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CCS5: Road Trip

In this continuing series, the girls decide to take a weekend road trip and pick up a hitchhiker along the way, it leading to a better weekend than either could have imagined, as their sexy new friend surprises them with her sexual ways, all three spending the entire weekend in bed, the girls never reaching their original destination.

College Coed Series:
Road Trip - Chapter 5
By Silky

It was yet another weekend, and Marie and Lacey decided to take a road trip at the last moment, being neither had any plans, which was a rare event in their youthful lives. Wild parties and sex around the clock was their usual event each night of the week, but with no plans, this weekend seemed to be one they needed to get away for a much needed break.

They decided to go to Orlando for the day and take in a couple amusement parks during their stay, that is, if they had the time for two. Neither were early risers and depending on how the nights went, that would decide the daily events.

As they headed up the Interstate, the radio blaring with the windows down, both singing loudly, Lacey spotted a girl on the side of the road, her thumb out, and a sign that said, Orlando. They weren’t the only things that were exposed either. The girl had a very shirt skirt on, her pussy in plain view as they slowed down.

Lacey looks at Marie, “Stop! I want her.” Marie stops in front of the girl, backs up, and motions for her to get in, while Lacey hops in the backseat.

The hitchhiker walks up to the passenger window, “Thanks for stopping. My name is Lisa,” wiping the sweat from her face, “I wasn‘t sure if I was going to get a lift or not, so I exposed myself more, which usually does the trick.” She laughed as she said that and hopped in the car.

Lynn noticed movement behind her and turned to look, “Hi there, I’m Lacey and our driver is Marie.” Lisa gently shook Lacey’s hand and thanked them both for giving her a lift.

“Where are you two headed,” Lisa asked? Marie glances over at Lisa and notices Lisa’s skirt is up near her waist, her pussy in plain view for all to see, Marie having trouble staying on the road as she glanced down at it and her passenger, “We are headed to Orlando, so I guess it’s your lucky day.” Lisa agreed, Marie taking quick looks at the girls bare crotch, Marie catching herself licking her lips.

Lacey was watching Marie’s eye movements in the rear view mirror, so she scooted forward and had a look for herself. She too licked her lips, her left hand between her own legs massaging her pussy lips through her thong bikini, as she imagined licking the girl’s fresh pussy. Lacey and Marie loved cock, but pussy they craved just as much. Each winked at each other in the mirror, then Lacey sat back in her seat and enjoyed the ride and the cool breeze in her face.

"How long to Orlando,” Lisa asked? "About 12 hours,” Marie said to her. “We were planning on getting a room at a hotel tonight before we get to Orlando. You are more than welcome to join us if you want.” Lisa nodded, “sure, I would like that very much.” Lacey gleamed in the backseat at Marie, who was looking at her in the rear view mirror.

Lisa got more comfortable in the car, herself feeling rather well among her new friends. She stripped off her bra from under her shirt and placed it by her feet, “these were not meant for hot sunny days.” Marie agreed, as she looked over Lisa’s firm tits and stiff nipples under the shirt. The more she looked, the harder her own nipples got.

Silence dragged on for a while. Lisa, now comfortable, nodding off from time to time. She awoke ten minutes later, “So, do you two know any games?" the woman's soft voice shattered the peace of the night.

Lacey scooted forward as Lisa spoke, neither her or Marie knowing any good games.

"I've played some fun games with the men who've picked me up," Lisa said.

"Such as,” Lacey asked?

"Well," Lisa giggled, looking embarrassed, "almost every man I've met wants me to give them a blowjob while they drive. They say it's a test of manhood or that's what the cruise control is for. I do the cute ones."

"Oh, sounds like fun. Hey, I have cruise control," Marie said with a sly smile.

"Yeah, but you're not a man."

"Well think of me as a man trapped in a woman's body." Marie winked at her as she said that.


"Sure. I'm bi, if you're interested. I wouldn't push anything on you,” Marie said in a guaranteed tone.

"Bi? That means you swing both ways?"

"Of course," Marie said, “we both do.” Lisa glanced back at Lacey, her nodding at Lisa, “we do each other too.” Lisa’s mouth fell open, “No shit? Are you two a couple?”

Marie spoke up, “Nah, we are roommates at college and best friends too. We like the kinky lifestyle and yes, we do each other every day. I mean, we sleep together, but we also fuck guys and couples. Sometimes we share and sometimes we solo.”

