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Masquerade Party

I wrote this one earlier this year in January after attending a Christmas masquerade party and it gave me an idea of a story to write, as I had seen some very sexy girls in costumes while attending, even with Carlie by my side the whole time. She loved the sights too. It has some twists in it which may be continued at a later time but not enough to throw you off to much.

Masquerade Party
By Silky

Michelle is a twenty-one year old college student. She knew she was attracted to girls ever since she was a teenager. When she discovered masturbation, she would often think of girls more than guys. She was fine with this but kept it to herself. She had a normal teen age life, culminating in graduating high school and going to college. She had a normal progression of boyfriends, because it was the socially acceptable thing to do. She lived off campus, with her friend Teri who was twenty, both studying to become nurses. Michelle worked at a small restaurant where she was a waitress, and Teri worked on the campus itself, in the library.

Michelle got off work at 6pm and was home by 6:20. It was a Friday night, so she wasn't that tired, but she didn't have any plans so she figured she would see what Teri was doing and probably tag along. She got home to find Teri in her room and the door was closed. When she turned the knob, it was locked, which was all too rare in itself. She listened and could hear rustling, so she lightly tapped on the door. The door opened and to Michelle's surprise, Teri had makeup on her face that looked very much like whiskers, like a cat would have.

In her puzzled look, Michelle asked Teri, "Ahh....what are you doing with that on your face?"

A slight grin escaped from Teri's lips, "well, I was asked to go to a party tonight with some friends and they said it was a masquerade party and I decided to be a kitty cat being I didn't have any other costume or anything like it."

They both eyed each other, "oh, that makes sense now. Who is throwing this party?"

Teri looked over at her friend, "Mike and Rick are. You met them at the Christmas party we went too, remember, they were the two dressed as green elves, which is where the discussion of a masquerade party came into question."

Michelle nodded her head, "Oh yes, I remember them. They seemed odd at first, but nice."

"Hey Michelle, why don't you come too, I mean, I want you to come. It'll be fun. Maybe we could be twin kittens, what do you say?"

Blushing to herself, Michelle loved the idea, "sure, I'd love to go as your kitty partner." They both winked at each as they got ready for the event. An hour later, after both had showered and applied the kitty makeup and found some other items around the apartment that Michelle had in her closet, like some black ears and some short black skirts, and even a kitty tail, the perfect essentials for making them both appear in a more cat like appearance.

As they both left the apartment and got into Teri’s car, Michelle asked, "who else is coming to this party? Anyone we know?"

Teri knew but she wasn’t sure how Michelle would take it, “there might be a couple people you know, like Holly and Kristen, and Diane and Tammy, and I think Frank and his new partner, Harry.” There, she said it and waited for Michelle’s response.

Michelle thought for a couple seconds, “wait a minute…they are all lesbian and gay couples. Is this a gay party?”

Teri turned to her cat like friend, “well, yeah, but there should be some straight guys and gals too. Are you cool with that? It will be fun!"

"I'm cool with that…are you?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, it will be fun." Teri said. "Plus I want to see two guys make out, I've never seen it before and it turns me on thinking about it."

"Oh god, you sick girl." Michelle exclaimed, looking at her friend with a certain gleam in her eyes, Teri smiling at her with a lustful look on her face.

Michelle kept thinking to herself, “so if you knew this was a gay party, who were you taking with you if you had not asked me?”

Again Teri studied her friend, “I was going to go alone but then I decided I wanted you to go because…” She hesitated slightly not knowing what Michelle would think if she said what she was thinking.

“And….because of what?” Puzzlement crossed Michelle’s face as she waited for the rest of the sentence.

Teri swallowed, “because I find you very sexy and I wanted to be with you tonight.”

That was music to Michelle’s ears as she had always thought of Teri in a loving way since the very first time they met.

Michelle looked into Teri’s eyes, “Really? I’m thrilled to hear you say that Teri, because I have feelings for you and always have.” There hands met on the center console between the seats in the car, Teri doing the best she could to stay on the road without driving off of it, her eyes staring into Michelle’s and vice versa.

