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The Stud - Chapter 4

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. Relationship and work problems have kept me away from my normal routine and that is all behind me now, both working themselves out in a positive way. Now back to writing...

This is part 4 of my continuing series with the two luscious and kinky college girls, Marie and Lacey. This particular chapter is more about Lacey and a stud she finds on campus. You get to find out just how kinky she can get when Marie is not around like she usually is.

College Coed Series:
The Stud - Chapter 4
By Silky

Classes were long and boring today for both Marie and Lacey. Both were still exhausted from the night before, getting hardly enough sleep, way too much to drink, and were just plain tired from all the activities. Marie had to keep nudging Lacey in the two classes they shared, as she kept falling asleep. Marie leans over to Lacey, “wake up honey. You are going to get in trouble if you keep nodding.” Lacey just nods her head, her eyes still closed. “You want me to rub your pussy baby?” Lacey smiles as Marie teases her. “You want sexy lil Marie to finger fuck you awake baby?” Lacey spreads her legs slowly allowing Marie access, which only makes Lacey close her eyes as Marie inserts her fingers in her moist pussy.

Classes end finally and the two vixens head down the hallway to their lockers only to see the most awesome looking man coming down the hall toward them. He is not like most of the boys here on campus, no, he is a man that grabs a girls attention immediately. Dark hair, tanned skin, muscular, all the right features any woman on the planet would want. Lacey looks over at Marie, “who is he?” Marie is just staring at him, “I don’t know, but I know I want him.” They both have that look in their eyes, that look that tells a man they want you. Yes, that one. Neither are panting, but they are damn close to it. They both decide to follow him, being he didn’t even look at them when he passed by. “Do you think he saw us,” Lacey asks Marie as they follow him? “I’m sure he did. He must have something else on his mind not to see us.” From what they were both wearing, no man or woman could resist them. Mini-skirts just a half inch below their charms, tight tops that showed off their erect nipples, and enough makeup on you would think they were headed to a glamour shoot of some kind.

They follow him further down the hallway only to watch him head into the men’s locker room. “Shit! All the hot guys always go in there don’t they Lacey?” Marie is looking at Lacey, “what is your brain thinking?” Lacey is studying the locker room door, “what do you think the guys in there would do if we or I suddenly walked in?” Marie looks at the door, then back to Lacey, “are you crazy girl?” Lacey looks over at Marie, “well, there is one way to find out. You coming with me, or are you going to stay out here and let me have all the fun?” Lacey giggles at Marie as she steps toward the closed door. “You are going to get us suspended Lacey. This is crazy!” Lacey just smiles at Marie, licks her lips, and opens the door, “c’mon Marie, it will be fun. I can almost guarantee this will be the most fun we have had yet.” Marie hesitates, then decides she will wait at the last second, “No, you go ahead and I‘ll wait for you out here.” Lacey looks at Marie, “okay hon, but don’t make this a habit.”

Lacey enters the well lit locker room and it has that welcome home feeling you get when you enter a place that you want to be at. Lacey is looking all over the room, but doesn’t see any guys. There are chairs, lockers, sinks, and even a sauna in the corner, but no men. She liked adventure and this was the best adventure she had taken up in her short time at the college. She had one of those fetishes about getting caught in public while screwing. She rarely backed down on any adventure, and what better adventure than creeping through a mens locker room looking for hard cocks.

A sudden noise ahead of her startled Lacey at first, then getting her nerve back as she went toward the sudden noise. The noise was a ruffling sound, sort of like what a paper bag would sound like when crumpled real fast. Her eyes stared ahead of her as she walked through the musky scented locker room. The noise grew louder as she walked. When she got to the end of the lockers, there was a room off to her right. She peeked around the lockers and into the room. ‘That sound is definitely coming from that room,’ Lacey thought to herself. She gathered her nerves again and headed toward the room, walking in like she owned the place.

