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Teachers Pet - Chapter 2

This is the second installment of my new College Coed series. The first chapter was my last story I posted, "Surprise Visit", about two lovely and sexy girls named Marie and Lacey, about their kinky adventures through their college life. This series came about from a friend who wanted a story written for him and it gave me the idea to start a series of some kind with each of them in the different stories. This is a change of pace for this blog of mine and a much needed change might I add. I will still write my normal stories, so don't think I have given up on them.

College Coed Series:
Teacher's Pet - Chapter 2
By Silky

Marie and Lacey had become a very popular pair within the neighborhood, both roommates sharing a house together in a very expensive neighborhood while they went to college together, studying in the field of nursing. Most within the neighborhood would say they were much more than just friends, and most were right about them too, as they lived a very open lifestyle, which included wild sex parties with most of their neighbors and college buddies on a nightly basis.

Marie was a stunning brunette with an incredible looking body. Her breast were her best feature, along with her shapely legs and firm ass. Lacey was another stunning girl with long blonde hair down to her waist, a very firm ass, and walked liked she was the sexiest female on the planet, and too many, she was just that. Both of their faces were angelic in their own ways, and sex is what they did best, either together or with partners. They lacked nothing and desired the most heated parties with wild kinky sex. They were a twosome every man and woman wanted to be apart of, even the swinging couples of the neighborhood wanted to be with them both. No dirty deed went untested or untried. Kinky was their middle name.

“Hey Marie,” Lacey called out to her roomie, “what did you really think of your neighbor Doug that we were with last night?” Marie was one to never pass up a chance to talk about sex, “I enjoyed him very much. That man sure can shoot some cum, I know that much.” Lacey nodded and agreed with that statement, “Yeah, and it tasted so good too and I couldn‘t get enough of it either. Sometimes I wish men could cum forever and never need a refreshing period to get going again.” Marie looked at Lacey, “Oh baby, I totally agree with that. An unlimited supply of cum would be a dream come true for me. I hope we get a chance to be with him one day soon again, as I want him in my ass next." Lacey agreed, "Oh I know, we skipped the anal play except for his thumb and my finger, and I too hope we get to try that with him. It's making me horny to just think about it." That was no surprise to Marie, "you are always horny girl." Both giggling at that statement, they both got ready for classes, slipping into their sexy short skirts and tank tops like any typical class day. Marie looked over at Lacey, “Are you going to wear panties to class today?” Lacey quickly glanced up from putting her shoes on, “hell no, I want it to breathe baby.” She giggled as she said that and they both headed out the door to class, Marie deciding to wear hers today for a change.

“What are our plans tonight Marie?” Lacey was always wanting to know of any new juicy details, as their nights were not like most classmates around campus. “We are suppose to meet up with Alicia after class, remember?” Lacey wasn’t all that surprised, “Oh that’s right, I forget about her coming over. I hope she brings her big strappy like she did last time.” Marie looked at Lacey, “Is that all you think about, getting nailed each night?” Lacey laughed, “You know I love getting fucked by a man or woman whenever I can baby.” Lacey leans over and gives Marie a kiss on her lips, “see you after class love.” Marie waves to her as she heads in the opposite direction, both blowing kisses to each other.

During the day, both girls had two classes together, even though they were taking the same courses. When they did have class together, they always sat together and played with each other under the table too. Neither one could keep their hands out of each others crotches, fingers and pussies getting a workout each time. They kept it hidden well, or so they thought.

Class ended quickly and Mr. Jenkins, the teacher, called out as they walked by, “Lacey, I need to see you in private.” Marie went with Lacey as she stood in front of Mr. Jenkins desk, “Marie, I don’t need to see you. You can go on your way. I need to speak with Lacey in private about this course.” Marie turned and left, leaving her friend behind for whatever reason he wanted to see her about. “Have a seat over here Lacey.” She went and sat down in the chair next to her teacher. She sat with her books in her lap, her legs side by side, having no idea why he wanted to speak with her.

Mr. Jenkins swung his chair sideways, where he was face to face with Lacey. He moved his chair closer to her, his knees knocking into hers. “Lacey, I wanted to speak with you about some things that concern me about you.” Lacey looked at him with a puzzled look, “Like what Mr. Jenkins?” His hands came up to his lap, “why don’t you set them books to the side here first.” She sat them down in the chair next to her, her legs opening just enough for him to get a peek between her panty-less legs. “Lacey, I see you everyday and I have a concern on what you wear to class each day.” She just looked at him with amazement, his hand slowly reaching over and laying on her legs. She never moved as he felt her leg, rubbing it gently. “You know, you are failing this class and I want to help you the best I can to where you are passing, you know what I mean?” She shook head no, his hand making its way between her legs while she spoke, her then feeling his hand on her bare pussy. “You feel good Lacey. You want to pass this class, right?” She nodded her head up and down, his hand never leaving her bare pussy once, him moving closer to her and spreading her legs apart with both his large hands. “If what I’m doing upsets you any, you are welcome to get up and leave at anytime, sexy.” She never moved, allowing him to do whatever he wanted to her. “You like men ordering you around? I think you do or you would have stopped me by now.”

He stood up and placed his hand out for Lacey to grab hold of, lifting herself up out of her seat, “follow me my dear.” She followed him into the next room, a private room set aside for troublesome students. He led her inside, “have a seat on that couch Lacey.” He came in behind her, closed the door, locked it, and came over and sat beside her. “Do you know why you are in here now?” She looked up at him and nodded, “yes Mr. Jenkins.” He placed his finger to her mouth, “call me Paul,” outlining her pretty lips with his finger. “You are the sweetest looking girl at this college and you know it don’t you?” All she could do was look into his face, him licking his lips at her. “I have been watching you very closely lately and you are the most beautiful girl around these parts. From your silky hair down to your sweet toes, you are what fantasies were made of.” Lacey blushed at what he had to say about her, his hand makings its way back to her legs, spreading them open.

