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Skinny Dipping Desires 2

How did you like the first part? The second part is much juicier as most second parts are. hehe


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 2)
By Silky

Slowly, I leaned forward to kiss the tops of her thighs, working my way between her legs. I lifted one up and kissed the inside of her knee, working slowly up with my lips as I placed the leg on my shoulder. I touched the other leg, and she immediately placed that one up on my other shoulder as she leaned her head back, waiting for the inevitable.

I continued slowly kissing up her leg, stopping at her crotch as I kissed her smooth belly. I could feel just the hint of pubic hair on my chin as I slowly worked lower, feeling the wetness of her slit on my chin. I touched her pussy lips with my open mouth, and Susan shivered noticeably, a soft moan escaping from her young lips. She opened her legs even more. I let my tongue slip out, gently licking her soaking slit from the top down, then up again slowly. I could feel her young clit stiffen as I passed over it with my soft tongue. She slowly began to gyrate her hips, pushing her cunt gently into my flickering tongue.

Then I placed my mouth over her pussy, my top lip on her clit, as I slowly explored around her hole with my tongue. The juices were flowing quickly, and I swallowed, enjoying the youngster's taste. I gently pushed my tongue into her entrance, and she grabbed my head, pulling herself closer to me. I slipped it into her as far as I could, as my hands wandered up her body to her heaving breasts. I pulled and fondled her hard, stiff nipples, as I continued working my tongue in and out of her gushing pussy.

She was beginning to twitch, lifting her hips off the edge a little, then pulling my head into her wetness. I gently slipped my middle finger into her slit, letting her juices lubricate it well. Slowly, I began pushing it into her flowing cunt, slipping it all the way in as I continued to tongue her clit. She was tight, but took it easily, moaning softly as I moved it in and out of her hot pussy. Her moans became louder, and I started sucking harder on her stiffness, my mouth covering her snatch. I knew what was happening now, as I felt the buildup of her clit as her cunt exploded it's nectar into my face, She pulled me even tighter, as she moaned louder and louder, bucking her hips wildly as I tried to keep my finger inside her, my tongue on her spasming clit.

It was a long orgasm, followed by several smaller tingles as she came down from each one slowly. I backed out my finger, kissing gently at her slit, and licking slowly out to her thighs. My face was soaking wet from her come, and she was looking at me hungrily.

"Oh my god, I've never felt one like that before!" she said, eyes wide.

"That was a lot more than one, my dear" I said, realizing that she had never experienced multiple orgasms before. "Now you know what a woman can do with a woman."

She slipped back into the pool, taking me in her arms, pressing her body to mine as she kissed me deeply. She took my tongue into her mouth, sucking her own juices off it, seeming to enjoy every drop. We kissed like that for a while, stroking each other's bodies as our hands wandered over them. I was about to come myself just from her touches, but I knew I needed to wait. I wanted her to enjoy the feeling of bringing me off herself.

She grasped my big tits, kneading them gently in her hands. Slowly, she kissed my chest, trailing her tongue down my cleavage, as she squeezed them together. She slowly kissed my breast, all around the nipple as it hardened again under her touch. Then, she opened her mouth and took my tit into it, sucking and licking it at the same time. It felt wonderful to have this girl making love to my tits. She flicked her tongue over the nipple, gently biting down with her lips and teeth. She worked over one, then the other, as I enjoyed her mouth on my tits.

"Let's get out of the water" I whispered, not really wanting her to stop.

I led her up the stairs, and we laid next to each other on some exercise mats. I laid on my back, and Susan gently began to kiss me again, leaning over me as we sucked tongues together. She again began kissing lower, going back to work on my tits, nipples hard as I ever remember. She was kneeling up now by my side, and I slowly began to spread my legs apart, hoping she'd pick up on the hint. Susan slid her leg between mine as she continued sucking and licking my breasts, and as I moved my other leg over, knelt between my legs, her knees together. I stroked her hair as she kissed my tits, gently guiding, but not pushing her lower. She didn't resist, but kissed gently lower to my flat stomach, licking at my belly button. It felt wonderfully erotic as her velvet tongue kissed my body, and I took my own breast in my hand, kneading it as she kissed lower.

Finally, she reached my mound, and kissed at my pubic hair. I arched my back a little, giving her easy access to my wet slit. I felt a twinge through my body as her lips touched my pussy lips, now swollen with lust, slightly spread for her. Her tongue slipped into the slit, and she began licking and kissing my pussy lips, her tongue working deeper into my cunt. This girl was a natural cunt-eater, I thought. She was touching all the right places. I bent my knees up, pulling her face closer to my crotch as she lapped at my flowing cunt. Her hands ran up to my breasts, and she kneaded them both, fondling me as she continued sucking my juices, bringing me nearer and nearer. I thrust my hips up, her tongue meeting me with each thrust. I squeezed her hands onto my tits harder, guiding her as she caressed my breasts, flicking the nipples gently with her fingers. Her tongue slipped into my hole, and she drove it in and out, stopping to lick at my erect clit as she entered and exited the flowing cunt. She was fucking me expertly with her thick tongue, my thrusts meeting hers.

