Friday, April 22, 2016

CSS 7 - New Teacher

In this next chapter, Lacey decides to take a new class while in college and the teacher is new himself, Lacey wanting him badly even as she learns he is married but she doesn't care, as she wants his cock badly and sets out to get that very thing that drives her completely insane with lust, the two meeting for some very hot motel sex on a Saturday morning until afternoon. :)

This was written for you Charlie. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Enjoy. :)

College Coed Series:
Chapter 7 - New Teacher

By Silky

The new teacher Lacey had just met a few days earlier had just pulled up in front of the house to pick her up for there date, his fancy car getting the best of her as she looked over the sleek and sexy looking ‘65 Corvette, the man inside just as handsome and sexy himself, him getting out of the car and approaching her with a big bright smile upon his face as he looked over her sexy and alluring slim figure waiting for him.

3 Days Earlier

The man had only just begun teaching at the college and Lacey wasted no time in getting his attention as he stood in front of her in a new class she wanted to take, the bulge in his pants her noticing first and she wanted it. She wanted it badly and with her sly looks and giving the new teacher glimpses of her bare pussy under her skirt as she spread and crossed her legs many times on purpose during the class, it didn’t take long for the new teacher to see she was inviting him in to her lustful desire for him.

The new teachers name was Dr. Charlie, as he wanted to be addressed as, and he was in his early 40’s, married with 2 kids, and had 2 cats as pets. He was tall, dark, handsome, and an eye catcher for sure to all the girls in the class, but Lacey was determined to get him first and used every technique she knew of and had been successful with in the past, to get him to want her too.

With her endless crotch shots and sexy looks towards the new teacher, the man most definitely looking up her skirt class after class, he finally said something to her about it, “Lacey, can you meet me after class please?” She knew she had him now and all she could do was smile to herself and think of his big hard cock in her mouth as she fantasized about the two of them together, ‘arm in arm, strolling down a path near a lake, sitting down for a picnic, her hands pulling out his cock, sucking it, him wanting her pussy, her spreading for him, his mouth on her pussy…..’ then wham!, the bell rings for the class to end, her fantasy ended abruptly, her vision gone for now, but surely she would make it come true if it were the last option on Earth.

They met after class and Dr. Charlie wasted no time in getting to the point of why he asked her to meet him after class. As she began to sit in the chair next to his desk, he says to her, “No, stand in front of the desk please.” She moved quickly to the front of the desk, looking down at him as he looked up at her. “Do you know why I asked you here Lacey?” She hoped she knew and without even thinking about it, “yes I do”, her sweet voice gently filling the quiet room, “you wanted to see me and my pussy up close so you could lick it, right?” The teacher sat stunned as he heard her speak his very thought, in fantasy only that is, and was taken aback by her chosen words too. He was speechless is what he was. He had never heard a girl speak to him like that before, ever, and as he looked up at her face, her sweet smile and her darting tongue were staring back at him, “well, uh, yeah, uh, I guess, uh, yeah I asked to meet with you because of, uh, because of your, uh, uh,” he was that lost in his own thoughts and wording.

He wanted her badly, that was obvious, and she wanted him, which was obvious too, but he was not sure how to answer her without seeming too forward and was also scared because he was happily married and didn’t want to lose anything over this situation, but he was willing to take a chance being Lacey had been so open to him, so far anyways.

Without him even noticing, Lacey had moved to the side of his desk, her making the first move like she usually did, her left hand gliding over his rigid cock that was hidden under his dark slacks, that is when he noticed she was inches from his face and then she spoke to him quietly in a whisper like tone, “let’s make it a date shall we? I know you want me and I want you, so pick me up this coming Saturday morning at 8am. and we can get to know each other much better Dr. Charlie,” her hand squeezing his cock as she spoke, letting him get a close up view of her bald pussy as she lifted her skirt, his eyes wide as he stared at her youthful sex lips, licking his lips as she spread her petals apart, the inner pinkness making his cock twitch in excitement, “and my pussy will be all yours all day too if you want it.”

