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Skinny Dipping Desires 3

Sorry I left you hanging on part 2. That was just cruel wasn't it? hehe I promise I won't do that again.


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 3)
By Silky

She held her loosened teddy to her chest, then slowly pushed it down, revealing her beautiful firm tits, pink little nipples hard and erect. She slid it down her sides, and began running her hands down her from her chest to her waist, then back up, caressing her tits with her palms. Then, placing her hands on her waist, palms in, she began to push her jeans lower. Slowly, she turned as she lowered them past her firm ass, as she pressed it toward the camera. Then, turning back to face me, she bent over, pulling her jeans down to her ankles.

She slowly stood up, her hands running up her legs as she did, her almost-bald pussy visible under her see-through teddy as her hands continued up to her breasts, squeezing them gently. She stepped out of the jeans, her long legs slightly spread as she posed with the teddy only covering the lower half of her beautiful body. Then, reaching one hand down the front to her crotch and the other behind her, she grasped and unsnapped the teddy at the crotch, slowly pulling the two ends up and away, showing me her nice young pussy as she stood, looking directly at me and the camera. The teddy was still wrapped around her waist, and I snapped away at the sexy young girl as she posed, knowing that she was getting me hotter with every move. She posed for some more shots, then stepped out of the teddy, and started posing completely naked, leaning against the end of a wall, taking shots as I steamed up the lens.

She was a good subject, her firm breasts thrust forward as she posed, giving typical model poses for a Playboy shoot or something. I clicked away as she turned sideways, one hand on the wall as she looked back, her nice firm ass in profile, nipples hardened, hair fluffed up.

Finally, she walked toward me, now ignoring the camera. I still held it as she knelt in front of me, reaching to unbutton my jeans. I let her pull down the zipper as she put her hands around my waist, sliding them lower on my hips. She reached around to grasp my ass, squeezing by firm bare buns gently. Then, she slowly pulled the jeans down my legs, my blonde pussy facing her as I stepped out of them. I still wore my t-shirt, which extended down past my waist, about even with my crotch.

Susan knelt in front of me, her hands on my hips as she reached under the shirt, sliding her hands up toward my waist. She pulled her nude body closer to me, her face at my stomach as she raised the shirt off my body as her hands continued upward, finally reaching my heaving breasts. Gently, she caressed them, fondling the large globes as she pulled on the hard nipples. I looked down into her upraised face, as she gazed at me, smiling.

Finally, I put down the camera and pulled the shirt over my head, her hands still searching and fondling my tits. She began to kiss my flat belly, her tongue flicking at my belly button, as she lowered her kisses to my blonde mound. Her lips gently pulled at my pussy hair as she continued to stroke my breasts, squeezing more firmly now. I could feel my own wetness building as she lowered her face, her chin and nose nuzzling my slit. I parted my legs slightly, giving her more access to my already puffed pussy lips, now hot and swollen.

Susan began to kiss my emerging clit gently, and I relaxed and let her have her way. She slid her tongue into my slit, licking up and down as my juices flowed onto her pretty face. She continued looking into my eyes as she ate and fondled me, her face glowing with desire. Finally, she buried her face into me, cramming her tongue into my cunt as I began to gyrate my hips. I reached down to pull my outer lips apart, giving her full access to my gushing juices and stiff clit. She immediately sucked it into her mouth, running her tongue all around it as I moved my own fingers to my nub. I held my cunt lips with two fingers, and began to diddle my own hot, erect clit with another finger as she sucked at my slit. She slid her tongue into my cunt entrance, penetrating slowly with the velvet softness.

I was close to cumming now, as I began to rub myself harder, diddling my clit with my finger. She dropped a hand off my tit, and ran her own finger under my slit, around to my ass, caressing my cunt as she continued to suck. She slipped her finger into my hole, her tongue still at my entrance as she slowly fucked me with her finger, still greedily drinking my juices. Her face was covered with my cum, and looking down at her, I began to submit to the overtaking orgasm. My legs went weak as it hit me, as I took my hand from my spasming clit only to have Susan quickly pull the throbbing flesh into her mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, this young beautiful girl enjoying every second of my pleasure as she drank from my gushing cunt, moaning loudly into it as she sucked.

Slowly, she pulled away from my cunt as the waves subsided, still sending shock waves over me as she kissed my mound and thighs, squeezing my ass gently. I reached down to her, pulling her up to stand in front of me. Pulling her close, we kissed for a long time, our tongues floating freely in each other mouths, as I ground my tits into her own young, firm titties. Our mouths sucked and pulled at each other, sharing my own wet cunt juices from her face and tongue. Our hands groped each other's firm buns, running up and down our backs as we kissed. Finally, Susan pulled back.