She continued kneading my tits as she licked, and I began to buck my hips, the start of a huge orgasm building in my body. Suddenly, it hit. I slammed my cunt into her lapping tongue, spilling my juices over her face as she eagerly drank, still squeezing my tits together as she held her tongue on my spasming clit.

"Yes, oh yes Susan" I screamed as I felt I would literally explode.

When each wave hit, I threw my head back, humping my gushing cunt into her face. Slowly, it subsided, and Susan let her tongue relax, as she slowly kissed her way back up my body, gently touching me everywhere with her lips. I pulled her face toward mine, hers now wet with my cum. We kissed deeply as I sucked my own juices off her tongue, tasting the stickiness of my pussy. We laid there, embracing for a while, as we stroked each other's bodies, her head on my heavy chest.

"Thank you" she whispered, as she reached up to kiss me. "I loved doing that to you."

After a few minutes, we decided that we'd better get back to our rooms.

"What do you do?" she asked me as I pulled my robe over my nude body.

"I'm a photographer" I said. "And I'd like you to model for me, if you would." Susan was impressed.

"What kind of photography?" she asked. "Oh, mostly free-lance" I answered, "But I really enjoy nude and erotic photography."

"I'll bet you do," she laughed. "Do you use yourself as a subject?"

"Actually, yes," I said. "I have a little remote control that I've used quite a bit. I'll show you some of my work later, if you want."

We made a date for the next evening, and she slipped her suit back on, sliding her beautiful body into it, now proudly exhibiting herself as she pulled the tight suit over her tits.


I heard a soft knock on the door.

"It's Susan" said a low voice.

I opened the door to find her, blond hair cascading beautifully over her shoulders. She wore skin-tight jeans, and a buttoned white blouse. Her lacy bra was visible through the thin fabric. Her makeup was done well, her beautiful brown eyes accented perfectly. I too was wearing jeans, and a t-shirt. I had no bra or underwear underneath, and I felt my nipples harden just looking at Susan's tight firm ass as she walked into my room.

My room was a mini-studio, with different backgrounds spread against one wall, the camera and lighting equipment everywhere. I offered her a drink, and we sat at the table as she began looking through my portfolio. I showed her some jeans ads that I had done, as well as some food shots.

"This is really good" she said, as she looked through the book. "But where's the other stuff you told me about?"

I smiled, and pulled another book from a shelf. "You mean the erotic book?" I smiled. "You have to be over eighteen to see these, you know" I kidded.

"Well, I won't tell anyone, I guess."

I sat close to her as she opened the book. There were pictures of women partially nude, some with lingerie, and some Playboy-type poses, fully nude.

"These women are all beautiful," she said. "Did you make love to them all?"

"I wish!" I laughed. "No, only a few are open to explore like we are," I said as I stroked her long blonde hair.

Susan pressed on, though. "Tell me which ones," she insisted, as she continued flipping through the pages, admiring some of the beautiful bodies.

I got up, and pulled another book off the shelf.

"You might be interested in this one," I said, placing it on top of the one she was looking at.

She opened to the first page, which showed a picture of me with a tall redhead, her face buried between my wide-open legs, both of us totally nude.

"Oh my god!" gasped Susan. "How did you get this?" She flipped through the other pictures from the same shoot, some with me licking at her big, firm tits, others with us in a 69 position.

"That's my remote" I said, showing her a little hand-held button. "I just press this when I want a picture." I again sat next to Susan, stroking her back as she gazed at the pictures, flipping back and forth.

"Where did you get that?" she asked excitedly, as she pointed to a photo. In it, I knelt in front of the redhead as she laid before me, legs spread. Strapped around my waist, and sticking out from my crotch was a huge dildo.

"That's just one of my many props," I said, leaning close to her ear, as I kissed her cheek. Susan turned to me, opening her mouth as our tongues explored each other's mouths. This girl was already hot from seeing the photos, and was ready for some action. I decided to prolong our pleasure.

"How about some shots?" I said as I broke off the kiss and got up, taking a camera.

She stood up. "I don't know what to do," she said.

"Stand in front of the backdrop," I said, "and just look sexy." She walked over, and started posing for me. "Don't play to the camera," I said, "just try to seduce me."

"I think I can do that," Susan smiled. I clicked away as she began to show off her body, turning to show her tight buns, leaning down, jutting her chest forward. She was actually pretty good at this, I thought.

"OK," I said, "now really seduce me. But you can't touch me yet."

She pouted her lips, but then realized what she should do. Slowly, she unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it out of her jeans as she showed her sexy teddy.

"Keep going," I said as I continued shooting.

She then unbuttoned her jeans, sexily leaning back as she unzipped the zipper, slowly spreading the fly. I could see that she wore no underwear under the teddy, as her soft blonde hair was visible at her crotch. Slowly, she let her blouse fall to the floor, and she slowly pulled the teddy's straps off her shoulders, her jeans still tight around her waist with the fly opened.

The end of part 2.


Sorry to leave you hanging like that. hehe
Part 3 is just around the corner.

Click here for part 3.

<3 Silky

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