They arrived at the party and there were guests streaming into the house they had been invited to. They went in the front door, past the people smoking on the front lawn. They made their way around people until Teri spotted Mike and Rick, dragging Michelle over to say hi. After that was accomplished, Teri left Michelle with the hosts of the party with a short "be right back".

Michelle looked around awkwardly and thought to herself that it looked like a pretty normal party. There was loud dance music playing and a lot of people were dancing in the middle, each with different costumes of every kind of animal you could think of. It was then that she noticed two women dancing very close together. She flushed as she looked at them. They were grinding against each other very sexually and it was totally accepted. She looked around and no one was even staring at them, it seemed like only her. She quickly stopped staring and then looked around and noticed two men dancing together just as close. She almost laughed to herself and looked around for Teri. She went over to the fridge and sure enough, Teri was there talking with a guy she knew from class. When she saw Michelle she said bye to the guy and met her halfway. Teri produced some wine coolers and loaded them onto Michelle.

They each sipped the drinks and watched the couples dance on the dance floor in front of them, Teri once again slipping away un-noticed. Michelle spotted the two girls dancing and her mouth dropped open. They were making out right on the dance floor. Her eyes fixed on the two kissing, and she couldn't move her eyes away. It was so beautiful to watch, she felt her thighs twitch together as she felt herself get really turned on in a short time. She averted her eyes, knowing that she would embarrass herself if she kept watching. She glanced down at her chest and noticed that her nipples were rock hard and very visible through the white tank top. She crossed her arms and shook off the wave of pleasure as her forearms brushed against her taut nipples.

Michelle looked around hoping to see Teri but didn't find her. Michelle sat, closed her eyes, and rested her head against the wall. She sat like this for fifteen minutes, listening to the music and trying to reorient herself. She was interrupted when she felt someone sit down next to her, her eyes flew open and she looked to see if it was Teri.

Sitting next to her was a striking woman; she had long brown hair and fierce green eyes. She had an amazing face and incredible body Michelle could tell even though she was sitting down. Michelle looked into her eyes and didn't know what to say.

"Hi, I'm Amber." The woman said.

"Michelle." Was all she could say.

"Are you here with anyone?" The woman asked with a smile.

"I came with my friend Teri." Michelle told her.

"Teri a guy or Teri a girl?" Amber asked.

"Oh girl." Michelle said and then realized that Amber was trying to find out if she was here 'with' Teri. "She's just a friend though." Michelle told her.

"I understand, I was wondering, do you want to dance?" Amber asked.

Michelle was glad she was sitting down at that point. Her first thought was yes, and her second thought was, am I sure I should do this. She looked around and then closed her eyes. Despite knowing she liked girls somewhat, she had never acted on anything like this before to this degree. She wondered where Teri was, or what Teri was doing.

Michelle then thought about how it would look. Maybe if she danced with this girl and Teri saw, she would feel less embarrassed. She smiled and hoped that was the case. She turned to Amber and told her, “yes, I would love to.”

Amber stood up and held her hand out to Michelle. Michelle took it and rose quickly. She leaned over and put her drink on the ground in front of her seat and let Amber lead her out to the dance floor. Amber stopped somewhere in the mass of bodies and put her hands on Michelle's hips. Michelle put her arms around Amber's neck without thinking. Michelle had always danced with guys like this, so it was automatic when Amber touched her hips. Amber smiled at her and stepped a little closer.

Michelle got really nervous all of a sudden and started dancing awkwardly. Amber just moved closer to her and started swaying her hips closer to Michelle's. Michelle closed her eyes and listened to the music. She started dancing easier with her eyes closed, and she felt Amber moving in closer. Michelle leaned forward and felt her chest bump into Ambers. Her eyes flew open to see Amber's reaction and she received a large smile from her. Amber ran her hands farther down Michelle's hips and onto her butt. Michelle gasped and to cover it she just kind of grabbed Amber closer. Amber had her hands on Michelle's ass and was slightly squeezing slightly pulling against Amber herself. Michelle felt so turned on at that point.

