Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Surprise Visit - Chapter 1

This is a long one and it was written for a friend, at his request, who has a certain fantasy about two luscious girls with just him, him being much older than them. Every mans fantasy, right? I can't blame you one bit either. I wrote this as me speaking for my friend, in what he sees, so this is much different than my normal stories, but know this - I enjoyed writing this and it wont be the last one like it either. Three way stories I love to write, but I'm usually in them, but not this one. Maybe the next one. hehe

I'm going to make this the first chapter in a series of stories about these two college coeds.   


College Coed Series:
Surprise Visit - Chapter 1
By Silky

It had been three months since my first marvelous encounter with my neighbor Marie. I figured it was a one time thing. You know, just being in the right place at the right time with the right circumstances. I was much older than them both, more like twenty years or more. Needless to say, I was plenty happy and surprised when Marie and her roommate Lacey showed up on my door step one hot summer day just recently.

"Hi Doug. What's up?" Marie asked in her usual bubbly girlish manner.

"Marie," I exclaimed, "How have you been?” I rose from my porch swing and gave her a gentle hug and a peck on the forehead.

"I've been good. Just glad to be taking a break from school. You remember my roommate Lacey?"

"Yes, yes, Lacey how are you?" I reached over and shook her hand. "So college is getting to you Marie?"

"Yeah. Nursing school is really tough. I plan to really hang loose during the summer break."

My eyes never turned away from these two beautiful girls before me. "So, to what do I owe such a pleasurable visit from my two lovely neighbors?"

"Our air conditioner broke and we were going down to get some ice cream to cool off when I saw you and decided to come and say what's up.?

"Well, thank you. Would you girls like to come in for some lemonade or something?"

Marie looks at Lacey, who gives her a wink, and they both smile and follow me into my home.

"You girls can have a seat and I'll run and get us some cool drinks."

I run back to the kitchen and put some glasses, a pitcher of lemonade, and a bowl full of ice on a tray and head back to the living room. "O.K., help yourself," I say as I place the tray on the coffee table.

They both smile and grab a glass, fill it with ice and pour themselves some lemonade.

As they sit back and drink their lemonade, I notice that Marie’s boobs are still as firm and perky as ever. And she still doesn't believe in wearing a bra because I can see the bottom of her boobs peaking out from beneath her cut off t-shirt as she downs her drink. This is what I noticed about her the first time I met her. I’ve had many fantasies of them since then too. I would do anything to get at them, no matter what it cost me.

"Wow, I guess I was really thirsty," Marie says as she blushes.

"Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from,” I said quickly.

"So, Doug, Marie tells me you wife was a nurse," Lacey says.

"Yes, she was and I'm sure you gals will make wonderful nurses just like she was."

"Oh, that's so sweet," Marie says in a child like voice. "See Lacey, I told you he was a sweetheart and handsome."

Now I'm blushing.

"He certainly is," Lacey agrees. "It's so hot tonight. I just can't seem to cool down."

"Here try this," Marie says as she reaches for an ice cube and begins to rub Lacey’s neck with the ice.

"Oh yeah. That's much better," Lacey moans as she closes her eyes and rolls her head back to rest on the couch.

Marie continues to rub the ice up and down Lacey’s neck, across her forehead and around to her pink lips. When the ice hits her lips, she opens them and sucks on the ice and Marie’s fingers.

Feeling a little light headed, my cock coming to life, I take a seat on the love seat in the corner. Marie and Lacey both look over at me.

"Oh, don't mind me girls. Please act like I'm not even here," I couldn’t lie worth a damn and I think they knew it too, as I wanted to get in the middle of this session before me before I died of a heat stroke or something.

With that said, Marie grabs another piece of ice, puts it in her mouth, and crouches down between Lacey’s legs and starts to rub the ice around her flat stomach and slowly inches her way up to Lacey’s breast that are also peeking out under her cut off t-shirt. She brings the ice back down, then up again, except this time she continues up to Lacey’s supple, long neck. Marie is guiding the ice around Lacey’s neck with her mouth and now she's sitting on Lacey’s lap and Lacey is gently rubbing Marie’s back and firm ass. Marie guides the ice to Lacey’s pink luscious lips and Lacey opens wide to receive the ice. Now they are engulfed in a deep, wet kiss. Lacey is grabbing Marie’s ass and spreading her firm cheeks through her hot pink shorts. Marie has a firm grasp of Lacey’s long blonde hair and is pulling at it as she crams her tongue down her throat.

The sight before me had my cock pumping in my pants, it begging to be released. I had to be in heaven. Maybe I was!

