Monday, April 13, 2009

Megan's Desires 2

Megan's Desires (Part 2)
By Silky

It took Megan a minute to remember where she was. Sleep tried to cling to her stuffed animals, but she pulled herself up, feet finding the floor and hurrying to the bathroom. Normally, she was a bit grumpy in the morning, but not today. A slow secret smile crossed her lips as the memory of her dream, or what she thought was a dream, floated back to her. She splashed some cool water on her face, still trying to wake up fully. The condo was quiet, she guessed Gina was still asleep. She padded to the kitchen, marveling at how relaxed she felt. She gave a small squeak as she rounded the corner, meeting Gina’s smile head on.

"Sorry..." she laughed, "...didn't mean to scare you."

Megan composed herself. "I thought you were still asleep."

Gina asked, "You sleep well?"

Megan beamed. "Like a log!"

Gina gave a low chuckle, "I thought so, sounded like a good one."

Megan gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

Gina grinned. "Oh come on, I heard you!"

Megan’s mouth opened in shock, her face went red. "You heard?"

Gina giggled. "Oh yeah, you're kinda loud."

Megan realized there was no point beating around the bush, she told Gina all about the dream that felt so good. Gina gave an odd look. Something was dawning on her.

She chose her next words carefully, "So you're saying that you've never....?"

Megan shook her head. Gina blinked, trying to figure out if Megan was putting her on. She stared, waiting for a hint of a smile, something that would give away that she was joking. Gina realized she wasn't, and put out a tender hand. A moment later, she gave Megan a warm hug. The two friends sat close together, arms and shoulders touching. They watched TV for awhile in silence.

Megan was starting to doze, she leaned and put her head on Gina’s shoulder. Gina stroked her hair tenderly. Everything just felt so nice today. Gina's touch moved to her arm, and then to her face. Megan opened her eyes to find Gina’s face inches from hers. She looked her friend in the eyes, and gave a contented smile. Gina had a serious look in her eyes, instead of her usual sparkle.

She had something to say, but seemed to be searching for the words. They came slowly.

"Megan" she said softly, "I like you, you're my friend. It hurts me to know that you've never.... Well, you know."

She swallowed hard, and continued "What I'm trying to say is, if you'd like, I could.... you know, uhmmm, show you?"

She looked down, and then back into Megan’s eyes. Megan was deeply touched. She cupped Gina’s face with her hands, and closed the distance between their lips. Their kiss was sweet, soft and gentle, a shared moment between friends. As it broke, they both knew this was special. They smiled, and then hugged each other with a combination of affection and relief.

Megan grabbed the extra cushions on the couch, and began tossing them at Gina as she retreated toward her room. Gina fired back, hitting only air as Megan was already gone. Day off or not, she still had to catch up on what she had missed last night. She flopped on the bed, opened a book, and buried her nose in it.

"Hey Gina?" she said loudly.

A spooky, exaggerated 'ghost voice' answered from the other room. "Gina is deeeeeaaaad! She was killed in the Great Pillow Fiiiiight!"

Megan played along, "Goooood! Then she won't mind if I use her compuuuuuuterrrrrr."

Gina replied from the Other Side, "Nooooo, go aheaaaaaad!"

Megan rose, and moved to Gina’s room. It was nice. Big, comfy looking bed, matching furniture. The computer desk was sleek, very high tech looking. She settled in the chair, and turned on the system. It came on quickly. A prompt popped up, stating there were messages from 'Tina'.

Megan raised her voice again, "There's a bunch of messages from Tina on here, what do I do?"

She heard Gina rise quickly, with a small "Oh shit! I forgot!"

Gina hurried in, laughing softly. She explained, "Tina and I play around at times with the guys online."

A mischievous look came into Gina’s eyes. "Wanna see?"

Megan was shocked, but couldn't say 'no'. A moment later, she got to see inside of this kinky world of Gina’s. It seemed most of the guys wanted to cum on her tits. Letters from many men filled this place, all with fantasies of cumming on Gina. Megan blushed just from reading the letters. Many made her pussy tingle.