Lacey left her address to her house on a piece of paper on his desk as she left the room, Dr. Charlie sitting in disbelief at what had just taken place, taking the small note and placing it in his pocket, as he too walked out the door and headed towards home.

Saturday Morning

Lacey smiled eagerly as she watched Dr. Charlie arrive on time in front of her house to pick her up. He walked towards her with a smile so big, you would have thought he had just won the lottery. He put out his hand to greet her, her hand gently pressing against his, as he leaned in and kissed her cheek, her smiling as he did so, him still holding onto her small hand as he took in what stood before him, “You look incredible Lacey. God, you are an angel for sure.” She smiled brightly as he led her to his car, opening the door for her, “thank you Dr. Charlie, you look great yourself,” nodding at him as he opened and closed the car door for her, her very impressed by his gentleman ways.

Lacey had to put her hand up to her mouth, to wipe away the messy saliva dribbling out the corners of her lips as she sat back in the nice car's leather seat. To sit in a car like his was an instant desire to her, it’s long nose and sleekness reminded her of a large cock on wheels, and gawd was she horny. He opened and got in the car beside her, closing the door gently and taking in what was now beside him, her bare legs in full view as he placed his right hand on her left leg, “Call me Charlie, okay Lacey? No more Dr. Charlie while away from the classroom please.” She leaned in after he spoke and there lips met, each kissing with incredible force, there tongues darting to meet the others, lips mashed together, moaning and groaning towards each other as the kissed like long lost lovers would do.

Charlie's mouth tasted sexy, some clean-smelling combination of mouthwash and toothpaste mixed his natural manly scent. The few seconds his tongue had been down her throat, wrapped around her tongue, she could tell how horny he was to fuck her. The kiss upon her entrance into the car wasn't some timid, nice-to-meet-you kiss. It was an I-want-to-fuck-you kiss, of a man who a couple days earlier didn’t know who she was.

She curled her legs underneath herself, sitting up higher in the car, so she could turn and face him while she leaned back against the door a bit. Already she felt her nipples stretching the tight thin fabric of her tubetop, and inside her skirt, her pussy was aching for attention. He was tall, definitely over 6 foot, with slender shoulders but a very athletic physique. She'd already seen his handsome face and felt his massive cock, and had no problem with the idea she'd be staring at them both all day long. He had on a knit shirt and slacks, very casual, but it was his air of confidence and experience that was the most attractive. Ever since they first met, he wasn't like, wow I want to fuck you; it was, more like, you and I would really enjoy each other. This was about, well, fun, two people having a great time together.

Without warning, Lacey grinned up at him as he was driving and blurted out, "So, your wife has no fuckin' clue about this? I mean, would she have reason to suspect something or anything like that, ‘cause I would hate to be troubled by a hateful wife out for revenge, ya know.” He turned his face to grin at her devilishly. "No fuckin' clue, Lacey." His hand left the steering wheel to reach out for a moment and rest on her knee, giving her a reassuring squeeze. “This is my first time with another girl outside my marriage Lacey, and I wouldn’t have shown up if I knew I couldn’t get away with it, as I’ve never cheated on my wife before, and I know for a fact that I do want you though. I want you badly.” Then he gunned the car into the main road, paying attention to traffic a couple of seconds, before looking back at the young college girl sitting next to him.

“Have you heard of Clear Acres Motel? I got a room there, if that's, you know, okay with you," Charlie said to her.

Lacey smiled at the two memories of her prior visits to that particular motel, knowing this third one would be equivalent. "Yeah, it's fine, I mean it's clean and all and not far away, do you have a key already?" He reached into his shirt pocket and retrieved a motel key, holding it out to show her. She giggled that he was so prepared. "Hot," was all she said back, happy there were no further arrangements necessary for the day to begin.

As the car raced through town, Charlie kept glancing over at her, clearly taken by how sexy she was, and at the reality of actually having this horny young woman next to him. Lacey could see the relief in his eyes, relaxing now that they were finally together. "Lacey," he offered with a husky tone, "you are unbelievably gorgeous, I can't get over how adorable and sexy you are."

She blushed, not intentionally, and even felt a tingle shoot up her spine. "Wow, thanks -- you are sooo sexy too, baby, I can't believe your wife lets you out of the house alone!"

