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Lusting For Sara

Lusting For Sara
By Silky

It wasn’t easy being a horny little virgin in an all-girl high school. That was a confusing time for me. I was certainly boy crazy and had plenty of opportunities to explore the opposite sex, but I just didn’t want to waste my first time on anyone who wasn’t worthy.

I guess you could say I was a stuck-up little princess. I wasn’t about to let just anyone plunder my perfect body. And so my senior year rolled around and my cherry was still firmly intact. Which is not to say my high-school years were void of sex. There was never a shortage of young studs trying to get up my skirt, and while I enjoyed their attempts, none proved worthy of getting beyond third base. Perhaps it was their pathetic groping that pushed me closer to the fairer sex.

I spent four years immersed in feminine beauty. Everywhere I turned I was surrounded by snotty little rich girls in sexy uniforms. It’s no wonder my heterosexual fantasies were interrupted by dreams of girls kissing and licking each others naked pussies and breasts.

By my senior year, I was starting to worry about myself. I was becoming obsessed with my roommate, Sara, who seemed to be taunting me with her incredible body. Sara was probably the only other virgin in our class. Like me, she had plenty of suitors, but she was determined to hold out until she turned 18.

She was a few months younger than me, and I often wished I were a guy so I could nail her myself. She was so gorgeous — from her honey-blonde hair to her long, slender legs. I wondered what she would think if she knew how I yearned to suck her pink nipples and lick her tight little ass.

I used to love watching her dress in the morning before class. She was always pushing the limits of our school uniform policy with her tiny kilts. Sometimes I swear she was torturing me -- stretching out her sleek, tanned legs as she slowly pulled on her panties, or hiking up her skirt to adjust her stockings or tights, knowing my eyes were on her. One morning, she was ready to leave the dorm when she turned to me with a naughty grin, lifted her skirt and slipped off her thong, revealing the lacy tops of her stay-up stockings. She tossed the panties in my face then sauntered out of the room.

It was more than I could take. We had celebrated her birthday the night before and I knew she was eager to get laid. I had been up tossing and turning all night dreaming of her long legs wrapped around some lucky stud, pumping his hard dick in and out of her hot little cunt.

As soon as our door clicked shut, I raised the silk panties to my nose and inhaled her creamy scent -- my own pussy throbbing with excitement. Any doubts I had about my sexuality vanished. My lust for Sara was unbearable. I rolled around on my bed, brushing her panties over every inch of my body. My nipples hardened as the silk glided over my breasts and began the descent, down my flat tummy, over my hip bones and finally, onto my downy little mound.

I imagined my hand was Sara’s bush, pressing through the fabric against my throbbing cunt. I imagined our legs entwined, school-girl skirts pushed up and our wet young pussies mashing together as we pumped our way to ecstasy.

The thought of our creamy twats kissing was too much. I pushed my panty-covered fingers into my slit and stroked my clit while my other hand pinched my hardened nipples. I admired my sweet, teenage thighs and painted toenails as my orgasm flooded over me.

“Ooooo, fuck me Sara!” I cooed as I rocked my hips, arching my back and digging her panties deeper between my lips. “Fuck me gently...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me harder! Make me cum Sara...make your roommate scream!”

My hips were bucking furiously as my pussy gushed sweet cream into Sara’s thong, and I rolled over onto my stomach, thrusting my bare ass in the air, still humping my hand and squeezing my tits.

“Spank me Sara,” I whimpered into my pillow as my climax subsided. “Spank my slutty virgin ass...”

My vagina still convulsing, I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of Sara and knowing I wouldn’t make it to class. I was still lying naked on my stomach when Sara sneaked back to the dorm between classes. I was awakened by a stinging smack across my ass.

“Do you mind,” Sara scolded as she pulled her cum-soaked panties from my hand. I was so embarrassed. I would have died, if not for the mischievous gleam in Sara’s eyes.

“It seems I forgot these,” she said, slipping her thong slowly up her thighs, over her stockings and under her skirt. “The last thing I need today is a uniform infraction.” She turned and bounded out of the dorm, like the perky cheerleader she was.

Sara had been dating a big, handsome college guy since Christmas and it was all she could do to keep him from fucking her. As she dressed for her date that evening, I knew she was finally ready to give in. Right after school, she threw off her uniform and hopped in the shower. I settled onto my bed, eager to watch her prepare for her last night as a virgin.

