Friday, April 22, 2016

Daddy's Angel

I got a kick out of this story here, written by a good friend who has written a few stories much like this one, but this one here is funny too. It's funny in how it's written and what is said, which you will see as you read through it. It's a hot, and I mean an extremely fucking HOT incest story about a dad and his daughter, the daughter leading the way like the little slut she is. It's long too, so give yourself some extra time to read it as it's worth it. :)

Daddy's Angel
by David

I couldn't help myself. Lord, she was... well hell! She was just so damned beautiful! What's a man do to, huh? I mean, just because she's my daughter, that don't mean that she's not a woman...

A woman with firm... succulent, bouncing... jiggling... beautiful squeezable GODDAMNED FUCKING GLORIOUS TITS!!!

It's hard, you know. I mean, you work all day long, sweat your fucking gonads off and bust your back seventeen times before lunch, break new blisters on your hands every day and then you run the risk of being laid off without any notice... and for what?

For a lousy paycheck that MIGHT make it through till the next one comes along except that you've got a wife who stays perpetually pissed because it's not big enough, and to prove it, she goes out and spends the whole damn thing in two days and then nags you the rest of the week because there's not enough money.

"What'd you do with my paycheck? I just brought it home Friday?!"

"Don't you yell at me, Herb. It's not my fault that you've turned your life into a case study for failure. You could have done a lot of things but you were too stupid and lazy and worthless and so now we have to scrape by on a paltry salary that couldn't be expected to support a cat... let alone a family."

"I asked you, what the fuck did you spend the money on? I don't see nothing new! Where'd it go? How come you don't know nothing about managing a budget."

"Oh yes... I see. It's always my fault... isn't it Herb? It's always my fault because YOU don't earn enough money. You can't make a decent wage, but it's my fault because I don't know how to manage a budget."

And so it went... every week... month after month... year after year... Depressing... damned depressing.

You can figure out how many nights I'd come home with a hard-on wanting to fuck her... oh by the way, her name's Isabel. I mean, I'm gonna stay awake at nights thinking about her? Shit I am.

Trouble is, she's not too bad looking either... nice tits... a sweet face whenever she remembers how to smile... but Christ, what a bitch. Meanest bitch you'll ever see.

Then, there's Cassie... our little girl. My angel. Cassie got her mother's body... but so far she doesn't seem to be nowhere near as mean, you know.

She still likes me in other words... and she don't seem to pay much attention to her old lady when the bitch starts to give me the red ass about not having enough money, which is a fucking joke... I make plenty... she just spends it on shit. Clothes... stupid shit for the house...

Ah... but what's the use, right? I mean, if I was to try and do the healthy thing, which is leave her... she'd go bonkers and bring the law down on top of my head and fucking well take me to the cleaners.

So I put up with it... and every day I go to work and I pound nails and I carry heavy beams and I drill, and I measure, and I survey land contours and I put up buildings, and I make me a fairly good living... nothing that ever seems to please the little woman, but I'm doing all right.

Only... Christ... I spend all my time being horny.

I mean... there's Gladys the waitress down at Mickey's Bar and Grill, and she's a nice sloppy kind of big-titted broad, you know, makes you think you're getting laid by a whore and loved by your mother at the same time...

But you know... she and me, we got an understanding and it kind of draws the line at a real specific spot... and I don't go around to see her all that much anyway...

So... I guess Cassie's moving on to be about eighteen or nineteen by this time, Christ, how can you tell, you know... kids... they're like weeds... popping up and growing by doubles and triples overnight, so you don't even recognize them the next time you see them.

That's sort of the way I felt one day, a Saturday I think, while out in the back yard reading my paper, laying in the chaise lounge, sipping on a nice cold one... there's a small ice-chest next to me, and before that sucker's empty I know I'm gonna be sucking on a fuck of a lot more... and that's okay, 'cause it's a Saturday and the barbecue's firing up and there's some steaks to be slapped on the grill later on (oh yeah... we got us one of them nice middle-class existences you read about in TIME and NEWSWEEK... but Isabel, she don't want to be middle. She's got her sights aimed for society or something fucked up like that) and so anyway, I'm laying there reading the paper, and being kind of horny on account of I'd thought of going over to see Gladys the night before, and I never got around to it, but that didn't stop me from thinking about her.

So, I drain that cold beer, and I'm popping the top off another one, and I've sort of got tits on the brain there, thinking about those big sloppy tits Gladys has hanging off her that she still keeps good and firm... you know...

