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Cabin Fever

Here is another great lesbian love affair by Jen. This is one of her longest to date but it's worth the read, trust me. :) Most stories about a secluded cabin in the mountains is usually a hot read no matter the subject matter.

Cabin Fever
by Jen

Jennifer was in a sticky situation, and not the kind she liked. Her sweetheart, Kimberly, recently expressed to her that she was feeling neglected. That she thinks Jennifer is losing interest in her and she feels that Jen doesn't treat her the way she used to. This really upset Jennifer. She hated the fact that she made Kimberly feel like this and she was determined to find a way...any show Kimberly how much she cared for her and how much she meant to her. After a couple of days of mulling over ideas, Jen finally had the perfect plan.

It was Thursday morning, and Kimberly was about to jump in the shower when she heard her phone ring. She smiled as she saw Jen's pic flash on her caller I.D. Kimberly answered the phone.

"Hey baby."

Jen had to grin as she heard the smile in Kimberly's voice. Damn it felt good to know that she still made her smile.

"Hey sweetheart. Do you have a few minutes to talk? I wanna run something by you."

"Yeah sure. I was about to step in the shower, but it can wait."

"Hmmm...the shower huh? How about you wait a little longer so I can come over and help you with that?"

"No babe. You're still on restriction." Kimberly said with a giggle.

"Grrr babyyy. I understand I'm still on restriction, but don't ya know you're restricting yourself too? You know how turned on you get when I do the things I do. Seems like a shame to punish yourself like that."

"Uh huh. Okay smart-ass you're getting off the subject. What did you want to tell me? My water is getting cold."

"Ohhhhhh cold water equals hard nipples!! Baby, take a picture!"

"Jennifer!!!!", Kimberly exclaimed into the phone.

"Ok ok. Well, ya know how it's my parents 20th anniversary coming up in Nov, and I wanted to do something special. I don't know what to buy them, b/c they already have everything, so I wanted to do something where they could get away and just have a weekend together. I was thinking about renting a cabin up in the Smokey Mountains for them. I'm going up there this weekend to check it out and well, I was hoping you would come with me."

Kimberly thought for a moment. "Welllllll you are on restriction and the weekend is like, tomorrow....but Kristy is driving me crazy, so I could use the break."

"Yayyyy...I'll pick you up at 7am sharp."

The girls said their goodbyes and hung up. Kimberly couldn't help but be excited. Jen was right. She did turn Kimberly on, and it wasn't long before Kimberly's pussy grew very wet. As she got in the shower, her fingers found her pussy and she brought herself to climax as the water streamed down her body. Meanwhile, Jen couldn't help but think about what she knew Kimberly was doing. She knew Kimberly was pleasuring herself and it drove her crazy. She too became very horny as she finished up last minute preparations for the trip.

The next morning, Jen pulled into Kimberly's driveway a few minutes before seven. She walked up to the door and rang the bell. Kimberly answered, "Hey you're early."

"Yeah I thought you might need some help getting stuff together."

"I'm almost done, but I could use some extra hands to carry the bags."

Jennifer wrapped her arms around Kimberly and drew her close. "I have some hands you could use." She leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the tip of Kimberly's nose. Kimberly smiled and then Jen moved her lips to hers pressing them together. The girls both felt the butterflies fluttering in their stomachs..they felt them every time they kissed. The sweet kiss quickly changed to a steamy, hot one s their tongues found each other and played together in a dance that was strictly their own. After a minute, they pulled away and Kimberly stammered..."Even though you're still on restriction, I'm gonna let you slide on that one." Her eyes were still closed. "Now make yourself useful and help me with my stuff." Jennifer was breathing hard and playfully smacked Kimberly's butt as she turned around. "Yes ma'am."

It only took a few minutes to get the car loaded and they were pulling out of the driveway about 5 after 7. they had a great drive up to the mountains. They stopped and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, looked around the country store, sat in the big rocking chairs and played a game of checkers. Jen won of course...just like she always did on the basketball court. They admired the fall colors as the trees changed. They talked and laughed, held hands and sung along with their favorite songs. Kimberly would lean over and steal a quick kiss and then playfully scold Jen when Jennifer would try to pull over to get more than a kiss.

