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CSS6: The Addiction

In this next chapter, Lacey needs to study and pass an important test if she is to stay in college, but she is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, one she can't resist being she is addicted to sex of all kinds. Will she accept the offer or try and stay in school at all costs, or maybe try and do both? Find out in this exciting continuation of these hot coeds.

College Coed Series:
Chapter 6 - The Addiction
By Silky

Saturday night…

Lacey is laying in her bed reading and studying for a test that was scheduled for Monday morning, one that could either make or break her chances at making something of herself, instead of sex all the time, but that was short lived when the phone rang suddenly. She lifted up the phone to her ear, “Hello, this is Lacey.”

There was a short pause, “Hey Lacey, it’s me Mike. How are you doing sweet one?”

Lacey instantly became aroused hearing his voice, “Hi Mike. I’m so very happy you called me tonight.”

She sat up and swept her legs over the side of the bed as she listened to him, “listen, I was wondering if you might like to come over to my place and maybe spend the night or just hang out, grab a bite to eat even.”

With no hesitation, “sure Mike, I would love to come over tonight. Give me your address or you can pick me up, either is good for me.” Mike told her the address and she jotted it down on her pad by the phone, “sounds great Mike, I’ll be over in about an hour. Bye baby.”

Lacey jumped in the shower quickly and washed herself off, cleaned out her pussy and ass making them all sweet smelling, and quickly shaving some of the small pubic hairs that had grown in place the past few days. She always kept her pussy bare, as it felt good to her and plus, the men loved it that way too. She always smelt good no matter the situation, but for Mike, she wanted to be extra sweet and sexy for him. She called Marie and told her she was going home until Sunday night or Monday morning, as she wanted to get a way for a little bit, Marie buying her lie once again. She hated lying to Marie, but Mike had priority over most things.

Lacey threw on one of her casual outfits she liked to wear which wasn’t much to the normal classmates, a short skirt, no thong, halter top and her running shoes. Not much was needed as sex was on her mind, a big thick cock for her to play with. She giggled to herself as she thought of the dirty thoughts, quickly moving through the apartment, grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator, then grabbing her car keys as she fled out the front door and sped away to Mike’s place. She arrived at Mike’s in twenty minutes flat, him waiting for her at the door as she opened her car door and hurried up the path to his front door.

“Hey there sexy. Damn you look incredible Lacey,” Mike said to her with a huge smile.

She smiled and gave him a big hug and kiss, “Hey Mike, thanks for inviting me over.” Mike invited her in and Lacey stood in amazement as she looked over his very expensive looking condo. “Oh my, this place is awesome looking Mike. You must have a maid or something, as it’s as neat as my moms house.” She continued her tour through his place, him following close behind.

“I like to keep a clean house as you never know who might drop in, plus I like to be organized so I can find shit when I need it,” Mike said to her.

She looked back at him, “how big in this place? It’s like a mini mansion, if you ask me?”

Mike looks into her eyes, “well, it’s 3 bedrooms with 3 full baths, 2 car garage, living and dining room, a huge kitchen, and a small guest room in the back by the pool.”

That got her attention, “you have a pool too?” He guided her outside and showed her the pool and the guest quarters.

She turned and kissed him on the lips without warning, then slipped away quickly and laid out on the bed. He looks at her, “what was that for?”

She peers into his dark eyes, “it was a thank you kiss for letting me cum here with you. You must be rich or something to have a place like this Mike.” Mike sat down next to her, letting his left hand caress her right thigh, her letting him do whatever he wanted to her.

“I like to think of this as my investment for the future, either just for me or share it with someone special in the future.”

She leans upwards to him, “I’m special to you, aren’t I?” He didn’t answer right away, as he stood up and walked over to the door, then looked back at her.

“Lacey, you are very special. That’s why I invited you here tonight, as we have been growing closer to each other each time we meet, and I wanted to show you what I really am and how I live.”

She got up and stood next to him, “I think of you as my special man. I have kept you a secret from my friends though.”

He looked at her, “why have you done that?”
She sat back on the bed, “I wanted you all to myself. I didn’t want anyone else to have you. I mean, yes I was greedy, but we made special music together and I…well…I think I’m falling in love with you.”

