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Megan's Desires 1

Megan's Desires (Part 1)
By Silky

Megan set the last of her stuff on the dressing room table. She looked up and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Her mind went over the past couple of weeks, as the move hadn't been so bad, she didn't have a lot. Just a bed, some clothes and her stuffed animals.

She wondered how Gina could afford this huge condo, not to mention, all the goodies inside of it. The offer to move in with her was too good, which made her mind wander quite a bit.

Megan had just turned 18, two years younger than Gina. Although the difference in their age was only two years, Gina seemed much more mature than most of the girls she had known. She was cool, her outgoing personality drew Megan out of her shell.

Gina was constantly on the go and so much fun to hang out with. Anywhere they went, cute guys and girls seemed to show up. Megan was a little jealous of Gina’s looks. Long curly blonde hair that tumbled over her shoulders. It was wild, always messy yet very sexy, surrounding an adorable, not so innocent face. Her body was perfectly proportioned. Just right boobs with a saucy 'they're real' bounce to them. A softly curved tummy flared out to hips that moved like she was in heat. Nothing about her was forced, which made her even hotter. When she smiled, dicks got hard and pussies got wet.

Megan sometimes felt mousy when she was with her, despite her own good looks. She had a tight little body, soft and smooth like satin. She wished her boobs were a little bigger. Her straight blonde hair, parted to one side picked up natural highlights from the sun. Deep green eyes set over a snub nose gave her a serious look. Her lips were the best part of her cute oval face, soft and full with a natural pout to them. Her smile was shy and sweet, like herself.

When Gina had told her about moving in with her, Megan jumped at the opportunity. She hated the life she was living. It was cheap and her room mate kept making her feel low. She couldn't remember how many times she'd had to pull her pillow around her head to muffle her own cries of the sadness in her life.

Megan loved to play with herself, trying desperately to have an orgasm, like all her friends have had, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn't for lack of trying. She had explored herself, like all girls do, finding spots that felt nice, and some that felt really nice. Sometimes when she was feeling naughty, she'd peel of her panties, put one of her stuffed animals between her legs, and rub herself by moving her hips along it's fuzzy body. It gave her tingles and a warm feeling, but nothing more.

Megan’s old room mate treated her like slime and gave the bitch an ear full when she caught her stealing her things. She was slow to anger, but was totally fed up with this idiot bitch. Megan stormed out. She ran right to Gina, a person she loved and cared for with great emotions, who could help her dying soul.

A soft knock on the door pulled Megan from her thoughts. She turned from the mirror, and opened it. It was Gina, but not like Megan had ever seen before. She was wearing an outfit that would make a Victoria’s Secret designer blush. It was sheer, not quite see through, her medium beige nipples showed clearly from under a light pink and white teddy.

Matching thigh high self support stockings clung to her legs. A wide band of white lace at the tops left a teasing glimpse of thigh leading up to the crotch of the teddy, stretched tightly over the gentle rise of her mound. A few dark blond curls peeked outside the cloth. The fabric dipped in the middle, hinting at the crease beneath.

A pair of darker pink, open toe, platform heels with ankle straps made her about 6 inches taller. Her curly hair was fluffed out to a golden halo surrounding that beautiful face, her makeup a perfect blend of innocence and pure slut. She was a walking wet dream.

Megan’s face reflected her surprise. Her eyes traveled up and down Gina’s outfit, and the incredibly hot girl wearing it. Her mouth open and closed, searching for words.

Gina laughed sweetly at Megan’s reaction. Her smile lit up her face, white teeth contrasting with her bright red 'fuck me' lipstick. Her nails matched perfectly. A delicate silver chain bracelet, necklace and earrings, all accented with tiny red hearts completed the look. Megan had 'liked' girls, but this was even more special.

Megan swallowed hard as Gina turned and closed the door. She quietly walked across the room, the teddy rode very high on her gorgeous ass, swaying as she walked. Gina sat down on the bed, and Megan soon followed her every move. “I love your outfit, Gina.”

"I's makes me feel sooooo sexy and naughty."

Megan stared at Gina’s protruding nipples.
"You are SO BAD!"

"I know, look at them! They're trying to push through. mmm, they do feel better when I rub them," Gina said.

Megan was very horny and something inside her told her to go with what she was feeling.
“You need any help?”

"Oh yes, I should take them out, so you can tease them."

Megan slowly leaned forward, letting the tip of her tongue slide over the right nipple.

"Ooooohhh...that feels soooo goooood!"

"You make me do such bad things."

Megan felt herself warming between her thighs, as she heard Gina speak to her.

"Ooohh...I feel sooo naughty!"

There was a long pause.

"That feels nice. It likes to be touched like that."

Megan was now sucking on the erect nipple.

"My pussy is getting wet. See what you do to me?"

Megan’s face turned red, as she blushed at hearing Gina’s comment.

A short pause, and then a soft gasp.

"I'm so wet."

More sighs and moans.

Megan runs her hand slowly down between Gina’s legs.

"You like that? Oh OH! I like it too! Feels so good, so good!"

Gina was really getting into this, having her friend touch her moist pussy, gently sucking on her swollen nips, as the time was perfect to add some spice to this interlude.

