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Sleeping Seduction 2

This is the second part to my roommates story. She writes very very well and I hope you think so too. Leave a comment if you liked it or not.......please. :)


Sleeping Seduction (Part 2)
By Carlie

Without truly realizing what I was doing, I leaned forward, so my breasts were right up close to her lovely face. All the while she sucked my finger. And the sound was wet and sloppy. I was on all fours, looming above her. Squatting above her belly. My breast jiggled with each nervous inhalation. They were hanging down just inches above her face. My middle finger in her mouth. She kept here eyes on me for perhaps a minute, maybe longer, then she slipped back into her place of submissive sleep. I wasn't really thinking - I was just letting myself go... "Lisa - can you hear me?"

She replied with a passionate, "Mmmmm..."

I cautiously pulled my finger out of Lisa's wet mouth. And she immediately made that compulsive sucking motion to the empty air. "Lisa, I feel so full of love right now..." I carefully inched my hard nipple toward her open mouth. I couldn't help myself. I held my nipple just barely above her hungry little mouth. I couldn't stop, I leaned in and my soft breast met her wet lips, and immediately she was swallowing my big hard nipple. And she sucked deep and intensely - Oh god, I was shocked! I mean I was just thunderstruck. It was so urgent and primal.

Instantly - I was awash in an overpowering sexual excitement - Oh my god, I was so turned-on - I had NEVER felt anything like it before. It was like some crazy switch had been thrown in my head. I felt beautiful and obscene - I felt like an angel and a pervert - all at the same time. I let her suck, I desperately loved it. I moaned out a passionate whisper, "Lisa - oh god Lisa." She was drooling and sloppy. My breasts were getting wet and slippery. I couldn't help any of this - it just felt too wonderful. I was loosing all control. I was naked, and Lisa was still fully dressed. It was so beautiful.

I spoke to Lisa, "This feel so good. Lisa - You're sucking, it feels so good..." I realized I was pressing my crotch into her shirt, and kind of humping her, and she was sucking my erect nipple so hard, and so loud. It felt so - oh my god - it felt SO sexy. I went on talking, "Lisa - You're sucking - my nipples - Oh god Lisa - it feels so good..." I was holding Lisa's lovely head in my hands. Her eyes were closed, like she was in some passionate trance. I whispered, "Suck harder Lisa - please - it's okay - suck harder..." If she heard me - I don't know. I wanted her to hear me, I know that.

I thought I might start to cry - I sat up and lifted my breasts away - and looked down at Lisa. She was still desperately sucking, at nothing - at the air between us - She was sucking in a haunted unflinching way. "Oh Lisa..." I put my face to hers, and kissed her - all over and she seemed to respond. She was still sucking. I let her suck my nose and my chin - my eyebrows and my lips. I suddenly found myself lying on top of her, hugging her, and my hips were pumping. I couldn't help it - I kissed her right on her mouth. It was wet and unrestrained, and it still tasted like cherry lip-gloss. I stuck my tongue in her mouth - and oh dear god - she sucked that too. This was almost too much - I thought I might explode.

I let her suck my tongue for a long time. It was wet, sloppy and delicious. Then I sat up, took a deep breath and looked down at Lisa - and at my self. Lisa was so responsive to all of this - and she was proclaiming something to me - even in her dream state, she was sexual and writhing. I announced aloud, in a clear and calm voice, "Lisa, I am going to undress you. I am going to take ALL of you clothes off - do you hear me? Do you understand?"

Her response was quiet, and maybe I didn't hear it at all. But she seemed to say: "Mmmmm - Yes - Yes..."

With that, I unbuttoned her shirt. As I did, I talked to her, "Oh Lisa, this will be better when we take this off." And, as I took off her shirt I said "Good girl, let me lift this off." She rolled over a little as I impatiently pulled at her shirt.

She softly spoke in a groggy voice, "Okay - here, let me help."

