Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Convention

The Convention
By Silky

I had spied on her from across the room at the annual convention for businesswomen, one of the younger representatives among women in a room full of executives, much like myself. She was being cocooned by the older men of the corporate world, all very engaged by her beauty.

Most of the women were dressed in tropical print shirts and dresses, somewhat conservative, but festive. She stood out with hip riding tight white pants and a blue and white print halter top that showed off her tan belly, arms and back. Her hair was rich brown and long, presenting a sleek look.

All the women made jealous comments and I wondered if that was just covering the intrigue they felt for her. I know that she had enticed me, but my mouth was shut, afraid of spilling my thoughts out.

I walked over and sat down, blending into the conversation about work and home.

“No, never married.” And “No kids” were easy answers that got raised eyebrows from both sexes. I could almost feel the envy of the women and could imagine the gossip of how lonely I must be. Deep down, they wished they had my freedom. The men become a bit more interested at these answers figuring I was more attainable and more needy than the siren. Even at 30, I had kept myself in shape being curvaceous with full breasts, rounded hips and a firm, but prominent ass. I wore a short skirt that clung to my hips, a low cut print tee that swept between my breasts. I was definitely luscious in my own right.

The men were fun to talk to, but no one caused my thoughts to linger like her. As the liquor flowed I had a feeling of alcohol sadness knowing that I was not willing to settle, so my alternative was going back to my room alone.

I finished my cocktail and gave a last glance to see where she was. She had paired up with a low life, who though very married, made his way into many women at these conventions, including me once. I felt sorry for her. She deserved more than he had to offer.

I said my good byes as I made my way into the elevator pushing the button to my floor. A hand stopped the doors from closing and like with the power of Hercules, they were pushed apart allowing this goddess to enter.

“I’ll be right back” she cooed.

“Don’t be long. Remember I know where you are, Room 1103,” his voice was overwhelmingly intoxicated like the rest of him.

“That’s right. Don’t worry, I will be back in a jiffy.”

The doors closed as I reached for the button for her floor. Her hand grasped mine.

“No honey, not 11. It’s really 17. I would never have given him my real number.” She smiled as she moved, never taking her hand from mine.

“You on the other hand.” which she said as she placed her other hand on my arm moving up to cradle my neck, “I would like to have join me in my room.” Her whisper faded into a sigh as our lips met in a kiss. So warm and so longing, I exploded as her tongue tunneled between my lips.

She led my hands to her round ass as she ground into me. I gripped her tightly almost feeling her flesh through the tight denim. Pulling her closer to me I could feel the heat between her legs as my hands became hungry for more.

Her kiss was electric and deep, but tender and lingering only the way a woman can do it. The bell dinged alerting us to floor 17. I was shaking with desire and basking in the warmth spreading through my body.

“Are you coming?” stepping onto the stable floor. It took me a moment in my lust to realize it was an invitation.

I followed the sway of her hips down the hall. I reached for her, giving a slight tug to the bow at the bottom of her halter. With no effort the strands fluttered to each side as she turned with a smirk. I undid the bow underneath her hair as the top fell into her free hand. She unlocked the door as I reached around her body gracefully plucking the hard nipples of her pert breasts. Cupping her tits, she pushed into me and moaned. We stumbled in and before the door was closed she was lifting my shirt over my head. My tits were wrapped in red lace and as she pushed herself into me, I could only imagine the titillating feel of the rough lace on her smooth flesh.

Our kiss was richer this time knowing that we would have no visitors. The taste of her lips and the growing fragrance of female lust in the room irradiated deeply to my core. I leaned in to press my lips against her tawny nipple rolling it with my tongue and nibbling on it hungrily.

Slowly, my teeth gripped the eraser shaped gem and I could tell the sensation of pain was stimulating her desire. I loosened up a touch and took her whole breast into my mouth sucking it like a cock. I imagined the small bit of flesh conforming to my lips with the nipple pointing down my throat.

I felt her hands quickly unhook my bra letting the straps slide off my shoulders. My breasts swayed as I lingered on her other breast. We kissed again as she cradled by lobes stumbling to the couch where she had me straddle her. This gave her perfect access to my tits as she kissed and nibbled on them in deep meditation. She understood that this wasn’t just foreplay.

I let the moment take me holding her head against my chest as I could feel an orgasm taking seed deep within me. I stroked her hair as she suckled against me.

The strands of her hair flowed between my fingers as my energy melded with her lips. My head swam with delight as I felt her fingertips pry at the sides of my panties. I was charged as her flesh swept over my engorged labia drawing in my desirous liquid. She brought her covered fingers to my nipple sweeping around my pink flesh as if frosting a cupcake, savoring the glaze.