Marie releases her grasp on Lacey’s hair and slides down between her legs. She lifts Lacey’s tiny t-shirt, removes it and exposes a set of marvelous, creamy white, tear drop tits that couldn't be more perfect if you paid for them.

Marie begins to play with her erect nipples with her tongue. Circling one nipple then moving to the next one, sucking on them softly and tenderly as she could. Lacey moaned and whimpered the entire time, herself as hot as a fire goddess. Marie snatches off her own shirt and Lacey grabs her erect nipples and pinches and twists them as Marie continues to suck and fondle Lacey’s breast. Marie slides out of her hot pink shorts and begins to rub her fingers between her wet slit.

That did it. That put me over the top. I couldn't take it anymore. I freed my throbbing cock from my pants and began to stroke it slowly. Lacey looked over at me and smiled. I wasn’t embarrassed at all either, as I wanted them.

Marie slid Lacey out of her denim daisy dukes and spread her legs wide open to show off Lacey’s hairless, sopping wet, pink pussy. Marie slowly licks Lacey from her asshole to her swollen clit.

"Mmmm, tastes like cherries," Marie said before diving into Lacey’s waiting pussy with her tongue and fingers.

As I watch Lacey pull and lick her own nipples and scream in ecstasy, my excitement grows and is pushed to the brink. Just when I feel like I can't take anymore of this visual stimulation, the girls turn their attention to me.

"I think Doug needs some personal attention Marie," Lacey says as she pushes Marie away.

"I think your right,” Marie says, both girls on all fours and begin to crawl over to me with a look of hunger and pure lust in their eyes. As they approach, my anticipation of the dirty deeds about to take place flow through my mind and my cock aches from the thought of such pleasure.

Both girls are now crouched at my feet. Marie reaches for my pants and takes them off as Lacey removes my t-shirt. I reach for Lacey and grab her by the waist, pulling her up and position her on my lap so we're face to face and her ass is in Marie’s face.

I reach my hands under her thighs and caress her ass. Then I lift her up to my face so I can get a better view of that hairless pussy. It's the most beautiful pussy I've seen in a while. I can't resist it. I flick out my tongue at her clit, brushing it lightly. Lacey shakes and moans. The next time I hold open her pussy to get a better view of her tiny hole and probe my tongue in and out and she moans louder.

I look up at her and say, "Marie was right. It does taste like cherries." She smiles and pushes my head back to her wet pussy.

I continue to suck and lick her, and I hear Marie’s tongue working in and out of Lacey’s pussy from behind. I open her legs wider so we both can have better access to Lacey’s tasty pussy.

"Lick my ass," Lacey moans and Marie does so with no hesitation.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh," Lacey says, herself in heaven from the sensations flowing through her body.

As Marie continues to probe Lacey’s ass with her tongue, I stick my thumb into Lacey’s pussy and begin to suck and flick her clit feverishly with my tongue. Lacey is shaking uncontrollably and her moans of ecstasy turn to screams of pleasure. We both continue to orally fuck Lacey until she cums and collapses on top of me, like a lost child looking to be held and comforted.

As Lacey has her head on my shoulder, I lift her up just enough to suck and caress her nipples. She was a heavenly treat too. As I lap on her perky tits, I feel my cock being covered in a warm wetness. Marie is now servicing me. Sucking, licking, and fondling my dick with such intensity, that it was just a matter of time before I released my load all over her pretty face.

Lacey crawls off of me and sits face to face with Marie, both grasping my hard cock in their small hands, each taking turns at servicing my knob. This was a dream come true, I thought to myself more than once. Two hot college girls at my feet, both taking turns at sucking on my cock, both sucking at the same time as well. If I died now, I wouldn’t care, as I was the happiest man on the planet right now.

Lacey had my cock all the way in her mouth, taking in as much as she could, while Marie licked my extra sensitive balls. A long strand of saliva exited Lacey’s mouth as she pulled my cock out, only to have Marie lick it up as Lacey gulped down my cock again like she was the hungriest girl ever. I knew this was the best suck job I would ever get and I didn’t want it to end either. Marie had her fingers in Lacey’s wet pussy, swirling her fingers in her as she sucked my cock with powerful sucks. Marie just sat and licked my balls as Lacey was determined to get me off, and I wasn’t far from it neither.

Not wanting for this to stop any, Lacey pulls my cock from her dripping wet and eager mouth, my saliva dripping from her chin, and says, "I think we should both pleasure Marie, as I want to watch you fuck her.”

"I couldn't agree more", I said and get on the floor behind Marie.

