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Lusty Cabin

Lusty Cabin
By Silky

After a hard week at work Cindy just wanted to get away from it all, especially the men in her life. Her boss was an insensitive brute trying to work her to death and her now ex boyfriend she still wasn’t ready to talk about. A trip to the country to meet Julie was just what she needed. She tossed her bag in the trunk and pushed the button to lower the top on her convertible. She was still dressed in her blue business skirt and matching jacket. Letting her hair down to blow in the wind, she pulled out of her apartment parking lot and headed towards the highway.

The sun was shining and the wind in her hair helped her to relax a bit. The jacket was a bit warm and she shed it at the second traffic light, revealing a light blue blouse beneath. Julie lived about 20 minutes away, which should give her time to cool down before arriving. Traffic was heavy but still moving at a good clip, probably the only benefit to having been forced to work late on a Friday. Cindy found her favorite rock station and started singing along to the music. She noticed several of the guys traveling aside her watching. The truckers could see her very well and she looked at several eyeing her and yelled. “Like it? You can’t have it!” Her voice was swallowed by the interstate noise. Two even gave her thumbs up signs. This made her feel better about herself, but she still thought they were selfish bastards.

Julie was waiting when Cindy pulled up. She didn’t even look upset that Cindy had arrived 45 minutes late. She did look rather hot in her t-shirt and cutoff short. “Looks like you had time to change into comfy clothes.” Cindy said as she popped the trunk. “You didn’t.” Julie added putting her bag in the trunk and getting in the passenger side door. “What happened at work? Or is it too soon to talk about?” “It’s still too soon.” Cindy started the car and headed out. They chatted about their plans for the weekend during the first leg of the trip. Julie waved and teased the truckers leering at them from above. Cindy was beginning to get more excited by Julie than mad at the world, just what she wanted for this trip. The gas was getting low and she found a nice out of the way convenience store to stop and fill up. “I’ll get the gas, if you want to change clothes or get a snack.” Julie offered. “Thanks.” Cindy replied. “I didn’t pack that many clothes.” She whispered in Julie’s ear and then headed off into the store.

Julie watched her friend and grinned at Cindy’s swaying hips moving across the parking area. She finished pumping the gas and went inside. Cindy was nowhere to be seen so she picked a 1-liter diet pepsi from the drinks and headed to the counter to pay. “There you are.” She saw Cindy come out of the restroom.

“Was I lost?” Cindy teased much happier and playful now. She handed Julie a bag of stuff. “Would you be a dear and get these for me? My wallet is in the car.” She fluttered her eyelids and swayed sexily towards the waiting car.

Julie shook her head at the change a few minutes had made in her friend. She handed the clerk the drink and the bag. “The gas and all these.” She said watching Cindy through the window. The young man behind the counter turned beet red as he rung up the items. Julie didn’t understand why at first, and then she looked in the bag. Inside she saw a pair of blue cotton panties and a matching bra. She shook her head and looked at the poor teen behind the counter. “She must like you.” She grinned impishly and removed the items from the bag. “She doesn’t give her underwear to just anyone.” She handed him the undergarments and put her drink in the bag then took her receipt and left. The clerk stood in shock and watched her get in the car and leave. He stared down at the blue panties to convince himself it wasn’t just a daydream.

In the car they hit the interstate and began talking. Julie handed Cindy her drink and opened her own. Feeling they could discuss work Cindy began telling about her boss and his last minute changes to the report she was presenting on Monday. She carried on for a good half an hour. Julie listened and supported her friend as best she could while Cindy finished venting. “What did you think of your present?” Cindy finally asked.

Julie smiled. “I think the clerk was quite amazed you would be so forward.”

Cindy nearly spun her head off her shoulders looking over at Julie. “You didn’t!” She watched Julie nodding her head. “Oh my!” Her cheeks reddened. “You were supposed to look in the bag first.” She shook her head. “Not let him see them.”