I took her fingers still laced with my essence and sucked them between my lips loving the taste of my excitement. She did it again this time delving into my hole taking the elixir from deep within me and savoring her own fingers. She lingered on the wet tips with her tongue broadly licking the width of each finger. She savored it like honey then kissed me to share.

I thought I would go mad as I pulled her with me to our feet. In a deep kiss I quickly undressed her. Shaved bare she resembled a teenager with a woman’s eye.

I unbuttoned my sarong as she removed my panties, kneeling before me cupping her lips over my pussy. I placed one foot on the coffee table for easier access as her tongue found my pearl and made me quake.

I could see our reflection in the mirror and the sight was intoxicating. This precious young lady was eating me with a vengeance as I pulled on my nipples moaning in glory. Her patience wore thin for my orgasm as she worked my clit more forcefully and I left all inhibition aside.

“That’s right baby, oh yes, make me cum” I begged.

She encourage me “Make me your little slut, ma’am” she pleaded, never letting my pussy feel any loss.

I was smitten. I ground into her “Eat it, cunt slut”. I couldn’t believe my words, but she nibbled harder pumping me with her fingers as I swayed in ecstasy. I repeated this slander and she grew more excited as I could barely stand with the wave enveloping me. Her pace slowed as her strokes became longer separating my lips cleaning me after my eruption.

We kissed, her face covered in juice, and held one another close for a moment.

I lead her to the bedroom, pulling the sheets back and crawled into bed. From the nightstand she took a makeup bag and in her hand emerged a large dildo and a harness. I kissed her again as I got on my knees.

She leaned forward inches from my lips, “Will you fuck me like a slut?” She asked already knowing the answer.

I grabbed her hair and said “yes” as I planted a lustful kiss on your lips. I felt so dominant as I put the harness on, her helping me position the dildo properly.

“How do you want me ma’am?” she asked. I turned her around bending her over to spread her legs and reveal her waiting womanhood. I couldn’t help myself and decided to penetrate her other ways before using the girl dick. I spread her lips finding her clit and dived into her with my mouth. She jumped at first and then moaned as I pinched her pearl sticking my tongue deep inside her.

I licked from her clit to her ass, rimming her puckered hole making her squirm even more.

“Oh yes.” Was all she could respond. I penetrated her again, this time with a finger pumping her faster. She pushed against my finger fucking me back. I took charge with a slap to her ass. She tightened around me with the spank and I knew it was turning her on as much as me.

I spanked her again twice, her ass reddening and her pussy quaking. I put the head of the dildo to her lips and slowly opened her. She was so tight and I was afraid I would hurt her, but in response she pushed back taking in all 10 inches.

She whined in delight as I slowly stroked her pulling it almost all the way out and plunging in again. She couldn’t help herself and began fucking the dildo for me. I let her, holding onto her hips as she raged over the toy.

I fingered her clit with one hand driving her mad as she grunted and thrashed about. In a growl she begged me to not stop and with wild intensity, I had no intention to ever stop.

She pounded hard and let out a moan that I am sure was heard by everyone on the floor. She collapsed on the bed shuddering, and catching her breath in tears.

“Oh god, thank you” she blessed me. She begged me next to her as I cradled this wonderful woman. “You are the best fuck I ever had,” she cried.

I wiped her tears and held her to me feeling matronly comforting her.

I was still excited and she seemed wild enough so I asked her “Are you my little fuck slut?”

She looked up at me, “Always” she said with a smile.

“Then I am not done with you yet.” I rolled her over “There are more holes to explore, can you take this” I had a feeling she could.

She encouraged me with a yes from her lips as her hands spread her cheeks. I grabbed the lube that was in the same case as the toy and wetted her ass inside and out. Greasing up the girl cock, I hoped not to hurt her though I knew big cocks could be fun.

Slowly I penetrated her puckered hole. She moaned and I felt mightier than any man with such an extensive plaything. About 5 inches in I stopped and began the gentle stroking.

“Oh yes,” was her mantra as I violated her. “More” was her desirous call. I took the dildo out and flipped her over making her hold her legs up. I inserted it again this time leaning into her with a kiss as she took the entire length.

Deeply I fucked her ass, as she resembled a virgin waif even more turned slut just for me. One hand played rough with her clit as she tensed, letting the orgasm well up inside her.

“Cum for me my sweet,” I whispered, her opulent pearl growing under my touch. “Cum for me my precious slut”.

She winced as I stroked faster and growled again with the release of her ecstasy. Knowing that her clit would be extremely sensitive I gently kissed it as I exited her ass with small gentle strokes.

She dropped her legs and begged me to her; I laid on top of her in a clutching embrace. We drifted off to slumber with exhaustion.

Silky <3

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