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Office Girl

I wrote this one this morning as I've been wanting to write something like this for awhile now. It has a small flavor of dominance in it, but nothing overboard, as that is not something I like that much in my stories. This one is short and to the point. Just my kind of hottness!


Office Girl
By Silky

The office was buzzing with activity today, employees scattering by the handful as I entered and rounded the corner, most moving swiftly so not to get punished or disciplined for not being in their cubicles on time. It was the one thing I expected of each employee, be on time or be suspended for the day with no pay, and in these days with a bad economy, a day with no pay was a stab in the heart for most of them. I ran a very tight ship at my company, one of only a few positions held by a woman of my character, a woman who worked her way up through the ranks and landed on the top above many more experienced men along the way. I didn’t sleep my way to the top like many before me, no, I did it the old fashioned way by signing clients no others would ever sign. They have made this company what it is today, a stable company of top executives, just with a dominant forty year old woman in the top chair.

My private life was my business and none of my fellow workers knew about that lifestyle. I wanted to keep it that way for as long as I could, as it would spell disaster if anyone ever found out about it. I was not the typical business woman. I was dominant for a reason. That’s the only thing about me that overflowed into my work life, dominance over the men and women of the company, mostly the women.

The one thing that set this company apart from all others was the hiring method I adopted a few years back. I never hired from within and I never had potential employees come to the office building either. My method was simple and quite frankly, it has turned out to be the best way to hire for any position needed at the company. Those wanting a job had to meet me at my house. Just them with me and no one else. Male or female, it didn’t matter, they met with me in private to go over their resume, their previous experience, and last but not least, how they fucked. That’s right, to get into my company you had to satisfy me. Was this considered sleeping my way to the top? Actually no, as this was done before employment and only then.

How did I find potential employees? First I would scan over the positions needed, then call over to the employment agency I dealt with solely, have the applications faxed over to me, then I would pick and choose from them. Not just any applicant could be chosen, no matter the experience they had. No, I wanted attractive men and women. Athletic and sexy is what I wanted, not overweight, non existent people that my clients would ignore. They had to grab my clients attention with sexiness and appeal.

I sat down in my chair in my home office and looked over the positions needed for the office. ‘Mr. Jenkins needed a new office girl.’ I put a check by his request and called the employment agency. The woman on the other end answered as she usually does, connected me with my personal agent, and she faxed me over three potential employees. I went and made a pot of coffee as the fax machine spit out paper, me walking back and forth gathering up the applications as the pot perked along. I glanced over the first one and threw it to the side. Not interested. I picked up the second application and give it another quick glance. Nope, that one wont do either. I went and got my fresh brewed cup of coffee and came back to have a look at the final applicant. I had to do a double take as I saw her picture. ‘Oh yes, she is perfect.’ I laid the papers down and dialed the number on the application. A sweet voice on the other end answered, “hello?”

“Yes, is this Jessica Colders?” I asked very politely.

“Yes it is, may I ask who this is please?” She spoke with manners too and I was impressed.

“My name is Ms. Tammy Marshall, and I’m interested in having you meet me for an interview for an office position at my company.” The excitement in her voice about sent me over the edge as I slid my hand over my slit while speaking with her.

“That’s great ma’am, just let me get a pen so I can write down the address.” I swear I could cum just by hearing her voice. She had the most sexy voice I had heard in quite some time. I gave her my house address and the time to meet me.

“Thank you ma’am, you won’t regret this and thank you very much for calling me.” We said our goodbyes and all I could do was stare at her picture on the application, rubbing my wet pussy the whole time too. ‘Damn she is sexy,’ I thought to myself. I had made the appointment for tomorrow morning at 9:00am. She had better be on time or no job. Being sexy wouldn’t save anyone if they were late.

The Next Day

Morning came swiftly as it usually did. Up at 6am, in the office by 7am, go over the schedule with the other employees and office leaders, then back home at 8:30 to meet with the potential new employee. It was a routine I was used too. It never got old either and why would it? I go home to meet sexy people, interview them, view them more, have some fun, then maybe hire them.

I made a fresh pot of coffee, laid out some donuts I picked up on the way home, got my office cleaned up a little, and waited for Jessica to make her entrance. I didn’t have to wait long. The clock said 8:50am and the door bell rang. I knew who it was and it made me smile to see she arrived early. I looked out the peephole and there she stood. Beautiful and sexy. I was impressed. I opened the door and greeted her, “Hello, welcome to my home Jessica. Please come in.”

She walked in gracefully, “Thanks for inviting me in and thanks for this interview ma’am.” It was her alright, that voice of hers was unmistakable. “I’m pleased to have you here and please call me Ms. Tammy. Ma’am makes me feel like a grandmother.” She apologized with a small chuckle, as did I, “Let’s go into my office so we can talk.”

I looked over her the outfit she chose to wear, “I love your outfit Jessica, very sexy.” I wanted to see her reaction.