His response was a hearty laugh. "And I can't believe your father lets you out alone!"

Lacey laughed back at that, for reasons he'd never know. (that’s another story ;) )

"I've hardly breathed since last time we saw each other Lacey, as classes went so damn slow yesterday, and then I got the room on the way home from work, and the whole time at dinner, I was having this living nightmare that someone would find the key hidden in the car."

"Well, this is no nightmare," Lacey expressed with a purr, "it's gonna happen, it's gonna be one good time, baby, all just for you." Lacey loved making married men feel treated and special, she knew it was one of the extra pleasures they experienced that single men didn't when they fucked her.

Obviously, he still wasn't entirely believing it. "You, uh, sure you don't want to go get a drink, or see a movie, or something? I know you knew what I look like, but, I mean, I don't want to pressure you or anything--"

"Oh, no, baby," the girl giggled, because his response was fairly typical of married men picking her up for the first time, "I'm good, if you just want to go back to the room, then let's just go." She waited for emphasis and added, "Let's just go and fuck."

He immediately turned to her and grinned, and his eyes looked at her chest then her crotch of her skirt, now above her waist, "You got a rule of how long you need to wear that after meeting a date?" Lacey found the question adorable; he was not only respecting her lines, but he was suggesting his cock was ready to fuck her right now. "Baby, you can strip 'em off as soon as the door closes, I can't wait to get naked with YOU." She saw him nod in agreement and even snicker, which made her pussy moisten a little bit more. "And, ok, let's not call this a date? Cuz, to me, it's not a date, that's like the movies and dinner and shit. This is just you and me having fun."

"Okay then," Charlie agreed, "it's not a date. It's a, uh, a naked get-together?"

"Mmm!" She let out a cackle. "Yeah, more like a, hot to trot, no limits, fuck over and over sweaty naked get-together!"

He let out his own little purr now. "Sound fuckin' good to me, baby, fuckin' good." His eyes were looking out the car window to drive, but every chance he could he glanced over to her. "So tell me, honey, how long has it been since you had a good fucking? I mean from some hot cock, not your fingers."

Lacey tossed her curly blonde flocks over her shoulder and shrugged, at first having to think of the truthful answer but then thinking of what to actually say. "Uh, well, a weekend ago, I mean, not this last one, the one before that, I kinda had a get-together with a guy I know."

"Yeah?" Charlie snickered. "A get-together, huh, was the guy your age or my age."

Lacey laughed, "Older than me, like late 20s, he's like you, married, doesn't get enough at home, got a nice penis that cums a lot, he's fun." She smiled at herself while watching the man's face, to see his reaction; some guys would get so jealous they didn't want to hear details, even if they were getting it from her too. Other guys just liked hearing that she's easy, or she was into men like themselves.

"Well," he said, "I haven't had a tight pussy for quite a while, like before I was married. My wife was a virgin when we got married and has been a great fuck for many years but it’s not tight like it once was, like I’m sure yours is, so uh, hope you love getting your little tight pussy stretched as open as it's ever been today, ‘cause I’m not small by any means at all, as you’ve felt already.” He didn't even look over for her reaction, but laughed to himself.

Still, she wanted to toy with him, get him as aroused as possible. "So, what's the deal, your wife doesn't like to fuck, or what, is she ugly now or something?" Lacey spoke with confidence and not a hint of remorse, completely understanding the cause of horny married men who want something they usually can't have, namely, girls like herself.

"Yeah, something like that," the guy chortled then looked at her knowingly, "you're pretty smart for a girl your age, you know how it is, huh?"

"Oh I know!" She laughed that he'd think it was some kind of big secret, the toils of being a married male. "I bet, your wife's body isn't what it was when you married her, and she doesn't give you head or anything now right, and with your awesome big cock, no reason to waste that talent, you just love sharing it with younger girls like me who appreciate that big tool stuck up our tight pussies?"