“No panties is what I like to see on a girl like you. Your pussy is purrfect baby doll.” He slid his fingers over her slit, Lacey taking in a deep breathe as he inserted his middle finger in her. “Does that feel good?” Her moaning said it did and she spread her legs apart further, allowing him full access to her charms. He wasted no time in his time with her, as he only had a hour to spend with her before someone came looking for them. He moved her to her side, leaving her legs wide open, unbuckled his belt, opened his pants, and pulled out his raging cock. “You satisfy me properly, and I will make sure you pass this class Lacey, do we have a deal?” She nodded at him, laying back on the couch, spreading her sexy legs wide for him.

He climbed in between her thighs, slid his pants down to his ankles, and positioned his cock at the opening of her wet slit. “I have been waiting to do this babe.” Paul slid his thick cock in between Lacey’s pussy folds, thrusting inward until he was buried inside her. The couch made squeaking noises as he fucked Lacey, her moaning with each thrust into her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and he pounded his cock in her. “You like getting fucked like this, don’t you? Yes you do, you hot little slut. I can see it in your eyes babe.” His hips bucked up and down, pushing her shirt up to get at her tits, fondling and pinching her nipples with authority. He was not gentle at all, squeezing her breasts hard, biting her nipples hard, and grinding his cock into her with force, his large balls slapping her ass with each powerful thrust of his cock.

His slobbering kisses was something she didn’t like all that much, but she did what she could to please him anyway. Paul was like a man on a mission, fucking as fast and as hard as he could, not really paying all that much attention to her, just his cock thrusting in and out of her snug pussy. “Damn you are tight babe. You feel so good.” He never stopped his pace, wanting to get off fast and get on with his day was how Lacey felt about this ordeal.

She leaned up to his ear and whispered to him softly, “fuck me. Fuck me with you big hard cock.” He wasn’t expecting that and it seemed to send him into overdrive, his cock fucking her deeper and deeper, with long deep strokes. His grunting became even more deeper, determined to fuck Lacey with as much force as possible. “Fuck yes slut, I’m going to pump you full of hot cum. God you are the best fuck of my life!” The couch was moving across the floor with each thrust he made, it squeaking even loader now, the legs of it literally coming off the ground, as he bucked and bucked toward orgasm.
“I heard you were a kinky girl and this proves it babe. You want my cum in your pussy? You want me to fill your hot pussy baby?” She whispered in his ear what he wanted to hear, “fill me with your hot cum. Pump your cum in me and make me yours?” He immediately kissed her on the lips, worked his way down her neck, down to her erect nipples, sucking on each one with passion, his cock at the brink of explosion. “Here I come babe, here it comes, oh fuck yes, oh yes, oh, oh, fuck yeah baby, here, oh, here it comes!” He let out a long sigh, his ass cheeks tensed up tightly and he flooded her pussy with one, two, three, four large spurts of sticky cum. He pulled out quickly, grabbed her and pulled her up to his dripping cock, “suck me dry babe. Suck the rest of my cum out of my balls!” His cock was still spewing cum when she inserted it into her mouth, sucking on it with powerful sucks, his cum leaking into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his cock head, making him jump with each lick, then swallowed his creamy refreshment. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked her lips at him, stroking his cock up and down in her slimy hand, making him grunt and squirm in his seat as she did it. “You taste so good Paul.” She blew him a kiss as he sat back trying to regain his posture and his breathe. She leaned down and gave his cock one last suck, then kissed the head of it with one big wet tongue lashing of a kiss.

They both sat back on the couch, breathing heavily and both very satisfied. Lacey spoke up, “You know Paul, I would have had sex with you even if I were passing this class. I have always found you to be a handsome man, so just know in the future,” her slipping her skirt and top down getting ready to leave, “just know that you can have me anytime you please, passing or not.” She kissed him on the cheek, “just think of me as your special teachers pet and call on me anytime you want.” She left him sitting there nude on the couch, her heading home as this was her last class of the day. Paul pulled up his pants and headed home himself, worrying his wife would wonder where he was.

Lacey arrived home and Marie wanted to know what Mr. Jenkins wanted. Lacey gave her a sly look, “he wanted to go over some extra credit I could do to make up for my failing grades lately.” Marie wasn’t dumb at all, “oh, so you two had sex huh?” Lacey just nodded, “yes, and he is great too. He is one of the best this month too. He has a big thick cock that spews cum like a river. He tasted so good too Marie, you will have to try it with him before the year is over, maybe a threesome together if you want.” Marie knew she could get a taste from Lacey instead of waiting for a possible threesome, “come over here and show me what he gave you Lacey.” Lacey sat down on the sofa, lifted her skirt and spread her legs wide open for Marie. Marie opened Lacey’s pussy with both her hands and plunged her face into it, licking and probing around inside of Lacey’s still cum filled pussy. Marie’s lapping sounds told Lacey she had found what she was looking for. Lacey pushed hard making the cum spill into Marie’s mouth. They always saved some for each other after a solo session. These two were the meaning of the word kinky. Marie sucked out the remaining cum, swallowing the sweet nectar, licking her lips and fingers, then kissed Lacey right on her mouth, sharing the goodness with her. “You were right Lacey, he is very tasty, but I like the cum mixed with your juices better.” Both stare into each others eyes, each kissing each other gently, but knowing they had a guest coming over soon, they had to delay their heated passion together tonight, as Alicia was due at their house very soon.

The End of Chapter 2

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  1. Another hit of a story. I do like how you write. Wonderful.


  2. Thanks Doug. Your story idea generated this series, so thank you too. :)