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Skinny Dipping Desires 1

This new story is long. Tell you what I'm going to do; I'm going to break it up into three parts. I don't usually do this but if I don't, the story will take up the whole front page of this blog.

I read part of this to my roomie and she was squirming in her seat most of the time. hehe She came up with the title too.


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 1)
By Silky

Susan was swimming alone in the pool as I walked into the hotel pool area. It was after 2am and I was a little surprised that anyone was there at all. She looked up at me and smiled as she continued her backstroke laps. Susan was about 18, I thought, with a very athletic body. She wore a pink one-piece suit with high thigh-cut which clung tightly to her body. Her long blonde hair was wrapped in a tight ponytail.

"You're a good swimmer" I said, attempting to start some conversation as I took off my robe and began to step into the warm pool.

She stopped swimming and stood up in the shallow end near me. "Thanks" she said as the water dripped from her tight body. "I like it here late since I can't seem to sleep too well lately. My parents are snoring away in our room upstairs."

"Yeah, I know what that's like," I answered. "Sometimes you just need to let off some energy."

I noticed her checking out my body as I walked down the steps into the pool. I loved getting reactions to my blue bikini, from both women and men. It shows my ample cleavage and nice 30 year old body very well. I felt my nipples harden under her look, even though I was getting very warm. I noticed Susan's small but firm tits under her thin suit also had some tiny buds showing through.

"Miss your boyfriend?" I asked. Susan looked at me a little funny, but answered "No, we broke up a while ago. He's a jerk. I found out he was cheating on me."

"That's rough," I said, moving closer to her. "Sometimes I think men just aren't worth it." She nodded, and I continued "You know, we can do all that they can do just by ourselves, we don't really need them."

Susan giggled, "Well, SOME things we can't do like they can, if you know what I mean."

I smiled, "Oh yeah? I think all we need is a little imagination and some basic tools, and we can do better."

Susan nervously laughed, but I could tell she was intrigued. She watched me as I laid back and began backstroking, slowly kicking across the pool. She watched me all the way, I'm sure noticing my breasts floating nicely on the water constrained by my tight suit, as my long legs worked effortlessly. Susan walked into waist-deep water, and laid back against the pool edge, kicking gently.

After I made another lap, I stood up again. "Damn, this strap broke again" I lied as I slipped my arm out of one side. "I've got to get a new one." Susan watched as I removed the other strap, as my large but firm breasts bounded out, nipples long and stiff in the air. I was looking at the clasp as if it were broken.

"Oh well, it's just us girls anyway" I said as I turned the top around and unbuttoned the snap, gently lifting my tits to do it. "You don't mind, do you?"

I glanced up to see Susan staring at my hardened nipples as I held my bikini top to the side. "Umm, no, not at all" she managed to stutter as she looked away quickly.

I smiled and squatted down in the water. Susan finally looked back at me. I turned away from her slightly as I slid my bikini bottom over my ass and down my legs, and quickly stood up in the shallow end. I tossed it to the side, still facing away from her. My ass was slightly out of the water, so I was sure she got a good look at it.

"I love to skinny dip anyway, if feels so free" I said as I turned back to Susan. "Did you ever try it?"

I caught Susan's eyes checking my neatly trimmed blonde hair at my crotch. Her eyes slowly raised over my breasts, then to my own eyes. I looked directly into her brown eyes, and she quickly looked away, embarrassed that I had caught her admiring my nude body.

She looked hesitant, but then, as if deciding that she was too curious as to what I would do next, answered. "Yeah, my girlfriend and I used to do it all the time in her backyard pool at night." Then she quickly added "Skinny dip, I mean." She glanced at my breasts again, as she made up her mind. "OK, I could use some freedom."

She turned her back to me, and began to lift the straps from her shoulders, slowly peeling it off her slim, but shapely body for me. She looked over her shoulder at me as she stripped, a slight smile on her face. I felt that twinge between my legs as she lowered the tight suit down, stretching it past her nice firm butt, and bent down to pick it up from the pool bottom. As she bent over, she slowly turned toward me, her small tits hanging under her, pink nipples hardened.

The biggest rush I felt though, was when she slowly stood and turned to toss the suit to the side, and I saw her almost hairless pussy. I could see her pink lips starting to show through the few strands of blonde hair. Her nice thighs were slightly parted as she stood there, so that they converged at her nearly-bald crotch. This was one hot looking girl. Her waist was tiny, making her chest look bigger than it really was. She had a perfect hourglass figure for a girl her age.

