Friday, July 24, 2009

Closet Space

I have an online friend that just will not open her own blog to share her stories on and being she sent it to me to read, I'm going to post it here for everyone to read as well, as it's quite good. All I did to it was do a little spell checking and the rest is all written by her. The story is actually about a real online love story between two girlfriends. You will enjoy it.

Closet Space
By Jen

Jen was just finishing lighting the last candle when she heard the doorbell ring. She glanced at her watch. 9 pm. Right on time. She took one last look around her condo and started towards the door. She took a quick peek through the peephole to make sure it was her expected guest..."can't be too safe these days"...she thought to herself.

She opened the door..."Hi Kimberly. I'm glad you decided to stop by."

Kimberly smiled and said. "Well the #1 rule to keeping clients is keeping my promises."

Jennifer motioned for her to come in and as she brushed past her, Jen leaned in and whispered very softly in her ear..."The only thing is, I'm not your client.....yet." As she said "yet"...Jennifer nuzzled her nose against Kimberly's ear. This sent a warm wave through Kimberly's body. "Is she coming on to me?" She thought to herself. Nahhh no way...she shook the thought away and made her way inside. "You have a beautiful condo. I love the huge bay windows and the fireplace!"

"Thank you. I went ahead and made a fire...I know its pouring down out there and I figured you might be a little wett". Wett...yeah u could say that, Kimberly thought to herself.

"Wow, it smells sooooo good in here.....what did you make for dinner."

"What did I make for YOUUU is the real question." I was hoping I might be ur last appt tonight and you wouldn't have to rush off.

"Well I dont want to impose, but I didn't get to each lunch today and I'm absolutely starving."

"Good..I was hoping you would say that." Jen said with a wink. "You can wash at the sink here in the kitchen....I hope you like Chicken Alfredo and a tossed salad."

"MMMMM...I love it! It's my favorite!"

"I set up a little place in front of the fireplace...feel free to make yourself comfy and I'll bring your plate in there."

"Thanks". Kimberly made her way into the living...and surprisingly she felt a little nervous. She watched as Jennifer brought her food...admiring her long legs...mmm she loved women in skirts and jen worked that outfit to no end.

"Thank you...she said as Jen handed her plate.

She kept her gaze fixed on her as she walked back into the kitchen...damn what a great ass. OMG OMG OMG...what the hell am I thinking?? I'm just getting caught up in the moment...the candles, the fire, the view...mmm the view. But I have to stop I'm a fucking professional, I can't be having these thoughts about a client....Butttt Jennifer did bring out a good point...she wasn't my client....Yet.

Jennifer returned with her on plate and two big glasses of sweet tea. "I was going to bring some wine, but hell let's face it...sweet tea is the wine of the South" Jennifer giggled.

I'll toast to that Kimberly said as they clanked glasses together.

They made small talk while they ate. Jennifer managed to sneak a few glances over at Kimberly without her noticing. Wow...this woman is beautiful. So sexy. I do need my closets done, but when I saw her today at the office...I decided my closet wasn't the only thing that needed "rearranging".

"The fire feels really good." It's gotten cold out there quick.

Jennifer got up and started to return the dishes to the kitchen..."Here I'll help" Kimberly offered, but Jennifer touched her hand and said...No, no you've had a rough day...sit...relax." The touch of Jen's hand melted Kimberly. God this woman she thought to herself. Again her eyes shifted to her ass, watching her walk away again.

In a couple of minutes Jennifer returned and settled down next to Kimberly...a little closer this time, Kimberly noticed, smiling inside a little.

A low rumble of thunder sounded in the distance.

"I better take a look at that closet....seems like there is a storm brewing...don't wanna get caught out in it."

"Ohhh so it would be a bad thing to get stuck here with me?" Jen teased playfully.

"Well, ummmm noooooooo ... ummm i didnt mean that at's just ummm uh well seee what had happened was..."

Jennifer put a finger to Kimberly's lips. "Shhhh."....Her lips brushed past Kimberly's and she said...I've wanted you since I saw you this morning." I haven't stopped thinking about you all day.....she said….a little breathless.