Strangely, in a half-asleep way - she was actually helpful, her eyes would open and she would smile a big happy grin. I took off her shirt, and I took off her pants and let them fall to the floor. Lisa lay there, breathing deep and slow - wearing nothing but her white bra and baby blue panties. I sat there next to her, on all fours, naked and flushed. What was happening? I so dearly loved Lisa, and this was so unreal. Just a minute before I had let her suck my nipples, and - oh Jesus, she sucked my tongue. I mean, only minutes before - I had put my nose right up to her panties. It was crazy - but it was so exciting.

Her bra was simple and white, and I could easily see her nipples pressing up against the thin fabric. I said, "Lisa - I am overcome with emotion - please let me do what I am about to do..."

She whispered a hushed reply, "It's okay..."

And then I took off her bra, and the perfect image of her tiny breasts just made me crazier, they looked so amazing - so perfect. I mean - whatever was happening - Lisa could feel it. I mean really FEEL it. It was so beautiful, her nipples were hard and erect. I mean, it was obvious she was turned-on. It was like the room was on fire. Her light blue panties were small and tight. I had - just minutes before, smelled them. But now, seeing them, and they were SO pretty - I don't know - they just seemed SO cute - to the point where it made me absolutely crazy. I gently spread Lisa's legs. So I could see right in between, right where her subtle mound was. And - I was shocked, she was wet! Oh god, there was a tiny - well, actually a surprisingly big wet spot - right in her crotch. Lisa's panties were wet! Was it from all of this? She must be completely reacting to all of this, ALL of this. I mean, the kissing and the sucking, and me being naked, and the smells and the sensations... Oh god - Lisa... I was on fire - and beyond control - I pulled off her panties.

Then - Oh dear god - she was totally naked. I froze from the sight, it was just TOO beautiful. Her pubic hair was thin and delicate, that brief view I had before was nothing like this. All I could do was stare. She was asleep, and pliable - and so perfectly beautiful. Without realizing it, I put my face in against Lisa's pubic hair. I inhaled deep, and it was heavenly. The deep wet smell, and my nose - my face, oh my god - I was gently kissing Lisa's plump and smooth vagina. I was uncontrollable - I was so unimaginably excited.

I kissed and licked and sucked. I moved Lisa's legs, so I could kiss more - so I could taste more. Everything was wet, and her smooth lips were open and receptive. Oh god - her lips were wet, hot, slippery and delicious. And then I heard it, she moaned. Oh god, she was feeling this - she was enjoying this. I found her firm clitoris, and licked and sucked. Lisa was breathing deeper, I could hear it - and she spread her legs wider. And she was rocking her hips - pumping her groin - smooth and steady into my licking tongue and mouth.

Then she let out a passionate moan. And then she said, "Oh god - oh god..."

I sat up to see her. She was looking at me, and her body was pumping and alive with uninhibited energy. I frantically reached into my bedside drawer, and took out a bottle of body oil. I poured a thick stream across Lisa's pubic hair and let it run down between her throbbing legs. I smeared it in with my hands, gently over her pink little lips. The smell was wonderful, strong and sweet. I lifted her legs and smeared it into her little anus. It was warm and slippery and so smooth. I pressed her legs wide and high - and looked at her tiny smooth anus. I rubbed the slick oil as firm as I could. Lisa was so responsive, she was humping my hand, and her tiny oily anus was pulsing...I kissed her open vagina, I licked her tiny anus - I was awash with love. And Lisa was humping my oil-coated face. I sucked her clitoris as steady and as fast as I could. I let my oily tongue race across it with as much fury as I could handle.

Lisa moaned out a thrilling, "Yes - Oh god - YES!"

She was so unrestrained, without anything holding her back. I put my oily thumb against her wet open lips, and she must have felt it - because she seemed to squirm down, desperate to let it enter. I sat up, enough to see her - all of her, and her pumping naked body. And I pushed my thumb into her. Immediately she groaned - it was loud and primal. I began to thrust my thumb - in and out.

With each deep push, Lisa said, "Oh - Oh - Oh..."