Their bodies were grinding together; pelvises slightly grinding together, Michelle's hard nipples were rubbing against Amber's breasts as well. Michelle knew she must be totally wet. She enjoyed the feeling for a little while longer as the music played on. She moved Amber's hands off of her ass and wrapped them around her neck. Amber seemed to frown but then smiled as Michelle reached her own hands down to cup Amber's ass. Amber closed her eyes for a second and rubbed against Michelle's hard body. Amber stroked one of Michelle's cheeks with her nail and Michelle opened her eyes, to see Amber leaning in to kiss her. Michelle froze, but didn't move away, so the next thing she felt was Amber's soft lips brush against hers gently. She closed her eyes and kissed Amber back. Amber moved her neck further in and Michelle met her with the same force. Michelle felt Amber's tongue lick her lower lip as they kissed, as if asking invitation to enter. Michelle answered this with her own tongue, going out to meet Amber's. The started French kissing while holding each other, Michelle almost felt like she was going to orgasm, such pleasure was running between her legs at that moment. What seemed like an eternity passed, while she kissed Amber and felt Amber kissing her.

Abruptly Michelle remembered Teri. She broke off the kiss with Amber and looked into her eyes.

"Amber… I have to find my friend, we were fighting, I.. Oh god, can I call you sometime?" Michelle asked breathlessly.

"Tonight?" Amber asked and looked a little disappointed. "I mean, can't you find your friend another night?"

"Oh God Amber, I'm sorry, I'm the most turned on I've ever been in my life right now but I have to go find her." Michelle kissed Amber on the lips lightly. "Please can I call you?"

Amber went to her purse and grabbed a pen and wrote on Michelle's hand her cell phone number.

"I'll see you later Michelle, go find your friend." Amber told her and then left.

Michelle watched her walk away and for a moment regretted breaking it off. But she knew she had to find her friend and so she turned around to look for Teri, only to lock eyes with Teri herself across the room. Michelle looked at her face to see if Teri had been watching but she couldn't tell. Michelle threaded her way through the crowd to Teri and when she got there she stood awkwardly in front of her.

"Hey." Michelle said.

"Hey." Replied Teri.

"Um.. Did you see that?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah." Teri said.

“Are you mad?” Michelle asked.

“No, just confused really. I thought we were a pair tonight.” Teri expressed with concern.

“It just happened. I lost control. I‘m sorry” Michelle replied.

Michelle looked to her friend, wondering what she was going to say, or think. Michelle's head swam with what she had just done, that she couldn't think straight. She closed her eyes and when she did open them, she saw Teri directly in front of her, their lips inches apart, Teri’s tongue out like it was on the attack like a snakes tongue does. Michelle took the hint and she grabbed Teri's face, gently, but firmly, and brought her mouth down on Teri's lips. Teri might have mumbled something but soon she was kissing Michelle as fiercely as Michelle was kissing her. After a few minutes of making out, Michelle released Teri and stood back to see her reaction. Teri looked completely confused, and leaned back against the wall. Michelle smiled and then flushed with embarrassment remembering people could be watching, but when she looked around no one was really looking at her, so she felt better. She looked back at Teri as Teri began to speak.

"Michelle… your lips are so soft… I'm so turned on right now. We need to find a free room in this house and soon.”

Michelle had lost all of her self restraints, and when they made there way through the crowded party and reached the other side of the room, Michelle leaned in, mashing Teri into the wall, kissing her deeper, kneading her firm breasts until both were panting like the wild cats they had been dressed as. They kissed for several minutes until Michelle felt so hot, she thought she was going to burst.

"Ohh…mmm Teri, I want you so bad, we need to find a room upstairs and fast girl, I don't know if I can make it." Michelle murmured into Teri's ear, her pussy oozing with lust for her friend.