So what do I see but my little girl, my sweet angel, and she's climbing into her girl friend's car, and they're both heading for the beach, it looks like, and I'm kind of amazed because the terrycloth beach coat she's got on comes undone, you see... and there's these tits under there.

I mean, we're talking TITS here, with a capital fucking "T". I mean, this is some fine acreage she's holding up there, and it sort of takes me by surprise.

She's my little girl, for Chrissakes... and so what's she doing looking so fucking boobulent for?

And then, I wonder what she's doing showing it off so freely.

And then I wonder why my cock's starting to throb and pound real hard...

And that kind of sets me to thinking about her some more... and before I've drained too many more cans, I'm thinking a lot about some of the things that we've done lately.

She's always been my little girl.

Ever since she was old enough to move around under her own power and could climb up onto things, she's been climbing up onto my lap, though recently, there's not too much climbing called for...

But she still likes to come over and plop herself on my lap a lot, and throw her arms around me, and give me a big hug and a big kiss and tell me she's my little girl...

And rub her sweet little ass over my crotch...


How come that never seemed to stick out in my mind before, I wondered.

Because, she's my little girl, and little girls don't try to come on to their daddies... that's why. Except that she's not so little any more... and I can't quite figure out why I never noticed it before now.

Well, like I said, there was a lot of cold ones in that ice chest, and they were pretty much gone by the time she got back later that night.

I'd pulled the chaise lounge over to the barbecue grill, and I was kind of lazily watching the steaks, and letting the smell of the smoke fill the back yard and make the place smell just like the suburbs are supposed to smell, and she comes walking out to see me.

Now, I noticed two things right off, one kind of leading naturally into the other.

First, I see she's not wearing that beach jacket she had on earlier... which makes sense, it being summer and all... and then I notice that she's still got on that skimpy little bikini she was wearing earlier... and that made it real hard not to notice that her tits were just as big as they'd looked earlier that day.

Firm, big, round tits, with nice hard nipples poking out of the center, and they was both aimed right at me, like guns or something.

I was getting a little worked up by this time... and I realized that I'd been staring hard at those sweet little things.

She saw what I was looking at, and you know, she didn't mind.

That pissed me off, but at the same time, her body being real pretty to look at and all, I wasn't quite ready to do anything that would send her packing...

"What's the meaning of walking around in public half-naked like that for, girl?" I say to her... and she smiles, teasing me... and she sits down in my lap!

Oh Lord, let me tell you, that was something I could have done without.

"Hey, come on... what do you think you're doing, anyway? Christ, you're gonna have the neighbors talking."

She just kind of bit her bottom lip, the way she always did when she wanted to get her way (and it always worked too, damn her) and said, "Daddy... what's wrong? You don't want me sitting in your lap any more? Aren't I your little girl any more?"

"Aw, shucks yeah, Angel... but... but..."

She gave me a grin that would have melted steel.

"But what, Daddy?"

What, but of course, I can't tell her this, happens to be that I'm getting a hard-on you could sink a battleship with.

And she's got her sweet little ass right on top of it, and the material of her bathing suit just ain't all that substantial, if you know what I mean.

Hell, I can feel where her two cheeks come together! I'm feeling the crack in my little girl's ass, and I'm feeling it with my cock! My hard cock!

Let me tell you, that bugger was sensitive as shit too. I could have read the date on a dime slipped inside her bathing suit, that's how fucking sensitive I was.

Well, like I said, big titted Gladys is on my mind, and now this...

"Daddy, you don't look so good. Have you been drinking again?"

"Yeah... hell yeah! It's Saturday, ain't it?"

She smiled, she put her arms around me, she gave me a big sloppy kiss and damned if she didn't wiggle that sweet ass over my cock again.

And that did it.

I felt the fucking thing blow.

It just started to quiver and shake, and that little muscle down at the base that gets that funny feeling started feeling funny.

Well, my eyes, they get all wide and wondering, and I suck in my breath, and she's looking at me and she says, "Are you all right, Daddy?"

"Honey," I say, even as my balls are pumping jism out my cock and into my pants, "you're gonna need to get off me. My... uh... stomach's not feeling all that good... you know...?"

I give her a weak smile, but you know... somehow, I get the feeling she's not being fooled a bit, and when she gets off, and I see that there ain't no wet spot yet and I've got time to slap the newspaper over my crotch, she just smiles and she says, "I'm gonna go get a shower, Daddy. Um, do you know where Momma went?"

"Huh? She's not in there?"

Cassie shook her head.

"Nope. She left a note saying she'd be back around eight-thirty."

