Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blades Of Grass

I love rain. I woke up this morning to the sound of it and it's still raining as I type this. The rain makes me write romantic stories, so that is what I have for you today. As soon as I opened my window this morning, this story idea popped into my head. It's short, sweet, and sensual. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Blades Of Grass
By Silky

The sun is burning down. Such a summer so as to bake the earth into hard mud with cracks like that of a broken mirror.

Desperate to escape the heat I go into the forest. As I walk along the path, I can feel the breeze ripple through the lofty branches of the trees above. I take off my shoes as I walk between the trees, feeling the hard earth beneath the soft green moss. No sound disturbs me but the soft padding of my feet upon the soil. I find myself in a small glade of trees where the sunlight gently trickles down to the ground like time passing through the years. As I lay down to feel the softness of the moss, I glimpse something passing through the trees but I pay it no heed. Places as perfect as this much have fawns and fairytale things in them and I wish I had someone there to share it with.

The warm sun caresses my body like a lover. So gently. Softly. It warms my skin through the cotton dress I am wearing and penetrates to the warm skin beneath. I feel a presence, but do not open my eyes as I lie there upon the moss, with the blades of grass poking through.

I feel strong fingers caress my feet so gently that it could almost be mistaken for the breeze. It was something that I had not expected. But as with all things in fate, I made no attempt at stopping it. The hands trace every bone in my feet as if trying to memorize them for another day. The hands begin to move up my calves, stroking the skin softly, and beginning to massage my thighs. With each firm stroke my body relaxes deeper. Harder and harder still my woodland vision presses into my flesh. The fingers have reached my belly now and slowly circle around my abdomen. I can feel a body beside me now as well as the artful fingers. This dream is prefect for the glade I am laying in.

I am not asleep, and this is no dream. I open my eyes to see such a creature as I had never seen. The deep grey eyes ringed with gold question my awakened face. No earthly creature can hold such beauty. The sun glints in his hair highlighting the gold hidden there. I can feel the warmth of his body pressing into mine as he lowers his lips to touch mine. A gentle kiss. Like that of the summer rains. His body is pressed to mine as with my mouth I show that I crave more of his kisses. This is the lover I have so wished for.

Surely this was a dream. The creature presses into me with his body and I feel his sex pressing into me. His kisses move down my body and I can still taste his sweetness on my lips.. He was like honey. A soft moan of pleasure escapes my lips as he fastens his to mine once more. I wanted to suck all of his sweetness from him. My tongue probes him, and I teased him, played with him. He begins to rock back and forth atop my body. And as I look up to him I find him with his head back gazing into my face... His hands firmly grasping my breasts, his fingers rolling the nipples between them. As we kissed, I rub my hands against his semi-erect member, bringing it to full hardness. Stroking it firmly.

I felt his urgency as with his eyes he begged me to let me take him in. I kissed him hard as a reply and as I did so I reached between us, searching for him, and once finding it, placed the head at my opening. I raise myself up, allowing him to enter. And I could feel his hardened penis sliding smoothly into me, engulfing him in my tightness, wetness, and warmness. His rhythm began slowly, undulating his hips against mine, grinding into me. He leaned forward. He fastened his lips onto my nipples, first one, then the other. I moan with pleasure, running my fingers through the lush hair on his head and across his chest. He rode me like this for some time, gently until finally, I felt the shudder of an orgasm race through my body. My body tingled with the pleasure of the moment, and I clung to him, feeling his dark eyes smiling.

He could not help himself from thrusting into me. I feel my muscles pull each time he moves, demanding him deeper inside of me. I placed my hands against his body feeling the warm skin beneath, and make love to this man, this stranger who had seduced me. Our passion rose. The undulating of his hips increases, and this dance of copulation that we perform increases its tempo. He was raising himself off me and then slamming down onto me. I met him each time he came down, pushing deep into me. Each time i moan. I feel him pushing harder and faster into me. Finally, my body went rigid as he thrust one last time, pushing deep into me and pumping his semen into my body. As his body collapsed upon my own.

I cradled him against me. He kisses me tenderly and I whisper, "Many nights I have wanted you, and each time my heart went out to you as I wished for that which only you could provide." As we lie here entwined I wish the moment for an eternity, but am content with his body against mine as I feel the soft warmth of the sun caressing our intertwined bodies, the blades of grass reminding me that this was real, not a dream.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Office Girl

I wrote this one this morning as I've been wanting to write something like this for awhile now. It has a small flavor of dominance in it, but nothing overboard, as that is not something I like that much in my stories. This one is short and to the point. Just my kind of hottness!


Office Girl
By Silky

The office was buzzing with activity today, employees scattering by the handful as I entered and rounded the corner, most moving swiftly so not to get punished or disciplined for not being in their cubicles on time. It was the one thing I expected of each employee, be on time or be suspended for the day with no pay, and in these days with a bad economy, a day with no pay was a stab in the heart for most of them. I ran a very tight ship at my company, one of only a few positions held by a woman of my character, a woman who worked her way up through the ranks and landed on the top above many more experienced men along the way. I didn’t sleep my way to the top like many before me, no, I did it the old fashioned way by signing clients no others would ever sign. They have made this company what it is today, a stable company of top executives, just with a dominant forty year old woman in the top chair.