They managed to find a free room upstairs that looked like a guest room, and as soon as Teri closed the door, she quickly leaned over and mashed her face against Michelle's. Michelle opened her mouth willingly to Teri's probing tongue but was surprised when she felt Teri's hand close over one of her breasts. She arched her back with pleasure and kissed Teri fiercely. Teri didn't just touch, she started squeezing and then gently caressing just the nipple. Michelle moaned and Teri moved her mouth down to Michelle's neck. Michelle felt herself almost brought to orgasm. She gently grabbed Teri's hand and pulled it away from her breast.

She whispered into Teri's ear, "take me to bed and make me purr you hot lil vixen. I want to cum in your mouth."

Teri was more than willing, and the two were practically ripping the sheets off the bed together, each wanting the other in a wild scene of animal like instincts.

Teri was in bad shape, she was so turned on, she had a large wet spot that had soaked through her skirt. Teri looked up at her hungrily. Michelle took Teri by the hand and motioned her toward herself.

"Lay down baby." Michelle said.

Teri quickly laid down and looked into Michelle’s wide and hungry eyes.

"I want to do this to you," Michelle said softly, "God your beautiful."

"I want you so much Michelle." Teri said in a lusty voice.

"Shh.." Michelle whispered.

With that, Michelle positioned herself between Teri’s legs. She leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of Teri's tight t-shirt. Teri raised her arms and slid out of the t-shirt. Teri was wearing a black bra that Michelle found irresistibly sexy. Teri started to undo it but Michelle grabbed her hand and made her stop. Michelle started kissing Teri's chest, the tops of the breast, under the breasts, and then she ran her fingers gently over the bra covered material. Teri stiffened when her fingers traced the hard protrusion that was her nipples.

Michelle reached around and unhooked the bra deftly. She ripped it off of Teri rather savagely, and turned her gaze to what was found below. Teri had small brown, eraser point nipples that were incredibly hard. Michelle looked into Teri's eyes and then lowered her mouth onto Teri's left nipple. She had never sucked a nipple before, so she gently sucked, puckered her lips around the hard point, and kissed it. She sucked and licked. Teri moaned with pleasure and Michelle flicked the hard nipple with her tongue. She moved her mouth onto the right nipple and brought her hand up to pinch the one her mouth had just left. Teri started shaking almost, and she grabbed Michelle's head and pulled it hard into her chest. Teri grabbed Michelle's head hard, almost pulling at the hair. Michelle decided she would go all the way and moved her mouth away from Teri's chest.

Teri looked down at her and almost whimpered. Michelle just grinned and moved her hands down to the top of Teri's skirt and slowly slid it down her shapely legs, then tossed it to the floor. Michelle eyed Teri’s thong, it visibly wet, soaked with her previous excitement. Michelle resumed her place between Teri’s legs, licking her lips at the wetness before her.

Without saying a word, Michelle gently, and slowly, spread Teri's legs farther apart. Teri offered no complaint and shifted her butt on the bed, so her pussy was easier to get at. Michelle smiled at her and started kissing her way up Teri's thigh. She kissed until almost the very end of her thigh, right before she reached the panty covered material. She then switched to her fingers; she started back at the knees with her nails and gently traced her way up Teri's thighs. Teri was having a hard time taking it and was slowly grinding back and forth in front of Michelle.

Michelle stopped teasing and kissed Teri's navel. She moved down and kissed right where Teri's panties started. She kissed again, a little lower. She kissed again and slower this time. The next lower part down she saw the slight protrusion of Teri's engorged clit. She lowered her lips to it and kissed gently and heard Teri moan in pleasure. She traced her fingers over the spot and rubbed it a few times. Michelle noticed that the wet spot was growing, and so she kept one index finger running over Teri's clit back and forth, she moved her mouth down to the wet spot and gently sucked on the thin fabric. Teri was so turned on at this point she grabbed Michelle's head and forced it hard against her mound. Michelle pulled her head away and Teri cried in protest. Michelle grabbed Teri's panties and eased them down off her legs and got her first view of Teri's pussy. It was trimmed very short, and her lips were engorged with passion.