"So, what hotel did you book for us to stay in?" Kimberly asked.

"Ummm well, that's taken care of babe. Let's just get to the place. I wanna check out the cabin first. That way we will have the rest of the weekend to do what we want."

"Okay babe, but can't you tell me what hotel?"

Jennifer gave her the look that Kimberly knew well. It was one of those..."Drop it" looks. Kimberly did drop it, but couldn't help but mumble..."She's the one on restriction and I'm the one getting the looks."

Jen really wanted to tell her but she couldn't ruin the surprise. "Just trust me baby." he said softly as she squeezed her hand.

They drove to the park rangers' station and got directions to the cabin. the ranger slipped something to Jen, but Kimberly couldn't tell what is was.

As they drove through the park and higher into the mountains, Jennifer grew more excited. She hoped Kimberly would love the surprise and she couldn't believe she hadn't spilled the beans yet.

They pulled up to a cabin that was surrounded by huge trees, had a fire pit in the front of it, and a stream behind it, filled with huge rocks.

Jennifer parked the car and the girls got out. "Earlier when you ran into the rest stop, I called the park ranger and talked him into letting me have a key so we could check out the inside."

"So that's what he handed you back there!"

Jen winked, took Kimberly's hand, and they walked into the cabin. They took their time admiring each room. The kitchen had a bar and a nice big sturdy table. The living area had a comfy couch and recliners and a huge fireplace. It had wood floors throughout the cabin with large, plush area rugs. There was a wrap around porch with a hot-tub on the back deck over looking the river.

"Let's go check out the master bedroom.", Kimberly said, dragging Jen down the hallway.

"Awww baby. It's just a bedroom. I wanna get out of the park before dark."

Kimberly crossed her arms and tried to be pitiful. "I never get anything I want."

Jennifer kissed her pouty lips. "You gotta go to the restroom before we leave?"

"Yeah I guess I will." Kimberly said, hanging her head as she walked away. Jennifer waited until she heard the bathroom door shut and she rushed to the car, grabbed the bags, and slipped back into the cabin. She put the bags on the other side of the bed in the master bedroom and waited by the bathroom door. As Kimberly came out, Jennifer grabbed her and they locked into a sensual kiss. Butterflies. Jennifer slipped behind her, covered her eyes, and whispered, "I think we should take a look at that master bedroom after all." Kimberly said, "Well I'm glad you finally see things my way."

Jennifer opened the door, guided Kimberly in and uncovered her eyes. Kimberly took a deep breath as she looked around. Against the left wall there was a huge oak bed with fluffy pillows. Big bay windows overlooked the mountains, and two walk-in closets were set in the back wall. Kimberly ran to the master bathroom and Jen heard her say, "Wow, it's beautiful." And indeed it was beautiful. In the right corner there was an enormous jacuzzi style bathtub in front of a stained glass window. There was a tiled floor shower with two shower heads and a bench. The toilet was in the opposite corner and had a door for privacy. Kimberly walked back to the bedroom, "Baby this place is awesome. Your parents are gonna love it." Her voice trailed off as she saw Jennifer holding an elephant stuffed animal with a card leaning on it's trunk. Kimberly walked over. Jen always remembered her favorite things and elephants were one of them. On the front of the card was her favorite picture of them together. Kimberly opened it and read Jen's words....

I hope that YOU love it. Here's to making up for lost time.

Kimberly's heart fluttered as the realization hit her. Jennifer hadn't planned anything for her parents. All this was for her. She couldn't believe that Jen had gone through all this trouble just for her. She threw her arms around Jen and tackled her to the bed, covering her face and neck with kisses. Jennifer laughed, "So I take it that you're happy, babe?"

"You have no idea Jennifer."

"Be careful. You're smothering you're elephant."

Kimberly laughed as she saw her stuffed animal swooshed between them, only it's trunk sticking out. They sat up and Kimberly asked, "What should we name it?"

The girls thought for a minute. "What about Peanut?" Jen suggested.

"I love it," Kimberly agreed. "Peanut it is."

After making sure Peanut was safely out of the way, Jennifer pulled Kimberly close and they held each other. After a while, they heard rumbling.

"Baby I think I heard thunder."

