Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chat Room Babysitter

This is a long one with almost 11,500 words. This one I've spent some time on with editing and basically making it as interesting as I can, plus putting a good ending to it. That's the hardest part of writing, where to end them at. I wrote this as being the man in the story itself and that was hard to do. I've written them before in the past and it's harder that you think it is. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

Chat Room Babysitter
by Silky

I couldn’t believe I was staring at a picture on my computer of my 19 year old babysitter's naked pussy.

Leaning back behind my desk in my home office, maximized on my monitor, was a picture of Candy lying on her back nude with her legs spread, and a perfectly shaved, glistening pink pussy pointed at the camera. Wow. I mean – wow!

It was the second of the fifteen pictures that I'd opened. The first pic, file name .ME, had a nice smiling photo of her sitting on the bed wearing a bra and panties. And, of course, not just any bed -- MY BED. Well, my wife's and mine. Stunned at discovering fifteen .JPGs in a folder marked "PICTURES," which of course I hadn't put there myself, I raced to open the picture named PUSSY.JPG. And there was that teenager's cunt.

I closed the photo and hit "OPEN," and looked at the other names of the pics in the folder. TITS. TITS2. FINGERSINSIDE. PUSSYCLOSEUP. ASS1. ASS2. TOPLESS. Holy shit it was a smorgasbord of porn, and our three-door-down neighbor's daughter was the chef.

Clearly, she'd taken the photos in my -- our -- bedroom sometime when the kids were asleep. I couldn't wait to see the rest. There were a particularly enticing couple of them that I opened first -- DILDO1.JPG. And if this miracle wasn't enough, there was a photo of Candy spread on MY bed stuffing her cunt with MY WIFE'S dildo. I mean are you serious? OK, technically, my wife Gina hadn't used her dildo (as far as I knew) for a few years. Honestly, the only action I know it's seen has been the couple of times I brought it to rendezvous with chicks I'd first met on the Internet. But it did my heart proud to see Candy putting it to good, deep, and wet use.

OK, it's not just that I found on my computer Candy’s nude pics of her fucking herself on my bed. You have to know Candy (and, right now, I'm sure you're wishing you did). She's, well, a prude. She always wears loose, baggy sweatshirts or blouses, nothing form-fitting ever, she has thick-rimmed glasses, keeps her hair pulled back behind her head. I swear, until I saw that first nude photo of her, I had no idea she had such above-average proportions -- looks like 34b or 36c chest over maybe a 24 or 26 inch waist, and 34 or 36 inch hips.

(When I pulled up ASS2.JPG, I got to tell yes indeed, it was a nice round butt.)

But her, um, prudishness is perfect. My wife first used her about five years ago, and in the last year since Gina has been staying late at the office for presentations and doing overnight trips to Corporate headquarters, I've had to fend for the kids myself most of the time. Working out of the house helps, but Candy has been making good money playing pseudo-mom for an hour or two each day, or for a few hours when I have to go out too. (Ok, "have to go out" means, have somewhere else to be, you know, get it?)

So, it being late and the kids were asleep, and my wife was on her way home, I raced to pull out my cock and I stroked off to a powerful orgasm staring at Candy's body. I put everything else out of mind and just stared at that young pussy taking a thick dildo and her fingers.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Breaking The Slut

My good friend David wrote this exciting and interesting incest story, and he wanted it posted here for everyone. He's written two other incest stories for me already which are on this site already, and this one is a little different. It's about a mom and step-dad who teach their daughter a lesson, as she loved dressing like a slut, so they treat her like one. A very hot story. ;)

Breaking the Slut
by David

Even as I pounded my raging hard cock into her tight pussy, I found myself wondering if it was for real. I mean right over there next to her, pinching and pulling at the hard nipples of this hot little slut and urging me on as I fucked her was her mom... the woman I had married only a couple of months earlier. But that same mom was now demanding that I punish her daughter, my step-daughter now, severely for dressing like such a slut.

Here she was, her ankles and wrists spread wide and tied to the bed posts above her head so that her pussy was as exposed and helpless as much as it possibly could be and my big cock was giving that tight little hole - her slut hole as her mom called it - no mercy. The feelings of primal lust that I was feeling I blamed on the girl, and I took my anger out on her for making me so aroused.

I wrapped my hands around her throat and choked her slightly as I fucked her harder and harder. She didn't notice, though. She had her head thrown back and was moaning like a cheap whore as she came. This little slut was being punished for making me want her so badly. Her pussy was getting no mercy from me.

To back up a little bit, I had actually met my wife Diana through this same girl, her daughter, Alissa. I am a science teacher and Alissa was in my class. Being the normal, red-blooded male that I am, Alissa had attracted my attention just like she attracted the attention of every boy at school.

She was the epitome of the high school slut with long blonde hair, a cute face, pretty blue eyes, and a body that looked like it was custom designed for fucking. She seemed to know instinctively that she didn't need to worry about working hard, that boys (or men) would always be there for her. So, instead she seemed to concentrate on finding the tightest and most revealing clothes money could buy. It was not at all unusual for her to show up in a skirt that barely covered that hot ass of hers and a stretch top that barely contained her large tits. Best of all, her tiny little frame made her look more like 16 years old instead of 18.

