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House Guest - Chapter 3

This is the third chapter of the College Coed series and it gets very heated in this chapter. Some very intense three way lesbian action in this one. It had me oozing from start to finish!

College Coed Series:
House Guest - Chapter 3
By Silky

Alicia was a very special friend to both girls, as she got them this house they were staying in, helped them get to know the area, and even hooked them up on a few dates as well, one being with Alicia herself. Alicia was a purebred lesbian, and loved getting it on with hot new girls to the college, her paying special close attention to Lacey and Marie, her two favorite college girls ever.

“Hurry up and get ready Lacey, she will be here soon,” Marie said to her roomie. “I’m going as fast as I can hon, as I want to look special for her tonight. She means a lot to me or should I say us, and I want to look super hot for her.” Marie just shook her head, “You don’t need to do anything special to look hot Lacey. You are always hot to me.” That got a kiss from Lacey as she walked over to Marie and gave her a big juicy kiss. “You are so sweet to me Marie. I hope we stay friends forever, as I would hate to lose you as my friend.” Both hugged and kissed deeply, paying no attention to the door bell ringing for the third time. Marie ended the kiss and spoke into Lacey’s ear, “I think our friend wants in.” She laughed as she turned from Lacey’s grasp, walked over to the door and opened it for Alicia.

“Hi Alicia, welcome to our home. Come on in hon,” Marie said to her, Alicia coming in quickly from the rain outside. “I was starting to wonder if you two were home after the third try at the door bell.” Lacey spoke up, “That was my fault Alicia. Marie and I were showing some love for each other and we never heard the bell, plus I didn’t realize it was raining outside either. I’m sorry you had to wait in that wetness.” Alicia walked over to Lacey and gave her a big hug and whispered in her ear, “I only want your wetness sexy,” then she gently kissed her cheek, turned swiftly, and gave Marie a big hug and kiss too. “You two are worth waiting for,” Alicia said to them as she sat in the sofa.

Lacey walks over and sits down next to Alicia, “so, what’s in the suitcase you have here?” Marie is standing in front of them both wondering the same thing and speaks up, “did you bring us something special maybe?” Alicia picks up her black suitcase and then looks at them both, “I have brought everything from my collection for us all to have fun with. You name it, I most likely have it.” Alicia opens the case and Lacey is the first to look inside of it, “Oh my, I see something I want to try out.” She lifts the purple rubber dong out of the case and see’s it’s actually a strap on, the black straps looking like it wanted to be put on now. “Damn, this thing is big Alicia. How big is it?” Alicia turns to Lacey, “It’s the biggest one I have and it’s a whopping 14” long and 5” inches thick. To get fucked with it is something you will always remember, as it has a battery in it that allows it to vibrate wildly.” Lacey is wide eyed looking at the purple lover she was determined to get to know better. “Fuck, I want this in me soon baby. Will you do the honors and fuck me with it Alicia?” Lacey began to suck and lick the purple dong as Alicia replied, “if that is what you want, I would be thrilled to fuck you with it, as long as you return the favor sexy girl.” Lacey nodded eagerly never letting the dong fall from her mouth.

Marie walks over and peers into the case, “Damn, you did bring everything. What is that?” Alicia see’s where she is pointing, “That’s a special butt plug and I think it has your name on it.” Alicia lifts her black super sized butt plug from her case and hands it to Marie. Marie is stunned to see the actual size of it. “I don’t think this thing would even fit in my puss, let alone my ass. You sure this is for an ass?” Alicia stands up, “I have had it in my ass a few times. Why don’t we see how it fits in yours, shall we?” Marie took that as the cue to get this party started, “I’m game if you two are. You want something to drink before we get started? Lacey, you want anything?” Marie headed to the kitchen awaiting their drink orders, Alicia speaking first, “sure, I’ll have some wine if you have any.” Marie got a fresh bottle of wine from the wine chiller they had, “Lacey, you want a glass to sweets?” Lacey nodded, her eyes glued to all the toys in the suitcase. “Sure, I’ll have a full glass. Hell, just bring the whole bottle or two, as I’m sure we will kill them both in time.” Marie did just that, grabbing both bottles and bringing them into the living room and setting them down on the coffee table, then headed back for the ice and glasses. Marie opens the first bottle, pours them all a glass of wine, then says, “I want to make a toast. To good friends and all the joy it will bring tonight and forever.” They all clink the glasses together and sip the wine all at one time.

