Friday, September 17, 2010

Linda and Me

This was written by a good friend of mine who asked if I would maybe post her story here. How could I say no? lol

It's short, and ohh so sweet...all lez too, just my cup of tea. hehe

Linda and Me
By Sara

She was beautiful, and every time I saw her, she simply grew more so. Long, dark hair... brown, shined with every move down her back. Big, bright green eyes, and plump pink lips that would make anyone tremble at the thought of kissing. She moved with a grace that was as natural to her as stumbling was to me.

I never knew, until that day, that a woman, especially one as beautiful as Linda, would ever even look at me sideways, let alone fall in love with me. I was, kind of still am, chubby. People say "More to love", but really, I'm not that fat. It just all seems to settle in the wrong places, my stomach mostly. From behind, I look like a regular chick with a nice butt. From the front, nice face, short hair, dark blue eyes with flecks of silver. People says my eyes and lips are the best parts of me... oh, and my boobs, which happen to be rather large. I, personally, have never seen much in the mirror to recommend me to anyone, but somehow, she found something beautiful in me, and brought it out.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Kitten Club, Part 2

The Kitten Club - Part 2
By Silky

With all the lust and power Lisa had over all the other kittens, she wanted more from them. She wanted more of Karen too, as Karen would repeat what Lisa desires from all her kittens. A commitment to being a lesbian her entire life, even if Lisa had to make Karen accept her new life by force. 22 of the previous 24 kittens had repeated and told Lisa the special desire she requires from them. The two that did not say what Lisa wanted them to say - no one knows where they are - except for Lisa. Making her mad was not something to take lightly. Crossing her was not wise, as she had great power within the college and within the staff, to do as she pleased to anyone, making their lives a living hell if she chose for that to happen.

(3 hours later)

Lisa stood and lifted Karen’s sleeping body into her arms and carried her into and onto her custom king size bondage bed. As the door closed - the silk sheets turned down - Karen laid out on the bed - Lisa began her night of fun, strapping all four limbs of Karen to the straps on the bed, then attaching her special toy - a 12” realistic dong with inner ticklers for herself, the dong twitching between her legs as she inserted the ticklers into her dripping wet pussy. Lisa was ready for some serious action. Her special dong so a lot of action - exploring every inch of every kitten, in every opening too. This was not a crime, but a ritual. Karen would either emerge as a new tamed kitten or another missing person. The choice was all hers after the nights events with Lisa.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Kitten Club, Part 1

The Kitten Club - Part 1
By Silky

Karen had just graduated high school three months earlier, her now sitting and looking around her new home inside the Great Room at Brentwood College, feeling the many eyes gaze upon her as she sat and waiting for the orientation of newbie’s. She was very shy, never saying a whole lot when spoken too, she was quiet and reserved most of the time. She wasn’t the nerdy kid you might think of, but she was brainy, smart, and extremely sexy. She had just turned the legal age of 18 a month earlier and having been released from the grasp of her strict parents for the last eighteen years, Karen was ready for new adventures she had read about. She had read about wild college parties and she wanted that for herself, and if she had known ahead of time how her new life would be turned around, she may have never come to the college in the first place. Karen was going to be changed like she could never even imagined, pussy being her way of life very soon.

Lisa on the other hand was 100% opposite of Karen, a wild girl like Karen had never met before. A dominant lesbian is what Lisa was and she was proud of it too. Both had been assigned a room together, most of the credit going to Lisa on getting Karen as her new roomie. Lisa had seen a small pic of Karen when assignments were being issued, and for a special favor to one of her female teachers, she got Karen instantly.