Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blades Of Grass

I love rain. I woke up this morning to the sound of it and it's still raining as I type this. The rain makes me write romantic stories, so that is what I have for you today. As soon as I opened my window this morning, this story idea popped into my head. It's short, sweet, and sensual. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Blades Of Grass
By Silky

The sun is burning down. Such a summer so as to bake the earth into hard mud with cracks like that of a broken mirror.

Desperate to escape the heat I go into the forest. As I walk along the path, I can feel the breeze ripple through the lofty branches of the trees above. I take off my shoes as I walk between the trees, feeling the hard earth beneath the soft green moss. No sound disturbs me but the soft padding of my feet upon the soil. I find myself in a small glade of trees where the sunlight gently trickles down to the ground like time passing through the years. As I lay down to feel the softness of the moss, I glimpse something passing through the trees but I pay it no heed. Places as perfect as this much have fawns and fairytale things in them and I wish I had someone there to share it with.

The warm sun caresses my body like a lover. So gently. Softly. It warms my skin through the cotton dress I am wearing and penetrates to the warm skin beneath. I feel a presence, but do not open my eyes as I lie there upon the moss, with the blades of grass poking through.

I feel strong fingers caress my feet so gently that it could almost be mistaken for the breeze. It was something that I had not expected. But as with all things in fate, I made no attempt at stopping it. The hands trace every bone in my feet as if trying to memorize them for another day. The hands begin to move up my calves, stroking the skin softly, and beginning to massage my thighs. With each firm stroke my body relaxes deeper. Harder and harder still my woodland vision presses into my flesh. The fingers have reached my belly now and slowly circle around my abdomen. I can feel a body beside me now as well as the artful fingers. This dream is prefect for the glade I am laying in.

I am not asleep, and this is no dream. I open my eyes to see such a creature as I had never seen. The deep grey eyes ringed with gold question my awakened face. No earthly creature can hold such beauty. The sun glints in his hair highlighting the gold hidden there. I can feel the warmth of his body pressing into mine as he lowers his lips to touch mine. A gentle kiss. Like that of the summer rains. His body is pressed to mine as with my mouth I show that I crave more of his kisses. This is the lover I have so wished for.

Surely this was a dream. The creature presses into me with his body and I feel his sex pressing into me. His kisses move down my body and I can still taste his sweetness on my lips.. He was like honey. A soft moan of pleasure escapes my lips as he fastens his to mine once more. I wanted to suck all of his sweetness from him. My tongue probes him, and I teased him, played with him. He begins to rock back and forth atop my body. And as I look up to him I find him with his head back gazing into my face... His hands firmly grasping my breasts, his fingers rolling the nipples between them. As we kissed, I rub my hands against his semi-erect member, bringing it to full hardness. Stroking it firmly.

I felt his urgency as with his eyes he begged me to let me take him in. I kissed him hard as a reply and as I did so I reached between us, searching for him, and once finding it, placed the head at my opening. I raise myself up, allowing him to enter. And I could feel his hardened penis sliding smoothly into me, engulfing him in my tightness, wetness, and warmness. His rhythm began slowly, undulating his hips against mine, grinding into me. He leaned forward. He fastened his lips onto my nipples, first one, then the other. I moan with pleasure, running my fingers through the lush hair on his head and across his chest. He rode me like this for some time, gently until finally, I felt the shudder of an orgasm race through my body. My body tingled with the pleasure of the moment, and I clung to him, feeling his dark eyes smiling.

He could not help himself from thrusting into me. I feel my muscles pull each time he moves, demanding him deeper inside of me. I placed my hands against his body feeling the warm skin beneath, and make love to this man, this stranger who had seduced me. Our passion rose. The undulating of his hips increases, and this dance of copulation that we perform increases its tempo. He was raising himself off me and then slamming down onto me. I met him each time he came down, pushing deep into me. Each time i moan. I feel him pushing harder and faster into me. Finally, my body went rigid as he thrust one last time, pushing deep into me and pumping his semen into my body. As his body collapsed upon my own.

I cradled him against me. He kisses me tenderly and I whisper, "Many nights I have wanted you, and each time my heart went out to you as I wished for that which only you could provide." As we lie here entwined I wish the moment for an eternity, but am content with his body against mine as I feel the soft warmth of the sun caressing our intertwined bodies, the blades of grass reminding me that this was real, not a dream.


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