Alicia looks up at Marie, “That butt plug is a special one. It let’s someone attach a strap to it and then it becomes an anal strappy. Getting fucked in the ass with it will forever change your views on what anal sex is. I know you love anal play, which is why I brought it here tonight. I do want to fuck that hot ass of yours, yours too Lacey.” Marie wasn’t sure what to say, “well, we can try it. It’s much bigger than I think either me or Lacey can handle though.” Lacey took it from Marie, looking it over, “It is a big one. I wouldn’t mind trying to shove it in my little asshole. I bet it would make me cum a gallon though.” Alicia agreed, “Oh, it will make you cum for sure and more so than you usually do, I should know.”

After three glasses of wine each, the girls were getting very tipsy and in the playful state they loved to be in, Marie suggesting they all move into their bedroom where it was more comfortable. Each girl stood the best they could, the last wine bottle and glasses in tow, and the black suitcase in Lacey’s left hand, all headed to the bedroom. It was fun time!

Alicia was impressed with what she saw before her, “wow, you got a new bigger bed.” Marie glanced over to Alicia as she removed her clothes, “this is our special bed. We got it two weeks ago and it’s a double-queen with many goodies around it.” Alicia studied the bed, herself stripping down, “what kind of goodies?” Standing the best she could, Marie showed Alicia the many hidden compartments, the bondage straps, and even the video equipment for recording everything they did. “Damn, you two have gotten much more kinkier since the last time we had a party like this,” Alicia said as she finished stripping and laid out on the bed. Marie joined Alicia on the bed as Lacey looked on. “Are you going to join us sweetie,” Alicia said to Lacey as she tried her best to stand in one spot. Marie turned to Alicia, “I think she is fucked up. That wine fucked her up good, which is good for us.” Marie stood and got next to Lacey, removing her clothes, and guided her to the bed. Lacey was fucked up for sure, as wine usually screwed her up more than most other drinks.

As Lacey laid out on the bed, Alicia started kissing her gently on her lips, down her neck to her luscious breasts, stopping at each one to explore the sweetness of them both. “I love her small breast, don’t you Marie? I could suck on these all night long, as they are a perfect handful for me.” Squeezing each one with tenderness, she kissed and licked every part of Lacey’s tits. In between the mounds, under them, along the sides, and then to her erect nipples. Alicia spent five minutes on each nipple, going back and forth to each one sucking and licking them with the passion of fire she had built up inside of her. As Alicia moved further south of Lacey’s sexy body, Marie took her spot by sucking on her roomies delicious nipples. She had spent many hours before this getting to know these nipples before her, even naming them. She loved them that much.

Alicia was down to Lacey’s sensitive navel, licking all around it, in it, and giving it special wet kisses from her delicate tongue and lips. It did get a reaction from Lacey, as she moaned each time Alicia stuck her tongue inside her navel. Lacey was totally zonked out, just buzzed more than usual. Marie stayed perched in her position, sucking and lightly biting Lacey’s erect nips. “I love her nips. I could suck on them all night. They are so tasty.” Alicia didn’t respond to Marie, she just kept her attention on Lacey’s sweet body, moving downward now to her pelvic region, kisses and licks leaving a path of saliva as she traveled to the sweet pussy she wanted to spend some time with.