There was a long pause after Lacey told him her feelings. He wasn’t quite ready for a relationship, a closer than normal friendship yes, but not a relationship. How would he tell her though? He cleared his throat and sat next to her, “listen, I think you are a very sexy and fun loving girl, and I love being with you, but…”

Lacey looks right at him, the ‘but’ word making her pulse beat faster, “…but, I’m not totally ready for a serious relationship Lacey. I think in time we will get closer and maybe then we can think of something more, but right now, I’m very interested in having you as one of my closer friends only.”

She stood and walked out the room, not in a fuss or anything, then went and sat in a chair by the pool. He followed her and sat by her, “have I hurt your feelings any?”

She looked up at him, “no, I’m fine with what we have right now. I do want to be with you, I know that much. I would hate to lose you over something stupid. I told you how I felt and you told me how you felt. I think we will get closer Mike. I can feel it. You make me feel good and not just the sex with you either.”

They both hugged, “let’s get a bite to eat Lacey, then we can talk about some things I want to talk with you about afterwards.”

They both headed out to a place he liked to go to, small talk and sex being the main subjects. After dinner, they headed out to a spot that overlooked the city, each kissing each other like lovers do, hands exploring each others bodies, small talk becoming erotic and dirty talk, which then led to some heated foreplay in the back of his car. With the windows fogged and moaning taking place of the crickets outside, both decided to take the more heated passion back to Mike’s place, privacy something he was used to, not like Lacey who would fuck anything, anywhere, unknown to him.

Back at Mike’s condo, Mike made Lacey a drink, Tequila being the main ingredient for all of his drink selections. On her second glass and feeling a little woozy, Mike sat down next to her, his third glass in hand, there eyes staring into each others eyes, “I want to talk with you about some things Lacey. Are you able to maybe stay alert for a couple minutes?”

She nodded at him, “I’m fine, maybe a little buzzed, but I’m fine.”

He set his glass down and moved over closer to her, his right hand gripping onto her left thigh. “Would you be interested in making some extra dough over the next few months, doing some work for me maybe?”

She sipped slowly on her drink, then set her glass down, “what kind of work?”

Mike wasn’t sure how to ask her, but gave it his best shot. “First off, yes, I’m rich, I own my own company, and I need a girl like you at the center of it.”

She became very curious now. “I would love to make some money as what I have now don’t pay shit. What kind of job would this be?”

The time had come to tell her what he was beating around the bush to tell her, “Umm…would you be interested in doing a porn movie?” There, he said it. He waited for her reaction.

She lifted her glass and chugged the rest of the drink, then sat it back down. “Did I hear you correctly?” She sat back in the seat, her mind racing with thoughts, the liquor not helping any.

“Yes, you heard me correctly. I want you in a lead position for a new porn movie I’m putting together and I want to know if you might want to be in it.”

She studied his face, “you want me in a porno? Is this a fantasy or a joke or do you really mean this?”

He took another sip of his drink, “yes I mean it. I own the company. There, now you know what I do.”

She got up and slowly strolled across the room to the kitchen, made herself another drink, all Tequila this time, no rocks, and came back over and sat down next to Mike, sipping the strong drink slowly, looking up at him after each sip. She sat her glass on the table and leaned into Mike, “do I get to suck your cock in this movie of yours?” Her hand glides over his already stiff cock, “take you in my hot mouth and suck the cum out of you while someone fucks me in my ass and pussy maybe?” She unzips his fly as she speaks, him watching her drunk state of mind, about to give him the suck of his life, him letting her take control.

Clothing from each one littered the floor to his master bedroom suite, a shoe here, a shoe there, a skirt, a pair of pants, empty glasses beside the bed, a full bottle of Tequila in the bed with both, Lacey gulping it down in between sucking his cock and balls, the liquor taking full advantage of her by the time she realized what was happening. As she laid beside him, his fingers working deep inside her pussy, she felt hands feeling her ass. She looked up slowly in her fucked up state of mind, blurriness making out a shape like another man was there with them. She fell back on the pillow, the hands she felt now fingering and spanking her ass lightly. Mike was right next to her, then she realized it was another man who was beside her now, Mike rolling over and facing her, “just let it go babe. You are going to love this.”