I could tell that she was interested in me, I had seen those looks before. Some girls will clam up right away and need more gentle prodding, but Susan was ready for some woman-and-girl experimentation. I decided to be bolder. We both walked into waist deep water, and I stretched out on my back on the water, floating toward her. She came a little closer, until I was next to her, my body across the water in front of her. I looked up into her dark eyes as they roamed my body, taking extra time looking at my pussy. I kicked slowly, spreading my legs slightly to give her a good view of my own puffy lips.

As I floated closer, my side brushed her stomach as she stood, and I felt the electric jolt of desire flow through both of us. She jumped back slightly, but then, getting bolder, moved back towards me slowly. I just gazed into her eyes, trying to let her know that I was open to whatever she wanted. Susan hesitatingly reached out to touch me, placing her hand on my flat stomach just below my heaving breasts. Her eyes were looking them over, noticing the hardened nipples. Her eyes rose to meet mine, looking for the next OK.

"Go ahead, feel them" I said, and she began to caress my tits, gently at first, making my nipples harden even more under her touch. She was enraptured with my body, as she now began pinching softly my nipples. "Ohh, that feels good, Susan," I said. "I like your touch."

"I like the feel of your body," she said. "You're so beautiful and soft. You must have lots of boyfriends."

"Well," I said, "I suppose I could, but right now I'd rather be with you." Susan smiled and continued stroking me. She put one hand under the small of my back, holding me in the water, as the other ran up and down my body. She ran her hand down to my mound, stopping at the hairline. I was covered in goose bumps from the excitement of her touch. "Go ahead, touch me" I encouraged her.

"Tell me what to do," she whispered. I could tell that she was eager to learn. Her breathing was rapid as her little tits heaved on her chest, her eyes wandering over my body.

"When you and your girlfriend skinny dipped, did you ever touch each other?" I asked, hoping to bring up some emotions.

"Well," she answered slowly, "we were only about 11 or 12, we really didn't know what to do."

I kept prodding as she continued stroking me "did you kiss?"

"Yeah, sometimes." Susan answered, "We pretended we were the other's boyfriend. We would touch each other, but neither of us had much in the way of breasts, although I liked to play with Jane's, she had little nubs before I did."

"How about her pussy?," I asked. "Did you like to touch hers?"

Susan looked longingly at mine. "We would both get pretty wet when we played with each other" she was opening up now. "We kind of rubbed each other's slit, but I don't think we ever really gave each other a real orgasm or anything."

I really wanted to take her now, but I decided to let her do the exploring for now. It felt too good to have this virgin girl experiment on me.

"Just do to me what you think you'd like done to you" I said.

Susan's hand went down to my pussy, her finger slipping into my moist slit gently. She felt for my clit, and I shivered as she found it immediately, stiffened, waiting for her touch. This girl really knew her way around a chick's body. I'm sure she must have played with herself often to know just where to touch me. I closed my eyes and let her pleasure me, sliding her finger up and down my moistening slit, her palm touching my clit just enough to tease me. Then she slipped her finger into my hole, and I let myself go limp in the water, weightless in her hands.

She entered me slowly, as she brought me closer to her chest, her tits right next to my face. I flicked out my tongue to her nipples, letting it slide over her small mounds. Susan shivered as she moaned, continuing to stroke my cunt. She pulled me closer to her, giving me easier access to her chest as I continued sucking her bite sized tits into my mouth. She found my clit, which was stiff from excitement about fucking this little girl. She began to stroke it with her fingers, letting it slide between them. As she finger fucked me, I could tell that she was getting too excited to stand for long, holding me up in the water.

"Let's move to the side of the pool" I said as I let her tit slide out of my mouth, even though I didn't want her to stop playing with my clit.

She gently let me down and I stood in front of her. Taking her head in my hands, I lowered my mouth to hers, sending an electric shock through both of us as our lips touched. I slipped my tongue against her lips, and she opened her mouth, allowing me to enter her mouth with my tongue. She hungrily sucked it, as she grasped my hard ass with her fingers. I moved my hands down to her heaving chest, palming her little titties and stroking the hard nipples between my fingers. She pulled me closer to her, our blond mounds pressing together underwater. I stopped to take a breath.

"Come on, sit up on the edge of the pool" I said, leading her to the edge.

I grasped her waist and quickly lifted her onto the side of the pool, her hips about even with my chest. She put her hands on my tits, kneading the heavy mellons in her palms as she watched me. My hands were still on her waist, but now I moved them lower to her thighs. They were very muscular for a young girl, and commented on how lovely they were. I stroked the outside of her legs, waiting for her to open them for me, not wanting to push too hard. Susan leaned forward, her beautiful face touching mine for a kiss. Her eyes focused on mine as she slowly spread her legs, scooching forward on the pool side slightly. I looked down to her bald pussy, the pink lips swollen from her excitement. Her slit was wet from her own juices, and I could smell the young lust from her sweet pussy.

The end of Part 1

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