He didn't confirm or deny the suggestion, but instead groaned impatiently. "Fuckin' traffic," he said of a red light ahead of them, although it turned green before the car reached it. Lacey's last comment seemed to linger with him, and he stirred in his pelvis and chest before turning his face towards her and winking again. "I'm gonna fuckin' stretch out your tight pussy all day, sweetie, hell I just wanna drive the car over and fuck you right now."

"Is that so?" Lacey purred, wrinkled her eyebrows and leaned forward to touch her hand on top of his knee. "Is that big dick all hard for me already?" Her hand slid into his crotch, and he pushed his pelvis forward while spreading his knees. Indeed, she felt a solid, lengthy hard mass inside his slacks, and her fingertips traced it from its round head down to the soft sack many inches below. "Ooh, fuck, baby, it's sooo fucking big, mmm I'm gonna love fucking this dick today!" She caresses the massive dick through his pants up and down several times, then slipped her fingers back to the top of his pants, reaching into the fold to grab the zipper. "I love big cocks, you have no idea."

With the girl half his age rubbing his prick, he pushed his crotch against her hand to give her more access to the zipper. "And you have no idea how big I am right now, honey, you're so fucking sexy."

Slowly tugging the zipper downward, making it trace over his shaft too, Lacey snuck her small hand into the small opening. He had underwear, soft cotton briefs, but she could feel the hardness of his swollen penis against her fingertips. Grunting to herself with delight at his member, "Oh fuck yeah," she pushed fingers in more and wormed them around to find the opening of his underwear. Her fingers bent and wiggled to pull open the underwear as best she could, then her fingertips, just the tips, found the naked shaft of his penis. Very hard, very hot, pulsating heat. "Ooh, baby, you have a great tool."

Charlie was driving with one hand, his other unsnapping his slacks. She had to help him hold the pants steady for him to unbutton them; but when opened, the bulge of his cock popped free. Lacey now could reach inside the briefs easily and wrap her entire hand around his engorged prick; it was, indeed, very thick, very hard. "Mmm yeah!" She pumped her fist up and down the shaft, moving the soft outer skin over the ribbed stiffness, pulling the cockhead tighter and making a wet spot on his underwear. Looking around outside the car, she made sure no one would notice what she was doing. "Fuck, your cock is amazing!”

Charlie was holding the steering wheel with only one hand, the man had his other hand in his lap, his thumb hooking over the waistband of the underwear. He pulled back the waistband and yanked down on his briefs, so his erection was exposed. Its head was enormous, a large ball above a nicely thick shaft that grew to very fat proportions as the base. The head was purplish along is thick rim, with clear precum already oozing out of the peehole. Thick curly dark pubic hair surrounded the enormous base.

Charlie smiled upon seeing Lacey's positive reaction to the sight of his dick. "Like that one, honey?"

"Fuckin' love it," she said immediately, pushing her golden hair over her ear and now entirely bending over in her seat. The car was still in motion but Lacey didn't stop herself, pushing her head into his lap and immediately sinking her lips on top of his cockhead. His precum was salty and warm; his huge, round helmet was actually hot, full of lust, burning against her tongue. The girl's lips suckled the head then sucked an inch of his penis into her mouth, sucking hard on it to create a vacuum, her tongue washing over it. Her hand was still holding the base, her thumb not touching her opposing fingers, and she squeezed it and yanked it firmly but gently while she sucked the head.

"Ooh yeah, good head baby," moaned her new sex partner, trying to drive faster.

Lacey beat his shaft with her little fist while sucking the top two or three inches of penis, making it all wet with her saliva. "Oh fuck!" she squealed for his amusement, "I can't wait to fuck this dick, baby, it's huge!"

She felt a hand on top of her head, pressing it down, making her suck another inch of his long tool and forcing her jaw to open wider. She mumbled and grunted, mouthing the penis of the man she only met in person a few minutes ago. "So fuckin' good," she grunted coming up for air before sucking back more in, "so good, so fuckin' good baby."

"Oh yeah, suck that dick, Lacey!" His voice was shrill too, highly aroused.