“Be sure to tell me everything,” I begged as she outlined her lips in red lipstick -- her white, lace pushup bra molding her perky tits. “I want to know every sordid detail.”

Sara took a fresh pair of silk stockings from her drawer and sat on the edge of her bed to put them on. I could barely keep from drooling as she pulled one stocking up to her thigh, shifting her bum as she hooked the lacy top into her garter straps.

My pussy oozed as Sara leaned back on her bed, lifted her leg into the air and pulled her other stocking slowly over each creamy inch of her limb, carefully straightening the seam on the back of her calf.

Rolling onto her stomach, she asked me to check her stockings for runs. My rock-hard clit was aching as I kneeled on her bed and ran my hand gently from her silk-covered heel to the top of her stocking, lightly brushing her bare thigh with the backs of my fingers.

“This one’s fine,” I assured her, reaching my other hand to her ankle. With one hand on her left thigh, I stroked her right leg, from her ankle to her bum and back again -- I couldn’t believe she was letting me do this. I was tempted to tear her stocking with my finger nail, just so I could help her pick out new ones.

“This one looks great too,” I said, grasping her thigh and rolling her onto her back. “Dan’s a lucky guy.”

“I know,” said Sara. “I just worry that I’m going to be a lame fuck. I mean, Dan’s a great kisser, but I don’t know if I’m any good.”

She threw herself back on the bed, her golden hair cascading over the pillow and her silky legs draped over my lap.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll do fine, I said, still stroking her stockings. “Why don’t you pretend I’m Dan and I’ll help you practice. I Know I’m not a guy, but I have a pretty good idea what they like.”

Sara jumped off the bed, playfully punching me in the arm. “That’s a great idea,” she said, pulling me to a standing position. “I can’t believe you would do that for me.”

I stood on my tip toes, trying to simulate Dan’s height and slipping my hand around Sara’s slender waist. She reached her hands around my neck, running her fingers through my jet-black bob. When our eyes met, I couldn’t believe we were about to kiss. My knees were shaking as she leaned in and planted her open, pouting lips on mine. I could smell her lipstick as she pulled away, blushing, then planted another and another tender kiss on my hungry lips.

I was stunned, and my pussy was gushing. Standing flat footed, I pulled Sara close, mashing our breasts together, her panties brushing against my skirt. When our lips met again, I drove my tongue deep into Sara’s mouth as hers entered mine. She was hugging me tightly as our tongues and lips made love and my hands explored her back, teasing the edge of her panties.

She pulled away suddenly, blushing, and I worried that I had gone too far. “Your kissing is wonderful,” I muttered. “Now hurry and get dressed, you’re going to be late.”

Sara threw on a little, black slip dress, wiggling her hips as she tugged it over her garter and stockings. She refreshed her lipstick and headed for the door. “Don’t wait up,” she said, pausing to check her gorgeous ass in the mirror.”

As soon as Sara left, I plunged my hand under the waist of my skirt and into my panties, frantically smearing my pussy cream over my clit while squeezing my tits with my other hand. I leaned back against the wall, masturbating with the taste of Sara still on my lips.

When she came home, I was waiting for her on the couch, wearing one of her favorite silk nighties. I had lit some candles and opened a bottle of wine, smuggled into our dorm over the holidays. I was massaging my clit again and was on the brink of cumming when I heard Sara at the door. I quickly crossed my legs and reached for my wine glass.

“You bitch,” Sara growled when she saw me. “You’re wearing my clothes!”

Tossing her purse onto a chair, Sara settled onto the couch beside me, swinging her legs across my lap and lying back against the arm rest.

“How did it go,” I asked, desperate for details. I poured Sara a glass of wine while admiring her silk-covered knees. As I handed her the glass, I noticed a tear near the top of one of her stockings. She took a sip of her wine, parting her legs and allowing my hungry eyes to meander along her thighs and under the hem of her dress. My heart pounded when I saw the tiny blood stains on her white, cotton panties.

“You did it,” I said. “You little slut. What was it like? Did it hurt? Did he cum in you? Tell me everything.”

Sara and Dan had gone to dinner and a movie. Dan was so turned on by Sara’s flirting that he couldn’t keep his hands off her. As soon as the lights dimmed in the theater, his strong hands were on her thighs, reaching under her dress, trying to undo her stockings. She had hoped he would sneak her into his dorm, but he couldn’t wait. On the way back to his car, he suddenly turned on Sara, pinning her against a tree. As his tongue explored her mouth, his hand reached up her dress, pushed her panties aside and guided his dick into her virgin pussy. Her lips were swollen and wet, but his cock was too big. He thrust it hard into her opening, but her tunnel was blocked.