Marie looked downward to see that Alicia was staring at Lacey’s pussy. “This is the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen Marie. She keeps it in perfect condition too, all smooth and no stubble what so ever. I bet it tastes just as good.” Alicia placed her tongue on Lacey’s sweet pussy, taking in the aroma of it as she slowly licked it from top to bottom. “Oh yes, very tasty indeed. Marie, do me a favor hon, let’s lift her legs up so I can get at this sweet puss of hers.” Marie stops her sucking and helps Alicia lift Lacey’s legs up to where they are bent at the knees, her legs wide open. “Perfect hon. Feel free to join me.” Marie doesn’t need to be told twice, both girls now staring into Lacey’s pink slit, eyes wide, studying it with envy and lustfulness. Alicia spreads Lacey’s tender lips apart, exposing the inner pinkness of her sex spot, taking full notice of the small clit that is waiting to be explored. “Oh yes, there it is.” Alicia sticks out her tongue and licks the clit, the first flick of her tongue making Lacey jolt a little. “That got her attention,” Marie said, as she stuck her tongue up inside the wet pussy and sucked hard on it.

Lacey was beginning to come around now, her moaning growing louder as Alicia and Marie ate her slick pussy. She looked down between her legs to see two heads, one brunette and one blonde, both moving up and down, and back and forth, tongues going to town on her sweet spot. It was enough to make her cum instantly, but she wanted it to last longer than this if she could stand it that long. Lacey placed both her hands on their heads, pressing them deeper into her. “Oh fuck yes, eat me bitches!” Two tongues danced their way in and out of her pussy, one finger finding its way to her asshole, plunging in with forcefulness, sending Lacey into a bliss of hot nasty sex she loved so much. “Fuck yeah, finger fuck my tight ass! Oh fuck yes, shove another one in!” Her pleading didn’t go un-noticed, Alicia forcing another of her fingers into Lacey’s ass.

Marie had gotten up, leaving Alicia in full control of Lacey’s region of lust. She had three fingers sunk into Lacey’s ass and her tongue was lashing her pussy like a carwash would do. The heat was rising in the room quickly as the thunderstorm outside shook the house with each clap of thunder it made, only making the excitement inside even more special. It meant they could get louder, even scream if they wanted too. Marie returned to the scene before her, Lacey looking up at her as she stood above her, the purple dong strapped to her, it flopping in the air above her. Marie focuses on Lacey, “I’m going to fuck you Lacey. I want to hear you scream out my name as I fuck you with this hot dong you want so bad baby.”

Lacey’s eyes grew wide as she watched Marie kneel between her legs, Alicia backing off for now, Marie’s big knockers now pressed against Lacey’s own tits, the dong easing it’s way into Lacey’s wet pussy. “Tell me to fuck you baby. Tell your lover to fuck you and make you cum my little baby doll.” Marie was in her state of passion unlike many girls her age, as she was in love with Lacey. Lacey never knew just how much Marie loved her until this very moment. They kissed deeply as the thick dong spread Lacey’s pussy wide, Marie pushing it in further with each of Lacey’s gasps for air. “Does it feel good in you baby?” Lacey could only nod as the thick dong slid into her ever so slowly, filling her more and more with each push by Marie.

Alicia had taken the moment to give Marie a special treat too, the big black butt plug, which was now strapped to Alicia’s waist. It was not your average plug either, no, it was more like a grown man’s fist being shoved it, just with no fingers attached. It was surely not going to go in easily, but Alicia was determined to see it wedged into Marie’s tight ass. Marie was slowly fucking Lacey at her normal pace, Lacey gritting her teeth and biting her lower lip with each thrust into her. Lacey had taken some big cocks before, real and fake, but nothing compared to this monster cock inside her presently. She was loving it too, and Marie knew she was. What Marie didn’t expect, was a liquid being applied to her own ass. It was cool and very slimy, then she saw Alicia with the big butt plug strapped to her. “Alicia, I..I don’t think….” Alicia quieted her with a “ssshhhhh” applying more of the anal lube to Marie’s asshole and on the plug. “Just keep doing what you are doing Marie,” Alicia said to Marie, “and let me give you a pleasure like none before this.”