She felt the car jerking left and right, slowing and speeding up, and soon the car slowed to a stop. Sitting up, but still holding his dick, she saw they were in the familiar parking lot of the motel. The lot was mostly deserted. It was an older motel, kept current on the inside but needing significant attention on its facade. Only a few dim lights lined the dingy parking lot, which had cracks and weeds in the cracks layered like a spider's web. The motel's rooms were exposed to the parking lot, with the second floor accessible by a stairwell at the far end. Charlie parked the car as close as he could to the stairwell, a couple of cars occupying the closest spots.

"Let's get inside and fuck," she quickly said, knowing she was liable to say in the car and suck his dick off if they didn't get out quickly. He didn't argue. Instead, he zipped up and raced around the car to meet her. No one was around, but she knew not to make any public display of affection with a man old enough to be her father. She always had a fear of someone thinking she was a prostitute, and it wasn't worth ending up in jail just for a good lay.

Figuring he was probably a typical male, she walked up the steps first, so he could admire her ass under her skirt The taste of his penis was still in her mouth, and she savored it by rolling her tongue around, not swallowing at all, just salivating for more dick. Arriving at the second level of the motel, he lead her down the row of rooms to the door with number 203 on it. He stuck the key into the lock, turned it, and let her into the slightly-warm, brightly-lit room.

Lacey stepped in, dropping her small purse onto the nearby table and instantly found his hands and body against her. Even while he was slamming the door shut and locking it, Charlie slipped one hand around her body to grab her breast through her blouse and tubetop. A moment later his other hand was covering her other tit, and his hard penis in his pants was grinding against her ass and the small of her back. Charlie's hot, hungry lips planted on her neck and began sucking her skin, giving her incentive to roll her head to the side. "Oh fuck yeah!" the girl whined happily, reaching up to his wrists to hold his hands against her B-cup tits even more tightly. His strong fingers gripped both of her breasts, fondling and kneading them through her clothing.

Hardly a moment later his hands released her breasts and slipped to her tummy, untying her blouse, then pulling it off of her slender shoulders. The slut panted hard, knowing this was her favorite part, where the horny male gets to make her nude. Everything that would follow was almost like icing on the cake, all the hours and hours of fucking. He didn't wait to slide his fingers under her tubetop, pulling it down, rolling it in a bunch around her body underneath her tits. Her aching pink nipples poked forward, her soft teenage breasts waited for his attention, and without delay he was again pawing at her tits, but this time naked ones. She arched her back towards him behind her body, pulling his hands onto her tits again, feeling his tongue lick up to her earlobe, and his engorged cock ground hard against her small butt and back with desperation.

The man continued to lick and suckle her earlobe and her small diamond stud in it, while his hands lowered from her tits to her skirt. He spun her around, so she faced him, while he leaned down. She arched her back even more to push her pelvis towards him, pulling his mouth onto one of her anxious breasts. The man's hot, wet lips sucked her aching nipple inside his warm mouth, just as his fingers slid into the sides of her skirt hem, Lacey let him enjoy sucking her titties until her skirt slid down her shapely legs, the married stud eyed the her little black thong hiding the sweet pussy inside. "Fuck, you're so hot," he muttered as she stepped out of her skirt after kicking off her high heels.

Standing almost nude in only the thong, she wasn't sure what he would do next, push her to the bed, leave the thong on, or what. But Charlie was good to the plan they made in the car, and his thumbs were already peeling off her thong. She gasped at his reaction of gasping at the sight of her freshly-shaved, wet pink cunt. So tight and small, capable of taking so much cock.

"Oh fuck, Lacey, you're . . . you're fucking amazing."

She wanted him so badly, seeing his lust for her body. All her ideas of hot cocksucking and pussy-licking and such seemed silly right now; she wanted this man to get started off with the good stuff. "Baby, do you want more of that cocksucking, or don't you just want to get naked too and cum stick it in my pussy right now?"

He laughed, and he shoved her towards the bed, playfully, then a second time until she was crawling back onto the bed on her back, their eyes locked together until she was in the middle of the sheets with her slender legs open and her drenched young pussy exposed for his review. Charlie was already removing his pants and underwear simultaneously after having doffed his shirt a moment earlier. "I think we just start fucking, don't you think?"

That's all she wanted. "Oh yeah, baby, come over here and fuck me right now, c'mon hurry I want your cock bad!"