“Well, well…are you lost or something sexy?” There he was. The man they had seen coming toward them in the hallway was sitting in front of Lacey in a chair, butt naked! Lacey didn’t seem surprised at all. “Hi there, I‘m Lacey. I was hoping you would be in here.” Her eyes looked him over like a hawk would do on it’s killed prey, loving what she was seeing before her. She licked her lips, studied his dark eyes, then studied what was below. He slowly gets to his feet, Lacey seeing his full package in plain view now. Her eyes have widened to twice the size they were, her mouth gawking at what is before her. “You like what you see girl?” His words are ignored at first as Lacey looks at his enormous cock, her mind focused just on it, then she suddenly looks up at him, “oh yes, I love what I see.” He walks over to her, “what brings you to this side of the complex?” He guides her over to where he was sitting, “have a seat right here next to me,” motioning for her to sit as he sits down in the chair. “What brings a girl like you into this area of the locker room?” She glances up at him slowly, swallows, “you.” There eyes meet, “you came in here just for me?” He seemed pleased by the look on his face. Lacey continues to stare into his eyes, “I came in here to find you, meet you,” licking her lips at him, “suck you, and then let you fuck me,” her eyes never leaving his as she spoke. That statement sent a shock through him. He had never heard a girl say that to him before.

Once the shock wore off, he turned to Lacey, “You want to do this here? Now?” She placed her hand on his warm mammoth cock, “I didn’t come in here to just look at you stud. I came in here for you. I want you now!” He looked down at her hand on his cock, “my name is Mike and …” He stops suddenly as Lacey lifts his heavy cock with both her hands, gets down on her knees before him, looks up at him with her sexy eyes, then kisses the head of his mammoth sized cock. “You were saying,” she says, taking the head of his cock into her eager mouth, his cock struggling to get into her wide open mouth. “Umm, I was saying, umm, I would like to…oh shit baby, that feels great.” Mike is about speechless as Lacey gives his giant knob a slow wet bath. She knew he wasn’t going anywhere as she had him right where she wanted him.

As she slowly licked and sucked his cock, all Mike could do was watch her in awe. Lacey pulls his saliva covered cock from her mouth and looks up at him, “Is there a place we can go in this area to get better acquainted stud?” Mike looks around the room quickly, “Yes, we can go in the steam room if you want too?” Lacey stands up and follows him. “You want steam or no steam, Lacey?” She looks up at him, “either is good for me as I’m sure we will be making plenty of our own steam.” She did have a way with words, Mike thought to himself. He was sure this was a dream, as nothing like this ever happened to him in reality. “Steam it is then. Steam gets me extra hard anyways, sexy girl.”

They both enter the steam room hand in hand, Mike closing the door behind them, locking it, and closing the blind on the door. “Now, where were we sweet one?” Lacey was the first to act, motioning for her new found stud to sit down while she turned on the steam unit in the room, turning slowly toward him and slowly walking over in front of him. She reaches behind herself unzipping her short skirt and letting it fall to the ground around her ankles. Mike sat looking at the most beautiful looking pussy he had seen before, being she never wore panties, it was in plain view, the folds of her of her slit glistening like it was speaking to him to touch or lick her. He licked his lips as she stepped out of her skirt, her top falling to the ground next to her skirt, her removing it slowly, as she moved closer to him.

Her sultry eyes look down upon his pulsating cock, then up to his eyes, licking her lips at him in return, she gazes up and down his well built frame. His eyes look up to her, then back between her legs. He reaches out and slips a finger between her petals, sliding it back and forth between them. This makes Lacey moan in agreement, spreading her legs further apart for him to have his way with her, her small perky nipples becoming fully erect as he inserts two fingers into her moist slit.

Lacey begins to move her hips back and forth, up and down on his fingers, quivers of excitement shooting up through her spine as she slowly fucked his fingers, his pace quickening as she humped. She suddenly stopped her gyrating and stood right in front of him, his cock directly under her. She wanted it. She wanted it inside her badly. She looks down on him, “taste me baby. Lick my sweet pussy.” She reaches out and places her hands around his head, guiding his face and lips to her wetness. “Lick me baby.” His long tongue leaps outward and between her glistening pussy lips, wasting no time in plunging it upwards into her snug sex hole. Lacey was sure of one thing, this stud knew how to work his tongue properly.

