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Sunset Ride

This is a sweet story written by my friend Jen, who has written a couple stories that are here presently. She writes lesbian romances mostly, which is something I love to read from others who love to write as I do on that subject. I think you will enjoy this very much.

Sunset Ride 
by Jen

Kimberly awakens to the ringing of her phone. She stretches and answers in her cute sleepy voice.


"Good morning, sweetheart," says an equally sleepy voice on the other end.

Kimberly recognizes it immediately and her mouth turns up in a big smile.

"Good morning, Jennifer. How did you sleep?"

"Well, after I finally tuned out your loud snoring, I slept like a baby." Jennifer teasingly answers.

"Ohhh better straighten up."

They both laugh and give each other quick little kisses through the phone. They talk a little bit about their plans for the day. Kimberly is working and Jen is going to hang out at the nail place, making herself seen as she slowly build her massage clientele.

"Well I hope you don't have any plans tonight, because I have a date planned for you," Jen says.

"Is that so?" Kimberly questions playfully..."I'll make sure I clear my social calendar then."

"You better...I'll pick you up at seven."

"Okay, see you then."

The two exchanged goodbyes and reluctantly hung up.

They text and talk throughout the day...sending each other playful texts and checking in to make sure the day is going well for both of them.

At about six o'clock Jennifer's phone rings. It was Kimberly asking what she should wear for the date. Jennifer told her to be comfortable..maybe shorts and a t-shirt...anything casual.

As Jen drives to Kimberly's house, she's getting more and more excited. She hopes Kimberly likes the date she has planned.

She pulls in the driveway and honks her horn. Kimberly bounds out of the house, telling her sister she would be back later and to make sure she feeds the dogs. She jumps in the passenger side of Jen's Honda and they lean towards each other for a kiss. Muahhhh.

"You look cute," Jen tell hers. Kimberly is wearing blue jean shorts with a Louisville Cardinals T-shirt.

"So do you", Kimberly replies...looking Jen up and down, admiring her khaki shorts and pale yellow polo shirt, which is unbuttoned, allowing Kimberly to catch a little bit of cleavage. "But don't you think those shorts are a little too short for you to be wearing in public?"

"I'm not wearing them for the public, babe, I'm wearing them for you!", Jen says with a wink.

"Uh huh. So where are we going?"

"Sit back and relax'll find out soon."

As they drive, they fill each other in on their day. Kimberly went to her office for a bit, then went to her friend Bryan's house for a little while. Jennifer stayed at the massage place for a while, gave her mom a massage and ran some errands for her parents. She was picking up dinner for them at Carrabba's and had her "blond" moment...she pulled away without the food. She realized this about halfway home and as turning around when her phone was Carrabba's telling her they had the food if she wanted to swing back by to pick it up. Kimberly just patted Jen's leg....

"You're so cute babe."...she said, continuing to laugh.

"HMPH." grunted Jen.

Kimberly looks out the window..."Where are we, at a horse ranch?"

"Yup! Jen says pulling onto a gravel driveway.

They get out of the car and Jen takes Kimberly's hand, leading her up the walkway to the barn.

A guy was out there and he was definitely an horse man...had the cowboy hat, the boots, he had the whole nine yards.

"Ma'am, you did just want one horse saddled up is that right?"

"Yes sir, that's right...oh and don't call me Ma'am. Kimberly meet Randy...he's a friend of my Dad's and owns this place. He's gonna let us take one of his horses out."

Kimberly and Randy exchanged greetings, and Randy walked inside the barn to get the horse.

Kimberly pulled Jen in her arms and smiled. They held each other until Randy came back.

"This here is Max." Max was a beautiful quarter horse. Sorrel brown with a white blaze down his face and four equal white stockings. "He's a calm one, and shouldn't cause you two any trouble. Who's getting on first?"

Jennifer stepped up and swung up onto Max...Kimberly quickly followed and settled in the saddle behind her.

"Now you girls have fun, but please be back at the barn by 11:30. I need to be in bed by midnight."

They thanked Randy and started on their way.

Huge oak trees lined the property and they made their way slowly over the rolling hills. Kimberly pull Jen back against her tightly and wrapped her arms around her.

Kissing the back of her neck she says..."It's beautiful out here. And you feel so good in my arms."

Jen smiled and turned her head to the side so she could kiss Kimberly. Their lips met and a goosebumps came over both of them. Their kisses never failed to disappoint.

As they topped another hill they could see a small river below. Kimberly noticed a picnic set up under a huge tree.

"Well well well, what do we have here?"

Jen just laughed as they guided Max down to the river. They slid off the horse and Jennifer led him over to the river so he could get some water. Then she took him to a tree close by and wrapped the reins around a him plenty of space to graze.

Then, they both settle on the blanket and start opening the picnic baskets and cooler. They got out turkey sandwiches, sun-chips and cold bottles of water.

"This looks great. I'm starving" Kimberly says...taking a bite of her sandwich.

As they eat, they talk and just enjoy each others company in the beautiful surroundings. The sun is sinking lower behind the trees, and crickets and tree frogs started warming up for their nightly routine.

"'s still so hot." Jen remarked, getting that mischievous look in her eyes as she gaze turned to the softly moving river.