“Sorry, there was this cute brunette swaying across the parking lot and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.” Julie teased. Cindy smiled a little self-satisfied smile. “I think he may have trouble explaining them to his parents though.” Julie could almost feel the little horns poking up out of her head.

Cindy froze. “No!” was all she could say.

Julie leaned over the divider in the middle of the car. Her fingernail traced a circle around Cindy’s breast. “He is probably in the bathroom right now.” She hinted nibbling at her ear. “Masturbating with your panties wrapped around his young hard cock.” Her fingers felt the nipple beneath harden. She pinched the nipple and nipped Cindy’s earlobe. “What a nice gift.” She added as she sat up pretending to admire the countryside.

“You are terrible.” Cindy shivered and looked at her companion. “Just you wait until we get to the cabin.”

“Promises, promises.” Julie smiled as they continued their drive.

The sun was setting behind the mountains when they arrived at the cabin. The girls watched in wonder as the clouds turned from gray and white puffs into a rolling pink and purple sea above them. They shared a drink on the back deck sitting in lounge chairs watching the suns last rays disappear. Cindy suggested they fix some dinner and moved into the kitchen.

Julie sat on a stool behind the island in the middle of the kitchen. Cindy worked at the sink in the island cleaning lettuce and vegetables for their salad. “Where did all of this come from?” Julie asked.

“I have a contact at the local market.” Cindy scrubbed and peeled a couple of carrots. “I called them yesterday and asked them to come by and stock the fridge with a few things.” She set the carrots aside and began cleaning some cherry tomatoes.

“I see.” Julie looked over the vegetables. “I didn’t know there was a local market.” Her eyes lingered on the carrots.

“Oh yes.” Cindy finished the tomatoes and started on the cucumber. “It is a huge store, almost as big as this kitchen.” She grinned and noticed her friends gaze. “Such thoughts about a couple of carrot sticks, you should be ashamed.” She laughed.

“Me?” Julie nodded towards the cucumber. “Who is the one masturbating the cucumber?” She pointed out Cindy’s hands absent-mindedly stroking the green vegetable.

Cindy looked down and saw what she was doing. “No, if I were masturbating it would be more like this.” She lowered the cucumber under the edge of the counter and slipped it under her skirt.

“Oh my.” Julie sat up and leaned over for a better look. “I thought we were going to eat these.” She teased.

“Oh. Yes. We will.” Cindy moaned and wiggled her hips. The vegetable was cool and bumpy as it began sliding in. “We do need to have the proper dressing for the salad.” Julie slid down off her seat and came around. She lifted Cindy’s skirt and saw half of the cucumber sticking out of her moistening pussy. “Like the view?” Cindy asked.

“Oh I do.” Julie reached up to nudge the cucumber and rub Cindy’s pussy with her finger. She licked the wet finger clean and added. “Best dressing I’ve ever tasted.”

“Let’s get the carrots ready.” Cindy suggested. She turned and lifted Julie’s face up to her own. Their lips met briefly before Cindy sank down unbuttoning Julie’s shorts. She slid the shorts down and off. She licked up to Julie’s thigh and then slid her pink panties down as well. “Hop up.” She patted the counter top.

Julie jumped onto the counter and crossed her legs. She picked up the carrots and held them both. “One for each of us.” She grinned and licked at the top of one.

“Two for you.” Cindy corrected and took the carrots. She gently pulled Julie to the edge of the counter and sat down on a chair in front of her. “Mmm…” She moaned as the cucumber was pushed in deeper. “I’m still full, remember.” She gently eased Julie’s legs apart.

“I guess they will have to take turns in my pussy then.” Julie propped a foot on the back of Cindy’s chair. The warm tongue licking along her lips making her shiver with delight. She felt the cold pointed tip of a carrot under the tongue. She gasped as it began sliding in. It continued inch after inch until the point was pressing against the back of her inner vault.

