightly to her body. Her long blonde hair was wrapped in a tight ponytail.

"You're a good swimmer" I said, attempting to start some conversation as I took off my robe and began to step into the warm pool.

She stopped swimming and stood up in the shallow end near me. "Thanks" she said as the water dripped from her tight body. "I like it here late since I can't seem to sleep too well lately. My parents are snoring away in our room upstairs."

"Yeah, I know what that's like," I answered. "Sometimes you just need to let off some energy."

I noticed her checking out my body as I walked down the steps into the pool. I loved getting reactions to my blue bikini, from both women and men. It shows my ample cleavage and nice 30 year old body very well. I felt my nipples harden under her look, even though I was getting very warm. I noticed Susan's small but firm tits under her thin suit also had some tiny buds showing through.

"Miss your boyfriend?" I asked. Susan looked at me a little funny, but answered "No, we broke up a while ago. He's a jerk. I found out he was cheating on me."

"That's rough," I said, moving closer to her. "Sometimes I think men just aren't worth it." She nodded, and I continued "You know, we can do all that they can do just by ourselves, we don't really need them."