Michelle wanted to ease into Teri and so she lowered her lips to Teri's hard little clit and bit gently. Teri shook with pleasure and cried out. Michelle used her fingers to massage along Teri's slit as she licked and sucked her clit. Almost without warning, Teri yelled out and her body gave a heave and she collapsed back onto the bed. Michelle continued to lick and suck her clit while gently spreading her lips. Teri's eyes were half open but she was obviously not very aware of her surroundings. Her hands moved up to toy with her nipples as she was eaten out.

Michelle bit her clit again moved her mouth down to Teri's entrance. She spread the lips with her fingers and placed her mouth on the very opening. She tasted Teri wholly and loved every second. Michelle gently inserted her middle finger into Teri, as far as it would go. It went all the way it, Teri was so excited there was more than enough lubrication. Michelle teased the finger in there for a few moments and then brought it out. It was totally slick with Teri's fluids. Michelle looked up at Teri and saw that she was still out of it.

Michelle took her wet middle finger and ran it along the outside of Teri's asshole. She looked up again but Teri was not paying any attention, lost in pleasure. Michelle kissed her clit one more time and then ran the finger along Teri's asshole one more time. She gently tested the hole with her finger. It was very tight. Michelle pressed a little harder and felt it ease up a little. She gently pushed harder and felt her finger slip in to the first knuckle. She stopped and moved it back and forth. Teri was moaning again and Michelle started her attention back on Teri's clit. When she was satisfied Teri was still out, Michelle increased the pressure on Teri's behind. She licked Teri's slit as she pushed the finger in farther. Teri's eye's flew open and she looked down at Michelle.

"Michelle… what are you doing… please." Teri said. She couldn't go on because she was experiencing the longest orgasm of her life, finally getting release. She opened her eyes again and looked down at Michelle's still clothed body. Teri immediately felt guilty of not giving back. She watched Michelle concentrate on her slit, sucking at her opening, tasting her every aspect. She felt Michelle's finger inserted into her asshole and realized that she liked it. She took one of her hands away from her own breasts and stroked Michelle's hair. As she did this she felt her body tingle even more fiercely, and she knew she was going to cum again. She stroked Michelle's hair and then jammed it against her slit as she came, and she knew that she had squirted into Michelle's mouth. Michelle was happily sucking, relishing in the fluids that Teri produced. Teri was exhausted and couldn't take it any more and so she forcefully brought Michelle up.

Michelle looked into Teri's eyes and leaned forward. Teri leaned into the kiss and felt Michelle almost spit into her mouth. Teri tasted herself for the first time from Michelle. Michelle took her right hand and rubbed it over the entirety of Teri's lower lips. They kissed for a few more minutes, both relishing in the taste, the texture, and the beauty of the other.

After a few minutes of kissing, Michelle slowly lifted her head up, looking into her new girlfriends eyes. Teri looked over at Michelle and stroked a finger gently across Michelle's cheek.

"You are so beautiful…" Teri told her. Michelle blowing a kiss to Teri in return.

Michelle glanced down at the tail that Teri had been wearing as part of her costume, it giving her a wild idea. She stroked it slowly, running her hands over it, then looking down at Teri, smiling at her with lust. Teri knew what Michelle was thinking and she too grabbed the tail, moving up onto her knees while grasping the semi-hard costume item.

"I think we are going to have a lot of fun." Teri whispered into Michelle’s ear, making Michelle quiver with excitement as Teri gently placed the cat tail against her friends pussy, sliding it over and around it, making Michelle jump each time she ran it across her sensitive clit, “yes, we are going to have more fun that either of us ever thought, my sweet girl of lust,” Teri said in a soft growl like voice. “I want to hear you purr my sweet love, yes, purr for me baby.”

The End


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