“Or we could put it elsewhere.” Cindy suggested as the first carrot slid home. She lowered herself onto the moist lips of her friend’s pussy and began licking again.

Julie reached down and grasped Cindy’s head, her hands running through the tangles from their trip. “No, I don’t do anal.” She pulled Cindy’s head up to look in her eyes. “You know that.” She added.

Cindy locked her eyes on Julie’s and smiled a playful smile. “I know that you won’t let your boyfriends do that.” She winked and licked her lips. “But they don’t know how to ask.” She lowered herself and began licking down over the carrot. Her tongue traveled further down until it was making small circles around Julie’s tight anus. The pink ring was just over the edge of the counter and was winking as Cindy licked.

“No they don’t, but…um…” Julie was beginning to sit up and protest. Cindy’s free hand slid up and placed a finger over her lips. The warm tongue circling her ass was causing a particularly nice tingle in her legs and stomach. She could feel her ass beginning to twitch. Cindy pushed her gently back and she lay propped up on her elbows.

Cindy smiled as her friend relaxed. “Please may I tongue your ass Julie?” She was quiet and sincere.

“Yes, please keep doing that.” Julie answered somewhat surprised by her enjoyment of it.

Cindy flicked her tongue over the tight pucker and listened to Julie moan. Her hand nudged and twisted at the carrot sending shivers through Julie’s legs. “You seem to like that.” She pointed out. Her tongue kept pressing and twirling around the tight sphincter until it began to loosen. “Good girl.” She encouraged and began sliding her tongue in and out. The tip was penetrating now. Julie had placed her other foot on the chair and grasped the edge of the counter with her hands. The carrot in her pussy was covered in juices, which Cindy started licking up. She raised her head up. “My tongue needs a break, may I use the carrot?”

Julie was tingling all over. Her ass twitched uncontrollably and her pussy was gushing at the doubled sensations. Cindy’s warm tongue had primed her for a huge orgasm she could feel it building. She didn’t want it to stop when Cindy asked her about the carrot. “Yes. Please.” She gasped her hips humping against the carrot inside her.

“Yes what?” Cindy used a wet finger to toy with Julie’s sensitized rosebud. “You want a carrot in your ass?” She teased.

Julie moaned in frustration, this was payback for the panties no doubt. “Yes I want that carrot in my ass.” She answered and was surprised by the desperation in her voice.

“Oh goody.” Cindy placed the tip and began turning it round as she pressed it in. The gradual taper made the first couple of inches easy. Then she pulled back and began pumping it slowly in and out. “If only your boyfriends could see you now.” She mused as she worked the carrot in deeper. When she reached the halfway point she pulled the carrot in Julie’s pussy back to the same point. As one was pushed in, the other was pulled back, both staying at least half in. The pistoning motion set Julie to quivering. Cindy licked at the stiff little clit peeking out at her. She could feel an orgasm building, Julie’s muscles were tense and she was moaning loudly. A quick change of pace and she was pushing both carrots in together. The new sensation sent Julie over the edge. She moaned and bucked and tried very hard to squeeze her legs closed around Cindy’s hands and head.

Julie sat up after feeling both carrots removed. It seemed like hours before she could catch her breath, but she was sure only a few minutes had past. Cindy was sitting in her chair grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Oh Wow!” Julie steadied herself with her hands and smiled at Cindy.

“I told you they just didn’t ask right.” She winked at Julie. “Boy’s are very insensitive about things like that.” She felt her stomach beginning to complain about needing food. “I quite enjoyed that myself. It made me all wet.” She reached down to finger her pussy. “Oops. No. That was the cucumber that made me wet.” She laughed and leaned back pulling the cucumber out of her own pussy. “Now let’s eat.”

Cindy quickly rinsed the carrot from Julie’s ass and sliced the cucumber. Julie fixed some tea and Cindy tossed the salad, adding just a bit of ranch dressing to their own. They lit a pair of candles and sat down to eat. Toes did seem to wander a bit during dinner and there was a great deal of giggling to go with the usual conversation.