Gina moved the pointer over a button marked 'Video'. She looked questioningly to Megan, who hesitated, and then nodded 'yes'.

A second later, there was Gina and some guy, with Gina panting her way toward climax. Her body shook and jerked, her face flushed, her mouth open. She froze, her face tightened, and then she shook hard as a long moan poured from her. The clip ended.

Megan’s mind split again, wishing she would know that kind of pleasure, that people would watch, that if the opportunity ever rose again to be with Gina and this guy, she would take it. A motion from the corner of her eye caught her attention.

Gina was holding up the remote control vibrator. It was white, about 8 inches long, about an inch and a half across. A series of bumpy ridges ran along the length of it. It was made from some kind of soft rubber, a wire ran from the base to a plug in the computer.

Megan stuck out a finger, touching it out of curiosity. Gina pushed a button, it hummed to life. It felt like an obscene joy buzzer. She shrieked and pulled away, laughing. Her nerve returned, she touched it again.

The buzz traveled to Megan’s finger, tickling it in a strange way. Her fingers closed around it, the vibrations thrummed between and through her fingers. Gina moved the pointer to what resembled a thermometer on the screen, and moved it up slightly. The humming in Megan’s hand rose a notch. At just past halfway, it began to throb with some real power. Megan looked up, her eyes questioning. Gina turned it to 'full'. Megan’s eyes widened, a big smile of shock and surprise lit her face. This thing had a kick to it! She could only imagine what it felt like on her....her pussy. She flushed at the thought.

"Well?" Gina asked, "What do you think?"

Megan shrugged and replied with a small laugh, "I've never seen anything like it, that's for sure!"

Gina told her, "You wouldn't believe how hard that thing makes me cum! High, low, steady, teasing me until I want to scream, begging to let me cum. “Try it out Megan. It will give you a pleasure like you have never felt before.”.

Megan just looked down at it, mesmerized at what her night will be tonight.

Megan’s mind melted away like the chocolate in her mouth as the foamy water of her bath closed sweetly around her. She sunk in to her neck, cute dimpled knees poking above the pile of suds. The candles flickered dimly through her closed lids. From time to time, her hand would rise from the bubbles and find either the bowl of M&M's or the wine. More often than not, it found the wine. She breathed a deep sigh of serenity, the warmth of the water on her skin combining with the warmth of the wine inside. The bottle was soon empty.

She watched images and thoughts float past in an abstract parade of erotica. Under the water, her other hand found herself. Her fingers slid gently along her slit as the parade marched on. A long time later, the water began to cool, bringing her out of her trance. The candles had nearly burned down, the bubbles were long gone. She sat up, enjoying the chill as cooler air kissed her skin. Her dark nipples stood out in tiny peaks.

A full length mirror reflected a beautiful, soft young woman. Her hands glided over her wet flesh, watching herself in the mirror. The wine, sensual bath and chocolate had made her extremely horny. Her skin dried in the air, her pussy grew wetter. A finger slid inside her, and then slowly in and out. A second finger joined it. Megan’s mind moved to the last time she'd had some real hot sex, making her fingers work wonders on her tender pussy.

She remembered how good he felt sliding inside her, and how quickly it was over. It left her wanting more. Her fingers moved a bit quicker, her breathing deepened. She closed her eyes, savoring the feeling. Her thumb brushed over that special spot, the tingles started. She pushed again with her thumb, there. A low grunt came from within as an explosion of tingles raced through her. It was beginning to feel very much like her dream.

Her thumb pressed, and began to trace a pattern on her swollen bud. Her lips tightened, she felt a gentle drop somewhere below her stomach. Her sounds echoed softly off the tiles. A few involuntary tremors ran through her, that delicious tension was beginning to build, along with the tingling. Her hips moved with the motion of her fingers and thumb.

Megan groaned in disappointment as she felt the tension and tingles begin to level off. Her fingers and thumb moved faster, but she just couldn't get to that point, to feel that dream again.