Lacey grabs Marie by the hair and gives her one of the longest and deepest kisses I've ever seen. Then she lays down on her stomach and exposes Marie’s nearly hairless pussy.

Lacey takes a long slow lick of Marie’s pussy, causing her to arch her back and moan in pleasure. This only encourages Lacey to lick and suck and probe even more. Just when I hear Marie about to reach her breaking point, I push her forward on her hands and knees with her ass in the air.

I grab my now engorged cock and slowly ease it into Marie’s wet tight pussy. This too causes her to arch her back and moan in pleasure. I slowly pull my dick out and Lacey rolls onto her back, sliding under Marie, leaving her pussy in Marie’s face and her face in Marie’s pussy.

I begin to fuck Marie slowly from behind as Lacey continues to suck and lick her clit. I start to fuck her harder and faster. Lacey sucks harder and faster. The harder and faster I fuck, the harder and faster Lacey sucks. Now Marie’s moans of pleasure have turned to screams of pain and unimaginable pleasure. I'm quickly reaching my breaking point. Lacey’s fingering and fondling her own clit as she continues to work on Marie’s clit with her tongue. Marie begins to shake and jerk involuntarily. We are all just a few more strokes, flicks and sucks away from becoming one big O!

I lick my thumb and insert it into Marie’s asshole. The deeper it goes, the more she shakes. As I shove my dick into her pussy and my thumb in her ass, she broke. She began to shake and moan out in uncontainable pleasure, that I let loose into her contracting pussy. Her pussy grabbed a hold of my cock and wouldn’t let go until I had drained my entire cock in her.

As I pulled out, I watch as my juices dripped from Marie’s pussy, only to watch sexy Lacey eagerly attacking Marie’s pussy to lick up my warm cum leaking from within Marie. Lacey continued fingering her pussy while she lapped up my cum, moaning in between her laps, herself close to orgasm.

I got down behind and under Lacey, my tongue replacing her fingers, licking and nibbling on her erect clit. I stuck my thumb into Lacey’s tight rectum and she too went wild with pleasure, holding nothing back as I fucked her ass and licked her clit with envy.

“Make me cum! Make me cum in your mouth Doug!” Lacey blurted out.

I wasted no time in giving her that pleasure. She was a dream come true and I wanted to please her the best I knew how to. Her body shook and tensed up a few times as I chewed and sucked on her clit. I let go of her clit and buried my tongue as far as it would go into her sweet pussy, the juices from within her were just as tasty as the rest of her was.

Marie had gotten up and was servicing my semi-erect cock again, moving me onto my side so she get at my cock. She sucked it slowly in and out of her mouth, stroking it lightly to get it rigid hard again. I wasn’t sure that was possible, but with this girl, anything was possible.

Lacey was breathing in and out in a heat of passion, grinding and twisting her perfectly shaped hips into my face. I rolled Lacey over so I was stomach up, her hot pussy and ass right in my face, Marie sucking my cock back to life again. As Lacey looked down on me between her legs, the look on her face was one I will never forget. It was a fuck me look. Oh god, the look itself would get any man off in seconds. I wasted no time, staring at her beautiful face and tits as I sucked hard on her clit. Sweat was dripping from her cute nose as I licked and chewed, getting her closer and closer to getting off.

Marie had my cock in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it, paying extra special attention to just the head of it. The sensation of that was unthinkable to even explain. Like the clit, it was the most sensitive part of a mans body. She knew what she was doing too.

Lacey was grinding her thighs and ass into my face. Moaning out deeply, she was begging me to make her cum. I never stopped sucking on her sweet clit and to be totally honest, I didn’t want to stop either. She had the tastiest pussy ever! The end was near, as Lacey started bucking up and down on my face, “Fuck Me!” Over and over she said this, until she blasted her juices into my mouth. It was like a face full of water from a hose, only better tasting. I lapped up every drop from her pussy, licking her inner thighs, then back to her pussy to get every last drop from her. She collapsed on the floor, my face still in her honey pot, me kissing her reddened pussy lips, licking her clit, and just enjoying this girl the most I could.

The sensation below me was something I never wanted to end either, Marie giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. She was taking her time, sucking it in and out of her mouth, kissing the head, swirling her tongue over it, then sucking it over and over again. I sat up and pulled her close to me, my cock flopping out of her mouth. We were now face to face, her long dark hair covering her beautiful breasts. I pushed her hair to the side and took hold of her breasts with both hands, giving them both a firm squeeze, kissing them, sucking her erect nipples into my mouth. Her moans told me she was back in her arousal state of mind, her eyes closed, licking her lips, biting her lower lip as I sucked on each nipple. She had full breasts, perfect for one thing…a good titty fuck. That was my dream to do to her.