The strange man tipped the Tequila bottle and poured it into Lacey’s mouth. “Chug it baby. That’s it, gulp it down.” It was a voice from the stranger. Ten chugs of the liquor did its job on her, her mind whizzing around like she was on a merry go round. She felt herself being lifted off the bed and being carried somewhere. Who was taking her away, she didn’t know, but she did feel a cool breeze along the way which meant they must be outside. If someone would have asked what her name was, she wouldn’t have known. She was a short spell from being totally passed out.

Mike laid Lacey down on the bed in the guest quarters out by the pool and sat down beside her. “Lacey, can you here me love? Lacey nodded, her tongue flicking and licking the air toward him. Drunk and horny as ever is what she was. “Lacey, this Drake.” Mike introduced the man she felt feeling her up in the master bedroom. “He is going to be the star of my upcoming movie and I’d like to see how you two will work together, if you are still interested in the job I offered to you?”

Lacey looked over to Drake, his cock the first part of him that she noticed, it like the rest of him, big and muscular. She liked what she saw so far. Drake laid down next to her and cupped her firm breasts in his hands, gently kissing her nipples, moving his head from nipple to nipple, slowly sucking each one into his month, twirling his tongue over and under them, then began a long slow lick downwards, licking the area just under her breasts, then her ribcage, stomach, bellybutton, taking a minute to explore it more with his tongue and hot breath. She spread her legs further apart as Drake worked himself lower and lower to her special spot.

Mike is watching Drake as he slowly seduces Lacey, then looks into her face, “I take it that’s a yes?”

With her eyes partially glazed, she nods her head at him, “I would love to.. to be in your m.. movie. Are you g.. going to be in it too?” Her slurred speech from the booze told him he needed to hurry up before she passes out.

Mike moves closer to her, “of course love,” kissing her sweet lips gently, “I want my new star to be happy, so yes, I will be in the first movie with you, as will Drake, and two other women I think you will love being with too.”

Lacey smiles, “what k.. kind of m.. movie will it be?”

Mike looks down at Drake, then back up to Lacey, “something like what you will experience here tonight with the both of us. The name of it will be, The Addiction, about a hot girl who craves having two men with her each night of the week, along with their over eager girlfriends too.”

Drake is licking the outer edges of Lacey’s pussy lips, his eyes watching her reactions that his tongue is doing to her. She is gasping and moaning lightly with each flick of his tongue, Drake opening her slit gently with his fingers and running his tongue from top to bottom of her delicious tasting pussy.

“Oh fuck … that feels g.. good. Mmm.. Oh yes …. Fuck me with your tongue,” Lacey blurts out, spreading her legs wider in approval of Drake’s delicate techniques.

Mike stretches out beside Lacey, taking her face into his hands, and kisses her deeply. Drake lifts his head up from his exploration of her tender pussy and moves up onto the bed on her other side, his cock resting on her left thigh, it beating to the pulse of his heart-beat. Lacey places her small hand on Drake’s cock, feeling it for the first time, and slowly massages it, twisting her hand slowly over and under the meaty cock, pulling it closer towards her as she runs her fingers over the enraged cock knob, wanting it inside of her as soon as possible.

Taking her gesture as an approval, Drake rolls her over slowly, her shapely firm ass now in plain view, he guides his cock over her silky smooth cheeks, letting it slowly guide itself between her ass crack, Lacey once again spreading her legs in approval for what he wanted to do. She loved having her tender ass fucked, and she wanted his thick cock in her badly.

Mike’s cock was pressed firmly against her smooth pussy mound, poking it gently from time to time as he played with her nipples, it too wanting to be inserted inside of her. Lacey spread her legs as wide as they would go, both cocks at full staff, each of her hands guiding them into her snug holes of pleasure, “fuck me…,” Lacey said softly, her wanting them both in her at the same time.