Lacey loved having her pussy teased and licked, but she was here for something else on this particular occasion. She pulled back just enough for his tongue to fall out freely, kneeled down to his cock, taking it between her small hands, stroking it lightly as she licked the head of it, getting it slippery for where she wanted him to park it soon. He ran his fingers through her long blond hair as she slowly licked his swollen knob, then she stood up again and stood right over his cock. He placed his hands on her small hips as she inched her pussy down closer to his tool, then she bent over and whispered in his ear, “I want you in my ass baby,” then moved back to the position she was in looking over the surprised look on his face. He was stunned, “You want it in your ass? Most can’t take me in the front door babe and you want the back door?”

Lacey knew what she wanted and where she wanted his member, turning around with her perfectly shaped cheeks staring right at him and saying to him slowly, “yes, I want that big thick cock in my ass baby.” He was not going to let this moment getaway, as this was a dream to him, as no girl before her ever asking to get reamed in the ass like Lacey wanted. “Okay babe, but be warned, this will hurt most likely.” Unknown to him, Lacey loved pain in a pleasing way as she had been fucked in the ass before, but it was with a rubber cock, not a living one and none his size either. “Fuck my ass stud!”

Lacey inched her hips down further, him guiding her downward, her feeling his cock as it glided between her white cheeks, then to the opening of her anus. She took both her hands and spread her ass cheeks apart as far as they would go, her small ass bud millimeters from his huge knob. He wiped the head of his cock with some fresh saliva from his mouth, then watched as his huge knob pressed tightly against, then into her ass. Lacey groaned out loudly as his cock entered, her toes pointing out as straight as they could on the floor, her taking in a deep breathe as she sat down on his cock, it sliding ever so slowly deeper into her ultra snug ass. “Oh Fuck! Oh fuck that feels good you stud muffin.” Mike pressed upward as Lacey began bouncing up and down on his cock, her once small anus stretched to the size of his cock now, her hips moving up and down, fucking the giant cock up her butt, both moaning and groaning in pure pleasure.

Sweat began to pour from each of there bodies from the steam in the room and the action taking place within the room. Grunting sounds were the only noises being made in the room besides the sound of the steam machine making more steam. Lacey had all of Mike’s cock up in her ass, her sitting flush on his lap, his large balls resting against her pussy lips, her playing with them as she rested for a minute. Mike had his hands around her, pinching her small nipples lightly, kissing her neck and earlobes, lightly bumping his hips upward, making her squeal ever so lightly.

With her strength in full force again, Lacey stood slowly, his cock slowly ejecting outward until it was within an inch of falling out completely, “shove it in me stud!” This was Lacey’s plan, him driving his cock in her with force, then pulling it out slowly, only to drive it back in. “Fuck me stud! Fuck this hot and sexy slut baby!” The dirty talk alone from her was enough to make a man horny, and being he had both pleasures before him, he didn’t want to disappoint her any. He lifted her small frame up and laid her down on the bench, his cock never losing pace of there rhythmetic fuck session, laying on top of her and giving her the fuck she had wanted.

“Oh fuck! Drive your cock in me stud. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Watching these two fuck was like watching a wild western scene on tv between the cowboys and indians. They were going at it like wild beasts, Mike ramming his cock in and out of Lacey’s youthful ass, her bucking back and grinding her ass onto his cock, his large balls slapping her pussy with each insertion. Lacey was fingering her own pussy and pinching her nipples between her fingers hard as Mike rammed her. She was very close to orgasm and Mike sensed this, as he too was very close.

The next few minutes were a daze to both of them, both in a world of bliss from the face paced sexual interlude, hearts racing, sweat beads dripping in tandem, grunting and moaning in unison, neither losing pace of the ultimate butt fuck of their lives. Lacey screams out suddenly, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming stud. Oh fuck baby, fuck, oh yes, oh yes, ohhhh, oh fuck, I’m cumming baby. Fuck me harder. Fuck me stud!” Streams of cum sprayed out of Lacey’s sensitive pussy, Mike feeling her cum spray onto his sweaty balls, the two mixtures making him fuck her harder and deeper, his cock driving in and out faster than a piston in a car. The wild pace was enough to make most men have a heart attack, Mike’s balls tightening upwards more and more after each thrust inside of her. He was seconds away from his own orgasm.