She slowed, and then stopped. She was panting. Her pussy actually ached, it was hungry. Tears of frustration welled up in her eyes. Suddenly, an idea sprung to mind. If the dream wouldn't come to her, she would find the dream. She grabbed her robe, throwing it on as she moved with intent to Heather's room. She wanted that vibe in her. She wanted to cum!

She grabbed the vibrator, wetting it along her slit as she waited for it to go on. There was nothing. She was concentrating on getting the vibrator to work, she didn't notice the little button near the bottom right away, but soon found it with a desperate flinch. Her breath came in ragged gasps, punctuated by whimpers of desire. She scooted deeper into the chair, raising her feet to the desktop. Her legs spread as wide as she could get them. The head of the vibrator pushed, and then slid easily into her soaked pussy.

Her slick tightness gripped the bumpy ridges as they slid in and out of her. It felt good, so good, but she still needed more. She tightened her grip as the vibe began to get slippery. She pushed it deeper, only moving the last inch of it in and out. The tension started to build. She thrust faster.

"Uhn! Mmmm! Ooh!Ooh! Hmmm."

Megan was in bliss. She didn't give a shit about anything else at this moment, as the vibe hummed between her shaking thighs. Words and sounds collided in a rush.

Oohmmm! Oohooh!

"OHHHHHhhhhhhh! Oohooh-OOH! Ohh-that's-so-nice."

Megan’s overheated body shook with lust.

More please! Yes oh Yes!"

The vibrations moved up several notches. Megan went into overdrive, her body jerking.

"Hummmmm! Mmm! MMMMMOHHHHHHH!"

The tension, tingles and vibrations all flowed and built. She slammed the vibrator deeper, just holding on to the end. The rest of it hummed away inside of her. She was getting close, she needed-

"More! More! MORE!"

Megan began to pinch her clit, and fireworks went off, her eyes glazed. It was almost too much, her hand jerked, stopped and then started back up, faster. She couldn't stop again if she wanted to. Sparks joined the tingles, the tension. The vibrations began to rise and fall.

Two fingers rolled over and over her slick pearl as she pumped the vibe faster into her pussy. Her mouth fell open, then snapped shut, her jaw jutted, set with determination. The whirlpool grew inside her. Her whole body shook with effort. The robe had long ago fallen open, her pert titties bounced as each new sensation rolled through her with a jerk.

Her face tightened and relaxed as waves of building pleasure sought a place to crest and crash. Her eyebrows pulled tight, her brow wrinkled with exertion, and then melted into bliss. The whirlpool had risen to the point of consuming her.

Megan worked harder, chasing that just out of reach release. Her butt pushed deeper into the chair as her heels dug into the desk. Her fingers flew over and over her sweet nub, harder, faster. Barks of passion flew from her mouth. She finally caught it.

The sparks, the tension, the tingles all flowed into the whirlpool. It pulled into itself, and then rose. Her legs tensed, her body locked. She took a deep breath and held it. The vibrator went to full power.

Her head bobbed once, twice. She grit her teeth, and swallowed loudly. An explosion of ecstasy went off between her legs, pouring out in a torrent of twitching release. She let herself go with the sounds of unleashed pleasure that only a woman can make.

Her head rolled to one side, her mouth an 'O' as her shoulders jerked from side to side. Each crash rocked her body as the force of her climax ripped through her. About 15 seconds later, it started to pass. To her, it seemed forever, it was not long enough. Her sounds slowed, and then her breathing. Her body relaxed and then jerked as one last bolt raced through her. The vibrator stopped, she pulled it gingerly from her overworked and sensitive slit.

Her body hummed like it was charged with electricity. Random sparks went off above and beneath her skin. She was disoriented, exhausted and felt more alive then she ever had. Her senses returned.

She pulled her knees up and hugged them to her chest. She sat for a long time, trembling with aftershocks, savoring each moment, as her first climax made her feel so sexy and hot. She later fell asleep to a blissful deep sleep like none other before.

The End

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