Wednesday, February 25, 2009



The passion of us being unable to resist each other,
The endless craving in my crotch for the moistness that is you,
The hunger of my lips wanting to taste you,
The pull of my arms to hold pull me,
The unquenchable desires,
The messaging of your soft flesh,
The tender kisses and soft caresses that make you whimper and moan,
The very thought of you that makes me lust for your touch,
Me wanting to be deep inside of you,
Our bodies thrashing,
Drinking from the cup of forbidden desires,
Unleashing the primal lust that we keep hidden in the dark corners of our minds,
The sounds of your submitting to the dark pleasures that overtake you,
Your orgasmic cries of fulfillment as we climax together as one,
The moon smiles as she pours her radiance upon our bodies,
She knows the night is young...and that our cries of forbidden pleasure will continue until the sun appears.........
And Beyond

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