Sara locked her hands around Dan’s neck, lifted her legs and let the full weight of her body impale herself on his pole. Her cherry exploded as Dan’s cock plunged deep into her crevice. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she begged Dan to be gentle. He ignored her cries, thrusting deeper until his cock hit bottom and he withdrew and rammed it in again. Sara’s tight cunt was stretched to its limit, and blood trickled down her thigh, but Dan showed no signs of easing up. The more she cried, the harder and faster he fucked her. Sara wanted to scream, but she bit her lip, and locked her ankles behind his back, squeezing his hips with her thighs as the pain shot through her groin. Slowly her sobs turned to sighs as her orgasm overtook the pain and her hips started thrusting with each stab of Dan’s cock. When she felt his sperm shooting into her, Sara screamed, and her vagina exploded in convulsions of pain and pleasure. They fell together onto the ground, and Dan continued pumping until every ounce of his cum was spent.

“It hurt like hell,” said Sara. “I don’t know how I even walked to the car. I held my stomach the whole ride home. I thought I was going to die.”

She took a sip of wine as I gently ran my hand down her thigh and over her blood-stained panties. As my fingers grazed across her swollen lips, she winced in pain.

“You poor thing,” I whispered, gently parting her thighs. “Let me kiss it better.”

Leaning forward, I brushed my cheek along her inner thigh and pressed my lips against her mound. I could feel her clit swelling as I smothered her panties with tender kisses. My own clit was throbbing as my tongue wandered over the fabric and finally tasted Sara’s sweet flesh. While my tongue teased the edge of her panties, Sara slipped her big toe under my nightie and into my swollen slit. Gripping her silky knees, I sat up and started fucking her beautiful toes, wishing she could plunge her entire foot into me. As my pussy rode her up and down, Sara reached up her dress and gently unhooked the garter straps on one stocking and then the other. Then she hooked her thumbs under her panties and tugged them off her bottom, over her stockings and up to her knees, where my hands waited to slip them down to her ankles and over her toes. Her vagina was open to me at last. She spread her legs and pulled me down onto her chest.

If I had a dick, it would have been deep inside her as our lips met and we French kissed while Sara’s hands pushed up my nightie and stroked my heart-shaped ass. I humped her gently, brushing my silky bush against her mound. I was startled by how smooth it felt. Breaking our kiss, I looked down to see bare, smooth skin. Sara giggled and pulled my nightie over my head, freeing my breasts for her eager tongue. I ground my pussy against her shaved twat as her mouth closed around my nipple. Each suck brought me closer to orgasm.

“I want you to fuck me,” I whispered as the first wave of orgasm hit. “I want you to break my cherry and fuck me, Sara. I want you to be my first.”

She pulled me close and we kissed again, my naked body writhing against her. I rolled onto the floor, pulling Sara on top of me. Straddling my hips, she pulled her dress off, shaking her blonde hair free while reaching back to unclasp her bra. “I’d love to screw you honey, but I don’t have a dick,” she said.

Rotating her body till her ass straddled my breasts, Sara leaned down and kissed my toes and the arches of my feet. I spread my legs as she kissed her way toward my pussy, backing her wonderful ass toward my face. Soon my lips and tongue were buried in her cheeks as Sara licked and bit my pussy lips. I kissed and licked the backs of her thighs while cupping her smooth, round cheeks in my hands. I ran my tongue over her pink asshole and slipped my lips and nose through her moistened slit, sucking her clit into my mouth. Sara moaned into my twat as I gently sucked her off, sliding my thumb and finger into her pussy and ass just as she started to cum. The taste of her cream squirting onto my face triggered my own violent orgasm, and we rolled around the floor, smearing our faces in each others’ cum. We stayed up most of the night licking, stroking and finger-fucking each other.

Despite the intense pleasure and the love I felt for Sara, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed the next day. Even though I’d spent the night making wild, passionate love, I was now the only virgin left in the senior class. I couldn’t get my mind off my cherry. I could feel it throbbing in my loins like an over-ripe fruit. All through my first class, I couldn’t stop daydreaming of boys ramming their hard, throbbing cocks between my legs. I was afraid I would grab the first guy I saw after school and fuck him till his eyes popped out.