No pretenses, no lying, no games. The naked married man with the rock-hard, 10 1/2 inch penis crawled into bed, climbing over the young nude filly who instantly guided his dick against her twat. One shove later they were fucking, accompanied by Lacey's loudest scream and the sounds of his penis driving into her sloppy wet cunt. Just good, solid fun, starting now.

"OH FUCK!" Lacey attempted to scream, but her mouth was dry from panting so hard. Her messy, sweat-coated long hair draped around her, as she pressed her perspired face and shoulders into the damp bed sheets, pushing her naked ass higher into the air at the hunky male fucking her doggy-style behind it.

Her fuckdate for the day had his hands on his own hips while he looked down at his married penis fucking the young slut from behind. Her small ass cheeks were reddened from taking a pounding for the last half-hour, Lacey bent over burying her face in the stinky motel bed sheets, her slender knees spread apart to leverage her little frame as it took his hard erection time after time from behind, her fingers tightly wrapped around the bed sheet to keep herself in position. Otherwise the repeated pounding of the much larger adult male's body against her ass and thighs was going to push her head hard into the headboard, or off of the bed entirely.

"Fuckin' slut," grumbled the married fucker as he drilled Lacey, "fuckin' little slut, oh fuck Lacey, oh fuck you’re so fuckin hot baby!” Lacey squealed as she sucked in air, turning her face to the side and blowing her messy hair off of her mouth. "Oh shit fuck yes! Fuck me baby, fuck me harder!" Lacey could feel wet drips of male cum leaking down her inner thighs, from Charlie's first orgasm deep in her pussy, now being drawn out drop by drop from his penis penetrating her cunt again and again, as Charlie neared his second orgasm. With a loud yelp, he moved his hands from his hips and wrapped his fingers tightly around the girl's body where her thighs bent away from her hips. Hooking her there and yanking her little body backwards, he was able to drive the head of his cock into the deepest part of her vagina, feeling her tight wet tube gripping the thick pulsating shaft of his erection. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum you dumb slut!" the married man announced, banging his penis into her a few last times.

She didn’t mind being called a slut during the heat of passion, as she was one for sure, and she loved hearing him call her one as he rammed and jabbed his raging cock deep inside of her, “ooooh fuck!!! Fuck yeah!! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder!! Faster!! Fuck meeeeee!!!” Lacey wailed, eyes closed, sweat dripping down her brow.

She felt his penis shoot; from his noises and how his body burst into hers, and the pulsing of his dick's soft underside against her sensitive pussy lips, Lacey knew he was ejaculating in her again. The expert slut pushed her ass backwards firmly against his body, letting him flood his semen into her cunt as deep as he could. She moaned and screamed for more of his cum, then suddenly she felt her latest orgasm surge in her crotch. Lacey shot her hand under her body, her fingers finding her throbbing clitoris, and she began rubbing her clit hard into her body while Charlie was still unloading his sperm in her. Lacey let out all of the noise in her lungs, a high-pitched eruption of female lust, when her body spasmed too and she began having her umpteenth orgasm of the short day.

Lacey and Charlie needed deep breaths and moments to wipe their naked bodies of buckets of sweat, with Charlie leaving his dick inside the girl's cunt until finally pulling it out, almost painfully. Lacey, sore and stretched, rolled over onto her hips and tried to close her knees together, laughing when she found she was already remarkably sore after fucking for only 45 minutes. Her lover for the day stared down at her naked body, admiring the damage he caused in it, before plopping on his butt on the other side of the bed, resting upright against pillows propped in front of the headboard.

Lacey lay in the messy bed sheet, her sweat over her body and the juices from her pussy soiling the sheets further, crossing her arms around her sore body until a few seconds later she could muster enough energy to push herself to her knees. Charlie had a look of concern on his face as he turned on the TV for a moment, muting it, and then turns to his slutty mate, “I should call my wife," he added without looking at the girl he just fucked, “only want to let her know I’m okay, as I told her I was, uh, I was going over to a colleagues house and that I would call her.”