"WHAT?! That fucking bitch! She knows I'm out here with these fucking steaks. She didn't even tell me she was leaving."

Well, I'm all beside myself anyway, and all I was doing was looking for an excuse to blow up, but damned if she didn't wrap her sweet arms around me again, and give me another kiss... and say, "You calm down, Daddy. I'm here... and we can have dinner together... and who needs Momma anyway? Hmmm?"

I feel her tight lips on my cheek again, and then I watch her tight little ass bouncing back and forth as she walks across the back yard to the house.

And I'm thinking to myself, Herb Metcalf, you are a sick, sick man. That's SICK!!!

But I already know it's not going to make a damn bit of difference.

I keep playing around with those steaks... and meanwhile, the wet spot creeps up in my crotch but it's not all that bad, most of the jism getting sucked up by my jockey shorts... and so just as soon as the steaks are done and the wet spot dries, I go back inside... and there she is, hair all wet, and wearing one of her flimsy little robes, only maybe I ain't quite noticed before just how flimsy her robe really is, you know?

But damn! It was just about glued to the curves underneath it.

Glued like it had been sprayed on.

She was just sitting there in the kitchen... waiting... and I don't think she was waiting for the steaks.

"Daddy," she said, looking up at me, and I see how big and beautiful and deep her eyes are and I start to get all squishy inside and feel the old monster starting to stir down there between the thighs...

"Huh?" I say, my voice all small and pinched.

"You want to put those steaks in the oven... for a little while, keep them warm?"

And I know what she's talking about. Right there in the kitchen, I know my daughter's telling me she wants to fuck me, and you know, I'm seriously considering it... and it took me about two seconds and I say to myself, what the fuck, she's already an adult and if she can't make her own decisions, her being an adult and all, then I guess I done a lousy job as her father.

It's a little shaky, logic-wise, I'll admit... but I slipped those steaks right into the oven, I stood up and turned around, and then I get slapped in the face with a sight that'd bring tears to a marine's eyes.

She's got her robe hanging open, and there's these two tits hanging right in front of me, and they're the most beautiful things I've ever seen on a woman's body... ANY woman's body.

"You were looking at me earlier, weren't you, Daddy?"

"You, uh... you noticed, huh?"

"Yeah... it was pretty hard not to."

"I was making an ass out of myself, huh?"

"No... you weren't, Daddy. There's nothing wrong with what you were doing."

Are my ears working right, I wonder to myself. Am I hearing this, or am I still out by the barbecue grill, sound asleep in a drunk stupor, the steaks burned to ash, dreaming all this like a kid, dreaming a wet dream to end all wet dreams?

"Why don't you come sit in my lap, Daddy. I'd like you to sit in my lap for a change. I've always sat in your lap... now it's your turn."

And as she's talking, she unties the rest of her robe and slowly pulls it open...

And I get a bad case of sunburn on my eyeballs, on account of I'm looking at a sight that blinds me for a minute or two.

Christ, I think to myself, where'd she get all that hair.

Same place she got her tits, I figure, and then she spread her legs a little, and that sweet pink slit running between them opens up like a new flower blossoming, and I feel myself going out of my head.

Now, there's voices in my head all this time, and they're giving out with a whole pile of conflicting advice.

I hear one telling me to stop and haul ass... and I hear another one saying to forget everything and just dive in...

Well... I'll let you figure out which I was listening to...

It went real nice with that gaping pink slit opening up between her legs.

"Cassie," I stammer, trying to remember how to speak English, "you think this is all right...? I mean..."

She stood up.

As she rose, her robe fell away from her body so that by the time she got to her feet, she was naked, and that was all the answer I needed.

"Oh Lord God," I muttered, holding my arms out to her, "I don't care if I am a sick man... you've got me... and you can do anything you want to do to me."

"Oh... I know exactly what that's going to be, Daddy," she said, and before I can even figure out what I'm doing, she's got her fingers all over my crotch, unzipping my fly, pulling on my cock, wrapping her fingers around it, stroking it, squeezing it, and generally doing things that I didn't think she'd have even read about.

Christ... she'd done a fuck of a lot more than read.

On her knees now, mouth like soft feathers tickling the whole length of the shaft at once.

Her tongue moves all up and down the thing... licking, slapping... pressing... stroking it... and I'm going madder and madder by the second.

She stands back up, and she silently leads me out of the room... not by my hand, mind you, but by my cock!

My own daughter!

And I'm following her like I was a robot or maybe I had had brain damage or something.

You know... I think I really did.