The one thing most never knew about Lacey, except for Marie, is that she loved cum. She loved it more than anything else. The texture of it, the taste of it, and the best part, the feeling of it shooting into her mouth after a heated session of wild sex. The powerful blasts made her cum just to think about it, and she wasn’t going to waste any from this session either.

Lacey stopped Mike from his heated fucking, him looking surprised at first, “I want to suck you off stud. Give me that rock hard cock.” He let her do as she wished, her taking a hold of his thick cock, fresh out of her own ass, placing the knob of it into her mouth, swirling her tongue all over and around it, paying extra attention to his pee hole as she darted her tongue in and out of it, sucking hard above it as she stroked his shaft with one hand and squeezed his balls with the other. “Cum in my mouth stud. Make me your little cum eating slut stud.” With his eyes closed taking in the pleasures she was giving him, he let out one final breathe of air, surged his hips forward, Lacey awaiting her present with her mouth over him like a suction cup, he let loose a torrid and rapid release of thick globs of cum into her eager mouth. She stroked his cock up and down, sucking hard on his knob, one, two, three, four, four, six, seven, and eight large wads of cum spraying out of his pee hole hitting the roof of her mouth in powerful blasts, her taking it all into her mouth, swirling her tongue around in it, letting some of it seep out and drip down to and off her chin onto her perky breast, her one free hand rubbing it into her skin. He was breathing heavily as he watched her with his seed in her mouth. She opened her mouth wide so he could see his cum in her mouth, then she swallowed hard, letting it slide down into her belly in two gulps, her licking her lips at him as the cum vanished like it was some kind of candy. “You taste incredible stud. I have never tasted cum as sweet as yours before,” Lacey said to Mike, her lips and tongue licking the rest of the cum from his shrinking cock. Mike was kind of speechless, being he had never been with a girl like Lacey before. Watching a girl eat cum like she did blew his mind, but he did know one thing, he wanted more of her. “Lacey, you are one special girl. I have to say, you are the best fuck-mate I have ever had. I hope this wont be the last time we see each other doll.” Lacey stood and put on her clothes, both looking at each other in a lustful daze. When she finishes dressing, she reaches into her hidden pocket on her skirt and hands him a card, “call me and we can do this again stud. Make sure you ask for me, as I have a roommate that gets jealous at times.” He looked over the card, “thanks babe, I’ll be calling you real soon, count on it.” She leans over and kisses him on the lips, him returning the favor, then she turns and leaves the steam room.

Lacey walks out of the locker room the same way she came in an hour earlier, still sweaty too, and Marie is outside sitting on a bench in the hallway waiting for her. Marie sees Lacey, “Damn girl, where have you been? Was he in there?” Lacey just smiles at her, her cute face trying to hide what just took place, saying to Marie, “nope, I never saw him. I got stuck in the steam room and the janitor let me out just a couple minutes ago, that‘s why I‘m so sweaty.” Marie studied her face. “You mean the whole time I have been out here, you were stuck in a steam room?” Lacey nodded at her, hoping she would believe her bullshit story, as she was bad at lying. Marie kept her eyes on her as she could usually tell when she was being lied to. “Well, let’s get home as I need a shower and I’m sure you do as well, being you were stuck in a steam room the last hour,” Marie said to Lacey, not really believing what she was being told, but let it go for the time being.

Usually the two girls shared everything, but Lacey wanted this man to herself if all possible. She loved having sex with strangers and sharing them with her roomie, but this stud she wanted all to herself and she was going to do her best to keep it a secret from everyone, including Marie, it all costs.

The End of Chapter 4.

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  1. Well done glad you are back and in good form x

  2. Great story Silky. (spurt spurt)

  3. I'm happy you two liked it. I enjoy writing this series, almost as much as my normal routine of girl/girl only ones. :)