"Yeah, sure." Lacey breathed hard again, her pulse returning to normal, and she excused herself to pay a visit to the toilet. Trying to stretch her legs out to the floor, her knees were unwilling to straighten after having been bent for most of the time taking that cock from the rear. The general soreness in her limbs and the exquisite soreness of her pussy put a smile on her face, as she stumbled over to the motel room's small bathroom. Looking back, she saw Charlie admiring her naked ass while he had his cell phone pressed to his cheek, listening for the call to be answered.

Fuck his wife, Lacey thought to herself as she quietly shut the bathroom door so that her noise would not carry over the phone. How does a woman not let a big, strong stud like Charlie fuck her every day? His cock was better than most of her boyfriends. A sexy guy like that probably had a good-looking wife, Lacey mused to herself while she settled her ass over the cold toilet. She had this devilish interest in seeing or even meeting the women of the men she was fucking; it hadn't happened yet, but someday, Lacey wanted to smile in the face of some stupid bitch who was didn’t know a good lay when she had one in the same bed with her each and everyday. It would give her a feeling of power and achievement over an adult, somehow similar to the satisfaction Lacey got from making adult men worship her and break marital vows to fuck her.

Her piss over and cleaned up, Lacey returned to the bedroom where her male friend was finishing his call with his wife. Lacey let out an "oops!" when she realized she'd flushed the toilet, but Charlie had his hand over the cell phone to muffle the noise. No damage done, it seemed. He gave the cursory "I love you" and explained he wanted to "get back to his friend’s visit.

His dick was semi-hard, lying at an angle over his abdomen. It was wet and slimy from being stuck in her pussy, and briefly her mouth, and it looked delicious. The girl didn't ask but crawled over the bed to it, leaning down and tracing her tongue softly along its length to taste its sexy flavor. Mmm, pussy juice. Her sore pussy itched for attention again, but her mouth and tongue were taking over for the moment. "Fuck you're pretty horny, aren't you slut," the man laughed at her, spreading his legs to let her work on his penis again.

"Mmm, I told you, I love to fuck," she defended herself in a huff, not stopping from licking his hardening erection.

He was reaching down to her shoulders, pulling her up to his torso. "Then get back on my dick and fuck me, you naughty vixen you, with your little tight cunt." Lacey eagerly did just that.

An hour later……

"Cum in me, I love you, fuck me!"

Lacey hardly knew what she was saying, or hardly meant the words, her body was on fire. Looking down past her tits and tummy, she saw Charlie's flat abdomen pumping up and down at the same rhythm that Lacey was swirling her hips in circles. Her arms were straight out clutching the headboard, with streaks of sweat dripping down her underarms and forehead and back. Her feet were flat on the bed, legs bent to both sides of her upright body, her knees pointed at the ceiling. As she straddled the hot married man and rode his large penis, she was lost in lust at the feeling of his wonderful meaty cock stretching and filling her aching wet pussy.

His hands were on her hips, feeling her ride him, his eyes still staring at her smallish B-cup titties and her tiny body for about the past hour, or however long she's been riding him. Instead of letting him bend her over and him doing all the work, as they did in their first part of the fuckathon tonight, Lacey decided to keep him sitting on his ass and ride him herself cowgirl-style. Slow, sensuous pace; rapid, animal fucking; long-lasting, steady fucking; she changed the pace back and forth numerous times, never letting him cum, keeping him rockhard and interested.

Now, feeling he was ready to explode, Lacey picked up the pace as fast as she could and furiously gyrated her little hips over his dick to whip it in every direction. Her tight, wet cuntlips clenched on his cock to milk it of every drop, while her hands gripped the top edge of the wooden headboard as tightly as she could so that she could lean back forcefully while squatting her cunt down on his penis. It was making all of her limbs sore, from her stretched-out arms to her folded legs and even her ankles as her feet tries to prop up her undulating body. As tired and sweaty as she was, Lacey wasn't about to let up until he was pumping more sperm in her pussy.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," the guy was groaning as she fucked him, "fuck me yeah baby fuck me."

