Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stuffed Desires

Stuffed Desires
By Silky

I awoke my usual time again this morning...7am, feeling the usual flicker of warmth emitting from between my legs. Occasionally I experience the unbearable portion of it and sometimes if I ignore it, it goes away. I bet you already know what "it" is, but if you don't, I'll tell you. "It" is the need to feel something hard rubbing on my clit. "It" is the need to feel light touches grazing my nipples..."It" is the need to be teased to point of be agonizing. And then "it" is the need to reach an all-consuming, satisfying release. But, unfortunately, I cannot come to that gratifying conclusion.

I am a twenty year-old college junior whose only companionship is 3 stuffed animals that share my queen size bed with me. My tiger, Sebastian, a big 5ft long stuffed animal with an extending long tail, that's 5ft on its own. And then there is of course the standard Mickey and Pooh bear, both 2.5ft. Me being the shy person that I am could never acquire the nerve to buy a dildo, even though I was bold enough to purchase several vhs tapes of porno, which I might say is gratifying only for a couple of minutes before it looses its excitement.

So here I am back with my to get off without a man or a dildo. And I am so tired of using the finger, which is going limp from over kill. Lying on the bed, hands butter flying over my clit...wondering and wondering what to use, what will "kill" this desire to be screwed. My eyes start to skim over the items in my room...a couch, dresser, TV, chessboard, novels, candles...nothing. My head turns to the left. Ding! I look at the nose protruding from my stuffed animal Mickey. Hmmm. Can this do, will it work...I'm wondering.

"Mickey my dear, would you like to help mama with a little problem," I say as I pick him up.

His only reply is a big grin that is forever etched on his face. I take that to mean a yes.

I get up and place him in a sitting position facing me. I slowly lick my lips and rub my hands over my chest.

"Would you like to see my breast, Mickey?" Again, with the grinning yes, he replies.

I unbutton my silk pajama top, revealing my black-laced bra that encases my 36 C breast. I take Mickey's white-gloved clad hand and skim it over my bra. I stick one of my fingers in my mouth and make wet circles on my left nipple while having Mickey play with the other breast. I lean down and lick that wonderful nose of his. It's the size of a pear. Nice, rounded...and so, so hard.

I lay down and spread my legs, still with my underwear on.

"Mickey, baby, I want you to rub that rigid tool against mommy's pussy." Mickey brings his head turned my cunt and rubs his nose against is gently at first. The tease is so electrifying. Again he moves his nose against my pussy a little harder now. Causing me to bring my hips up to meet his penetration. I move Mickey and lay him down on his back. The underwear is now gone. I straddle Mickey's face. I can smell the scent of my wetness in the room.

"Mickey, baby, I'm gonna ride your fucking face till I cum."

At first, I touch my wetness against his nose gently. "Mmmmmm, that feels so good," I groan. But the teasing is not enough.

I sit completely on his nose now. Moving back and forth, back and forth. I can feel the intensity building up.

"Yes, Mickey, take my pussy!" I start to pound his face with my wetness. I can't wait to cum, I'm thinking. The bed is shaking, my breast of bobbing up and down vigorously with my movements. I slam down on his face harder and harder and harder. I can feel it coming...

"O God, O God. Give it to me you fucker, make me cum."

"Yes, Yes, Yes!"

I'm grinding now. Harder than before. I can barely sit up straight. The waves of pleasure washing over my body are too much.

"O God, here I cum. I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

I explode and gush all over Mickey's nose, but I'm still riding it. Have to cum a second time, and wham!!

My body goes limp with ecstasy. My heart is beating fast. I slide off of Mickey's nose, to the side of his body. I lick my juices off his nose.

"Did you enjoy my pussy Mickey?" Again, his answer is yes.

I raise my head up and my other two stuffed animals are lying on the floor, mysteriously facing both Mickey and me.

I smile to myself and say, "Mickey I think they're jealous. Maybe we'll do a threesome next time."

"How do you feel about sharing my pussy with your brothers?"

All Mickey does is smile.

<3 Silky


  1. Very nice story. I can relate to it too. lol

  2. OMG how I wish I was there helping out.

  3. long time reader, first time commenter... great blog, love your writing. this... is exceptionally hot and just plain filthy. love it.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Being nasty is being healthy. hehe