Because I sure as hell wasn't thinking too clear. In fact, I wasn't thinking at all.

I was feeling a lot... I was feeling pretty good, as a matter of fact. But I was pretty weak on the thinking end of things.

Maybe I'd have stopped it if I hadn't been so drunk.

Maybe I'd have slapped her silly and told her if she ever did that again I was going to kill her if I'd been more on my toes.

Maybe I should have gone and seen Gladys last night. Maybe those big tits of hers would have lessened the impact of Cassie's.

But none of that happened, so all of this happened.

She took me into the living room, and she made me lay down on the sofa.

"Cassie." I started, though God knows what I had in mind to say.

"Shhhhhh..." she said softly, stroking my cock again just as soon as I was on my back. "You don't need to talk. Just lie there. I'll take care of everything."


"Shhh... I mean it."

"But Cassie...!"

"Daddy! Don't make me get sharp with you."

I couldn't believe it. My own daughter. Hell, let's face it though. She was giving me exactly what I wanted from her.

I wanted to feel her mouth opening around my cock the way she was doing, sucking the head, drawing the entire length of the shaft into her throat.

I wanted to feel her fingers playing around with my balls. I wanted to feet the tip of her forefinger touching my asshole, pressing against it... shoving up into it... INTO my asshole!

Lord, I'm going to hell for this, I thought to myself. Ain't nothing gonna get me salvation after letting my daughter do this shit to me...

But what the hell, seeing as how I'd already blown it, there didn't seem to be much sense in holding back any more, so I went ahead and pulled out all the stops, and just started to roll my hips around and press that stiff cock up into her mouth, and damned if she didn't take the whole fucking thing into her throat.

"Where the fuck did you learn how to do this, girl?" I asked her.

"Not a question you want answered, Daddy. I promise you."

That bugged me for a moment, but then I figured she ought to know, and maybe I should just go ahead and trust her judgment. She was showing remarkable judgment where the treatment of my cock was concerned... I'll give her that.

Up and down now, rubbing the full length with her tongue, lingering over the mushroom-shaped glans, then moving down all the way to the base, back up again...

She tucked her lips up underneath her teeth and formed a circular hole with her mouth, as close to a perfect circle as she could get it.

She began to bob her head up and down and then she said, "Pump your cock in and out."

Well... that suited me just fine, and so I did just as she asked. I rammed my hips up into her... and then I pulled back, just as her own head was rising back up from my body.

I shoved upwards again just as she was coming back down.

Up... down...

Down... up...

She seemed to know exactly when I was going to make my move, and was able to keep the timing of our thrusts and counterthrusts almost perfect, even though the movement and the rhythm continued to vary from thrust to thrust.

"Christ, how're you getting the whole thing down you?"

I guess she'd have answered, but she was getting the whole thing down her, and that didn't leave a whole lot of room for talk.

She kept it up too... bringing an erection to my cock the likes of which I hadn't seen since I was a kid in high school on a date with my hand up a girl's skirt or down her blouse...

Lord... it's kind of scary just thinking about it... but I was hotter for her than I'd been in years... and it felt an awful lot the way it did back when I wasn't too much older than her...

Well... things were getting pretty confused, but pretty soon I felt my balls getting ready to shoot up another toad of jism, and that would have cleared things up real fast... it always does.

But she suddenly said tome, "Don't come yet, Daddy. Don't come!"


I mean, she's running her mouth over me like she could suck the brass off a bed-post, and I'm halfway from here to Mars already, and ready to blast myself the rest of the way, and she says, "Don't come yet Daddy."

"Well Darling I've never known how to stop it once it's ready to go."

She smiled and squeezed on my cock, right below the head... just gave it a nice tender squeeze with her thumb and forefinger...

Nothing demonic... nothing to bring me to my knees.

But the fire went out of my cock and the pressure eased up in my balls, and I just sort of stared at her.

"Hell, what did you do?"

"I made it soft." Truth was, I didn't know. I sure as hell never thought THAT was possible, but then, this was turning into the kind of day where you learn just what IS possible.

There's a hell of a lot that's possible... you know?

So... what's happening now... oh yeah. She's got my cock all nice and calmed down again, although it still feels maybe like it's artificial, on account of it being so hard and all... I mean, I was afraid maybe it was gonna bust open or something...

You know? I mean, I can't remember when it's been this hard before, but that suits me fine.

Then I start to think a minute, and of course, that hard-on weighing on my mind and all, I can't help but think about what you usually do with a hard-on...