With most of the bottle of lube now spread all over the dong and inside of Marie’s ass, Alicia positioned herself behind Marie, on her knees, the plug pointed directly at the tight pinkish hole before her. “Just keep fucking her like you are doing love. Just spread your legs and don’t stop fucking. I will do the rest.” Marie spread her legs apart, her ass cheeks opening just enough for Alicia to slowly insert the plug into Marie’s rectum. With the thunder getting louder outside, Alicia leans over Marie and gives a big push with her hips. Marie’s body tightens and she screams out, “Oh fucking gawd, oh fuck!” Alicia just keeps ramming more of the plug in, the first tier of it buried in Marie’s ass, with 5 tiers to go, each tier larger than the one before it, the 5th tier three times as big as the first one. It wasn’t called “The Screamer” for nothing. The force in Marie’s ass only made her fuck Lacey deeper. That was the intent from Alicia, to give them both the fuck of their young youthful lives, just as a certain someone had done to her years before. Alicia loved to give more than receive, so this was exactly the position she wanted to be in with these two lusty girls in heat before and under her.

Lacey’s pussy had engulfed three quarters of the rigid rubber dong, Marie fucking it in and out of her young pussy, stretching it and making it juicy as ever with each thrust she drove into her lover below her. Marie on the other hand, she was struggling with Alicia cramming the big butt plug deep into her ass, just two tiers in now. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take, but allowed Alicia to keep ramming more of it in her sore stretched out ass. Two tiers was the norm for most girls or even guys, but Alicia wasn’t normal. She had taken the 5th tier twice and wanted to do the same to Marie.

The action on the bed had grown intense over the next thirty minutes, Lacey begging for Marie to make her cum, Marie screaming herself as the third tier pushed into her ass, Alicia smacking her ass cheeks with each thrust she drove the dong into Lacey. Alicia suddenly pulled the plug out of Marie’s ass, a big dark hole now where the plug was, Alicia looking down into the innards of Marie‘s ass. As she pushed the plug back in, Marie’s pussy exploded. Alicia had made her cum with the most intense orgasm she had ever had, which only made her fuck Lacey with more authority, turning more to greed as she pumped the large dong in and out of Lacey, making her buck and plead for release of her juices.

Alicia pulled the plug back out of Marie’s ass, looked down inside of her, spit in her ass, then began to tongue fuck her gaping ass. Marie was in a fresh state of erotica, as she had never experienced anything like this before. She never stopped her pace on Lacey, her hips driving in and out, Lacey on the verge of explosion herself. Sensing that Lacey would some cum, Marie pulled the entire dong out of her dripping pussy and replaced it with her eager tongue, lapping on her sweet pussy lips, sucking them in and out of her mouth, nibbling on her clit and biting it as tenderly as she could, only to make Lacey grasp onto the sheets of the bed with her fingers as she grew closer and closer to orgasm. Alicia joined Marie between Lacey’s legs once again, both gnawing, licking, biting, and just giving Lacey the tongue lashing of her life. Lacey was breathing in as deep as she could, her stomach rising and lowering with great force, her screaming out loud for the girls to make her cum. “Gawd, oh gawd, make me cum! Please make me cum!” You had never seen two girls eat pussy as much as these two were doing to Lacey. The pace was unbelievable, driving Lacey into a bliss of insanity of deep lust. “Feed us baby! Fill our hungry mouths with your sweet nectar, you sexy and hot baby doll!” The words they were filling into Lacey’s ears only made her hotter and hotter. She spread her legs as far as they would go, letting out a deep and long sigh, until she erupted into the open mouths between her legs. Gush after gush of fresh nectar escaped her tender folds, most spraying into Alicia and Marie’s open mouths and all over their faces, each one taking turns lapping up the cum from one of the most tastiest pussies ever, one that was easy to become addicted too quite easily.

Alicia sat back on the pillows on the bed, “That was awesome! Did either of you happen to record this maybe, being you said you had recording devices in here?” Marie turned to Alicia, “I sure did. I record all of our adventures. You want a copy?” Alicia nodded with excitement, “I sure do. Can we watch the replay of it maybe?” Lacey got up next to Marie and Alicia, “I’m ready to see it again as I missed the first part.” Each one giggled and laughed as they rewound the recorder, laid back to watch the ready made flick, only to fall asleep in each others arms like loving girls do with each other.

The End of Chapter 3.

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  1. As a guy I often wonder why stories of lesbian sex make me so very horny. I'm never really sure what or how it happens. This story is incredibly hot. I love it. Alicia, you are one hell of a fine writer.