"I've got to catch my breath," she gasped. "That was intense! I came when you did! I didn't even touch myself! That's never happened before!" She was elated.

"Giving pleasure is the best way to get pleasure," I said. "Now you know how that works! But you still have to let me have my turn, you know."

Susan smiled, "Oh yes, you'll get your turn," she replied, playfully thrusting her crotch forward.

I could see her pink pussy lips glisten with wetness under the camera lights, and realized just how hot she was now. I walked over to the couch, and laid on my back, one leg raised over the low back of the sofa.

"I want you to sit on my face now, Susan," I said, surprising myself with my voice, which sounded pleading.

I realized now that this girl had taken over the master's role, and I would do anything she wanted. Luckily, she wanted her cunt eaten as badly as I wanted to taste it. She walked over next to me, letting me look at her hot body as she stood there for a second. Then, facing my feet, she raised her leg over me, kneeling beside my head, her blonde pussy inches above my face. I grasped her by the hips, pulling her wetness lower to my mouth. She knelt upright, and slowly bent her legs lower, letting her slit brush my lips, allowing me to taste her sweet juices. I flicked my tongue out toward her pink slit, but she quickly pulled away, kneeling upright again.

"I'll direct you" she said in a low, sexy voice. "Do what I say."

I couldn't believe that this little girl could become so dominant, literally overnight. But I loved the thought of what I would do to her, so I let her continue.

"Lick all around it, don't touch it," she whispered. And she lowered herself as my tongue flicked on her outer lips, careful to not touch the sweet slit.

"Lick up to my ass," she continued, and I let my tongue slide up toward her anus, looking pink and clean as I slid up and down her crack.

"Now, ram your tongue in my cunt!" she practically yelled, as she slammed herself down on my face. I pushed my tongue into her soaking hole, sliding it up as far as I could, before she pulled up again, gasping.

"Oh god, now kiss my slit," she asked, her voice softening. "But don't lick it!" she added, her firm tone returning to her voice.

I began to slide my lips over her smooth cunt as she rocked, swinging her hips back and forth over my mouth. My hands were still on her hips, holding her over my mouth. Her hands reached for her own little breasts, and she began squeezing the tennis-sized tits as she humped my face. Suddenly, she stopped, lifting herself off of me. My own cunt was beginning to really juice up, as this little girl exited me. I squeezed my legs together, enjoying the pressure on my own clit. Slowly, Susan leaned forward, running a hand down my stomach to my wet crotch. I again parted my legs, and her hand caressed my snatch. Slowly, she lowered her pussy back down to my face.

"Lick my clit" she said, her breathing becoming labored.

I gladly flicked her little nub over my tongue, sucking and licking her gushing slit as I worked her beautiful cunt. She leaned even further forward, and I felt her titties touch my stomach, as she pressed her own face toward my wet pussy. She continued rocking back and forth over my face, sliding her wetness over my thrusting tongue. I felt a jolt of pleasure as her tongue again entered my slit, caressing my erect clit and drinking my juices. We humped each other's faces in a moaning sixty-nine, pleasuring each other's cunts with our lips and tongues.

Soon, Susan began to push harder into my mouth, as her breathing really picked up, moaning into my own wet pussy. Her tongue danced all around my stiff clit, then she plunged it into my hole, filling it with her soft tongue. I felt her orgasm build as I slid my own tongue deep into her cunt, drinking her sweet juices as she humped my face. I too was building up, but I concentrated on her pleasure as she began to buck harder and harder, lifting herself off my face slightly, then slamming down again. I felt myself begin to cum as I felt her clit twitch on my lips, splashing juices over my face. I too bucked into her moaning mouth, as another wave came over us both, and she drank my juices gladly.

One after another, the orgasms swept over our bodies, each other's lips feeling the pressure as our cunts squirted juices all over each other's face. It was wonderful, and Susan collapsed on top of me, pushing herself down a little on my body so I could catch my own breath between her legs. She then turned around on the couch, squeezing beside me as she laid her head on my chest. I stroked her hair as we nuzzled each other, kissing softly as we laid there. I tasted my own juices again on her mouth, and she was able to taste hers from mine.

"That was even better than last night," she said quietly. "You are an incredible woman."

I just kissed her softly, and answered, "Now you're a woman too, Susan. Now you know what a woman can do for another. You won't ever forget me." We slept together that night, making love most of the night. Susan was eager to learn all about lovemaking, using all of my experience and 'tools'.

When she left the next morning, she could barely walk. As I kissed her at the door, we said goodbye for good. She left that day, but I'll always remember her as the girl I awakened the lesbian within.

The End.


Did you like it? I had a tough time ending this one. The more I wrote, the more I wanted it to continue. That's the tough part of writing hot stories, ending them.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

<3 Silky

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