“Thank you Ms. Tammy, I wasn’t sure what to wear and decided this outfit would be more comfortable on a hot day like today. I don‘t usually wear something this short for an interview.” She seemed a little embarrassed.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of Jessica, you look delightful to me. Have a seat hon, while we discuss your possible new job, and go over some of your duties, etc.” I went into the side room to get some coffee and donuts. “Help yourself to any of this. I usually have a cup of coffee up until around noon.” She seemed eager as she grabbed a donut and took a bite, then poured herself some coffee.
“Tell me more about yourself Jessica. Your previous work experience, any college, and anything else you want tell me to help you along the way.”

She swallowed her donut, “well, I'm twenty two, I used to work for an insurance company up until last year when I was laid off. That was my only job since college, where I went for two years. Other than that, I haven’t done too much for a more experienced position. At the insurance place I did file work, data entry, and answered the phone most of the time.”

I studied her face while she spoke, “how much were you paid on your last job?”

“Not enough. They paid me $10 an hour and I worked 36 hours a week and I barely made enough for my bills.”

My eyes were glued to her sexy lips as she spoke, “the position I have available is an Office Girl for one of my top executives. Your duties would include all that you have mentioned, running errands, welcoming new clients, making coffee at times, and a couple other things I’ll mention later.” She listened closely as I spoke. “Are you interested?”

Her eyes told me her answer before she said anything, “Yes, I’m very interested. How much does it pay, if you don’t mind me asking Ms. Tammy?” Including my name properly just earned her a bonus point.

“For starters, you would start out at making $18 an hour, with bonus money included for special favors, extra duties, things like that.” I was so curious to her next question, as I knew what she was about to say.

“Excuse me, special favors? What’s that?” Her puzzled look excited me as I stood up slowly and glided my way next to her. I ran my hand through her long hair, “special favors are what keeps my company on top. You do a favor for someone and they pay you for it.” She backed up a little as I caressed her beautiful long braids. “Don’t be shy now, the job is yours if you want it. I know not many jobs are available, so it’s up to you babe.” As my one hand caressed her hair, my other was on her exposed knee. “I need someone now and I want you for the job. All you have to do is say yes and spread your legs a little for me.” I knew that would get her attention.

“I don’t know Ms. Tammy, I don’t think you have the …..” I covered her mouth with my one finger, “ssshhhhh, you know you want the job, yes you do. You know there are no other jobs available, don’t you?” She nodded slightly as my hand worked it’s way up her silky smooth legs, down between her tightly squeezed together thighs, “your skin is delightful Jessica, you know that? You are very sexy to me and I want you in my company.” I looked up at her and smiled, “open your thighs for me,” I said to her softly, “spread them open sexy girl.” She was looking right into my eyes, then down to wear my hand was, then back up to me, “slide them apart and lay back.” I felt her thighs open slightly, then she laid back in the chair, her eyes never leaving my sight. “That’s a girl, open them wider and just relax.”

She laid back and let out a long sigh, almost seeming defeated in some way, as I lifted her skirt and glanced down at her pussy protruding through the tight thong she had on. “Tell you what sexy girl, if you agree to this, I will hire you and pay you $25 a hour for your services, plus bonuses, 40 hours a week, weekends and holidays off with pay, in exchange for one special favor with me right now and only right now. If not, then we can stop and you can walk out the door into a non-existent life of nothingness.” I awaited her answer, which seemed to take forever.

In a small voice, “ok Ms. Tammy, I’ll take the job.”

Those were the words I was waiting to hear, “Very good choice Jessica.” I stood up in front of her. “Stand up hon.” She stood up slowly, “slide your skirt off.” I stared into her sexy brown eyes as she slid her skirt down her legs. “Slide your thong off.” She grasped the sides of her pink thong and slid it down her legs to her ankles. “Very good. Now unbutton your blouse and take it off.” One button at a time unbuttoned before me, “take your bra off next.” Her bra hit the floor and before me were the most beautiful pair of breasts, both milky while, about a 34B, small pert puffy nipples sticking outward like they were begging to be sucked. I placed my hands on them and gave them a small squeeze, “oh yes, they feel good.” Her shyness appeared as she backed up a little at my touch. “No, no, it’s okay baby. You and I are going to be great friends, believe me sexy one.”

I led her into my bedroom and had her site on the side of the bed as I disrobed myself. She was so sexy sitting there in the nude, me soon nude myself, as I sat down next to her and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. “You are making the right choice right now Jessica, even if you don’t believe it right now. You will look back on this day as your beginning to success.” I placed my hand back on her thighs and she surprised me by spreading them open slightly. “Yes baby, I know you want it. All girls like you want it.” My hand found its way to her special place. “Yes, very nice. You are warm and damp Jessica.” My fingers started exploring the folds of her puss, sliding my fingers back and forth over them, slightly inserting one inside her slit. She let out a small moan as I entered her, myself becoming more aroused as she did.