And once more Cassie act's like she can read my mind, because she suddenly flips around on the sofa, and that pussy I'd just seen in my mind shoves itself up against my face.

I just reacted.

There wasn't any time for thinking... and that was good, because when you spend time thinking, that's just time you could be spending doing something... and so that's what I done... I done something. I slid my tongue out of my mouth and up her crack.

Christ almighty! What a flavor.

Now, I've tasted some mighty fine cunts in my day, and then again, I've tasted one or two would gag a maggot. (Somehow, even those leave a sweet taste in your memory) and once I got some of those thick oily juices of hers all over my mouth and tongue, I went ahead and lost what good sense I had left, which wasn't, mind you, all that much to begin with.

She started up with this moaning... and it was like an angel singing, the way my brain heard it.

She moved her hips too, real soft, and gentle and delicate like, up and down, back and forth, and after a while I figured she knew enough about what she was doing, and about what she wanted, all I needed to do was to hold my tongue good and stiff and let her work her will on it.

I was right.

She felt me get it all stiff and rigid and right off she homed in on it with her clit.

At first I tried to sort of help her along... you know... press against it, and lick up and down the thing...

Well, that didn't set too good with her.

"It's all right, Daddy," she said. "I don't need that much pressure. I'll do it."

Hoooo-wheee! A woman with a mind of her own.

Yeah well, I guess that was fine with me, so long as she knew what I wanted too, and damned if she didn't just keep on reading my mind and knowing exactly what I wanted.

She had the pressure building back in my cock again, and she didn't seem to be all that interested in keeping it under control this time either, at least not from the way she was sucking on it... and jiggling on my balls... and tickling up my asshole...

THAT was maybe the strangest feeling.

I mean, my cock was the BEST, but I wasn't too accustomed to having my asshole played with... by anybody or anything... and to feel those sweet slender fingers slipping up and then back out kind of made me feel all gushy inside.

My balls were getting crazy again.

I raised my ass up off the couch and started to shove at her mouth, and I felt her pussy moving harder and harder over my face.

I opened my mouth a little bit, just to breathe... but as I did so, her clit seemed to scrape over the edge of my upper teeth, and for just a second, she went rigid.

Then she cried out real hard... "OH GOD!!!"

And then she said, "Again. Do it again."

I wasn't quite sure just what it was that I did, except that it had something to do with her clit, but what the hell, I was willing to experiment.

So I sucked on that tight little bud, drew it into my mouth and caught it tight between my teeth... and then I started to tighten down.

And did I ever tighten.

I went slow, of course, not wanting to hurt her or anything... but I kept on pressing my teeth together, and I was concentrating on that so hard, and on the hard rubbery feeling of her clit, that I didn't quite notice that I'd been going at it for... a good while, and though she was making a whole lot of grunting and groaning noises and shaking her hips around like crazy, she wasn't even close to telling me to stop.

That made me feel damned good...

And it made my balls start to go crazy... and that made me start to moan and groan and let her clit slip out from between my teeth.

"NO..." she cried, "don't stop. Please... don't stop, Daddy."

"I'm gonna come. Do what you did before," and she did, she pulled that magic squeeze trick on me again and once more, I was back in the running.

I made myself a mental note to check up on just what the fuck it was they were teaching our impressionable young minds in school these days, and then I went back to her clit.

And her clit came back to me... with a vengeance.

She rammed her pussy down onto my mouth, really hard.

I let my tongue slide up inside her hole this time before starting to suck on her clit, and the reaction I got out of her was so strong that I couldn't believe the pressure she had built up inside her.

She started to scream.

I mean... SCREAM.

She was breathing funny too, sucking in big deep breaths, hard... going pretty much out of her fucking skull, and I realized then that she was coming.

Not like her old lady.

Not even like Gladys.

Isabel, when she'd let herself come at all, did it "polite". Gladys was all over the map.

But Cassie was cool about it.

She hardly moved.

But she left no doubt that her body was doing things to her that were probably illegal in most states.

And she was loving it too.

I slipped my tongue in and out... in and out... in and out... faster and faster, wanting to drive her just as crazy as I knew how.

She was screaming... and now, she started to move again.

But this time, it was to pull her pussy away from my mouth, and slam it into my cock.

Now, whenever I fuck Isabel (which, as I think I've pointed out just doesn't come to that high a number) I have to fumble around, looking for the hole.

Then she spends a lot of time saying things like "Ouch, it's too dry..." and "Slow! Christ what are you trying to do tear me open..." and "Is it in yet...?" and shit like that.