Cindy and Julie sat in the living room listening to the woodland noises outside and sipping wine. Cindy had relaxed a great deal and felt ready for a fun and playful weekend. They discussed where they might go and what the would do, Julie was wanting to go shopping while Cindy was voting for staying at the cabin to work on her tan down by the lake. The large grandfather clock struck 10:00. “It has been a long day. I think I want a bath before going to bed.” Cindy said finishing her wine. “We can finish debating tomorrows plans in the morning.” She rose and gave Julie a lingering kiss before mounting the steps to the bedroom. Julie sipped her wine and admired Cindy’s legs as she walked up stairs. She heard the water running in the master bath. She finished cleaning up the dinner plates and put the remaining wine away. Her shorts were still on the kitchen floor. She picked them up then turned out the lights and headed up stairs as well.

In the bedroom Cindy was putting away the few clothes she had brought with her. The old dresser creaked when she opened the drawers. While unbuttoning her blouse she remembered her lack of undergarments and flushed thinking about where they might have ended up. She stepped out of her skirt and put both skirt and blouse in the clothes hamper. The bath was steaming and nearly full when she stepped onto the cold tile floor with her bare feet. Julie heard the water stop as she walked down the hall. She also unpacked her things and put them away. The bathroom door was half open and she could see Cindy sitting on the edge of the tub with her feet in the water. The steam rolled up into the room from the hot water. Julie sat on the bed and watched her friend slowly slip into the big tub. Cindy sighed as the warmth of the water soaked into her muscles. She could feel them loosening and unknotting almost immediately. She lay back in the big tub and closed her eyes to soak. She could hear Julie moving around in the other room. Her mind drifted as she relaxed, she was very glad to have Julie sharing this weekend with her. The possibilities were very exciting. Julie wasn’t quite as kinky, but had more of an exhibitionistic side than she did. The argument could be made for the other way around based on their afternoon though. She smiled in the tub thinking how fun it was to leave her underwear for Julie at the gas station. It even excited her a little that they had been given away. Julie quietly walked in and sat on the edge of the tub. Cindy was turning a lovely shade of pink in the warm water. She watched her nipples harden atop the exposed breasts. Only Her breasts and head were above the water. Cindy smiled as she lay with eyes closed. “What are you thinking about?” She asked.Cindy opened her eyes and saw Julie sitting beside her. “Just reliving the evening.” She answered. She reached up to caress Julie’s arm. “You must have enjoyed it.” Julie reached down to trace a fingernail around on of the hard nipples. “Do you need anything?” She asked her finger continuing it’s teasing.

Cindy shivered at the light touch on her sensitive breast. “I could use some help with my hair.” She suggested.

“Oh good.” Julie stood and pulled her shirt off. Her large breasts jiggled as they were freed from the material. “I was hoping for an excuse to join you.” She smiled and stepped into the tub. It was hot enough that she too sat with her feet in the water for a minute trying to adjust. Cindy took the opportunity to stroke her fingers up Julie’s calf and behind her knee as she sat. “It is a bit warm.” She commented. “It is hot.” Julie corrected as she slowly slid into the tub behind Cindy. “It is now.” Cindy snuggled back into Julie’s arms the soft breasts pressing against her back. She reached back and pulled Julie’s arms around her. “I’m glad you are here.” She whispered. Julie hugged her close and cupped a breast in each hand. “Me too.” She stroked around and over Cindy’s nipples gently until she heard a low moan. “I thought you were relaxing?” She tweaked both nipples at once. “I am.” Cindy sat up and reached for a shampoo bottle. “I would enjoy it even more if you added some soap.” She passed the bottle to Julie.