I tried to speed up, and I poured more of that sweet oil on my hand, and let my thumb slap hard against her slippery groin. I said, "Lisa, Oh PLEASE - Lisa, I want you to come - PLEASE..."

She replied, "Yes - YES - it feels so good..."

I asked, "Harder?"

She stammered, "Oh - Oh god - YES!"

I pumped my thumb faster, and all the oil made it glide so amazingly smooth. And Lisa instantly began to shiver. Then it sounded like Lisa was crying. I looked at her face, and her eyes were open, and asked, "Lisa, are you all right?"

She whispered to me, in a panting reply, "Oh god... I love you so much..."

I didn't know what to do. I just kept pumping my oily hand. It felt so magical, it was smooth and warm.

Lisa gasped, "Oh God! Faster..."

Then Lisa started to wriggle herself, she was franticly trying to push herself into my thrusting hand and thumb. Everything was so oily, and so fast - that it almost seemed like my hand was becoming a blur.

Lisa gasped, "Oh - Oh - Oh, I'm going to come..."

Lisa was about explode. "Oh god, I'm going to come..."

I leaned forward and kissed the smooth oily skin of her tummy, and I could feel the spasms of ecstasy with my lips.

"Oh god - YES!"

I tried to see, she was trembling - and her tiny breasts were bouncing frantically. Then it happened, and I could feel all of it, Lisa climaxed in an amazing orgasm. Lisa was moving too much, I just held my thumb still - holding it deep inside her - and I could feel the powerful spasms squeezing my wet thumb.

She screamed out, "Oh god - Oh god - I'm coming!"

Suddenly my hand against her groin was awash in hot liquid. Lisa's hips convulsed, and she let out a series of passionate sobs. I held on. It lasted a few short moments, and then the waves of her climax slowly subsided. Lisa lay there her chest heaving, her eyes closed. I had just seen the most magical and beautiful thing I could ever imagine. I held my thumb inside her, and it was so amazing. Suddenly, I started to cry - I know she was unable to hear me, but I couldn't help it. I cried and watched Lisa breathing. I cried for a long time. The next thing I knew - I had the bottle of body oil in my hand - and I realized how full the bottle still was. I poured the rest of the oil - ALL OF IT - on to Lisa, on her breasts, on her neck, her tummy and between her legs. I was flooded with the sweet lovely scent. The oil got everywhere, dripping down onto my old bed spread, at that moment I didn't care about anything but her beautiful shiny body. And then I put both of my hands on Lisa's slippery torso and rubbed. Oh my god, it was so smooth and sensual. I said to her, "Lisa, this feels so magical, so wonderful."

And she replied in a clear calm voice, "It's nice - this feels so nice..."

Now I was as oily and slippery as Lisa. I climbed onto Lisa, I straddled her. I pushed my crotch - my oily wet vagina firm against her belly. I made smooth humping motions - back and forth - all across her slippery body. Pumping across her breasts, her hard nipples, her pubic hair, her neck and her legs. And then I felt the firmness of Lisa's hip bone.

Oh my god - Lisa's protruding hip bone. It was smooth and unyielding and slathered with oil. The sensation was bewildering. I held my self still for a moment, trying to drink in the magnitude of what was happening. I was so turned on - rubbing my plump clit - with a thick glossy layer of slippery sweet oil against her silky smooth hip bone. Then I rocked with more intensity, and the sensation was sending me into some hidden and passionate place, a place I've never been before. I whispered, "Lisa? Can you hear me?"

Lisa meekly spoke, "Oh yes - this feels so good..."

I leaned in and kissed her. Wet, on her mouth. I stuck my tongue deep into her mouth - and again, without any hesitation, she sucked it. Oh my god, right then - I thought I might explode. I started humping furiously, with a force that shocked me. I was grunting and panting, and I broke away from the kiss. "Oh god - Lisa..." Then, Lisa's arms were holding me, like she was pulling me it toward her. The oily wetness was getting sloppy and noisy. I tried to kiss Lisa, to touch her face - but I was too far-gone. All I could do was pump and rub my slippery clitoris against her smooth firm hip bone. I pushed and humped, I tried to hold her tiny breasts, and I did for a while, all oily and perfect. But all I could do was let myself fall into the building emotion, and rub even harder. "Yes, oh god - Lisa, yes..."

