Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Kitten Club, Part 1

The Kitten Club - Part 1
By Silky

Karen had just graduated high school three months earlier, her now sitting and looking around her new home inside the Great Room at Brentwood College, feeling the many eyes gaze upon her as she sat and waiting for the orientation of newbie’s. She was very shy, never saying a whole lot when spoken too, she was quiet and reserved most of the time. She wasn’t the nerdy kid you might think of, but she was brainy, smart, and extremely sexy. She had just turned the legal age of 18 a month earlier and having been released from the grasp of her strict parents for the last eighteen years, Karen was ready for new adventures she had read about. She had read about wild college parties and she wanted that for herself, and if she had known ahead of time how her new life would be turned around, she may have never come to the college in the first place. Karen was going to be changed like she could never even imagined, pussy being her way of life very soon.

Lisa on the other hand was 100% opposite of Karen, a wild girl like Karen had never met before. A dominant lesbian is what Lisa was and she was proud of it too. Both had been assigned a room together, most of the credit going to Lisa on getting Karen as her new roomie. Lisa had seen a small pic of Karen when assignments were being issued, and for a special favor to one of her female teachers, she got Karen instantly.

Lisa’s freshmen year six years earlier was filled with sex, sex parties, orgies, lezzie sex, gang bangs, 3 ways, 4 ways, and plain old bump and grind with both males and females. Her primary goal since then was to seduce the new girls coming in to the school, exploring them, learning about each one, stalking them, feel them out, see what made them tick, then set in motion her plan to get them alone with her, then initiated into her Kitten Club. It was a job Lisa loved to the fullest.

The Kitten Club was a special place you could only be invited or seduced into. Within the club was a world like no other, a place Karen would soon find and live within, even if she chose not to be a member, as it would be Lisa’s decision, not Karen’s. To be a Kitten was special to most of the other 24 girls in the club, but it had to be earned and only Lisa passed the recruits, and once a Kitten, they would always be one for the rest of their lives.

Karen found the dorm from the instructions on the welcome brochure, walked up the three flights of stairs, then finally found the room on the right at the end of the hallway. The room was private and very different from all the other rooms, in which Karen would learn in the coming days. Karen opened the door and a warm feeling swept over her as the door flung open. A soothing smell of potpourri and warm lighting really made her feel good. She sat her things down and just stood in the middle of the room taking in all the surroundings, then sat down in the recliner and stretched out her tired body. As she stretched outward, she admired her great body and she knew she had a great one too. Her rock hard nipples which protruded outward a good one inch was the highlight of her delectable ripe breast, as was her firm ass which was perfectly shaped on her lean and fit form.

She stood at 5’6”, weighed in at 110 lbs , brown hair - brown eyes - and felt extremely sexy. She was the kind of girl you would want no matter who you were, male or female, and she was as fresh as any female, never touched by anyone but herself - all virgin!

Karen leaned back in the chair letting her long hair flow downward over the head rest, her long skirt shoved upward showing off her sexy legs, her breathing in deeply the arousing scents, not knowing they were more than just the usual scent. She was totally relaxed. She was so much into the mood that she never heard Lisa enter the room behind her. Soft music began to play, soothing music that would make anyone relax to their fullest. Karen began to moan slightly, stretching her legs out again and pulling them close to herself, breathing in the intoxicating scents Lisa had prepared just for her. Lisa was less than two feet behind Karen, knowing the sexual scents she had prepared for Karen were working perfectly, just as it had done to all the other helpless girls.

As Karen fell deeper into her sexual sleep state, Lisa began to strip off her clothes. Button by button was undone, Lisa taking in to aroma as well, feeling her own breast as she pinched her nipples looking at Karen’s ample tits. Once Lisa’s blouse hit the floor, as did her lacy bra, she then began to lower and remove her black mini skirt, then yanked off her sheer thong, rubbing and thumbing her exposed clit in an erotic show as passion and lust. Lisa was so turned on watching Karen drift deeper into her deep sexual zone of sleep. Karen was so into the scents, she never saw Lisa approach her from behind and begin stroking her hair. Karen was deep into Lisa’s fuck zone, that a fire next to her couldn’t awaken her for hours. Lisa knew Karen was ready for the first step of arousal, herself getting dizzy from the strong odor.

Lisa sat in the chair with Karen, snuggling up close to her, kissing her lightly on her lips. Lisa slowly began to remove Karen’s clothes, working through them with ease, removing her shirt, bra, skirt, panties, until was Karen was nude before her, Lisa staring at Karen’s virgin folds between her luscious legs, her small patch of pubic hair getting a slow brushing between Lisa’s fingers. Lisa loved this slow seduction & with each new kitten, the experience was 100 times better than the previous session. After six years of doing this to perfectly chosen candidates, it never got old and Lisa wanted it to last forever - as she knew this would be her last year at the college.

Karen was deep in the state of sleep that was both erotic and sensuous, her mind feeling with erotic dreams and visions, a state she would stay in until Lisa released her. Lisa zeroed in on Karen’s extremely erect nipples and sucked on each one for a good ten minutes. She rolled each one between her teeth, slightly biting and sucking on each one until they were both reddened. Lisa was in heaven, letting her right hand travel down Karen’s soft belly, reaching her untouched folds, spread them open with her fingers and then inserted her middle finger into Karen’s tight pussy. Lisa slowly finger fucked her virgin new playmate, never stopping from sucking on her erect nips. The more she pushed her finger into Karen, the more slow moans escaped Karen’s lips. Lisa suddenly stooped and moved down to face the virgin pussy. She stuck her tongue into the warm pussy and gave it a good tongue fucking, her left finger exploring Karen’s anus, darting her forefinger in and out of her very tight ass. Lisa stopped again, moved up to face Karen face to face, then gently kissed her lips, exploring her mouth with her tongue. Lisa wanted Karen in a way only she could explore another girl. Lisa wanted her in her bed, in her arms, the love making to last forever. Usually at times like this is when plan two kicked in, which is when the other kittens from previous years would be brought in to further the excitement - but Lisa wanted Karen all to herself tonight. No sharing or orgy of females for Karen tonight either. Lisa had the power in this club to make any change she wanted, as she was the head kitten.

Lisa felt special with Karen, making her have a feeling like she had not had before with previous girls. Lisa snuggled up close to Karen, taking in her warmth, her scent, her softness, and her sleeping zone of excitement. Lisa wanted Karen to get the full dose of the sex drug. She knew if she breathed it in for a few hours more, that Karen would be putty in her hands tonight. What this meant to Lisa was 10 to 12 hours of sex play. Anything she wanted to do with Karen, she could do, and she would be doing no matter what. Karen’s body wouldn’t be the same once Lisa finished with her.

End of Part 1

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