Monday, September 6, 2010

The Kitten Club, Part 2

The Kitten Club - Part 2
By Silky

With all the lust and power Lisa had over all the other kittens, she wanted more from them. She wanted more of Karen too, as Karen would repeat what Lisa desires from all her kittens. A commitment to being a lesbian her entire life, even if Lisa had to make Karen accept her new life by force. 22 of the previous 24 kittens had repeated and told Lisa the special desire she requires from them. The two that did not say what Lisa wanted them to say - no one knows where they are - except for Lisa. Making her mad was not something to take lightly. Crossing her was not wise, as she had great power within the college and within the staff, to do as she pleased to anyone, making their lives a living hell if she chose for that to happen.

(3 hours later)

Lisa stood and lifted Karen’s sleeping body into her arms and carried her into and onto her custom king size bondage bed. As the door closed - the silk sheets turned down - Karen laid out on the bed - Lisa began her night of fun, strapping all four limbs of Karen to the straps on the bed, then attaching her special toy - a 12” realistic dong with inner ticklers for herself, the dong twitching between her legs as she inserted the ticklers into her dripping wet pussy. Lisa was ready for some serious action. Her special dong so a lot of action - exploring every inch of every kitten, in every opening too. This was not a crime, but a ritual. Karen would either emerge as a new tamed kitten or another missing person. The choice was all hers after the nights events with Lisa.

Lisa’s bed was equipped with every need a person could want, this one equipped with a special mask to attach to Karen’s face - making her breathe in the special aroma of Lisa’s - keeping her drugged for as long as Lisa wanted her in that state. The bed also included tubes for intravenous feedings, meaning the session could last for weeks if Lisa wanted it too. Her bed had all her favorites - razors, scalpels, whips, sex toys of ever size, and so much more.

Karen’s sleeping body was making Lisa drip between her legs, the ticklers doing their magic to her enlarged and exposed clit. Lisa crawled up on the bed and laid directly between over Karen, their breasts mashed together, Karen’s belly moving up and own with each breath of air, never slowing its pace as she inhaled, moments away from the deepest sleep she had ever encountered.

“It’s playtime my sweet Karen. You ready for me baby?” Lisa whispered to Karen. “Say goodbye to your sweet virginity sweetness. You belong to me now and you will forever be mine for the rest of our lives baby doll.” Lisa positioned the rubber dong between Karen’s legs and slowly pushed the fake cock just inside of Karen’s folds. Lisa got in a better position by repositioning her legs, pushing slowly watching the rubber cock head slowly travel into Karen’s tight slit. Lisa loved deflowering virgins. It was special to her. Lisa leaned down and kissed Karen, her tongue exploring her mouth and pushed as hard as she could, ramming the dong up into Karen’s pussy, it bursting through her hymen with force, Karen never flinching at all, as Lisa began to power fuck Karen. Lisa’s tongue went wild in Karen’s mouth, licking and sucking on her tongue, her hands grasping Karen’s ripe young breasts and squeezing them hard, sucking on them erect nips, driving the cock in and out, with a small amount of blood being pulled out of Karen’s busted pussy, as Lisa fucked her with the huge dong. She had no mercy for any girl, she just loved using them. Lisa rolled over onto her back, moving Lisa on top of her, driving the cock in her. The pace was unbelievable, Lisa fucking Karen like a girl on acid. “That’s it baby, take it all in you.” Lisa was the wildest in bed, Karen learning the hard way. Lisa rolled Karen back onto the bed, herself never stopping the pace of the rape, and rape it was too. The bed was rocking as Lisa slammed the dong in Karen, positioning the mask over her head, “Yes my lovely, breathe it in deeply. Sleep baby…sleep.”

Two hours had passed and Lisa was still fucking Karen. Lisa had had three orgasms in that time and she wanted more at the hands of Karen, herself cumming just a small amount. Lisa pulled the dong out of Karen’s used and widely spread opened puss, repositioned the cock at her anus, and drove the cock into Karen’s young ass. The dong didn’t want to go in easily, but Lisa made it go in, driving it in with her hips, making Karen take it all in until all you could see was the black harness. Lisa slapped Karen’s ass over and over, then shoved the cock in and out, smacked her ass more, fucked her butt…over and over this went on for another hour. Lisa was tired, but she wanted Karen to cum. She wanted her to cum hard with an explosion if she could. In the state Karen was in, it wasn’t going to be easy to make that happen, but Lisa knew how to make it happen, as she had done with all the other kittens. Lisa placed her one hand down to Karen’s swollen clit and her pussy was soaking wet. Lisa shoved three fingers in and worked on her pussy the entire time she slammed the cock in her ass. “Cum baby!”

The small amount of cum the Karen had ejected two hours before was not good enough for Lisa. She wanted a stream of cum, something to drink and give her strength. She shoved the cock back in Karen’s twat, and fucked her for another hour. Lisa was covered in sweat, but there was no stopping her in her goal. She had been fucking Karen for four straight hours, Karen’s pussy was red and swollen from the abuse. “C’mon baby, cum for me. Show me you love me baby.” Lisa put Karen’s legs up on her shoulders and continued assaulting the young puss before her. She reached down and grabbed Karen’s enlarged clit and give it a good tug, then twisted it in her fingers. “Cum for me baby!”

Another hour passed, Lisa never stopping her cum goal. She had removed the cock and was laying between Karen’s legs sucking and chewing on her ripe clit, licking and sucking in her lips, shoving fingers in her ass, just working her pussy over until it finally happened…it caught Lisa by surprise as Karen erupted with eight large streams of cum, all of it shooting into Lisa’s mouth, herself lapping it up like a dog in heat. It was Karen’s first real orgasm, one of many to come, and Lisa was thrilled. “That’s my baby girl, you taste so good baby.” Lisa licked up every drop and them licked Karen’s pussy dry, never stopping her finger attack on her ass. Lisa went for Karen’s clit, sucking it into her mouth and sucking on it hard until she was satisfied for the moment. Lisa moved up to Karen, removed the mask, and kissed her deeply. “You and me are going to be lovers baby. See you in a little while.” Lisa headed for the shower to get cleaned up while Karen slowly began her awakeness, which would take a few hours, unless Lisa returned for more before she woke up.

End of Part 2

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Part 3 is on hold.

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