"No Kimberly. That's not thunder. That was my stomach." Jen replied sheepishly. "We have a fully stocked kitchen in there. Let's go make something to eat."

The girls decided to fry some cheeseburgers and put frozen fries in the oven. Jen went to work making the burgers and Kimberly got the plates and drinks ready. Of course Jennifer had made sure that there was plenty of sweet tea. just another one of Kimberly's favorites.

"Let's eat outside on the deck," Kimberly suggested.

"Great idea. The burgers are almost ready."

Kimberly pulled the steaming fries from the oven and they carried their plates outside. They talked through dinner, making sure to keep in contact the whole time, whether it was a touch on the arm or thigh, a kiss or a whisper.

As they finished, Kimberly stood up to clear the table. Jennifer placed a hand on hers. "No, no babe. I got this. Go make yourself comfortable on the lounge chair over there."

Kimberly hugged her and laid down on the cushioned metal chair.

Jennifer hurriedly cleared the table and as she cleaned up the kitchen, she couldn't help but watch Kimberly through the window. Jennifer hoped that she was enjoying herself. She hated the fact that she had been upsetting her lately and all she wants is for Kimberly to know how much she wants her. She's always on her mind and Jen feels the happiest and most complete when she's with her.

Jen quickly finishes the kitchen, grabs a blanket from the closet and made her way back outside.

"I couldn't help but notice you curled up in a ball out here so I figured you were cold."

" were watching me huh?" Kimberly playfully responded. "And yes it is chilly. C'mere and keep me warm."

Jennifer slid behind her and Kimberly leaned back against her chest, pulling the blanket over them. They snuggled together watching the sun set over the mountains, their deep relaxing breaths lulling them both to sleep.

Suddenly they were both startled awake by a rustling in the bushes by the corner of the cabin. They looked at each other with wide eyes and both screamed "Bear!!"

There was a jumble of arms and legs as the girls fall over each other, stumbling into the safety of the cabin. They raced over to the window to take a look at the bushes and stood frozen. Out of the bushes, walked a big black and white raccoon. The girls looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Oh my gosh. Can you imagine what we looked like?" Jennifer snorted.

Kimberly was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe, much less respond. She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and took a few swallows. When she finally could talk, she moved her arm around. "Damn babe, my arm is hurting. Between the long car ride up here and our wrestling match to escape the big bad raccoon, I think I aggravated it."

Jennifer walked over and started to rub her arm. "I'm sorry. Rest here for a few minutes and I'll go get a hot bath ready for you."

"Mmmm. That sounds great."

After a little bit Kimberly heard Jen calling her from the bathroom. She walked in and looked around. She didn't see Jennifer but what she did see was lighted candles covering the counter and surrounding the tub. A path of rose petals were sprinkled from the doorway to the bathtub. The jacuzzi was brimming with bubbles and a few more rose petals. Kimberly heard soft music turn on from the bedroom and felt Jennifer's arms slip around her waist. Their hips slowly started swaying back and forth in rhythm to the music. Jen brushed aside Kimberly's hair and softly started kissing her neck. Kimberly sighed and leaned her head back on Jen's shoulder. A tingling sensation shot straight to her pussy as she felt Jen's tongue trace up and down her neck, little nibbles and sucks trailed across her back and continued on the other side of her neck. Kimberly turned around and gently placed her lips against Jennifer's. Butterflies. Kimberly raised her arms above her head and they broke the kiss just long enough for Jen to pull Kimberly's shirt over her head, letting if fall to the floor. Their lips met again. Jennifer reached around and unhooked Kimberly's bra. She moved her mouth from Kimberly's lips and kiss her shoulder, sliding the strap down her arm, then did the same to her other shoulder. She dropped to her knees and unbuttoned Kimberly's jeans, sliding them down to her ankles. She moved her mouth over her panty covered pussy and took a deep breath. The sweet scent made Jen's mouth water. Kimberly's breath caught in her throat as she felt Jen's tongue stroking her throbbing clit through the fabric. Jen hooked her thumbs under the band of the panties and slid them down, letting them drop on top of her jeans at her ankles. Kimberly's pussy was now exposed and Jennifer covered it again with her mouth. Jen looked up at her...."God, you're so wet." She gave Kimberly's clit one last lick, stood up and Kissed Kimberly again. Butterflies.