Kimberly's heart started pounding......"Interesting...Kimberly replied .. "because I’ve thought about you too. Do you think I normally schedule appt's this late?"

Jennifer smiled and traced Kimberly lips with her finger. The living room was illuminated by the flash of lightning. Jennifer looked into Kimberly's eyes and slowly pressed her lips against Kimberly's.

Kimberly let herself go....succumbing to the sweet taste of her kiss. Jennifer parted her lips with her tongue....playfully flicking tongue with her own. A cute little dance they made up as they went along. Her fingers moved to the back of her neck, pulling Kimberly's tongue deeper into her mouth. She positioned herself even closer to her, almost on top of her. Their tongues stroking each other with great force...almost rubbing the taste buds off each other. After several minutes of loving each other's kisses, they pulled away. Both still had their eyes closed, but jumped up into each other's arms wide-eyed when a huge clap of thunder shook the house. They both giggled and the lights went out.

"Damn..I knew I was good kisser, but i didn't think I could make the lights go out." Jennifer joked.

Kimberly gave one of her adorable laughs and pressed her lips against Jennifer's again. Jen put more pillows on the floor, against the couch and Kimberly propped herself up against them...Jen added another log to the fireplace and stoked the fire some more.

"Wow, you really know how to light my fire." Kimberly said, pulling Jen down onto her lap.

Jennifer rolled her eyes playfully and Kimberly said...I know i was corny.

"No" Jen's adorable.

Jennifer straddled Kimberly...slowly moving her hips down against hers. Kimberly's hands moved to her ass and gave it a little squeeze. MMMM that feels good, Jen whispered. Kimberly started kissing her neck, planting little sucks here and there... Jennifer instinctively raised her arms, and Kimberly pulled her blouse over her head. She smiled as Jen's black lace bra was exposed, filled with her ample breasts. Kimberly buried her face in between them and ran her lips over Jen's perky nipples...her teeth pulling the lacy fabric. Jen could feel her hot breath sweeping over her erect nipples...making them grow even harder. She leaned her head back and Kimberly unhooked the bra, letting it fall way. She cupped the breasts in both hands and pushed them together...fondling the playing with them. She then embraced Jennifer again and they engulfed each other in another hot steamy kiss....Kimberly eases her down on the plush rug and slips a pillow behind her head just as it hits the floor.

The smiles as she looks down at Jennifer....the flames from the fire flicker in her eyes...and she looks so beautiful. She settles on top of her and takes her time... kissing lips, her neck, her ear, across her collarbone..along her shoulder...her mouth finding those delicious nipple again. She playfully bites them and tugs on the with her teeth....drawing each breast as deep as she can in her mouth...she takes her time with each one...alternately loving every inch of them.

She raises up and takes her own shirt off....Jen props herself up on her elbows, watching Kimberly undress...admiring her beauty in the illuminations of the lightning and the flickering light of the fireplace.

"You're beautiful" She tells Kimberly.

Kimberly smiles and settles back on top of Jen..a little lower this times...feathering kisses along her stomach and down around her waist.

A soft moan escaped Jennifer's mouth as she stretched her arms above her head, elongating her midsection, wanting Kimberly to kiss her even more.

"MMMMM....I love when my stomach is kissed."

Kimberly said nothing, but continued kissing her stomach, letting her tongue trace her belly button and lips sweep across Jen's hip bones.

Kimberly's hands moved up and down Jennifer's thighs. Her fingers working into her muscles, slowly kneading and circling the tight flesh. Her mouth moved further South, her tongue slipping under the band of her skirt as her hands moved up under her skirt. She could already feel the heat from Jennifer's worked up pussy and it drove her insane. All she wanted was to plunge her finger deep inside, but she held off.

Her hand continued to move up Jen's upper legs and grabbed the waistband of the skirt. Still kissing her stomach, she slowly slid the skirt down, smiling as Jen lifted and wiggled her hips so the skirt could glide off her butt. panties. Kimberly liked that.

Kimberly raised up again and slid the skirt off Jen one leg at a time. She held her left foot giving her a short foot rub, gliding her fingers around her heel, raising it higher and giving her ankle a small kiss. Her mouth moved upwards, her lips grazing along the side of Jen's calf. She stopped when she reached her knee, took her right foot, and continued in the same pattern.