With that said, Lisa felt extremely comfortable with Marie and Lacey now, so she slid her skirt down to her ankles, kicked it off slowly with her feet, and laid it next to her bra. “Oh yes, that feels much better.” The cool breeze coming in the window swept across her exposed pussy, her nipples poking through her shirt just as before.

Marie put the car in cruise control and motioned for with her finger, it pointing between her legs.

"Shit, you were serious?" Lisa said to her.

"Sure." Marie parted her legs and lifted her skirt up, her giving proof she wanted it.

"I've never done a girl before," Lisa said, her eyes staring between Marie’s luscious thighs. Lisa was trying to decide. Suddenly she leaned closer and put a hand on Marie’s leg. Marie pulled her thong to one side, her own pussy now in plain view.

"So soft," Lisa said breathlessly, running her hand between Marie’s legs. Marie raised the steering wheel, then spread her legs wide, resting her feet on the seat. Lisa gasped in excitement.

"I'm not sure I can do it, but I want too so much," Lisa said.

"Try it," Marie said to her. Something about the warmth and comfort inside, made Lisa willing to do things she would not normally do. It had something to do with the companionable atmosphere inside the car. It was a safe haven of soft leather and sweet scents, making it seem unreal.

In a daze, Lisa moved closer to the enticing open legs. They looked so inviting, so unreal and sexy.

Nervously she slid her head under Marie’s raised skirt and neared the crotch of her panties. She kissed the heavenly skin on the inner thigh, then sniffed as she caught the scent of pussy. It was the first she had ever smelled, other than her own. Lisa kissed the inner-most part of Marie’s leg, then sniffed the crotch of her panties. Her head blocked off the light, but the aroma was delicious. Lynn had often tasted her own juices on the many cocks of her lovers, but never considered searching out the taste between the legs of another woman. Since she had tasted herself so often, she would not be surprised by Marie’s taste. Still, she hesitated. This was a big step. She was about to go from a normal life, the life of a heterosexual, to that of a lesbian, in just a few short hours. It was not something to be taken lightly.

"Oh shit, this is so strange," Lisa said, allowing the back of her shaking fingers to pet the inside of Marie’s thigh while she thought. She timidly bent forward and kissed Marie's inner thigh, Marie letting her do as she wanted.

With darkness now setting in, Lacey was in the backseat nude, her fingers playing with her spread apart petals as she listened to Lisa about to go down on Marie for the first time.

"Oh hell, I've got to do this," Lisa moaned and sealed her lips over the crotch of Marie. She sucked greedily for several minutes, then pulled Marie’s thong off, revealing the priceless buried treasure between her legs. As hard as it was to see and with her head blocking the light from the ashtray, Lisa still saw enough to make her gasp in appreciation. The smell of sex was much stronger now. She suddenly realized that when she smelled sex in a room, the entire aroma was contributed by the woman. She never realized that before.

"You smell delicious," Lisa said. She pressed her lips against the moist heat of Marie’s pussy and kissed it tenderly. She felt the thighs against her cheeks tighten and shudder. Lisa continued the soft kiss while allowing the tip of her tongue to slide into the folds of soft wet flesh. Marie’s mound was heavenly, she loved the feeling and taste in her lips. It was the best kiss she'd ever had.

"That feels great Lisa,“ Marie said to her.

Lisa concentrated on tasting and exploring. She was not in a hurry. Lisa wanted to enjoy the experience. Lisa pressed her puckered lips over the area where the clit was located and sought out the little bud with her tongue. She worried the stiff little member would create explosions of pleasure in Marie’s crotch. When the clit was stiff and swollen, she sucked it into her lips, alternating the suction so the little clit slid in and out of her lips. She was giving Marie a tiny blowjob, as a man had done to Lisa long ago. Lisa enjoyed the undulating pussy pressing against her lips. She also enjoyed the sound of Marie’s passion. It was very erotic. The smell of Marie’s pussy and the heady heat between her open thighs was like a drug. It was wonderful to her.

"You are so good," Marie gasped in appreciation. Lisa smiled, sucked the clit into her lips, then tortured it with her tongue. She heard Marie squeal, the car moved back and forth on the road drunkenly.