I laid Marie on her back and moved myself up to her stomach that was moving and down with anticipation. She was watching my every move, and never hesitated as I placed my cock between her lovely mounds, sliding it in and out between her heavenly tit crack. She knew what I wanted now and began squeezing her own breasts together as I slid my cock back and forth. Oh yeah, this was better than I thought it would be. Lacey had moved up next to me watching my cock fuck her friends tits. She seemed very excited watching this before her. She looked up at me wide-eyed, then back down at my cock, back up to me and we stared at each other with lust. We mashed lips together and embraced in a long wet kiss, our tongues tangling together like fighting snakes. This only made my cock throb more, and thrusting harder between Marie’s breast.

I looked back down at Marie once Lacey and I ended our heated kiss, only to see Marie with her mouth wide open, squeezing her breasts together harder, her back arched, and her moaning deeply. I now laid over her breast and fucked her tits like they were supposed to be fucked. She was squeezing her tits together so tightly, it felt like fucking a virgin pussy.

Back and forth my hips worked on her, the head on my cock showing itself as I reached the top of her breast with each stroke, with her licking at it each time. Lacey was now down where Marie’s head was, watching my cock go back and forth, kissing her friend on the lips, all the while fingering her own little clit once again. Watching these two hotties kiss and make-out was enough to make anyone jump in the sack with them. I was lost in thought, fucking the tits of the girl of my dreams, her best friend right there with us, what more could a man want?

Grunting sounds was all that filled the room, all from me. I wanted to cum so bad. They both seemed to sense this too, Lacey moving behind me and sticking her finger in my ass. I had never had that done to me before, but I loved it. These two were very kinky, which I would find out real soon just how kinky they really were. Lacey was finger fucking me and I never stopped her either. It felt great! The more she plunged in, the more my cock wanted to erupt. I had never felt that sensation before, and I had a feeling they had done this before with someone, with Lacey being the kinkiest of the two. She had reached up under me and was squeezing my balls as I fucked her friends tits. I was damn close.

Lacey moved back to face Marie and looked up at me, “fuck her Doug! Shoot your cum on her face! C‘mon, fuck her!”

Just to hear her say that about made me about lose it right there. Her sweet voice was something I could get used to real fast.

“Fuck her hot titties! C’mon Doug, fuck her!” Lacey was begging me to fuck her friend.

I quickened my pace, ramming my cock in between her smooth mounds, grunting wildly as I did. Marie was looking at me, watching my cock with eagerness. I just kept humping her, faster, harder, and even more faster. The pace was making me sweat and my heart was in overdrive. The feeling I was longing for had arrived and wham, I blasted the first shot of cum right into Marie’s mouth, the next squirt of cum landing on her nose, the next volley onto her cheek. I kept fucking and small amounts of cum trickled out, me breathing in deeply with each sensation that shot through me. I looked down to only see Marie and Lacey sharing my cum, them kissing each other, lapping up my cum with their tongues, sharing it with each other, both in the most intense kiss anyone could ever imagine. I was spent and exhausted, but watching them together was soon to make me hard again if they continued.

When the moaning and kissing stopped and we all caught our breaths, we just smiled at each other, giggles between the two girls reminding me of the entire experience, one I will never forget. I needed a shower badly and asked if they would like to join me, both agreeing eagerly.

After the hot shower, and I mean hot, I asked if they would like to stay with me until they got their air conditioning fixed, which they both agreed too very eagerly and thanked me personally that night for the gesture. I was hoping it would never get fixed, if life with these two hotties was going to be as hot as the day and shower had been. This was definitely heaven and the best surprise visit anyone could ever ask for.

The End

I left this to where I will most likely continue it into another part or another story. It wont be the last story you see with this hot twosome of Marie and Lacey together.

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  1. Just what I needed. You have made me invite a "cert" out for dinner this evening and I intend fondling and fucking her profoundly. As I write my cock is throbbing in anticipation. Thanks Silky x

  2. Ohhhhh! Wow, that was great. A wonderful story that caught both Marie and Lacey as I would imagine them, and suspect they actually are. This story certainly did what is was supposed to. Thanks so very much for writing this wonderful piece.

  3. I'm quite happy you both enjoyed it. I really did enjoy writing it and I'm writing another one about these two right now. I think I might make this some kind of series, as it seems to get more attention than any of the other stories on here.

    Thanks for the idea and suggestion to write this Doug. You couldn't have chosen any other two hotties than these two for me to write about. They got me playing in a big way!


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