She leaned up and kissed Jennifer's lips, butterflies fluttering against her stomach. Pushing aside her small thoughts of doubt, she made her way back down in between her legs. She parted her lips and slowly started to kiss and suck the inside of Jen's thighs. The aroma of her pussy was driving Kimberly crazy and she wanted to devour it right the, but she forced herself not to.

"Ohhh God your such a tease Kimberly. You know you want it, so take it. Stop torturing yourself."

"Oh I know I want it, but you want it's much more torture for you. I'm perfectly happy right where I am."

Jen gave her a pouty look that absolutely did Kimberly in. So fucking cute..she thought to herself.

After several minutes of Kimberly's "torture"...Jen began to grind her hips down..inching closer to her mouth. Kimberly smile and let her tongue trace up and down Jen's slit. The taste of her pussy took Kimberly's breath away. Her tongue ventured deeper into her folds.

Jennifer insides were set on fire...she felt she could already cum but she held back.

Kimberly continued her long slow strokes....her tongue traveling from the very back up Jennifer's pussy all the way up to her clit...getting as much of her wetness as she could. She settled her attention on Jen's swollen little nub. Her lips close around it, sucking it in her mouth. This was too much for Jennifer and Kimberly had to wrap her hands around jen's thighs to hold her down.

"MMMM ohhhh yessss god Kimberlyyyyy"........Jennifer bucked hard as a wave of pleasure sent rippled thru her body ... culminating in a climax that sent creamy cum spilling out of her pussy and onto Kimberly's tongue.

Jennifer collapsed and tried to bring her breathing back to normal. Kimberly crawled beside her...and kissed her...letting each other taste Jen's cum.

"You sound so amazing Jen"...Kimberly whispered to her.

"You fuck so amazing Kimberly"...Jen poked back...smiling.

Kimberly stood up and went to the fire....adding some more wood.

When she turned around she was surprised to see Jennifer on her knees ... her face right at her pussy.

"Well hi there."

Jennifer looked up at her...locking into a gaze as her fingers unbuttoned Kimberly's jeans and pulled them down. Kimberly put her hand on Jennifer's shoulder to steady herself as she stepped out of them. She pressed her nose against Kimberly's panty covered pussy and took a deep breath...MMMMMM...god you smell good. Her tongue flicked out and she started to lick Kimberly over her panties.

Kimberly leaned her head back...she was so wet and Jen's tongue only made her wetter.

After several minutes, Jennifer tugged at her panties with her teeth. Grabbing them and pulling them down all the way to the floor. Then without much warning, she drove her tongue deep inside Kimberly's tight hole. Kimberly wasn't expecting this and the sudden burst of warmth inside her made her body tighten. Jennifer grabbed her ass and pushed her face deeper into her pussy...her nose rubbing her clit as she tongue fucked her. Kimberly leaned back and held onto the mantle of the fireplace so she would collapse...Jennifer's tongue impaled her and she was going fuckin mad. Jen replaced her tongue with two fingers and started sucking on her swollen lips. Lapping at them...then at her clit...she loved the feel of her face getting creamed by a beautiful woman. Before long, Kimberly was coming with such force...Jen thought she was going to break her neck. She wrapped her arms around her waist to hold her up as her body shuddered with the last orgasm. She held her for several minutes while she regained her strength. And they slowly slid to the floor....holding each other a long time before either of them said a word.

Jennifer was first to speak..."Wow. That was amazing. You are amazing."

Kimberly looked at her...tracing the side of her face with her fingers.

"Thank you for the best appt of my life. So, do I get to see your closets now?"

Jennifer took Kimberly's hands and pulled her up. "hmmm you want to this very second? Because there is something else i want to show you's here in the kitchen."

Kimberly smiled as she saw Jen walk away...staring at her naked ass.


  1. Very good. Just the thing to keep me going today.

  2. Hi Lex. :)

    It is a good story. I wrote to her and said I posted it here but have not heard back from her. I hope she aint mad at me for posting it as its worth the share.

  3. Hi Silky. Love these stories. Would like to have a lesbian girlfriend and share things. x