Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blond and Brunette

Blond and Brunette
By Silky

She reached out and ran her fingers through the woman's blond hair, so strikingly different from her own dark hair. The blond was beautiful and timid. She moved closer to her, eager to feel the heat of her mouth.

She cupped her head with both hands and leaned over to kiss her. The blond looked at her with frightened eyes, but yielded to the pressure of her lips. Soon the two women were exploring each other's mouth passionately. They embraced each other, never parting lips. The blonde's body was soft and compliant.

The brunette broke the embrace, and began slowly undoing the other woman's blouse. She looked to one side of the bed, where a man was seated. He was watching their movements with great interest, and stroking his cock. She smiled at him, and he returned the look, encouraging her to continue.

The blond woman was panting slightly, her eyes closed. The brunette continued to undress her, until at last she was naked. She shed her own clothing quickly, once again joining the other woman on the bed. The feeling of another woman beneath her sent waves of pleasure through her body.

The brunette began to explore the blonde's body with her hands and mouth. She suckled hungrily at one of her pink nipples, which grew firm and insistent in her mouth. One hand moved gently down her body, until it was between her legs. She could feel the woman's slick desire, and she encouraged it, rubbing at her clit and slipping two fingers inside her.