“Lay back on the bed Jessica.” She moved up to the headboard between the pillows, “stretch out hon.” In her shy state she stretched herself out on my bed, her long legs slightly parted, her chest heaving up and down with anticipation, her arms to her sides, her eyes staring right at me as I stood up and walked over to my bedroom drawers. I could feel her watching me. When I turned around, she saw it. Her eyes grew large, “what’s wrong hon, you never been fucked by a woman before?” Her mouth opened slightly is amazement, shaking her head as my twelve inch rubber dong swung below me. “It’s time you felt the true feeling of making love baby, now bring your legs up to your chest and open them wide baby.”

I spit on the dong as she spread herself out for me, me jumping up on the bed between her legs. “Yes, such a nice pink slit you have baby. Spread them lips apart with your fingers.” She moved her hand down and spread her lips, “look into my eyes and tell me to fuck you Jessica.” I knew she would hesitate, as it was a normal reaction all the girls before her had done. “Do you want the job or not?” She nodded at me, then opened her sweet mouth, “fuck me Ms. Tammy. Oh please fuck me!”

I positioned myself over her and between her legs, and slid the dong up into her tight little slit. She let out a small squeal as I pushed it in. “Keep telling me to fuck you Jessica. You have to convince me babe, or the deal is off.” I didn’t usually use threats, but I wanted this girl, and I wanted her in more ways than one too.

She looked me straight in the face, “fuck me! Fuck me Ms. Tammy! Fuck me!”

I wasted no time as I fucked her hard and long with my special rubber cock. A cock that had fucked every female employee before her and would be fucking all the ones after her too. “Oh yes you little slut, you want it don’t you?”

She nodded with sure agreement, “yes Ms. Tammy, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck this slut!”

She was definitely in another world as I pumped the dong in out of her. I was driving it in too, and yanking it out with even more force, “keep telling me slut. Tell this old bitch to fuck your hot little pussy!” I was in overdrive, loving every second of this hot time with this hot little vixen. “C’mon, tell me slut!”

She was breathing faster and faster as I pounded into her, “yes…yes…fuck me Ms. Tammy….fuck me….fuck me!”

I leaned down to her ear and whispered to her, “tell this old bitch to fuck you. Tell me to make you cum you little hot slut.”

I never stopped the pace I was on, her pussy juices being extracted with each thrust of the rubber lover. I placed my mouth over her erect nipples and sucked them hard and long, biting them harder each time as she yelled out, “fuck me you fuckin bitch. Fuck this hot slut. Fuck me Ms. Tammy! Make me cum bitch! Make me cum!”

The words coming from her mouth just drove me insane with lust. I had never wanted any girl as much as her right now. “Yes baby doll, you like older women like me fucking you, don’t you slut?”

I must have brought out the wildness in this once shy girl, as she begged me over and over to fuck her and make her cum. I had no idea this wild side of her existed, or that I could bring something like this out of another human being. None before her had been like this either. Damn, I was loving this and I never wanted it to stop either.

“Fuck me Ms. Tammy…please fuck me and make me cum for you.” Her hips were fucking me back as she repeated the words, both of us covered in sweat from the heated exchange of wild fucking. Jessica was close to cumming and I wanted the thrill of watching her cum before my own eyes. I didn’t just want to watch it, I wanted to lick it up and munch on her pussy like it was lunch time.

I pulled the dong from within her and quickly replaced it with my eager tongue. I glanced up at Jessica and her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip as my tongue worked its magic on her sweet tasting nectar of a pussy. The girl was covered in sweat, her tummy rising and lowering with intense force. I knew she was close. I was about to send her over the edge as I sucked her little clit into my mouth and gave it a good hard suck, along with a much intense tongue lapping.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” She yelled out as I sucked her little bud in and out of my mouth, biting it slightly at times. I knew that would make her jump with excitement and she didn’t disappoint me either.

I awaited as patiently as I could for her gift to me. “C’mon baby slut, cum for me. Cum in Ms. Tammy’s mouth baby.” I sucked as hard as I could on her reddened clit, “cum for me baby.” I don’t think I had ever sucked on a clit for this long or as this powerful, but I knew the work would be worth it.

Jessica’s back braced, then her hips shot upward, “oh fuck…fuck…oh fuck…suck me….suck me….oh fuuuck…” The prize had arrived. She must not have cum in along time, as she shot a volley of juices into my mouth, one squirt right after the other shot into my awaiting mouth, me swallowing and lapping it up like a dog. She was one tasty feline for sure.

The Following Day

“My fellow employees, I want you to welcome our newest employee, Ms. Jessica. She will be working as my assistant from now on, so if you need me or anything involving me, you will need to go through Jessica first.” I winked at her as I strolled past her, “Enjoy your first day love. I have to go home to interview someone for a job. See you at noon for our lunch date.”

The End

<3 Silky

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