Friday, April 17, 2009

Fraternal Twin Lovers

Fraternal Twin Lovers
By Silky

I was already asleep when Sam slides into bed with me. We have had separate rooms for years but we’ve always slept together for as long as I can remember and even before that. Sam and I are fraternal twins. He was quite likely spooning me in the womb, before becoming my “big brother” by nudging me aside and entering the world 32 minutes before me.

The mattress shifts slightly with his weight and when Sam lifts the covers, air warmed by my body drifts across my face. A cold draft of air rides in on Sam’s long body and still mostly asleep, I move against him trying to replace his chill with my warmth. I’m wearing a tank top with a tiny pink ribbon bow between my breast and thong panties. Sam is nude so his body temperature could quickly adjust to mine.

Sam's scent is soon drifting in tiny drafts of heat from beneath the blankets. He smells of Irish Spring soap, and something else…something musky and spicy. I roll over to face him. Fully awake now, I move closer and burrow my nose against his smooth broad chest, inhaling, trying to find the source of that “something” scent.

That warm spicy Sam-smell makes me press my thighs together in a creamy rush of heat and compels me to lick his tiny nipples. I rub my whole body against him, sleepy, warm, cat-like, my own nipples are tiny tight pebbles beneath cotton...satin skin and cotton against raw silk. My little cunny is damp and hot behind my thong. Shorter than Sam by a good eight inches, my narrow feet rub rhythmically up and down his calves.

Sam groans quietly. Submitting for now. Letting me wallow in his smell. His feel. Letting me rub myself all over him and line our bodies up until we are face to face, cock to pussy. His hard cock refuses to give against my dry humping and soon it is forcing the crotch of my thong up inside me. The cloth abrading against my sensitive flesh brings another wet rush between my legs. Sam, moaning, his cock head buried a mere inch inside me, feels the increase in damp heat.

I’m making those little noises that I make when I want something. Little begging noises, catches in my breathing. I want Sam buried to his balls in my tight puss. I want him to shove himself to the hilt and then fuck me in and out, in and out, fast hard strokes until I cum. Then I want him to cum…to cum inside me deep and hard, with forceful spurts of his seed. I want to feel him feeling me up.

I want him to bathe my womb with his spunk. I want to smell my brother’s cum on me every time I spread my legs. That’s my wicked secret. I always want to be full of his slippery cum. I love the way our scents mingle inside me and how my pussy smells after we fuck. I love the way his cum works its way slowly out of me all day long when we fuck right before we leave for school. All day long I’ll have a damp crotch and a cum residue in my panties. And all day I’ll be in such a state of sexual tension, that the boys at school can almost smell it and they’ll follow me around like I’m some sort of bitch in heat.

I love going into the girl’s room between classes and smelling our hot sexy aroma when I drop my panties. I smell like sex and Sam. Spicy, salty, sweet cum and female musk. I can’t resist touching myself. I only mean to get a bit of the creamy spend oozing out for a quick taste, but usually, I end up sticking my finger a little deeper and before I know it, I’m fucking myself with the mint green handle of my hair brush and biting my hand to keep from moaning Sam’s name out loud when I cum.

I have my arms around Sam's neck, rocking, trying to force him a little higher inside me. We are face to face, watching each other in the light from the outside street light. Sam has his hands on my hips, working me, thrusting as far as the thin wet cotton fabric will allow.

Our mouths are touching but we aren’t kissing. Our damp lips rub against each other. Breath gusting in and out, breathing each other’s air. I take his full lower lip and suck it into my mouth, toying it with my teeth. God, I love his mouth. His full lower lip and the slick skin just inside his mouth. I bite..I suck and hang on with my teeth as I slowly pull my mouth away. Sam oozes precum and thrusts one hard thrust when I nip his lip almost to the point of real pain before letting it go. He forces his cock and wet panty another half inch higher.

“Oh baby girl...” Sam whispers in a warm gust against the soft, sensitive skin of my neck. “I’m going to put my dick up inside”

Sam's nips my lower lip as payback for my bite and then rolls me underneath his lean swimmers body. His hands push my ribboned powder pink Hello Kitty tank over my head while his hips continue to hump against my mound. With my top off, Sam is able to take most my firm small breast and hard little nipples into his mouth.

