About Me

Hello and welcome,

This is my personal blog where I write all my own erotic stories and I have since I was a teenager so many years ago. I'll be writing mostly stories about lesbians, since I am one (a happily married one btw) but I also write other forms of erotica too.

I don't mind if readers here copy my stories and use elsewhere, but please give me credit for them just as I do for my friends stories that want them posted here, from time to time.

If you want a story written, no matter the subject matter, please let me know in any comment form.

Some facts about me:

Yes, my real name is Silky. I had it changed legally in 2010. The Sheets part I added for flavor. ;)
I'm happily married to best girl in the world, Carlie! (I love you!!)
I'm currently 38 years old and will be 39 in July! Yikes!!
My favorite colors are pink and purple, equally!
My favorite food is Italian anything!
My favorite singer is Madonna!
My favorite place to visit is Cancun, Mexico and Paris, France!
My favorite place to make out is in my hot tub!!!
My backyard is the Gulf of Mexico!
I love to skinny-dip as often as I can!
I love pussy and have since I was 14!
Anything else you want to know, ask me. :)  

Thanks and enjoy your stay here. :)

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