I humped and rubbed my sopping vagina against Lisa with an even faster rhythm. I was startled to see Lisa's face, her eyes wide and she seemed completely awake. And, she was smiling. And - Oh god - she looked so unbelievably beautiful. She wrapped her oily arms around me tighter. And I could feel her, she was rocking in a passionate sexual rhythm - matching my humping.

Lisa spoke, clear and slow, "Oh god, this feels so nice..."

Then I felt it, and it came on strong and steady. I began to gasp and moan, and then my hips pumped in these fast shivering pulses. There was a wet and rhythmic slapping noise, I started shaking. I gasped, "Lisa - I'm going to - Oh Jesus - I'm gonna come..." Lisa's pale skin was so smooth - and SO oily -and I was rubbing - hard, with my firm slippery clit. "Lisa - I'm - I'm gonna come..." And then, I felt Lisa's slippery hand on my bare bottom. She was awake and smiling. She wrapped her hands into my oily crack - in an effort to hold on. I thought I might scream, the sensation was so intense. And I could watch beautiful face - and her oily breasts - and her smile. I stammered, "Lisa - Oh god - Lisa..."

"Yes - yes..." gasped Lisa.

I blurted out, "Lisa - Oh god- I love you." I was shocked at my response, but it was impulsive - and true. And, her body - like it was involuntary, rocked smoothly to meet my sexual humping motions. Lisa slowly started to build in intensity, swaying a little more deliberately. And, I wasn't sure how the drug was effecting her - it was impossible to know, but she was obviously getting into it. She started to squeeze my butt, and right then I knew it was going to happen. "Lisa - Oh God - I'm going to come baby..."

With that she rocked even harder. Her hands moved under my ass, and she started squeezing both cheeks, they were oily and slippery. I was breathing harder. My pelvis was desperately pumping firm against her smooth skin. This went on for a few minutes, and I couldn't believe how excited it made me. Suddenly, - Oh my god, she was smiling - and I was even closer to exploding. "Lisa - Oh god - oh god..." She smiled, a comforting smile. I could feel the ecstasy, and I had no idea I could feel this way. I wrapped my thighs around Lisa's oily middle, and I literally started to heave violently against her slippery hip, and I started to shudder and then I started to moan - and then I felt like my whole body was vibrating. Between gasps I said, "Lisa - Oh god - I love you!" And then it happened.

I'm not totally sure what I did, but it was loud and I know I screamed. I squealed, "Lisa, OH FUCK - YES!" I was shaking with powerful waves and convulsions. The sensitivity of my clitoris had just multiplied, and her slippery hip bone felt like electricity. I'm not sure what happened, I was flooded with an intense rush. I screamed her name again, and I was overcome with a hot wave of passion. I was humping furiously. I felt like my whole body, my whole soul - EVERYTHING, just released in some giant wet gushing explosion. It lasted for what seemed an eternity. "Oh god- Oh god..." I stammered. Lisa held me so tight - and she rocked smooth and hard, as I convulsed in a heavenly climax.

Then, as it subsided, Lisa lay there with closed eyes and in a dreamy way, she said, "Oh my god, that was so nice..."

Her face was glowing, and she looked absolutely like an angel. I was so overcome with emotion, my first orgasm, all I could say was, "Lisa - I love you."

"Yes, baby - YES, I love you too..."

I stammered, "Lisa - Lisa, I love you Lisa..." And I held her as she slept - my slippery angel. I too fell asleep. A deep contented sleep.

The End


What did you think of it? Hot huh?
I hope she writes more as she makes me wiggle in my seat. hehe

<3 Silky & Carlie

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