“Oh, God, you taste good baby.” He mumbles around my flesh as he bites my left nipple, making me gasp and then moan when he laves it with his warm tongue to take away the sting.

“Sam…unh…” I try to say more but he moves onto his knees, straddling my hips. His fat cock, rooted in a silky nest of black hair, is jutting out from his belly and he’s so beautiful and my chest is so tight with emotion that I cannot speak. He has knelt over my naked body many, many times before. We’ve been lovers since before we had names for the physical acts that we preformed together. But seeing him, long and honey skinned in the faint light, I am consumed with what I understand is the not completely sane desire to be his only lover forever.

“Fuck me, Sam.” I whisper, when I can speak, in a tight voice, desire and maybe a bit of insanity making my soft voice hoarse. “Please, brother, I need you inside me.”

Sam grins a maniac’s grin and grabs both my breast, twisting my nipples just hard enough. My body jerks in reaction and I cream my already soiled panties.

“My baby sister wants some cock?” Sam croons as he bends to lick the flat of his tongue across my lips, twisting my nipples all the while. Licking my lips, my neck, my ears. Sucking my earlobes and lower lip, biting me…marking me, he works himself into a frenzy. He is tugging my nipples, tongue fucking my mouth and humping my tummy in an increasingly frantic rhythm.

“Umph, uhn, Sam, Sam…” My almost naked body is moving with him. My skin is too small and I want to crawl inside Sam. I want him to crawl inside me. Wet trails of precum on my tummy mark the path of his thrusting cock and my thighs are now wet half way to my knees from my leaking pussy.

“Baby, baby…” Sam stops eating my mouth and moves down my body, his lips never loosing contact with my skin as he sucks and suckles his way down to my abdomen. He licks his own precum off the smooth skin of my stomach and then blows his hot breath across my damp skin.

I bury my fingers in his too thick black hair and stroke and scratch and rub his scalp. Sam lies with his left cheek on my trembling abdomen and watches his right hand toy with my thighs, stroking higher and higher until he reaches dampness where my pussy has leaked though my panties. Sam moans low and deep.

“You’re so fucking wet baby.” He brings his fingers to his mouth and licks them with a guttural moan. I moan in chorus, creaming still more.

Sam puts his hand back on my thighs and rakes two fingers across the sodden crotch, nails pressing my clit. My body convulses.


Sam turns his head and looks up at my face over my little breast, my abraded nipples red and tight from his tongue and teeth. “I’m going to take your panties off baby, okay?” He cups my pussy and taps my engorged clit through the fabric. I twitch and my skin gets smaller still. “I’ve been trying to hold off…” Long fingers flirt with the tight elastic edge between my legs, lifting it, but not sliding under. I whimper.

Sam kneels beside me and slides the pink thong down my legs. When he gets them off he puts them to his nose and inhales deeply. Then, looking me right in the eye, he starts lapping my pussy juice off the wet cotton. He moans at the sweetness, his eyes closing, cock humping air as he licks the crotch of my panties like a dog.

“Oh…” Two fingers find my sticky hole and biting my lip I start, rubbing, fingers sinking into warm wet cream.

Sam takes a last lap and then draws on the fabric one last time, making a terribly erotic sucking noise before dropping the panties on the floor beside the bed. He reaches over and turns on the bedside lamp. I don’t stop fingering myself. Sam always turns on the light if he can. He likes to look at me in the light. He’s told me he likes to be able to see the perfectly smooth pearly pink folds of my pussy. He also likes to watch his fat cock disappear inside me over and over again. And after he cums inside me, he likes to see my pussy, pink and shiny, oozing with his seed.

“That’s it pretty. Your sweet fuck hole looks so tiny.” There is something akin to awe in Sam's voice as two of his big fingers join my own, slipping around my folds, pressing my clit.

I moan at his dirty words and arch my back, little titties thrusting out, pussy opening for my brothers fingers.

Sam works one, then two fingers inside my tight channel. I moan and bite my swollen lip against the fullness, my hips flexing trying to suck him in and out.

“So tight…baby sister, you’re so tight. I can’t wait to get my cock inside you. I’m going to put it so fucking deep inside.” He starts to finger fuck me in earnest…two thick long fingers, stuffing them as far inside me as he can reach, his thumb grazing my asshole with each down thrust. “Big brothers going to fuck you so deep. Deeper than any other man can. No man will ever fill up baby sisters pussy like I can.” He thrusts harder and deeper. “No one can give you what I can…no one.”