Julie filled an empty cup and poured it over Cindy’s long brown hair. Cindy sputtered a bit as the water cascaded over her face. “Sorry.” Julie apologized. She squirted a generous amount of shampoo onto her wet head and began massaging it in. The bubbles started forming immediately and dripped down her arms. Cindy moaned as the scalp massage and hair washing continued. Julie made sure to scrub all of the roots and then worked down to the end of her long hair.

Cindy could feel the goosebumps forming. She loved having her hair washed and head massaged. The bubbles tickled as they ran down the exposed portions of her shoulders and back. She shifted and turned as Julie continued her careful ministrations. She was forced to close her eyes when the soap dripped onto her forehead. She wasn’t about to have Julie stop though. The nails and fingers running through her hair felt too good. The drips of soap reached her chin and fell to her breast, she shivered as the slick soap slowly crept down her breast.“What was that?” Julie asked feeling the shiver run up Cindy’s spine.“Just a few errant soap bubbles.” Cindy answered. “Oh.” Julie peeked over Cindy’s shoulder and saw the soapy breast. She moved the hair to drape it over Cindy’s shoulder. A torrent of soapy bubbles rushed from the hair as she pressed it between her hand and Cindy. Her hand slid down and around the slick breast, Cindy gasped and leaned back. “Mmm… You are all slick.” Cindy rubbed her soap slick back against Julies breasts. She could feel the nubs of hard nipples pressing against her. She gasped and moaned as Julie reached around and cupped her own breasts. The slick fast moving fingers teased over, under and around her heaving breasts. Cindy squirmed in delight. A warm tongue touched her ear licking along the outer edge.

“I brought a surprise for you.” Julie whispered into Cindy’s ear. “Meet me on the bed after you rinse off.” She nibbled her earlobe and stood up dripping soapy water from her luscious curves. She poured water across her chest rinsing the soap from her body. Small waterfalls cascaded from her glistening breasts, the nipples firm and jutting out from the large areola.

Cindy had the sudden urge to suck on those engorged nipples. “I’ll be right in then.” She was very curious about the surprise. Julie left a wet trail of footprints as she left the bathroom. Cindy rinsed her hair several times and then drained the tub. She heard the drawers in the bedroom as Julie prepared. She dried off with the fluffy white towel and then wrapped it around her hair in a turban. Her body was flushed and pink from the hot bath. She walked into the bedroom. Julie was in the closet so she lay down across the billowy covers on the bed. The breeze from an open window cooled her back and legs as she laid waiting.

Julie finished getting everything arranged in the closet and peeked out. Cindy lay sprawled on her stomach across the bed. Perfect, she thought as she prepared for her entrance. “Do you remember that toy you wanted me to buy you?” She asked from the closet. “I remember several.” Cindy answered watching the door. “Which one?” Julie stepped into the room. “This one.” She placed her hands on her hips. “Oh My!” Cindy stared at her friend. She was nude with the exception of thigh high black boots polished to a shine. They were tight enough to outline her shapely legs perfectly. Her breasts swayed heavy with a pink tint from the warm tub, nipples still engorged. Her pose was that of a woman taking control of the room. The most striking feature was the harness strapped around her waist, to which was attached a big rubber cock. “Wow!” Cindy’s eyes devoured Julie’s body, coming to rest on the dildo. “It is huge.” She grinned and licked her lips. “I love the new you.” Julie strode across the room, the heels giving her hips an extra sultry sway. “I’m glad.” She stopped at the edge of the bed. The 12-inch dildo was dangling inches from Cindy’s face. “Because it is just for you.” She cupped and raised Cindy’s face to hers kissing her deeply. “Now get that big boy all wet.” She ordered as she broke away from the kiss. “Yes Ma’am” Cindy grinned and reached up to hold the heavy cock. She licked around the head and circled her fingers around the middle. Her fingers couldn’t entirely encircle the monster. She pulled and pushed and sucked as much as she could into her mouth. Less than half of it was wet and glistening when she pulled it out. She slid down licking and curling her tongue along the edges until it was all glistening with her saliva. Julie watched from above encouraging with a little pressure to the back of her head. “Mmm…you’ve done this before.” She commented. Cindy was unable to respond since her head was being held firmly against the dildo. “Is your pussy all wet?” Julie loosened her grip so she could answer. “Most definitely.” Cindy answered. “Only one thing makes me wetter.” “What is that dear?” Julie inquired. “Licking pussy.” Cindy teased. Julie lifted her right leg and placed it on the bed. “Lick it up then.” She instructed.