"C'mon babe, get in the tub while the water is still hot."

Kimberly stepped out of her clothes and over to the bath's edge. She put a hand on Jen's shoulders as she carefully stepped into tub. Jen admired Kimberly's body as it slipped under the foamy water.

"How's the temperature?", Jen asked as she knelt down.

"It's great. There's only one thing that would made it perfect."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Jennifer asked coyly.

Kimberly grabbed Jen's hand. "Get your ass in here."

"Hmmm...sooo demanding baby. I love it."

Jen stood up and slowly started to move her hips. She slid her shirt off and turned around. She unhooked her bra and tossed a flirty glance over her shoulder as she continued to dance.

"Wooohooo!! Take it off babyyyy" Kimberly yelled as she let out a whistle.

Jen twirls the bra above her head and turned back around. The bra slipped off her finger and flew straight towards Kimberly. She snatched it from the air, laughing. Jen continued to dance, slowly taking off her shorts and panties. She lowered herself into the tub and leaned over to kiss Kimberly. More Butterflies.
After the kiss, she leaned back against the opposite side of the tub, took one of Kimberly's feet in her hands, and started to give her a massage. Kimberly smiled and leaned her head back, settling deeper into the water. They stayed in the bath for a couple of hours, running fresh hot water whenever it became too cool, giving each other foot rubs, massages, kissing, cuddling, laughing and talking. Once they realized their fingers and toes were a little too wrinkled, they decided to get out, wrapping themselves in big fluffy towels. They spent their first night in bed together. Flirting and fucking, making each other cum over and over until they both fell asleep, each with a big smile on her face.

Jennifer was awakened the next morning to the mouth watering smell of frying bacon. Rubbing her eyes, she slipped into her light blue silk robe and sleepily wandered into the kitchen.

"Well look who decided to get up and enjoy the morning!", Kimberly teased as she walked over in her red silk robe. "Good morning sleepyhead."

"What time is it?" Jennifer asked.

"Time for you to come sit at the table and eat some breakfast, " Kimberly directed as she returned to the stove.

Jennifer glanced at the clock. "Really babe? It's 8 am? Really?"

"Well hell babe, you just wanna sleep in bed all day?"

Jennifer came up behind her, pinning her against the counter, and whispered in her ear, "Who said anything about sleeping?"

Kimberly turned and playfully pushed her away. "Get over there and eat before it gets cold. Plus you're still on restriction."

"Grrrrr" Jen growled as Kimberly stifled a laugh.

The girls had their fill of eggs, biscuits and gravy, and bacon.

"Mmmm babe, that was delicious. My compliments to the cook." Jen said.

"Well, thank you from the cook." Kimberly replied, kissing Jennifer on the top of her head as she stood and started cleaning off the table.

Jennifer watched her as Kimberly cleaned, admiring her ass and the way her hair shined in the sunlight streaming in from the windows. As Kimberly came over for the last dish, Jennifer grabbed her hand and pulled her to where she was standing in front of her while Jen remained sitting in the chair. Jennifer wrapped her arms around her waist and buried her face against Kimberly's stomach. She rested her head while Kimberly ran her fingers through Jen's hair. After a few minutes, Jen looked up and made a little kissing movement with her lips. Kimberly smiled and returned the air kiss. Jennifer's fingers found the rope belt of Kimberly's robe and slowly untied it. the robe opened up slightly and Jennifer licked her lips as she caught a glimpse of Kimberly's pussy. She leaned up and let her tongue flick against Kimberly's right nipple. She pulled her onto her lap and moved her hands up to her breasts, cupping them while she sucked and licked her nipples. Kimberly's moans drove Jennifer to suck harder, her teeth tugging at the sensitive flesh. Jen slid her right hand down to Kimberly's mound and her fingers started slowly rubbing Kimberly's already wet lips. Kimberly leaned down and kissed Jen passionately as she begins to rub faster. Kimberly leans her head back and Jennifer turned her attention back to her breasts as her finger slips into Kimberly's tight hole.

"Fuck Kimberly. You feel so good."