Sam replaces his hand with his mouth. He opens his mouth wide and covers my whole pussy. His tongue presses up inside where his fingers have just been. He holds my legs over his shoulders and eats and sucks and tongue fucks my tender pink hole until every muscle in my body tightens and I cum on his face.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s it..cum for me.” Sam's voice is hoarse and he is humping his cock against the bed. He continues to lap at my swollen pussy lips and sucks them into his mouth, tugging gently before letting them go. His tongue goes on a foray deep into my wet tunnel, mining out my cream. He moans at the rich taste. He bites the inside of my thigh. Hard enough to bruise. My pussy pulses.

"Sam!" I gasp in pain and pleasure.

“Now, it’s time.” Sam whispers sliding up my body. “Now I get to fuck you.” His hard cock rubs up my calf, up my thigh until he reaches the rich wet delta between my legs. “Pretty pink puss all wet and ready for your big brother, right baby?”

“Yes, oh yes…” I gasp as his meaty cock nudges my little pussy looking for my hole and finding it. Sam presses steadily into me, moving his dick higher and tighter until he bottoms out. I feel him pressing up into my womb and that never ending wash of heat pulses through the tingling walls of my sex.

My pussy stretches to accommodate his cock. I feel full almost to the point of pain but not quite. It’s not that he’s freakishly huge, but more a combination of his size and my lack of it.

Sam is watching his cock slid in and out of me. He withdraws until you can just see where the swollen head flares like a mushroom and then he sinks back in, slowly, watching his big prick disappear, my little pink pussy membranes obviously stretching to accommodate him.

I watch him watch his cock glide in and out. His breathing is labored and his thrusts gradually increase. He forces my legs higher and bores into my pussy with more and more force. My tiny tits jiggle in time to his thrusts and my eraser shaped nipples are stone hard when I roll them hard between my fingers.

My eyes are closed, my head is tossing uncontrollably as I roughly tug on my nipples. I’m making incoherent noises low in my throat and I know I’m going to cum again and I’m so glad. I get to cum with Sam’s cock inside me and with any luck, my orgasm with trigger his and my pussy contractions will ring every sweet drop of spunk out of his balls, keeping it deep in my womb.

“Yes…yes…baby sister, I want to cum inside you.”

Sam and I are both sheened in sweat and breathing as if we’ve run a hundred yard sprint. I grip his head in my hands, holding him close, eye to eye.

“Do it. Cum in me big brother.” I arch my back and my womb tightens, tingling. I can feel it, the climax is right there. I bite his lips and lick his mouth softly. Our wet lips touching, we maintain eye contact. Sharing air. “Fill me up with your cum.” I whisper and just imagining it is enough to send me over.

“Sam!” My already tight pussy tightens and squeezes around his thrusting cock and it’s too much for him.

“Oh, God…” Sam’s strokes are short and erratic until he finally forces himself to the hilt, and then deeper, spraying all his sweet juice deep inside me. “Oh…Kari” He murmurs still twitching and thumping in response to the pulsing ripples of my sheath. “God yes, I love to fuck you more than anything else in this world.”

Sam kisses me softly and sort of half heartily thrusts his hips. His dick, still hard, acts as a plug, keeping his cream deep inside me. I hum in pleasure at that thought and at the creamy wet sucking noise our bodies make together. We shift to our sides with Sam still inside me. He holds my right leg over his hip, with every intention of keeping his cock in my warm snug hole.

I hum my satisfaction with the sleeping arrangement, smiling at Sam in contentment. My eyes are heavy with satiation and sleep. “I love you Sam.”

“I love you too Kari.” Sam kisses my forehead very gently and snuggles me more tightly against him, one hand on my thigh to keep it thrown over his hip, the other clutching my bottom, finger trailing in my cleft, his middle finger gently massaging my asshole. My pussy contracts deeply with lazy pleasure. I’m content…

I’m warm, sleepy, well fucked and I have a belly full of my brother’s cum. Life doesn't get any better than this.


  1. Wonderfully written. I love it.

  2. Thanks. I'm happy you both enjoyed it. I had fun writing it. :>)