Cassie slammed her pussy against my cock head, found the hole on the first shot and rammed it right down onto the thing.

I felt her cunt suck my cock up like a hungry beggar sucking up a hot-dog.

The soft, velveteen walls of her pussy pressed against me from all directions.

I felt strangely secure, as if this was a place my cock had always been meant for, and only now was it finally coming home.

Okay okay... so that sounds a little corny.

I was fucking my daughter, all right? And on top of that, I was digging the fucking hell out of it.

I was crazy. Pretty much. I felt like a little kid again. I felt like I'd always wanted to feel in high school, but never could on account of being too fucked up and inexperienced and young and scared.

Now I felt inexperienced and old and scared, but at least I wasn't too fucked up.

Not too much.

She filled her cunt with me, and then proceeded to prove that kids today grow up one hell of a lot faster then we did.

I'd never known that a set of cunt muscles could move so perfectly over a cock.

I'd felt the inside of plenty of cunts, understand, but I never felt a cunt that was alive all on its own.

I mean, that little jewel between her legs was working a number over my shaft that would have dropped Goliath to his knees.

I didn't have a chance. Up...

And back down...

And back up again...

And then back down again...

And over and over and over and over and over and Lord God I was fucking swirling around like a damn windstorm had a grip on my cock and balls and brain and I knew right then that there wasn't a single chance that I was going to get out alive... or at least in one piece.

I was feeling confident about fucking hard now, with that magic trick she kept on doing to my balls with her squeeze technique, and so I began to pile into her.

And she was there every step of the way.

The harder I slammed my hips up, the more force she met me with. I couldn't out-fuck her no matter what I did.

Up and down... up and down... up and down... that sweet slippery cunt of hers chewing on me like it was a second mouth munching on a hot dog.

Inside her cunt, there were separate rippling movement, seeming to start up from different places at once.

I couldn't believe the amazing variety of muscle movements that were flurrying through her cunt. It was starting to send me into uncontrollable spasms... spasms of the brain... spasms of the body...

I felt her gripping me with the walls of her cunt... I felt her pressing her lips up against my crotch... I felt the slippery membranes rubbing over the surface of my thighs, the juices oozing into my pubic bush... and of course, that shaft, so coated now with grease, it hardly produced any friction at all when it ran through her cunt.

She was working on me with several different sets of muscles now... and I was having trouble telling them apart.

In front of my face, tits flopped merrily.

I opened my mouth and let one of those berry-like nipples pop in, closed my teeth around it and started to bite.

Hard. Real hard. And I kept getting harder. She didn't cry. She gasped.

It was a gasp of pleasure. A moan of ecstasy. It was a passionate cry of release.

It was the sound I'd always wanted to hear from Isabel, and never could manage to force out of her.

Then, I felt my balls beginning to fill up again.

The muscle at the base of my cock began once more to quiver, sending the first tentative drops of fluid down the center of my tube in preparation for what I could tell would be a major come. That's major with a capital fucking "M", buddy.

So, I figured that she'd just work that old magic on me once again... and then, wouldn't you know... she suddenly ram's her hips up into me, so hard, I can't possibly help myself... and she screams, "OH YES OH YES OH YES!!!" and I feel her cunt eating me down to a toothpick, and there's just no way that I can hold back, but fuck, I don't want to shoot off into my little girl... I mean... well hell... there's nothing that could be worse than getting your daughter pregnant, I think to myself, and so, I pull out.

And I could feel this powerful sensation gathering inside my balls, and I can tell there's no way it's going to be anything but awesome, and that's when I hear the door open behind me.

I shot.

A thick glob was blasted out of my cock and hit Cassie right in the face.

She was already writhing and moaning, and ramming her fingers into her pussy, feeling the lack of a cock all of a sudden and wanting something to take it's place...

And then I heard Isabel... and all those years of wanting her to gasp and moan, well... she made up for them right then...

And Cassie kept coming... and I kept shooting, wad after wad... and Isabel kept making apoplectic noises... and when the dust cleared, I was out on my ass, there were all manner of crude and nasty papers filed in all manner of courts and let me tell you I'm so FUCKING glad to be rid of that woman...

But Cassie... she's another story. She's... uh-oh... she's coming. She doesn't see me yet, but she will...

I roll down the window... I smile... I wave... she sees me... she hesitates... then walks over to the car...

What can I tell you... I can't help myself. I have to have her... one way or the other, and this time, no one's going to get in my way, as she eagerly gets into the passenger side of the car, and we head off to my new pad.

The End

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