Anyways, Diana was much like her so when I met her at a parent-teacher conference, I couldn't stop thinking about her. Or, more exactly, I couldn't stop thinking about those great tits that were almost falling out of her tight little dress. I called her a few days later and we started dating. Diana was so hot and so fun that we were married within a year.

Looking back at that time, I maybe should have seen what was coming. Diana loved to come dressed up like a school girl to my classroom after the students had left and play fantasies with me as her teacher. She would always cum the hardest when I would push her over my desk, flip up her little skirt, and take her from behind.

As I fucked her, Diana would often act like she was pleading with me to stop, saying things like, "I won't be such a slut anymore, Mr. Richards." Or, "I won't play with my pussy in class anymore." Basically, anything to make me want to slam into her even harder until we both would have explosive orgasms. As I fucked her, I wondered if her own teachers from high school had taken her in this same way. My guess was that more than one lucky guy had fucked her when she was a teenager.

Weekend Lez Lovers

Carlie wrote this a couple years ago and the title speaks for itself on what it's about. Happy reading. :)

Weekend Lez Lovers
By Carlie

"I still can't believe he stood me up," I exclaimed to my best friend Alisha. "He is the one who asked me out, then never met me at the theatre!"

"You never know, maybe he couldn't make it, Jen. And since you don't have a cell phone, he couldn't call you to let you know."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. It still sucks. So, want to come over and keep me company? My parents are going out for dinner and I don't want to be here alone."

"Sure. I'll be over soon." As soon as I hung up, I knew that tonight would be the night that I made love to my best friend of 12 years. My parents weren't coming home until the early morning so I had plenty of time to seduce her.

Alisha walked into the house with her overnight bag and we went straight up to my room. We turned on a movie and talked for a little bit. "Hey, I'm going to go change for bed. I'll be right back," I said.

"Ok, I'll change while you're gone."

Perfect. I grabbed what was normally my nightshirt, but I had a sheer black teddy wrapped inside of it so she wouldn't see. I walked out of the room, and pulled it to meet the frame without actually closing it. I could see Alisha changing in the mirror and as she stripped, I got more and more turned on. Her perfect white skin that had rarely been touched by the sun, her slim waist and flared hips. Her gorgeous breasts, high and firm with pointed pink nipples, begging to be ravished by me.

She stripped completely bare and I saw for the first time ever her neatly trimmed bush. She never shaved, but she kept herself well groomed I knew. The sight was almost too much. As she pulled on a pair of loose boxer shorts over her bare ass and a little camisole, I turned and went to the bathroom. I took off my clothes and couldn't help myself. As I pulled off each item of clothing I stroked whatever body part I could reach. My breasts, my tummy, my ass, my thighs. Each touch made me so hot. When I was finally standing nude in the bathroom I ran my hands over my breasts again, pinching and tugging on my nipples. I heard a slight gasp in the hallway and dropped my hands. Was Alisha watching me, the way I had watched her? I walked to the door and peeked out. I saw the door to my bedroom closing behind her and smiled. This was going to be easier than I thought. I hurried and finished dressing, no longer needing to touch myself because I could see the rest of the night in my head. Alisha would do all of the touching I needed.

CSS 7 - New Teacher

In this next chapter, Lacey decides to take a new class while in college and the teacher is new himself, Lacey wanting him badly even as she learns he is married but she doesn't care, as she wants his cock badly and sets out to get that very thing that drives her completely insane with lust, the two meeting for some very hot motel sex on a Saturday morning until afternoon. :)

This was written for you Charlie. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Enjoy. :)

College Coed Series:
Chapter 7 - New Teacher

By Silky

The new teacher Lacey had just met a few days earlier had just pulled up in front of the house to pick her up for there date, his fancy car getting the best of her as she looked over the sleek and sexy looking ‘65 Corvette, the man inside just as handsome and sexy himself, him getting out of the car and approaching her with a big bright smile upon his face as he looked over her sexy and alluring slim figure waiting for him.

3 Days Earlier

The man had only just begun teaching at the college and Lacey wasted no time in getting his attention as he stood in front of her in a new class she wanted to take, the bulge in his pants her noticing first and she wanted it. She wanted it badly and with her sly looks and giving the new teacher glimpses of her bare pussy under her skirt as she spread and crossed her legs many times on purpose during the class, it didn’t take long for the new teacher to see she was inviting him in to her lustful desire for him.

The new teachers name was Dr. Charlie, as he wanted to be addressed as, and he was in his early 40’s, married with 2 kids, and had 2 cats as pets. He was tall, dark, handsome, and an eye catcher for sure to all the girls in the class, but Lacey was determined to get him first and used every technique she knew of and had been successful with in the past, to get him to want her too.

With her endless crotch shots and sexy looks towards the new teacher, the man most definitely looking up her skirt class after class, he finally said something to her about it, “Lacey, can you meet me after class please?” She knew she had him now and all she could do was smile to herself and think of his big hard cock in her mouth as she fantasized about the two of them together, ‘arm in arm, strolling down a path near a lake, sitting down for a picnic, her hands pulling out his cock, sucking it, him wanting her pussy, her spreading for him, his mouth on her pussy…..’ then wham!, the bell rings for the class to end, her fantasy ended abruptly, her vision gone for now, but surely she would make it come true if it were the last option on Earth.