Saturday, June 15, 2013

Masquerade Party

I wrote this one earlier this year in January after attending a Christmas masquerade party and it gave me an idea of a story to write, as I had seen some very sexy girls in costumes while attending, even with Carlie by my side the whole time. She loved the sights too. It has some twists in it which may be continued at a later time but not enough to throw you off to much.

Masquerade Party
By Silky

Michelle is a twenty-one year old college student. She knew she was attracted to girls ever since she was a teenager. When she discovered masturbation, she would often think of girls more than guys. She was fine with this but kept it to herself. She had a normal teen age life, culminating in graduating high school and going to college. She had a normal progression of boyfriends, because it was the socially acceptable thing to do. She lived off campus, with her friend Teri who was twenty, both studying to become nurses. Michelle worked at a small restaurant where she was a waitress, and Teri worked on the campus itself, in the library.

Michelle got off work at 6pm and was home by 6:20. It was a Friday night, so she wasn't that tired, but she didn't have any plans so she figured she would see what Teri was doing and probably tag along. She got home to find Teri in her room and the door was closed. When she turned the knob, it was locked, which was all too rare in itself. She listened and could hear rustling, so she lightly tapped on the door. The door opened and to Michelle's surprise, Teri had makeup on her face that looked very much like whiskers, like a cat would have.

In her puzzled look, Michelle asked Teri, "Ahh....what are you doing with that on your face?"

A slight grin escaped from Teri's lips, "well, I was asked to go to a party tonight with some friends and they said it was a masquerade party and I decided to be a kitty cat being I didn't have any other costume or anything like it."

They both eyed each other, "oh, that makes sense now. Who is throwing this party?"

Teri looked over at her friend, "Mike and Rick are. You met them at the Christmas party we went too, remember, they were the two dressed as green elves, which is where the discussion of a masquerade party came into question."

CSS6: The Addiction

In this next chapter, Lacey needs to study and pass an important test if she is to stay in college, but she is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, one she can't resist being she is addicted to sex of all kinds. Will she accept the offer or try and stay in school at all costs, or maybe try and do both? Find out in this exciting continuation of these hot coeds.

College Coed Series:
Chapter 6 - The Addiction
By Silky

Saturday night…

Lacey is laying in her bed reading and studying for a test that was scheduled for Monday morning, one that could either make or break her chances at making something of herself, instead of sex all the time, but that was short lived when the phone rang suddenly. She lifted up the phone to her ear, “Hello, this is Lacey.”

There was a short pause, “Hey Lacey, it’s me Mike. How are you doing sweet one?”

Lacey instantly became aroused hearing his voice, “Hi Mike. I’m so very happy you called me tonight.”

She sat up and swept her legs over the side of the bed as she listened to him, “listen, I was wondering if you might like to come over to my place and maybe spend the night or just hang out, grab a bite to eat even.”

With no hesitation, “sure Mike, I would love to come over tonight. Give me your address or you can pick me up, either is good for me.” Mike told her the address and she jotted it down on her pad by the phone, “sounds great Mike, I’ll be over in about an hour. Bye baby.”

Lacey jumped in the shower quickly and washed herself off, cleaned out her pussy and ass making them all sweet smelling, and quickly shaving some of the small pubic hairs that had grown in place the past few days. She always kept her pussy bare, as it felt good to her and plus, the men loved it that way too. She always smelt good no matter the situation, but for Mike, she wanted to be extra sweet and sexy for him. She called Marie and told her she was going home until Sunday night or Monday morning, as she wanted to get a way for a little bit, Marie buying her lie once again. She hated lying to Marie, but Mike had priority over most things.

Lacey threw on one of her casual outfits she liked to wear which wasn’t much to the normal classmates, a short skirt, no thong, halter top and her running shoes. Not much was needed as sex was on her mind, a big thick cock for her to play with. She giggled to herself as she thought of the dirty thoughts, quickly moving through the apartment, grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator, then grabbing her car keys as she fled out the front door and sped away to Mike’s place. She arrived at Mike’s in twenty minutes flat, him waiting for her at the door as she opened her car door and hurried up the path to his front door.

“Hey there sexy. Damn you look incredible Lacey,” Mike said to her with a huge smile.

CCS5: Road Trip

In this continuing series, the girls decide to take a weekend road trip and pick up a hitchhiker along the way, it leading to a better weekend than either could have imagined, as their sexy new friend surprises them with her sexual ways, all three spending the entire weekend in bed, the girls never reaching their original destination.

College Coed Series:
Road Trip - Chapter 5
By Silky

It was yet another weekend, and Marie and Lacey decided to take a road trip at the last moment, being neither had any plans, which was a rare event in their youthful lives. Wild parties and sex around the clock was their usual event each night of the week, but with no plans, this weekend seemed to be one they needed to get away for a much needed break.

They decided to go to Orlando for the day and take in a couple amusement parks during their stay, that is, if they had the time for two. Neither were early risers and depending on how the nights went, that would decide the daily events.

As they headed up the Interstate, the radio blaring with the windows down, both singing loudly, Lacey spotted a girl on the side of the road, her thumb out, and a sign that said, Orlando. They weren’t the only things that were exposed either. The girl had a very shirt skirt on, her pussy in plain view as they slowed down.

Lacey looks at Marie, “Stop! I want her.” Marie stops in front of the girl, backs up, and motions for her to get in, while Lacey hops in the backseat.

The hitchhiker walks up to the passenger window, “Thanks for stopping. My name is Lisa,” wiping the sweat from her face, “I wasn‘t sure if I was going to get a lift or not, so I exposed myself more, which usually does the trick.” She laughed as she said that and hopped in the car.

Lynn noticed movement behind her and turned to look, “Hi there, I’m Lacey and our driver is Marie.” Lisa gently shook Lacey’s hand and thanked them both for giving her a lift.

“Where are you two headed,” Lisa asked? Marie glances over at Lisa and notices Lisa’s skirt is up near her waist, her pussy in plain view for all to see, Marie having trouble staying on the road as she glanced down at it and her passenger, “We are headed to Orlando, so I guess it’s your lucky day.” Lisa agreed, Marie taking quick looks at the girls bare crotch, Marie catching herself licking her lips.