My private life was my business and none of my fellow workers knew about that lifestyle. I wanted to keep it that way for as long as I could, as it would spell disaster if anyone ever found out about it. I was not the typical business woman. I was dominant for a reason. That’s the only thing about me that overflowed into my work life, dominance over the men and women of the company, mostly the women.

The one thing that set this company apart from all others was the hiring method I adopted a few years back. I never hired from within and I never had potential employees come to the office building either. My method was simple and quite frankly, it has turned out to be the best way to hire for any position needed at the company. Those wanting a job had to meet me at my house. Just them with me and no one else. Male or female, it didn’t matter, they met with me in private to go over their resume, their previous experience, and last but not least, how they fucked. That’s right, to get into my company you had to satisfy me. Was this considered sleeping my way to the top? Actually no, as this was done before employment and only then.

Sleeping Seduction 2

This is the second part to my roommates story. She writes very very well and I hope you think so too. Leave a comment if you liked it or not.......please. :)


Sleeping Seduction (Part 2)
By Carlie

Without truly realizing what I was doing, I leaned forward, so my breasts were right up close to her lovely face. All the while she sucked my finger. And the sound was wet and sloppy. I was on all fours, looming above her. Squatting above her belly. My breast jiggled with each nervous inhalation. They were hanging down just inches above her face. My middle finger in her mouth. She kept here eyes on me for perhaps a minute, maybe longer, then she slipped back into her place of submissive sleep. I wasn't really thinking - I was just letting myself go... "Lisa - can you hear me?"

She replied with a passionate, "Mmmmm..."

I cautiously pulled my finger out of Lisa's wet mouth. And she immediately made that compulsive sucking motion to the empty air. "Lisa, I feel so full of love right now..." I carefully inched my hard nipple toward her open mouth. I couldn't help myself. I held my nipple just barely above her hungry little mouth. I couldn't stop, I leaned in and my soft breast met her wet lips, and immediately she was swallowing my big hard nipple. And she sucked deep and intensely - Oh god, I was shocked! I mean I was just thunderstruck. It was so urgent and primal.

Instantly - I was awash in an overpowering sexual excitement - Oh my god, I was so turned-on - I had NEVER felt anything like it before. It was like some crazy switch had been thrown in my head. I felt beautiful and obscene - I felt like an angel and a pervert - all at the same time. I let her suck, I desperately loved it. I moaned out a passionate whisper, "Lisa - oh god Lisa." She was drooling and sloppy. My breasts were getting wet and slippery. I couldn't help any of this - it just felt too wonderful. I was loosing all control. I was naked, and Lisa was still fully dressed. It was so beautiful.

Sleeping Seduction 1

This story was written by my roommate, Carlie, who is my best of friends. I told her she needs to start her own blog because she writes very well, as you will soon see. I don't mind sharing this blog as I've done so in the past, I was just saying it as we all like our own space at times and each of us have ideas others wouldn't and so on. She said she just wants me to post a couple of her stories and see how it goes before she gets her own blog. That sounded good to me.

This will be a two part story, as it's rather long like my last one was. It's spicy hot too!


Sleeping Seduction
By Carlie

Lisa was driving down from the high country, she was a college student and the campus was up in the mountains. It was supposedly a beautiful place. I have wanted to visit her, but it just never seems to work out.

I was waiting for her. I was excited and eager to see her, it had been almost a year. She was away at school, and I was still here - in this lonely little town. My parents were away, and the house was quiet and lonesome. When we talked, just before she started the drive, she sounded thrilled to have a break from school. And the drive was long, so it would be late before she arrived. She did mention that she was nervous about traveling here. She could get such bad allergies during the spring. It was never a problem where she was, but this was a bad time of the year around here. There are lots of beautiful flowers in the rolling hills nearby, but those same flowers can make life totally miserable for Lisa.

So - I didn't really know when she would arrive, and she didn't have a cell phone. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, it was a shallow and restless kind of sleep.

And then I awoke to the sound of a car in the driveway. Oh my god, she was finally here! I jumped up to greet her. I ran out into the dark and we hugged, hard and strong. I missed her so much, and it was wonderful to actually really and truly see her. When Lisa walked into the house she looked really unhealthy. I mean, something was wrong.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Oh God, it's my allergies - it's really bad this time of year, and I haven't felt like this since last summer - and this is worse."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

Lisa's eyes were red and puffy, and he nose was running and she was sniffing constantly. She said, "Oh - I'll be fine, I have some prescription medication, and it usually works great. I need to get it out of my duffle." She reached into her big canvas duffle bag and found what she wanted. She held up the little bottle of pills and said, "I took two of these, and I should feel better soon."

Friday, March 26, 2010

Skinny Dipping Desires 3

Sorry I left you hanging on part 2. That was just cruel wasn't it? hehe I promise I won't do that again.