Jennifer started to fuck her hard, thrusting her finger and out of Kimberly's pussy as her mouth continued its assault on her breasts. After a couple of minutes, Jen replaced her pointer finger with her middle one for a little more length and Kimberly grabbed Jen's shoulders and started riding Jennifer's fuck finger so hard, that Jen thought it was going to break.

"Jennifer, I'm about to cum," Kimberly said breathlessly.

Jen stood up, keeping her finger inside Kimberly. She turned them around and laid Kimberly back on the table...her finger continued to fuck her. She sits in the chair, pulling Kimberly's pussy to her face. Stopping her finger inside her, Jen's tongue flicks over her clit a few times, sending Kimberly over the edge. Jennifer resumes fucking her and licking her swollen clit until Kimberly released her juices into Jen's mouth. Jen slowed her finger movements and then pulled it out as she watched Kimberly's pussy twitch, squeezing out the last bit of cum. She pulled Kimberly off the table and held her close. Kimberly finally whispered, "That was so damn good Jennifer. My compliments to the fucker." Jen smiled. "Well you're welcome, from the fucker."

The girls spend the rest of the morning exploring the outdoors around the cabin. They hiked through the woods and even fished in the stream for a bit. Of course, Kimberly spend most of that time laughing at Jen, because when she did actually catch the fish, she screamed and acted all girly when she tried to get if off the hook.

For lunch they ate sandwiches and chips and then took an afternoon drive through the mountains. While driving back to the cabin, Jennifer asked Kimberly what she wanted to do that night.

"Well, when I was cooking breakfast this morning, I saw some steaks in the fridge so I started them marinating. I'm in the mood to grill tonight."

"That sounds yummy babe. There is some potatoes and I can make a salad."

Then Kimberly added, "But first I want to try out that hot tub."

Jennifer readily agreed and the girls changed into their swimsuits and got in the hot tub.

"Mmmmm...this is just what the doctor ordered. My legs are aching from all the walking we did today."

"How's your arm doing babe?" Jen asked.

"It's good. That bubble bath and massage did the trick last night."

After about half an hour, the girls got out and moved to the shower. They took turns washing each other with the soapy sponge and rinsed off. They toweled dried and got dressed. Kimberly changed into her gray sweatpants and Louisville Cardinals basketball shirt and Jen put on a white spaghetti strap and navy Auburn cheerleading shorts with Tigers written across the butt in orange. Another favorite of mine Kimberly thought to herself.

Kimberly started the grill and Jennifer put two potatoes in the oven to bake, then started the salad. She took a glass of sweet tea out to Kimberly.

"'s cold out here." Jen said, shivering.

"Well, maybe if you wore clothes like most people." Kimberly teased. "But hey, I'm not complaining. I like the view." Kimberly watched Jen's ass and legs as she walked away. Jen couldn't help but laugh.

"These steaks are almost done babe. I'll be in in a little bit."

After a few minutes, Kimberly brought the steaks in and found that Jen had started a fire and made a big bed of blankets and pillows in front of it.

"Whoa nice baby. It looks cozy."

They made their plates and ate by the fireplace. Jennifer looked so sexy against the firelight that Kimberly continually leaned over to kiss her.

After they ate, Jennifer got up to clean the kitchen. Kimberly stopped her. "The dishes can wait this time." She said, setting them aside. Kimberly pulled Jen up on her knees with her and kissed her forehead. "You are beautiful Jennifer." Jen shyly looked down and Kimberly lifted her chin back up and slowly kissed her lips. Her tongue probed it's way into Jen's mouth and they fell into a deep sensual kiss as their hands started to roam each other. Their sensual kiss soon became an aggressive sexual one as they started tugging at each others clothes. They finally stripped each other down and Kimberly laid Jennifer back onto the pillows. She took a piece of ice from her glass and held it against Jen's lips. Jennifer slowly sucked it and took it in her mouth. Kimberly grabbed another piece and Jennifer arched her back as she drug the ice down her neck, between her breasts, letting some droplets fall on her nipples. As Kimberly dragged the almost melted ice down Jen's stomach she followed the water trail with her tongue, causing Jen's pussy to be so hot, that when the ice touched it, the ice instantly melted into a puddle of water that rand down her pussy to her ass. Kimberly's tongue quickly followed and the change from the cold chill of the ice to Kimberly's warm soft tongue on her clit, almost sent Jennifer over the edge right then. Kimberly settled in between Jen's thighs, licking up the water as her fingers started to pull and twist her nipples. Jennifer tasted so good that Kimberly plunged her tongue deep inside her, tasting as much as she could. Jen rocked her hips into Kimberly's face as she tongue fucked her. Kimberly slid her hand down to Jen's ass and as she started licking her clit, she began to rub her finger against her ass. Jen's hips started to buck as a wave of orgasm rolled through her. After the final aftershock rumbled through her body, she pulled Kimberly up to her and kissed her. Butterflies. They laid there for a minute until Jennifer sat up and grabbed something from under the pillows. Kimberly's eyes grew wide as she saw what Jennifer had....her favorite strap-on. Jen stood up and Kimberly laced the straps around Jennifer's waist.