"You wouldn't" Kimberly dared.

Jennifer slowly stood up and pulled her shirt over her head. Kimberly leaned back on her hands and watched closely as Jennifer unhooked her bra, next came her shorts and panties. Even Max stopped eating for a moment to look over as Jen stepped out of her shorts. Then, in a flash, Jen streaked across and jumped in the river.

"Ohhh shitttttt..this is so cold!!"

Kimberly just shook her head. She couldn't be outdone, so she stripped and jumped in too. They met each other with a warm kiss...there were the goosebumps again..this time from the kiss and the cold!!! Wrapping up in each other, their naked bodies pressed together as the water flowed around them. They played and splashed each other, teasing one another until the cold was just too much. They made their way out of the water...Jen walking in front with Kimberly behind her, hands on her waist. They got an extra blanket and wrapped it around themselves. They stood together for a long time...the darkness overcoming the sun...until they were warmed up.

Jennifer looks into Kimberly eyes. "I want you to make love to me right here, right now."

Without saying anything, Kimberly presses her lips to Jen's. Her tongue parting her lips, wrapping around Jennifer's. Goosebumps. They melt into each other as their tongues explore. Kimberly pulls away, tugging on Jen's bottom lip. Her lips graze across Jennifer's left cheek...kissing along to her ear. Jennifer gets chills as Kimberly's hot breath whispers..."I'll make love to you." Her tongue flicks across the earlobe...sucking it in gently.

Jennifer lets out a soft sigh and Kimberly makes her way down her neck...over her collarbone...and down between her breasts. They both lower themselves to their knees, as Kimberly cups Jennifer's breasts. Her thumbs rubbing the nipples. Kimberly spends some time, just loving the breasts. Sucking them, fondling them, squeezing them, kissing them. She raises back up for another kiss. Goosebumps. And then slowly leans Jennifer back. She returns back to her breasts for a few extra seconds of loving...then moves her attention down to her stomach....dragging her tongue to her belly button and giving it a few soft kisses. Kimberly can feel the heat of Jen's pussy, and it's driving her completely insane. She can't take it any more and moves her mouth down to her mound. Kissing the outside of her pussy, the inside of her thighs, back to her pussy. Teasing Jen. Jennifer can't take much longer of this teasing...she pushes her pussy up to meet Kimberly's mouth, urging her to go deeper. Kimberly smiles and slips her tongue between Jennifer thick lips, tasting her juice that's already abundant in the crevice. God she tastes so good, Kimberly thinks to herself. She gives the slit long slow strokes as her hands massage Jennifer's thighs. Jen's moans just turn her on she hungrily begans to suck on her pussy. Her tongue finding her clit, she flicks her tongue vigorously over it, her hands move to her ass and she pulls Jen further into her mouth. She feels herself getting wet and as she encloses her lips around Jennifer's clit, the feeling of her throbbing bud in her mouth, just about sends Kimberly over the edge. Kimberly takes a finger and spreads Jen's pussy lips further apart and gingerly slips it into her tight hole.

"God baby, you're so tight." Kimberly says breathlessly.

Jennifer can only utter a moan as Kimberly pushes her finger in deeper....her tongue returns to Jen's clit and starts flicking and licking again.

In just a couple of minutes, Jennifer's thighs start trembling....Kimberly knows she's about to cum, so she uses her other hand to rub her own pussy...she wants to cum with her. Jennifer holds on, knowing what Kimberly is doing....

In a minute Kimberly says..."Baby I'm gonna cum." Jennifer hips start bucking and her breathing is short and hard....she lets out a small squeal as she and Kimberly climax together. Another wave of orgasm closely follows and they collapse into each other. Kimberly lays her head on Jen's stomach, closing her eyes. Jennifer also closes hers, as her hands stroke Kimberly's hair. After a few minutes. Kimberly climbs back to Jennifer and kisses her softly. Goosebumps. They spend the next hour playing with each other, taking turns making the other erupt in passionate spasms.... as the soundtrack of nature plays in the background...the flowing the stream, the crickets, tree frogs, and even Max, with his occasional "Nays." They fall asleep in each others arms, each with a big smile spread across their face.

They are awakened by Max stomping and7 snorting. It's pitch dark. They look at each other then their watches...Oh Shit! It's 11:15. The jump up and throw on their clothes.

"Leave the picnic stuff here," Jen instructs. "I'll clean up everything tomorrow!"

They jump on Max and start galloping towards the barn. As they approach, they see Randy's figure in the pale light of the barn.

"Hmmm...11:40." he says...tapping his watch. "I'll forgive y'all this time" he winked and took Max's reins as the girls dismounted.

They said their goodbyes and got in the car. On the drive back to Kimberly's house, they talked about their night, giving each other little kisses and grins.

When they pulled up to the house. Jen said..."Thanks for being my date."

"Oh the date isn't over," Kimberly said getting out of the car.

She walks around to the driver's door and pulls Jen out. "My sister's in bed, and I've caught my 2nd wind."

She leads Jennifer into the house and into her room...closing the door behind them. This is gonna be a good night, Jen thinks to herself.

Kimberly pulls her close and they lock lips for the hundredth time of the night. Goosebumps.

The End :)

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