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 3)
By Silky

She held her loosened teddy to her chest, then slowly pushed it down, revealing her beautiful firm tits, pink little nipples hard and erect. She slid it down her sides, and began running her hands down her from her chest to her waist, then back up, caressing her tits with her palms. Then, placing her hands on her waist, palms in, she began to push her jeans lower. Slowly, she turned as she lowered them past her firm ass, as she pressed it toward the camera. Then, turning back to face me, she bent over, pulling her jeans down to her ankles.

She slowly stood up, her hands running up her legs as she did, her almost-bald pussy visible under her see-through teddy as her hands continued up to her breasts, squeezing them gently. She stepped out of the jeans, her long legs slightly spread as she posed with the teddy only covering the lower half of her beautiful body. Then, reaching one hand down the front to her crotch and the other behind her, she grasped and unsnapped the teddy at the crotch, slowly pulling the two ends up and away, showing me her nice young pussy as she stood, looking directly at me and the camera. The teddy was still wrapped around her waist, and I snapped away at the sexy young girl as she posed, knowing that she was getting me hotter with every move. She posed for some more shots, then stepped out of the teddy, and started posing completely naked, leaning against the end of a wall, taking shots as I steamed up the lens.

Skinny Dipping Desires 2

How did you like the first part? The second part is much juicier as most second parts are. hehe


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 2)
By Silky

Slowly, I leaned forward to kiss the tops of her thighs, working my way between her legs. I lifted one up and kissed the inside of her knee, working slowly up with my lips as I placed the leg on my shoulder. I touched the other leg, and she immediately placed that one up on my other shoulder as she leaned her head back, waiting for the inevitable.

I continued slowly kissing up her leg, stopping at her crotch as I kissed her smooth belly. I could feel just the hint of pubic hair on my chin as I slowly worked lower, feeling the wetness of her slit on my chin. I touched her pussy lips with my open mouth, and Susan shivered noticeably, a soft moan escaping from her young lips. She opened her legs even more. I let my tongue slip out, gently licking her soaking slit from the top down, then up again slowly. I could feel her young clit stiffen as I passed over it with my soft tongue. She slowly began to gyrate her hips, pushing her cunt gently into my flickering tongue.

Then I placed my mouth over her pussy, my top lip on her clit, as I slowly explored around her hole with my tongue. The juices were flowing quickly, and I swallowed, enjoying the youngster's taste. I gently pushed my tongue into her entrance, and she grabbed my head, pulling herself closer to me. I slipped it into her as far as I could, as my hands wandered up her body to her heaving breasts. I pulled and fondled her hard, stiff nipples, as I continued working my tongue in and out of her gushing pussy.

She was beginning to twitch, lifting her hips off the edge a little, then pulling my head into her wetness. I gently slipped my middle finger into her slit, letting her juices lubricate it well. Slowly, I began pushing it into her flowing cunt, slipping it all the way in as I continued to tongue her clit. She was tight, but took it easily, moaning softly as I moved it in and out of her hot pussy. Her moans became louder, and I started sucking harder on her stiffness, my mouth covering her snatch. I knew what was happening now, as I felt the buildup of her clit as her cunt exploded it's nectar into my face, She pulled me even tighter, as she moaned louder and louder, bucking her hips wildly as I tried to keep my finger inside her, my tongue on her spasming clit.

Skinny Dipping Desires 1

This new story is long. Tell you what I'm going to do; I'm going to break it up into three parts. I don't usually do this but if I don't, the story will take up the whole front page of this blog.

I read part of this to my roomie and she was squirming in her seat most of the time. hehe She came up with the title too.


Skinny Dipping Desires (Part 1)
By Silky

Susan was swimming alone in the pool as I walked into the hotel pool area. It was after 2am and I was a little surprised that anyone was there at all. She looked up at me and smiled as she continued her backstroke laps. Susan was about 18, I thought, with a very athletic body. She wore a pink one-piece suit with high thigh-cut which clung tightly to her body. Her long blonde hair was wrapped in a tight ponytail.

"You're a good swimmer" I said, attempting to start some conversation as I took off my robe and began to step into the warm pool.

She stopped swimming and stood up in the shallow end near me. "Thanks" she said as the water dripped from her tight body. "I like it here late since I can't seem to sleep too well lately. My parents are snoring away in our room upstairs."

"Yeah, I know what that's like," I answered. "Sometimes you just need to let off some energy."

I noticed her checking out my body as I walked down the steps into the pool. I loved getting reactions to my blue bikini, from both women and men. It shows my ample cleavage and nice 30 year old body very well. I felt my nipples harden under her look, even though I was getting very warm. I noticed Susan's small but firm tits under her thin suit also had some tiny buds showing through.

"Miss your boyfriend?" I asked. Susan looked at me a little funny, but answered "No, we broke up a while ago. He's a jerk. I found out he was cheating on me."

"That's rough," I said, moving closer to her. "Sometimes I think men just aren't worth it." She nodded, and I continued "You know, we can do all that they can do just by ourselves, we don't really need them."