Megan backed up a bit as she heard a soft buzzing sound. As she looked down, she saw a little bright pink vibrator. It made her even more hungry for Gina.

"Where should I put it?"

Gina’s eyes were glazed over with lust, as she motioned for Megan to slide it in her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Oh!"

"It's so so wet, sliding in and out."

“OOOh! More! More please!"

"Gaaaah! That. Feels. Fantastic!"

Megan was working up a sweat as she slid the vibrator in and out of Gina’s dripping wet snatch.

"I'm so, so, Oooooh! So CLOSE!"

Megan began to pant with Gina’s pant.

Gina was a kinky girl, and all though she loved it in her pussy, she wanted it in another place.

"Put it where?”

“If you want to taste me, then I want you to slide it in my tight ass, Megan baby.”

Megan was not used to hearing this type of talk, but it made her even more curious of this type of lifestyle.

"Oohyes Yes! YES! MORE! OOOOH! MORE!"

Megan slid it in deeper.

"Please! Oh please! Just a little more!"

Megan pushed the entire vibrator into Gina’s tight little ass, making her yelp in ecstasy.

"YES! YES! YES! I'm gonna, gonna..."

There was a moment of silence except for the buzz.

"nnnNNNNNGGGGhhhhhh! OH! I'm cumming! Cumming!"

"oh MY GaaaAAAAHHHHHhhhhh...ooh ooh ooh ohhhh"

Her sounds calmed as it passed.

Megan’s tongue went for the prize, surprising herself, as she lapped and lapped at Gina’s puss, drinking down the fresh liquid of love.

"mmm...ohhh...that was wonderful!" Whew! I'm a sticky mess!"

A mess that Megan was only to eager to clean up. She was learning fast on how to please her new best friend.

Gina eyed Megan.

"You know, I‘m very happy that you decided to move in with me."

Megan smiled back with a big gleam on her face, still moistened with love juices.

Between giggles, Gina said, "Imagine if someone was looking in the window right now! Here's me in this get up, and you in your 'cute girl' clothes, having sex with each other. Sounds like something you'd read on a porn site!"

They both broke apart. Gina pulled off her platforms, and headed for the shower, Megan close behind her.

They both changed into a t-shirt and panties afterwards, and climbed into bed.

Megan’s mind was racing, she couldn't sleep. A little later, she heard Gina leave the bathroom and turn on the TV. Megan rose and closed her door to muffle the sound, but she could still hear bits and pieces of dialogue. It was still a hundred times better than the last place she was at.

Megan tossed and turned in the darkness. Her mind was calming down, but her pussy wasn't. The thought that she had referred to it as a pussy sent a mild shock through her. She rolled to her back, and pushed down the covers. Her hands and fingers softly played over her body, lingering on the skin between the bottom of her t-shirt and the top of her panties.

'Pussy' she thought 'My pussy is horny.'

These were new thoughts to her, adding heat to an already smoldering mound. Her hands floated lower, touching herself through the cotton. She blew a gentle breath between pursed lips. Her hand cupped the soft rise in a gentle massage. It felt good, so good. She squeezed a little harder. A soft sigh slid from her.

She could hear the movie from the TV, something about Pirates. Her mind drifted to the open sea, she was on a Pirate ship. The fantasy deepened, she pressed into her hand. She was the Captain's wench, a virgin he would soon teach the pleasures of the flesh. He had kidnapped her, at first for ransom, keeping her for himself after it was paid. He would make this girl a woman.

Her thumbs slid under the waistband of her panties. In her mind, they were the Captain's. He peeled them off her legs, past her ankles, and tossed them aside. His eyes gleamed as the sight of her exposed felinity, wet in spite of herself.

Her hand found one of her stuffed animals, a moment later 'the Captain' was between her thighs. She turned to her side, rubbing herself into the fuzzy nap of it's/His body. It was soon wet, adding a delicious friction to her horny pussy. Her thighs squeezed tighter, her hips moved slowly, spreading more of her sweet juice over the fur. She moved Him a bit higher, finding that special spot that sent little sparks surging through her. Her pleasure rose and then stalled at a place where she was left wanting more. She wanted to find that elusive point of release, but didn't know how to get there.

She drifted off as the Captain took her. He followed her into her dreams, fucking her horny pussy, his thick shaft thrusting her pleasure beyond anything she had felt. It built, and built, and still he fucked her. The pleasure was indescribable.

Megan snapped awake, her mind clutching at the last strands of her dream. Her hands were balled into tiny fists, dug into the fuzzy body between her thighs. Small twitches pulled at her sex from within. She had never felt anything like this before.

She looked down with amazement, only to see Gina with her head buried between her legs, making her feel so incredible. She couldn’t remember if the dream she had was real or this, as she was being pulled into a world she knew she would love to return too one day. “Is this a dream", she thought to herself?

Her whole body felt more alive, yet so relaxed. She rolled to her back, and for some reason, she wanted to giggle.

The feeling was amazing. More than amazing, as she felt her tongue slide in out of her, sending waves of pleasure through her entire body.

The moment was something special to Megan, but was it a dream?

She found her undies, pulled them on and settled back into her pillow. For a moment, she had a craving for chocolate, a moment after that she was sound asleep. She slept late the next day.

End of Part 1

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