"Suck it." Jennifer commanded.

Doing as she was told, Kimberly got on her knees and slowly wrapped her lips around the tip of the cock. She moved her head back and forth going deeper each time. Jennifer moaned as the cock rubbed against her clit with each movement. Kimberly took her mouth off the cock and spat on it, making it wetter. Jen roughly pushed Kimberly back and climbed on top of her. Guiding her cock between her legs, she teased her with it. She rubbed it over her clit and up and down her slit. Kimberly moaned and pushed her hips towards it, her dripping wet pussy begging for the monster to rip her apart. When she couldn't take it anymore, Jen slid the big cock into Kimberly's depths. She slowly began fucking her. In and out Jen's cock opened the tight hole a little more with each thrust. Jennifer rolled Kimberly on top of her and watched Kimberly's tits bounce wildly. She reached up and squeezed them as Kimberly rode her faster and faster. After a few minutes, Jen rolled back on top of Kimberly, pumping in and out of her. She pinned her arms over her head and clasped their fingers together. The sound of Jen's cock fucking Kimberly's sweet cunt drove the girls crazy and soon their bodies were grinding and heaving against one another as both girls climaxed. Jen collapsed on Kimberly as the girls tried to catch their breaths. Their bodies were exhausted, sweaty and covered with each others juices as the fire flickered next to them. Kimberly reached down and took the strap-on off Jen, tossing it to the side. Jen scooted up and laid her head on Kimberly's shoulder.

"You were unfucking believable Kimberly."

Kimberly kissed her lips..."Shhhh...close your eyes."

Kimberly played with her hair while Jen drifted off. Kimberly watched her sleep for awhile. Jennifer really made her happy and Kimberly was falling for her even more. It meant so much that Jen had planned this surprise for her. She snuggled with Jen and soon fell asleep.

This time, it was Kimberly who woke up to breakfast cooking. "Stay there babe." she heard Jen call. "I'm bringing you pancakes." Jen walked over with two plates and after giving each other a morning kiss, they ate.

"Aww babyyy I forgot about smores." Kimberly said pouting. "It's too late now."

"Why is it too late? It's never too late for smores!" Jennifer exclaimed. She jumped up and grabbed the smore stuff. They sat there and stoked the dying fire and enjoyed the best smores they ever had. Jennifer leaned over and whispered, "Hairbrush" in Kimberly's ear. Kimberly smiled and said. "Hairbrush Jennifer." Kimberly loved the fact that her and Jen had inside jokes no one knew about and this was her favorite. This one word caused the girls to become entangled again for another romp in the pillows. Afterwords, they fell asleep again.

Suddenly they woke up.

"Shit what time is it?" Jen asked.

They looked at the clock. It was 11 and they had to be out by 12. The girls hurriedly packed up and cleaned the cabin, leaving it just the way they found it. They drove out of the park and returned the key to the ranger and thanked him. He winked as they drove off.
On their way home, the girls talked about their weekend. They had shared countless kisses and touches and made memories that they would never forget. Kimberly took Jen's hand. "Thank you sweetheart. This meant so much for me."

"You deserve it Kimberly. And much more. So does this mean I'm off restriction?"

"For now, " Kimberly teased. "Until I want another trip to the mountains."

The girls laughed and both hoped that it wouldn't be long until they would able to enjoy another weekend of cabin fever.

The End

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