Her mind had given into the emotions of the succulent sex. "I love your cock, Charlie, I love you!" She began ramming up and down, not swirling, pushing her body up from the balls of her feet and slightly unbending her legs, but then letting gravity slide her pussy back down his penis, then doing it back and forth as fast as she could. "Your cock is so good, fuck me, cum in me!"

"Fuckin' slut," sneered her friend, at the moment staring at her clit poking out under her pussy as she rose up on his penis.

Her hard work riding his dick was rewarded; he couldn't hold it back any longer, and he began spurting his cum. Lacey didn't entirely realize it, too busy riding him, but moving high up his cock she felt the cum pouring out, and she instantly slammed her ass down onto his thighs. Taking his penis all the way up her cunt she made him spew his load inside her pussy again, the third time tonight. "Yeah cum baby!" her excitedly demanded while she sank her pussy as far down his penis as she could. Attuned to it, now she could sense his orgasm, and she smiled in pride at having made this hot older adult man spew his load inside her twat again.

"Oh fuck!" She slowed her pace, keeping her vagina around his erection after his cum slowed down, bending her face down and lifting his jaw with both of her hands. Lacey pressed a simple kiss on his lips, then licked his closed mouth with her tongue. "Fuck your cock is so hot, I love fucking your cock!"

"We gotta fuck again," panted her new friend in return, smacking her ass as she sat on him. "I'd love to fuck you again tonight, but…"

Lacey frowned, and looked at the clock. "What's the matter baby, you aren't saying you have to go, do you?"

The man's body language, a shrug and frown, suggested otherwise. "Well, not, I mean . . . ."

Fuck, she thought to herself, pulling off of him with a moment of pain. Her pussy was saturated in cunt juice. "It's ok if you have to stop, but , well, I thought you'd have until.." The frown in his brown eyes made her pout too. "What the fuck, Charlie, you said, like, 6pm or something."

"What the fuck?" defensively snipped her bedmate, looking at her like an elder might a naive teenager. "I didn't say nothing, but I gotta keep this secret, baby, I thought you understood that?”

At that very instant, Lacey realized several things. First, he was feeling guilty about fucking her, and the third orgasm in her pussy must have brought that guilt to a head. Second, she wasn't going to get more sex from him again tonight. Third, she decided to keep that to herself for the time being and Fourth, she didn’t have a ride home, so she had to be as nice as she could right now.

"Whatever you say, hon, I just want you happy and not feel bad about what happened here.” She cheerfully grinned, placing another soft kiss on his cheek, "I just want you again soon though.”

Lacey's entire body had that sensuous, after-fuck soreness. Even extricating herself from Charlie's car caused some agony; the short walk up her home's driveway seemed far longer than normal. Inside her skirt, her miniscule thong was damp from the juices leaking out of her well-fucked cunt, so the flimsy fabric clung tightly to her drenched pussylips. Her thighs and ankles ached more than other muscles, from having driven her body up and down nearly 45 minutes riding the man's steely pole. But the aching and throbbing, particularly inside her pussy, told her that she was all woman. She probably just gave Charlie the best fuck of his life.

Waiving good-bye to the him in the car, although he was already driving away, she stumbled inside the house. Go upstairs and get undressed, maybe take a warm soaking bath, most of her body told her. Lacey, however, responded to a tingling in her wet vagina. The blonde didn't think twice about what to do. She untied and ripped off her blouse, and before it even fluttered to the floor she was already yanking her tubetop over her head, leaving her topless. Her thin fingers shot to her belly and silently peeled off her skirt, wiggled them down her sore legs, which left her just in the wet thong; that too she stripped off without making a sound.

Completely nude now, her pussy wet not just from the sperm leaking out of it but her sudden desire to play with it and taste the nectar of the man who had just filled her tight pussy, savoring the flavor of the sticky goo with her tongue, and slowly letting it slip into her belly as she swallows every drop with envy and joy, a slight devilish smile escaping her lips in between each lick off her fingers, and the sudden desire to repeat this scene very soon in the future.

The End of Chapter 7

Chapter 1: Surprise Visit.
Chapter 2: Teacher's Pet
Chapter 3: House Guest
Chapter 4: The Stud
Chapter 5: Road Trip
Chapter 6: The Addiction

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