Walking through the corridor after class, I was tempted to sneak into the washroom and masturbate when I heard Sara’s voice. I turned and saw her running toward me, her arms reaching for a hug. As our arms closed around each other, she kissed my cheek and whispered: “Do you still want me to fuck you?”

I stepped back, my heart pounding in my ears and in my groin. Sara winked and patted her purse. “See you after school,” she said. “Don’t dawdle.”

Never has a school day dragged on so long. I felt every tick of the clock. When the bell finally rang, I ran from my class, across the courtyard and up the stairs to our dorm. When I burst through the door, Sara was waiting for me. Her long hair was pulled back in a tight bun. She wore a see-through white cotton blouse with no bra, and there was a sizable bulge in her trousers.

“What took you so long?” she asked, pulling me close and smothering my face with kisses. As we necked, Sara backed me toward her bed, unbuttoning my blouse and unclasping my bra along the way. she pushed me down on the edge of her bed, and I came face to face with her bulge. With trembling hands, I unzipped her fly and freed her enormous cock. It was rubber and hard and I leaned forward, licking its shaft and sucking its giant head into my mouth. I looked submissively up at Sara and said “There’s no way you’re sticking that in me!”

“Shut up,” she hissed, shoving me back against the mattress and reaching her hands up my skirt. I kicked frantically at her chest and arms as her fingers grasped the waistband of my tights. I grabbed her forearms and tried to loosen her grip, but she freed her hand and slapped me hard across the face. I lay back on the bed and surrendered. I let my body go limp as Sara stripped my nylons off my legs, exposing my virgin pussy. My lover leaned forward and, resting one hand beside my head, opened my blouse, squeezing my breast and pinching my hard nipple. Her hand traveled slowly down my stomach, lifted my skirt and stroked my bush. Then, grasping her rubber dick in her hand, Sara guided its tip between my lips.

I gasped as she fucked it gently in and out of my opening. She was teasing me, knowing I craved a good, hard screw. I reached up and pulled Sara’s face down to meet my lips. I could feel her breath quickening and I begged her to fuck me. She grunted in my ear, and pain shot through my vagina. As Sara backed slowly out for another thrust, I knew my hymen wasn’t broken. Tears streamed from my eyes. Sara’s thick cock was stretching my cunt till it hurt, but she couldn’t seem to get it in deeper than its head. I wrapped my legs around her hips, and I could feel the strength of her thrusts, but she just couldn’t get in.

Sara withdrew her cock and gently stroked its head up and down my slit, from my asshole to my clit. It felt wonderful, I wished she would keep doing it for hours while I watched her beautiful tits bounce inside her shirt. I was drifting into a pre-orgasmic trance when Sara suddenly spread my lips and drove her huge prick deep inside me, ripping my cherry and filling me at last.

“Oh god,” I yelled. “It Bitch...It kills!”

I lifted my knees to my chest to let her cock penetrate me to its hilt. “You fucking bitch, you’re killing me,” I yelled. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me till I cry! ...Fuck me Sara....Fuck me Sara!”

I could see her shaft sliding in and out of my pussy as blood trickled onto Sara’s sheets. The pain was incredible. My lips were stretched, my hymen was bleeding and Sara’s knob was pounding against my cervix. Each thrust pushed the base of her cock against her clit, and I could see Sara was about to cum. I wrapped my legs around her ass and ground my clit against hers, matching the rhythm of her thrusts. As her tempo quickened I started to yelp and whimper, knowing my pussy was about to explode. When I felt Sara’s hips quake in orgasm, I could no longer control myself. “Yes...Yes....Yes!” I yelled, my pussy gushing cum and blood. “You horny fucking bitch...I love you!”

Sara collapsed on top of me, kissing my breasts and mouth while I stroked her bottom, her rubber dick still thrusting gently inside me. I was physically and emotionally spent...but Sara was just getting started.


  1. Great story Silky. Love it!

    While I'm here, have you heard anything from Lisa lately?

  2. Nope. I dont know where she is.

    Glad you liked the story. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the comment CaptKirk. I love writing these type so look for more soon. I'm in the process of finishing up one of my longest to date.

  4. Wow, this is a great story. A wonderful read and powerful writing. Congratulations on this story.

  5. Hello again Doug,

    Sorry for the long delay in a response.

    I'm happy you enjoyed the story. I love writing them.

    <3 Silky