Drake reaches back to the table by the bed and grabs the lube. He squirts just enough on his cock, then places the bottle back on the table, rubs the lube all over his excited cock, pointing it directly into her ass, and then pushes forward in a slow motion pace. He places his large hands on her hips, and pushes a little harder, the head of his cock entering into Lacey with ease, the anal lube helping out very much for her small opening.

“Oh fuck…,” is all Lacey can say at the moment, as Drake’s cock slowly glides deeper into her tight ass.

Mike wastes no time, as he slowly lets his cock slip into her awaiting hot pussy, it as wet as it had ever been before, pushing it gently at first, then harder as it slid in with ease, until it was buried inside of her.

“Oh yes baby… fuck me … fuck me with your big cocks …. Oh yes….ooooooo…” Lacey was in a state of desire unlike any time before this special fuck session. She had had two cocks in her before at the same time, but not like these two cocks in her now. These two were much larger and the men were much more experienced, and she loved it.

A slow steady pace developed as each cock pulled and pushed inside of her sex holes. The feeling was something she loved and never grew tired of. Even in her drunk state of mind, the feeling was the same as before, but with a small heightened delight better than her previous time. Neither men knew she was addicted to sex, and they didn’t know she had an addiction herself for two cocks at one time, but soon enough, they would learn more about her than she wanted them to know.

As Mike slid his cock in, Drake was pulling his out, and they continued this see-saw fuck for several minutes until Lacey spoke up and said, “fuck me harder! I want your cocks driving in me at the same time. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

This took Mike by surprise, as he had been with her a few times, and never had she acted like she was doing before him now. He loved it, “I think we have a new star Drake,” Mike said, Drake nodding as he fucked her sweet asshole.

“She is a great fuck man. What a great ass she has,” Drake said, as he was loving it more than even he thought he would. Drake had been in many porn movies and with many girls similar to Lacey, so he knew a star when he saw one, “she will be a great addition to our team buddy.”

Both men picked up the pace, Lacey cheering them on as they filled her with thick cock meat. She was panting and moaning deeply into the pillow under her head, the feeling between her legs making her wilder and wilder for them to fuck her faster, harder, and deeper. Neither could go in any deeper, but she wanted more of the feelings that swept through her body. A complete slut is what she was being, the men seeing a side of her unlike many of the real porn stars each had been with over the years.

Lacey bucked and drove her hips forward and backwards into each cock, begging for more, wanting them to go even faster. “Faster! Fuck me faster! Harder! Fuck me…fuck me!”

Both men were sweating like mad, the bed rocking on it’s sides as they fucked her hard and deep, the veins in their arms bulging from the incredible pace they were leading. Lacey’s nipples were protruding outwards unlike anytime before, each one begging to be sucked as the inch long delicacy of flesh thumbed to the beat of her heart. Mike took one into his mouth and sucked on it hard, biting into it with raw passion, it making Lacey jump in excitement.

The scene in the room was better than any porn movie, and both men hoped she would be like this in the new movie too, or maybe even better. Girls like her were rare and with the right company, they could get even richer on her natural talents, Lacey getting rich in the process as well.

With all three fuck mates panting like wild dogs, Lacey had them stop. She motioned for them to get up and stand next to each other on the side of the bed, “I want to suck you both. I want your hot cum in my belly.”

No man could ever resist something like that. She was a slut and they loved it. Mike did indeed love her, but he could never marry her. She was too slutty for his personal tastes, but for his movie, he wanted her to sign a contract, but that would come later.

Both men stood where she wanted them, her moving off the bed and kneeling before them. She took each cock into her small hands, licking each cock, then sucking on each one, one minute at a time. She craved the taste of cum. She never got tired of it, no matter what man or men she was with. It had a flavor she lusted for, and tonight, her special milkshake of choice was going to be exhilarating.

Sucking sounds filled the small room, Lacey sucking hard on each cock, her eyes looking up to each man she sucked off, stroking the cock not in her mouth at the same time, cum boiling in each mans nut sack, as they too wanting to give her their special seed. In and out the cocks went into her eager mouth. Her tongue rolling over each one, her wanting more of them too, pulling each one deeper into her mouth, the heads of each cock seeing down into her throat, her swallowing more and more of each one, until both had been securely positioned into her throat completely.