Cindy looked up at the big dildo and her gaze followed it down. Just below the harness was an opening, framed within was Julie's dripping pussy. She leaned over and kissed and licked the wetness from her inner thigh. “You are enjoying this.” She nuzzled into and began to lick the source of Julie’s wetness.

“Most definitely.” Julie answered. “Only one thing would make me wetter.” She teased. Cindy mumbled something as she licked. “Seeing this monster stretching your pussy.” She held the dildo in her hands and stepped back.

“Mmm… yes, please.” Cindy’s gaze was locked on her friend as she stood in front of her. Julie moved beside and then behind her. She tried to turn and follow, but Julie gently redirected her gaze at the closet. She noticed the open door revealed a large dressing mirror. The mirror had been moved to reflect the bed. Julie was climbing on the bed behind her, the big toy dangling menacingly towards Cindy’s pink upraised ass. “Oh. I see.” She grinned at Julie in the mirror.

Julie ran her finger up Cindy’s thigh and over the very wet outer lips of her pussy. “You are wet.” She pointed out and then sucked her finger. “Very good.” She licked her lips as she savored the taste. Her finger returned and slipped into the moist tunnel. She added a second and began rotating them to prepare Cindy for the toy.

Cindy moaned and raised her hips higher off the bed in response to the probing of her pussy. She could feel the expert touch of Julie’s fingers. “You’ve done this before.” She winked at Julie in the mirror.

Julie added a 3rd finger and grinned impishly. “I’ll do it again too.” She saw Cindy begin to close her eyes and moan. “Keep your eyes open.” She prompted. She held the dildo and rubbed the head over Cindy’s dripping pussy. “I want you to see what is coming.” Cindy opened her eyes to watch. Julie slid forward, the length of the molded shaft sliding over first her pussy, then her ass cheeks and the standing at attention above the mounds of Cindy’s ass. She shivered at the sight and sensations. Julie repeated this 3 times in slow deliberate strokes. The fourth stroke Cindy gasped as she felt the head pressing in and did not see it appear above her. Julie stared down at the pink mounds of Cindy’s ass. She could see the swollen pouting lips stretched around the head and first inch of the dildo. She savored the helplessness of her friend and the control she now had over what was happening. She pressed forward and heard a gasp as another inch slid in. Using her hands she massaged Cindy’s wet inner thigh and worked more juices over the dildo. “Mmm…want more?” she asked. Cindy was breathing rapidly and quivering with excitement. She could feel the molded cock filling her up. The width of it surpassing most of the men she had had, but not all of the toys. What a warm up for this weekend, she pressed back onto the dildo. When Julie stopped pushing she realized she should answer. “Yes, I want more.” Julie pulled back and began short firm strokes with the toy. Cindy was rocking back onto the dildo as well. Each thrust drove it deeper. When half of the dildo was hidden inside she let go of the toy and began massaging Cindy’s ass cheeks with both hands. “How much can you take?” She wondered out loud, knowing Cindy had toys a little bigger than this one. Cindy moaned and rocked. The hands on her ass felt so good and were massaging in sync to the thrusting of the dildo. “I want it all.” She gasped and wiggled her hips side to side.Julie smiled at the answer, but mostly at the wiggle. “You are a hungry little slut.” She pointed out thrusting harder. “I hope we can find something to satisfy you this weekend.” She knew that hearing ideas for playing later would just drive Cindy crazy. “We might need something bigger though.” She teased.“Oh yes. Bigger, I like bigger.” Cindy moaned and glanced up at her friend. She could see Julie’s breast bouncing with each thrust and her hands gripped her hips maintaining control of all her movements. Cindy gushed with the first small orgasmic rush at the sight. Julie saw and felt the gushing wave run through Cindy below her. “You like that idea.” She shifted her hands to grip Cindy’s hips. “Here you go then. Bigger and longer it is.” She pulled on her hips as she pushed forward with her own. The remaining toy was driven deep inside, the molded rubber testicles pressing against Cindy’s lips and clit. When Julie thrust the toy home, Cindy’s little pleasure wave turned into a crashing torrent of sensations. She gasped and gripped the bed sheets under her. Her senses returned as Julie settled into a slow steady rhythm. She looked up with glazed eyes at her friend behind her.