Lisa kissed Marie’s pussy several times with smacking lips, then lowered her mouth and slid her tongue into Marie’s vulva. In a moment she was tongue fucking her. Marie rocked her mushy pussy forward against Lisa’s mouth, undulating like a snake. Lisa’s long sexy tongue was thrust up inside her, then slid out alternately.

Lisa slid her hands under Marie’s firm ass and began eating wholeheartedly. She had seen it done, both on TV and in her own pussy. She knew how a woman wanted to be eaten, and knew a few tricks men had used on her in the past. Lisa was a girl who liked sex, and had learned from her many experiences.

Lisa also knew Marie was about to cum, she could hear it in her breathing. Lisa worked her mouth from side to side, sucking while her tongue probed the wet folds of hot flesh. She licked and sucked mercilessly, making Marie squirm on the seat. She liked the feeling of the meaty ass in her hands. She liked the soft skin against her warm cheeks. It was good, all of it.

Lisa licked the entire folds of pussy flesh from the bottom to top. Marie jumped each time Lisa’s tongue struck her swollen clit. In a moment, Marie began gasping, emitting little squeals as the orgasm tore her loins apart. Lisa held her mouth motionless, sucking gently as the pussy squirmed in her mouth. It was the most erotic experience Lisa had ever had.

"Shit, I almost ran off the road," Marie suddenly gasped. Lisa sat up to see the same dark road she had seen before her little experience. It seemed like she had started days before, not 20 to 30 minutes.

"That was incredible," Marie said enthusiastically. "I'm finding a hotel as fast as possible. I want that little pussy in my mouth," she slid her hand into Lisa’s lap and cupped her crotch appreciatively.

Lacey was going to town on her juicy slit, her fingers working themselves into a frenzy as she got herself off.

“I can help you if you want, sexy girl,” Lisa said to Lacey. Lacey opened her arms for Lisa, and Lisa climbed into the backseat, embraced Lacey, kissed her, then worked her way down between Lacey’s sexy legs, the two lovers stretched out on the back seat. Lisa lifted her ass and spread her legs wider, Lacey’s left leg stretched out toward where Lisa was, her right leg touching the back window. Lisa lapped like a dog, sucking when it was needed to stop the flow of nectar that was seeping from Lacey‘s juicy pussy. Lacey had been trying to get herself off as Lisa ate Marie, so she was close to orgasm too.

The fire was building in her hot mound as Lisa chewed and sucked on her sweet petals of lust. Lisa was eagerly eating her pussy with the experience of a woman used to pleasing other women. She knew when to lick Lacey’s clit, and when to lick her pussy lips. For a person that had never been with a woman before Marie, Lisa for sure knew how to please another girl with very little experience, something Lacey loved very much.

With her tongue blazing over Lacey’s clit, Lacey blurted out, "Oh fuck, I'm coming!" With no let up, Lisa sucked hard on Lacey’s swollen clit, and Lacey’s pussy exploded almost without warning. Bucking her ass on the seat, Lacey fed her wet pussy to Lisa’s tongue and hungry mouth. Lisa licked and sucked harder until every last drop of nectar was deep in her belly. She licked her lips at Lacey, Lacey panting hard, pulling Lisa down to her moist lips, the two locking lips for a long passionate kiss.

"That was so good!" Lisa cried enthusiastically. She leaned forward and kissed Lacey on the lips once more, each doing a slow tongue dance like two long lost lovers would do. “You were great Lisa.”

Lacey sat up and began to put her clothes on, Lisa doing the same. “Let’s stop at the nearest hotel Marie,” Lacey said to her. “The sooner the better too, because I want to get our new friend off as soon as possible.” Marie nodded in agreement, “oh yes, we are going to give you a special treat Lisa,” Marie said to Lisa with a sexy grin.

"We are going to have so much fun," Lacey said. “Fuck the amusement parks, we will have a better time all together in one bed than we would on any silly ride.”

All the girls agreed, Marie speeding up a little, a hotel sign dead ahead on their left, and all the girls smiled as they pulled off the interstate and into the hotels parking lot.

Marie looked at Lisa, “tonight is on us, so be prepared for the night of your life.”

As they entered the hotel lobby, Marie went to the clerk and asked for a room with a hot tub, if they had one. The clerk said they did and asked Marie, “how many beds ma’am?”

“Just one,” she replied with a grin.

The End


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