Her love for deep-throating surprised Mike, her never doing this to him the previous times with her either, but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it. Both men fucked her throat individually, as she was loving it. With long strands of saliva being pulled from her throat, Lacey would slurp in the sweet liquid, then swallow an awaiting cock and still, she wanted more. With each nut sack resting on her nose as she sucked them with her throat muscles, her tongue would dart upwards just enough to be able to lick each one, something not many girls could do.

Lacey pulled Drake’s long and hard cock from her mouth, “I want you to cum down my throat.” She inserted his cock into her mouth and sucked him until he was on the verge of explosion. She knew when he was about to cum, and when that moment arrived, she swallowed his cock until it was again lodged in her throat. With her eyes solely on him, his balls tightened and he let loose a volley of cum, eight large spurts to be exact, the cum rushing downwards into her belly without her even having to swallow.

Lacey pulled his cock out of her mouth, cum still leaking from it, and slurps up the sweet nectar, her tongue enjoying the taste, then swallowed every last drop. She licked her lips and set her sights on Mike’s raging cock, taking it into her throat, him fucking her face like a wild pony in heat. Her eyes never left his eyes as her got nearer and nearer to total release. He was in heaven for sure, as no girl had ever done this to him before.

She stroked his balls as he fucked her face, her throat muscles working on his cock with rhythmic pressure, her pulling him out just enough so she could endure the taste of his cum. With his cock at the back of her throat, her gripped her head and exploded in her mouth. A powerful gush of cum shot into her mouth, Lacey entwining her tongue into the sticky goo, then another gush hit the back of her throat, her letting it wash down her throat into her belly, then she pulled his cock out of her mouth and sucked the rest of the cum from within him, swallowing the cum with delight as each spurt shot into her mouth and over her tongue. She devoured the thick cum, swallowing every last drop of his delicious mixture, licking and kissing each cock as they slowing deflated of the blood that had filled them.

Smiles crossed each face, each in a total bliss of raw excitement, “Damn Lacey, that’s the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” Drake said to her, “you will be a star in no time if you can repeat any of what just took place here.”
Lacey grinned and kissed his cock, “Thank you. I love giving head and your cum is very delicious.” She looks over and up at Mike, squeezing his cock gently, “and you my dear, you are better tasting than ever. I have wanted to this for you for a couple months now.” She kissed his cock and stood in front of each man, “that was great guys. It was the best sex I’ve ever had, and I mean that too.”

Mike guided Lacey outside to the pool, Drake following behind, where they all sat with their feet in the water, “Lacey, would you be willing to maybe sign a contract with my company? Your skills are what we have been looking for, for a very long time. We have many girls working that have certain skills, but they don’t equal what you do as a whole.”

Lacey looked at both men, each one on each side of her, “well, I wouldn’t mind being in one, but more than that, I would have to think that over before I agree to sign a contract. I mean, I need the money, but I also need an education.”

Mike was okay with that, “okay, tell you what. You do this new movie I want you in, then afterwards if you want to move forward with it and maybe do it all the time, or on a limited basis, just let me know. Do know this, I want you and need you. I can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.”

Lacey thought it through, her mind much clearer now, “I’ll do the one movie and then I’ll let you know. I wouldn’t mind just doing cock sucking movies, if you do them. Maybe a part time job of sucking cocks?” She laughed.

Drake smiled as she said that, “Sign her Mike.”

Mike nodded in agreement, “okay, I can arrange that, if you are really serious?”

Lacey looks right into Mike’s eyes, “I’m very serious. I love cock, as you just witnessed. I could do it every day if you need me,” her grin told Mike she was serious.

“I’ll draw up a contract for you Lacey, and I’ll make sure you have plenty of work available too.”

With each smiling from ear to ear, they all jumped into the pool, played a little, then headed back to the damp bed that had been the scene of hot sex just an hour before, the heated sexual release of each patron repeated just as it had played out before. The hot scene went on all night long, Lacey dreaming of well hung cocks for her to suck in the coming weeks ahead. It made her hornier as she thought of them, Drake and Mike giving her more pleasures throughout the night, until the sun poked up the next day.

The End


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