Julie saw her recover from the initial onslaught. “I think we should go shopping tomorrow.” She figured this was the perfect time to discuss the issue. “We can both try on the sluttiest clothes.” She picked up her pace. “I might even like to see you carry that cucumber around inside you as we shop.”

Cindy shook her head. It was hard to concentrate and she didn’t trust her voice with that dildo pounding her deep and steady. Her hands gripped in front of her were shaking and the previous orgasm had left her sensitized. Now each thrust was driving her nipples and breasts crazy as they rubbed along the sheets beneath her.

Julie continued her driving thrusts. She could feel wetness dripping down her own legs. She continued. “If not a cucumber then something else.” She rubbed Cindy’s ass as she thought watching to see if Cindy was listening. “A toy.” She suggested when Cindy looked particularly pleased and attentive. “We can stuff a toy into your hungry pussy and go shopping.” Her thumb slid over to rub against Cindy’s anus at the same time. “Oh yes.” Cindy moaned as she felt the thumb. She registered the question a bit late. Her eyes widened and she stared up into the mirror.“Good. It is settled then.” Julie licked her thumb to wet it, probably not necessary considering how wet everything already was. She pressed it against Cindy’s pink bud. “We shop tomorrow.” Her thumb slowly slipped inside. Cindy hung her head and resigned herself to shopping, a very easy thing to do considering the arguments used against her. The thumb in her ass was just the little bit she needed to sink into total sensational overload. Her eyes closed and she began moaning into the sheets. Julie watched Cindy give in to the plan and then the pleasures. She realized she could feel the toy plunging in with her thumb. She slipped it out and replaced it with 2 fingers so she could feel deeper. Cindy moaned louder as the fingers slid in. The dildo pressed the lining of Cindy’s pussy. She pressed the lining of Cindy’s rectum down with her fingers. Then she rubbed the membrane caught between in little circles. Cindy felt the fingers and the inner membrane caught between fingers and dildo sent electric jolts through her. When Julie began to rub it was like lighting a fuse. She felt waves of tingling rushing through her in sync to the rubbing. Each built upon the other.

Julie saw the change in posture and felt the tension mounting when she began rubbing. This was what she wanted. Her hips thrust in longer strokes with the toy. She waited for Cindy to moan again and then drove her whole weight onto Cindy’s hips. The motion pushed the dildo the deepest yet and pinned her fingers deep in Cindy’s ass. She also over balanced and fell forward, her breasts landing on Cindy’s back and her head coming on rest above her right shoulder. Cindy moaned and felt a massive thrust. The motion triggered the orgasmic dynamite to explode within. This was followed by all of the air being knocked out of her when Julie fell forward. Her head grew dizzy from the experience, she felt filled, lifted and totally surrounded by her best friend. The haze of tingling everything began to settle and she realized that she could hear Julie’s breath beside her. She turned her head towards the noise and opened her eyes. Julie pulled her hands free and settled more comfortably atop Cindy. She watched her face contort in a multitude of pleasurable expressions. “Hello gorgeous.” She said when Cindy’s eyes flickered open. She followed this with a gentle yet probing kiss.

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